Patch Notes

War Robots 4.0 Update Notes: New Way To Play

by WR_Tofsla - 21.06.2018

Update 4.0 in a nutshell:

  • New robots: Mender and Weyland — a new way to play!
  • New heavy weapons: Avenger and Chimera
  • New map: Rome
  • Boosters
  • Clan Tasks
  • Balance tweaks to Arbalest, Gust and Hellburner
  • Bugfixes

New robots: Mender and Weyland

While War Robots always had solid options for attackers and defenders, supports never were prominent enough on the battlefield. Now we found an opportunity to fix this: for update 4.0 we prepare two robots based around an all-new mechanic — mid-combat repairs. They sacrifice some of their firepower for the ability to save teammates from dire situations.



A quick quirky robot, basically a mobile ambulance. By activating the ability, Mender speeds up, gaining damage resistance. After some delay, it launches a wave that repairs a fixed amount of HP to all allied robots nearby.



Four-legged Raijin-like robot. After entering stationary mode, Weyland starts to slowly restore HP for all allies around. If Mender is good for supporting mobile storm groups, Weyland’s strength lies in securing backlines and establishing a strong defence on critical points.

Read more

New weapons: Chimera (H) and Avenger (H)

Chimera is a heavy weapon that completes Spiral + Hydra line. Similarly, it is a homing missile launcher made for wearing enemies down from a safety of low cover and 600 meters range.

Avenger is the heaviest weapon in Punisher family. Enjoyed having two gatling guns in one slot? Now you can have three! 500 meters range, Shield-shattering capabilities, tons of sustain damage — with Avenger you get everything you like about chainguns turned up to 11.

Battle Rewards (4.0)

  • In 4.0 Battle Rewards will contain components for Mender, Weyland, Chimera and Avenger.
  • Bulwark, Falcon, Flux, Exodus will be out from rotation.

New map: Rome

Rome is a medium-sized arena map — just like Dead City, Valley or Moon.

The setting is the near future but based on a real (and very famous, evidently!) place. If you look at Google Maps, you will see the same buildings, same roads. So those of pilots who know Rome will feel at home.


Boosters are timed effects giving you buffs that can long for multiple matches.

Currently, there are two sorts of boosters: combat boosters (slight boosts of fighting power) and resource boosters(to increase your Silver, Keys and/or Honor income). You can acquire all of these using gold, but you'll be receiving whole packs of boosters for free every week after completing a small combat task.

You can activate boosters from storage whenever you need them. By activating multiple boosters of the same type you increase their duration, but not their effect.

Note: Boosters don't work in Custom Matches and Skirmish mode.

While we're trying boosters out, we are looking to hear what you think about them. Are they too strong? Too weak? How do they help you and how do you feel about them overall? Let us know!

Clan Tasks

Clan Tasks are available for all clan players. They work similar to regular tasks: you get a new one each day, receive rewards for completion. There's one key difference: you can complete clan tasks together when playing in the same team with your clan mates (not necessarily in a squad).

Everything you do counts towards everyone's progress. Say, you have a task for beacons and your clan mate has a task for damage. In this case, both your and their beacons count toward your task completion, and all damage goes towards theirs.

Balance tweaks


  • Damage: +20%

What it means: Arbalest was significantly underperforming over the last couple of months, so we make it more powerful.


  • Vertical dispersion angle: 0,112 → 0,056

What it means: Gust is fun and deadly, but a bit too unreliable with its wide scatter. We reduce it to make Lil' Thunder more effective on medium distances.


  • Explosion radius 50 meters → 75 meters

What it means: even if this robot looked menacing back when it was released, people got used to keeping Hellburners at bay too well. We compensate this by giving bombermechs slightly more reach.

Kang Dae

Update: Kang Dae changes were not included in this patch. Follow the news for further updates.

