Patch Notes

War Robots 4.1 Update Notes: Lock-down

by WR_Tofsla - 23.07.2018

In a nutshell

  • New weapons: Shredder and Pulsar
  • Kang Dae rebalance
  • Leo visual update
  • Updated Black Market chances
  • Bugfixes for Magnum, Taran, Redeemer, Weyland and others

New weapons: Shredder and Pulsar

Root them to the ground!

Shredder is an auto-cannon that shoots in short wide bursts, which makes it best for “knife fights” at the extremely close range. Also, unlike other automatic weapons, Shredder deals energy damage, bypassing all energy barriers.

Pulsar is on the opposite end of the spectrum. You might call it “energy Molot” if you'd like: it has longer range, reliable spread and works great for suppressing enemies from safer distances.

The twist? Every bullet you shoot has a certain chance to immobilize (or, how we call it, lock-down) a target for a few seconds.

First, we address the elephant in the room: yes, this is a great way to counter agile enemies! Haechis and Spectres are first coming to the mind — now you have a proper tool to lock them down, making their mobility a much less intimidating factor.

More: Shredder & Pulsar Reveal

Rebalance: Kang Dae

Shorter distance, faster reload

  • Damage per shot: 14465  9800
  • Maximum distance: 1100m 800m
  • Reload time: 14 sec 6 sec

Kang Dae always was too similar to Nashorn in every regard. We push them apart by giving Kang Dae a shorter range, but much quicker reload.

Black Market Chances

Boosters now drop from Black Market. Same for Shredder and Pulsar components

We removed some low-tier rewards from Black Market and replaced them with boosters. In short-term, these should be much more helpful.

Bronze Chest

  • Out: 15000 Ag, Tulumbas
  • In: Black Market Keys Booster (15 min), Robot Speed Booster (1 day)

Silver Chest

  • Out: 150000 Ag, 50 Au
  • In: 75% Honor Points Booster (30 min), HP Booster (2 hrs), 250 Pulsar Components, 250 Shredder Components

Gold Chest

  • Out: 75000 Royale Tokens, 600 Au
  • In: 60% Ag Booster (1 hrs), Damage Booster (5 days), 2000 Pulsar Components, 2000 Shredder Components

Super Chest

  • In: 5000 Pulsar Components, 5000 Shredder Components

Visual update: Leo

Leo's got a fresh new look

Bug fixes

  • Fixed: Plasma (and plasma-ish) weapons like Taran and Redeemer should hit their targets more reliably
  • Fixed: Weylands don't become invincible at 0 HP anymore.
  • Various optimization tweaks
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