Bug fixes

  • Shocktrain secondary charges shouldn't hit stealthed targets anymore
  • Shocktrain secondary charges don't travel through walls
  • Fixed a bug causing sound distortion on certain devices
  • Haechi cannot deplete its own shields with Orkans anymore



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Winoto Siman11 months ago

after update 23 July I can,t open the game my display just black please help me to open it

Felipe Lopez11 months ago

Instead of adding new robots and weapons, you should be focusing on the constant issues with the game. Constantly crashing!

Felipe Lopez11 months ago

Instead of adding new robots and weapons, why not put more effort in fixing the game. The game is constantly crashing.... If not crashing, it freezes

BotBruzr last year

How many of one booster can you store at a time?

kiwi5000last year

Please don't reduce the Kang Dae distance. Maybe instead just decrease the time a few seconds.

♦♣☺☻last year

only haechi ancile? i still hit my ancile when i was using ancilot orkans :/

Pyrotech442last year

At first the update sounded kinda good, but when I tried it, not what I was expecting at all. The biggest thing in fact has nothing to do with this, but the crashing. Now the game crashes so much, it interferes with my gameplay and when I was just about to win a close game, it just crashed in me. Very disappointing for a once-great game. 😞😞😞

Tumdurgallast year

"While we're trying boosters out, we are looking to hear what you think about them. "

Yeah, I'm sure that adding 20% to nearly everything doesn't make them too strong at all.

Spectre MKII - MKIII
HP 132,000 158,400 (+20%) over 20k extra hp.
Spd 55 66 faster than a stalker.
Dmg 72576 83462 (+15%) 4 of these take out pretty much anything.

Nothing Over Powered about that at all.

Remove the boosters ffs.

Shawn McCoylast year

Been staring at a black screen since Monday and this update-drop. Uninstalled and Reinstalled Gameroom, and nothing seems to work. Sent in bug report tickets only to get a reply with a link that essentially sent me here. Whee... so fun when you can't even get a loading screen.

neganurlast year

Any chance the boosters could get something a little more descriptive in-game?
Is it +healing? +shield? or +health? I have no idea what those symbols represent.

zerospritelast year

EzekielCrow, Hey Zeke, a fellow Knight at last! I totally agree the MM is killing me, I have slumped to ML III and still get matched against Champions League.

ASHLANDERlast year

what's going on ?
I have multiple problems the game shutdown,app crash, close game, the lag in some battles is awesome my connection is fiber optic direct to the smartphone usb cable my smartphone model is Huawei P20 Lite

Creepergomoolast year

I personally am ok with most of these changes, only 2 things I'm worried about is the mender strength (it is a tank with its ability), and the hellburner should have gotten a different buff (the whole idea of it is a suicide bot, if it can't get close enough to enemies buff the movement speed! In my experience, if it gets close, your going to take massive damage no matter what, at least the 50 meters made it possible to dodge!)

EzekielCrowlast year

EzekielCrow, Howabout you spend half a year in gold playing against boosted mk2 with the latest gear? But then again, you dont play your game do you?

EzekielCrowlast year

What the hell were you thinking releasing boosters before fixing MM!? Like with the Dashes, the Shocktrains and the Spectre, a broken MM excacerbates the situation. You still havent learned from your mistakes.

STAHLIlast year

Pyrotech442, the new robots, the new weapons and the maps are not so important, they should already implement workshop 2.0, but as they have already said that would decrease the profit since you would not have to pay to have the robots that are implemented!

Andrei Tomalast year

You promised us a lot of time ago workshop 2.0 . In the meantime you lunched a lot of new stuff, but nothing about wp. I guess you know that it will reduce your income, and that's the reason you don't release it, right? Shame pixonic!!!!

Tmoneyshot last year

Boosters are bs. It’s an upgrade that idiot whales will continually pay for, something that destroys the balance even more, you have taken pay to win to a whole new level. After over 3 years of playing I am officially done as long as boasters are around. Looks like you are just helping Battle Titans even more by pissing off the majority of players that want a fun, fair battle. You guys truly suck.

Kasra005last year

Why did not you get an update for Steam?
this is a disgusting :/

Shawn Hemmingerlast year

I like most of the update but why the decrease in Keys in drops?

Sun Tzu Artlast year

Congratulations, Pixonic you have bit the hand that feeds you and with the last 3 updates have people so angry that we are all discussing how to get you to listen to your player base or we will all leave. We are going to social media and understand this because you guys understand little about Americans except that you think we are all rich... Americans believe in being heard. By our Governments and its citizens. You NEVER LISTEN at all. We report cheaters and you do nothing. We report racial names and players named inappropriately and you do nothing. We are fed up with your not listening.

I wont make this a long post and all you need to do is to go to "war robots Forum" and see what players are saying. They have started a petition against you. Other people are trying to get the Clans together and have them ALL leave the game because of your greedy nonsense.

You have ruined an entire game with the last 3 updates, must be a record and I hope you are happy. When you dont listen you can pay to bring us back, good luck and Godspeed.

CADNE last year

Johnny, yeah it must be only one of it and they must be purchasable with ag or something.

CADNE last year

lol i notice that haechi shield bug, i always experienced that at FFA. once you depleted the shield itself it doesnt regenerating.

And also for the booster, i think booster must not be purchable for every one, instead change or make it as a clan booster cuz i think the purpose of the booster is to strengthen the team and clan fight. So changing it as clan booster would be better rather one can use it most of the time cuz they can purchase as always. I like this boosters but the problem it cost gold and gold is not much easy to get, you will gonna spent more gold than earning them. So what do you think this better or not.

Men86™ [BR]last year

Quanto mais aumentar a potência das armas (mk3), mais jogadores irão descer para as ligas mais baixas

Men86™ [BR]last year

quanto mais aumentar a potência das armas (mk3), mais jogadores irão descer para ligas mais baixas

Men86™ [BR]last year

a Kang Dae ainda está com o mesmo tempo de recarga de antes

Johnnylast year

The Boosters are way too strong, and way too expensive.
It is MK3 for 2500 gold every 5th days.:(
Too expensive.

I suggest one Booster can be Active at a time.

Byzolast year

Boostery tylko dla bogatych graczy nawet nie zdobyłem części exodus a tu już zmiana tokeny powinny też być za mecze a nie tylko ze skrzynek albo je wycofajcie co z tego że jest więcej srebra jak bronie i roboty 2 albo 3 razy droższe

Pyrotech442last year

backtothefront, I think the ring indicators around the hellburner, heal bots and beacons are nice, but it would be cool if there was an option to turn it off cause for some players it may be annoying.

Pyrotech442last year

STAHLI, Yes, but we need to be patient so they can get the chance to perfect it so we don't have a workshop 2.0 that's all buggy and won't even work.

Pyrotech442last year

I get it, the shocktrain is overpowered and seemingly ruins the game for many players, but I mean being able to hit stealthing stargets is kind of nice, but not when the shocktrain is totally overpowered. 75m chain range nerf so it's good against players by a mender or weyland or inside an ally's ancile, but not when the players get to get pretty far apart but still get hit. 5% damage nerf is also necessary for the fact that maxed shocktrains can one-shot any light robot without a shield. Do these and this should help with the shocktrain dominance.

Pyrotech442last year

Burningarrow, if you can't get to mk2, that means you didn't try to get to mk2. I just got another shocktrain a few days ago and with a few days of upgrading and speeding with gold, it's now mk2. Just be patient and take the time to upgrade.

Pyrotech442last year

Vivogamez, they are supposed to give you the upper hand, and besides, they only last for a round or so. I believe they cost 50 gold or so, which is a great way to grind small bits of excess gold that you don't really need. Besides, boosters should help dealing with dash and shocktrain (unless it's them who have the boosters)

#TheReaperElliotlast year

Developers said that Shocktrains were a big advantage in battle since they could hit stealth enemy's. I spent real money in the game to get a Shocktrain and now this is a big disappointment.
Haechi's are way too strong and now you guys are making them even stronger. Haechi's already have three medium slots, a dash drive and an energy shield. Did you ever think about making the Haechi like the Bulwark? The Haechi could build up its depleted shield by turning it off?
The new update for Kang Dae's I kinda like because first, it does the same damage (love that!), I also really like the faster reload. I've been screwed due to enemy's getting too close for comfort and my Kang Dae taking forever to reload while my energy shield was just being hammered. Now I can finally be able to get a little more damage in and maybe I won't be discouraged to upgrade my Kang Dae. But on the other hand, really strong players and clans will be super strong with their already lvl. 12 mk2 Kang Dae's on their Fury's.
What I also dislike is that Hellburners already are really powerful and hard to get away from. Now that you spread their range, they will be really hard to get away from and people will become frustrated with Hellburner and will probably stock up your comment section of how to tweak the Hellburners overload damage, damage to Hellburner and finally, range of overload, just saying.
I also like that you guys made the Gust's shots are more compact because even from 100 meters away, not all my pellets or whatever their called don't hit the target.
I agree with The Madman because I know I'm a lvl. 30, but there is no way I can compete against that Japs clan or whatever. I usually end up having around two or maybe even three kills. I want to play squad with my clan but we're always paired up with Japs and etc.
Well, that's all I have to say, If you guys have to reply to me please do. Thank for your time.

Sincerely, TheReaperElliot

The Madmanlast year

I still believe this is a great game. I just highly recommend that Pixonic get to work quickly on matchmaking because a pool of great players, as well as pay to win players, have had enough of overpriced things in the game and these extra boosts that require spending money. Matchmaking should be solely based on robot lvl and weapon lvl that should match "in mirror" to the enemy team, meaning, like skirmish mode, everyone should fight from both sides with the same level bots and weapons equally so that way SKILL and not MONEY is the core of enjoyment for this game.

Vivogamezlast year

I love this update, but I think boosters are way too powerful

stanleymyolast year

It's a great game that I ever play

Mimikyu94last year

Does this mean that stealthed bots won't get hit by schocktrain "chains"?

DEATHPointforUSvklast year

STAHLI, Do you mean this seriously it s over priced as fuck agh man and it lasts too short nobody I say nobody who is still stucked in getting bots gonna pay for what dmg ?? rly me hangar have 8/9 weapons this won t help me much this thing is made for whales everybody is right when whining about new 'mk3'

Richard Cramerlast year

i dont comment often but you developers our taking the micky now.ive been playing your game ever since it was Walking War Robots over 3 years. i spend real money in game not all the time but enough for somebody who works full time.i myself dont even have a full lvl12 mk1 hanger even tho i have 2 hangers 1 for tdm/Dom another for Koth/Br. these boosters for damage our out of order combine that with speed/regen boosters which yoh have an facing full squads/guilds in random mode with these buffs when they our all lvl 12 mk2 anyway is over kill. how in hell can any none paying or even someone like me who spends when he has spare cash survive. all my bots lancelot etc die in 2 hits everytime built in shields an anciel shields cant even hold back the amount of damage these people or doing. the others boosters for silver etc fine no problem with them more than happy to spend gold. yes you also reduced the keys from supply drops so any normal person who works doesnt have any chance to get a super chest. it was bad enough when you upped the amount of keys requied now normal people who play when there not working or have familys even kids who play will just find another game that doesnt treat you like you guys do to us. you guys should of learned from the major EA scandle with Star Wars BF2 look what happenes to them and that game has never recovered. i love your game pixo i even quit world of warcraft put my monthly sub and more cash into your game each month and have took most of the bad and good you lot have done with this game and tried to adapt but these boosters our to far. your pushing out a major amount of your fan base. just go on youtube and see the backlash from everyone from all leagues even legend league. you still havnt fixed the tarans an orkans damage bugs which our your 2 main major med weapons everyone uses. your now promoting tanking of leagues as people wont want to fight anyone with these boosters and so called now mk3 weapons. some people with shield boosters and abilty reduction boosters and speed boosters wont die even with a whole squad on them and dash bots were fast enough now there even worse. most people our lucky if they can spend 5 to 10 pound ingame a month you have no made your game unplayable. maybe if you made a guild squad only mode it may even a bit out but not much. but i think you will see loads of people tanking all wag to private just to get an ok match. which in turn you win ban them so they leave your game and anyone new to the game starting out will leave because they cant do any tasks or have a far fight. you have made loada of promises to us your player base and you say you listen to feedback well if i were id listen and act soon as possible and watching facebook and its groups and twitch and youtube because even the people who spend hundreds in your game our now getting sick of waiting for you to listen to them... i do hope you read this an act because even if i love your game well did i know i wont be coming back or giving you anymore cash till you sort out your mess and the hole your digging yourself into. good day. jeremy kyle show android

That one guylast year

Way to milk the idiot Americans for all they have, and leave out the fact that boosters are yet another and in fact biggest pay to win roll out, and that all game earning were decreased heavily. "All proceeds go toward keeping Trump in office." Should be's motto. I'm sending information on this game directly to the FBI. At the very least it can be removed from the play store. :)

Burningarrowlast year

So now pixonic is demanding from you players to pay 2500 gold every 5 days to buy the attack and defense boosters to stay competitive. They want you to pay for mk3 and its not even permanent like mk2! Its temporary so you have to keep buying them, like a subscription! The resource boosts are good and helpful but if you come across a squad with attack and defense boosts they are all basically 20% stronger than an mk2 player when most players arent even at mk2 yet! So its mk1 players against mk3 players. This update can and will ruin the game and no one wants that, not pixonic or us. I never tanked but now with this update im going to start tanking. I cant keep up with all this crap. This game is becoming more stressful than fun now

Burningarrowlast year


Mick Marauderlast year

Oh by the way remember when they said it was going to be easier for you to get the gear you want? Yeah you can get all the gear you want when you're losing all the time. They're even screwing you on the free stuff they give you. Remember this is digital content and it doesn't cost them anything to give it away once they developed it. They are blinded by their greed and I swear they must be drinking and using drugs when they make their decisions because I don't think they're very sound or healthy for the game if you're trying to make it last. Let's not fix the problems let's flood the game with content and screwed up so bad that a huge portion of the player base gets screwed every day yet most of these guys keep sticking with the game and you keep stepping on there nuts everyday and wondering how long before they say we've had enough.

Mick Marauderlast year

So far pixonic not even waiting for you to bend over before they stick you in the back side. Some of us aren't going to spend the money on boosters and I can tell you I have over the last 20 matches I've only one too because of the stupid boosters. The game was hard enough to win because of all the cheaters and now you give an advantage to those who have a huge supply of gold which screws the rest of the player base. Sure it would be nice if the lower league or weaker players could use them against the higher league players but of course in pixonic's lack of wisdom it's actually working the other way around because I'm seeing players with three times the victories in higher leagues just walking all over my robots. I've spent good money on the game but if I have no chance and I mean zero chance of winning or say 1 out of 10 I'm going to leave this game forever and that's pixonic's fault. Don't worry guys when you get your butts kicked all the way down to silver league or bronze League vent pixonic will finally get off their ass and punish you for being a tanker even though they're the reason you're there. If the developers are reading this you people are morons. I've never seen a company screw their players like you're doing it to yours. Eventually the wallet Warriors or pay-to-win players are going to get fed up with this crap as well because when there's nobody easy to beat up on anymore they will move on and you will all lose your jobs. When that happens I'm going to be laughing because you deserve what you get. I like to play for fun and I don't mind losing but damn this is not just losing this is getting slaughtered.

Burningarrowlast year

EVERYONE READING THIS, PIXONIC JUST SCREWED YOU OVER AGAIN IN THIS UPDATE. We Dont want the boosters. It is just another advantage for pay2win players over the others. They are way too expensive and they are basically mk3. Why increase damage to weapons with the boosters when bots are already dying too fast with mk2 orkans, scourge and tarans? Players are already having a very hard time getting to mk2 why add mk3??? Stop increasing the gap between op pay2win players and all the rest, eventually we will get tired of the stress and leave. WE DO NOT WANT “MK3” BOOSTERS! ENOUGH!

Jose Martinezlast year

¿alguien me puede decir si la ráfaga de la orkan tuvo una variación? Antes podía acercarme a un griffin con tarans con Magnum y no me bajaba tanto ya que la ráfaga me ayudaba bajándolo rapido ahora me baja más de la mitad de la vida.

STAHLIlast year

a very important point are the components, 90% of the robots and component weapons are excessively expensive. Workshop 2.0 is urgent !!!! The new healing robots are a good idea, but who will get it? as always those who put money into the game.

STAHLIlast year

Ok, I think the boosters are good because they make things easier for a large part of the players. But the farmer, full MK2 with a damage enhancer will make dust in gold, silver, diamond leagues.
The prices of the boosters are not exaggerated * like the components *

Dony IV Rosetelast year

when is the update for Facebook Gameroom?

Rocallast year

the new update 4.0 is great, but I'm not happy with the new way of connecting the new robots using components, it would be good to devise another type of currency in the game as the points of sizes or that there is a new component workshop but that is by roulette I do not agree because there are people who do not have much time to invest in the game and can not pay real money for the components.

Thank you

backtothefrontlast year

For goodness sakes Pixonic.

The sound effects? The tones for battle starting and beacon capture? Is this really necessary? The more fluff you guys add every update, the more you trivialize the game.

I may be speaking for myself, but I really don't need any help seeing when beacons change, or when the plain as day countdown reaches battle commencement. What's next, a light tree for drag racing, and a checkered flag for the battle conclusion?

Guys please, reign in the stupid. Just a little.

Nice job on the new terms and conditions too. Really covering those rumps, huh? Making sure no one can say anything about the (fixed) gambling aspect of the key 'slot machine'...of which you added insipid 'noise' to as well.

Guys, this game has the ability to be so damned cool, if you just 'KISS' (Keep It Simple Stupid) as opposed to trying to stuff 50 pounds of horse manure into a 5 pound bag...

Type-13last year

Paying for resource boosters is cool. It was already kind of a thing. I can get behind that. Paying for damage or health is not. One thing- has anyone else had texture issues with buildings failing to rez and just being black pits?

AnarchoDomlast year

Like we need rich clans to be able to buff themselves even more through spending...

Testsubject276last year


You guys literally said nothing about this P2W BS and just drop it out of no where, we used to just worry about high leveled/MK2 weapons, but now we gotta worry if they have ability cooldowns (Which we used to be able to time so we could know when a bot is dangerous or not) and damage boosts, MK2 weapons ALREADY fry standard issue level weapons!


Alacrity8last year

What about Workshop 2.0?
What about making it easier to get components, and the dreaded 4x as long on upgrades?
Why the downgrade on Keys in Supply Drop?

Vizmo Fpslast year

I didn't realize the ST bouncing to Stealth targets was a bug. I thought it made sense as a way of controlling all the Spectres and Inquisitors. Stealth eludes sensors.. ST is just a jumping surge of energy. It is not guided by sensors.

Warren Dixonlast year

This sounds absolutely fabulous. Now the question is, what date should we expect this update? Perhaps for the next holiday, July 4 - for 4.0. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed.

The Big Droplast year

Really hoping to hear more about this 'Star Invasion' here, but alas... I did not.

Really excited about a whole new type of WR Event comingour way.

Oh, and great idea for Clan Task, too. I like it. Im hoping the coming CLAN LEAGUE system is based on a similar HONOR POINTS type distribution so Hard-fighting Clans of any size get recognized rather than the clans that tank/fade and otherwise game the system.

OrangeMegatronlast year

Dear Pixonic... be serious... why not to make it "pay per minute"? Why still trying to hide the fact you are ONLY after money and don't give a [Foxtrot] to the players community? You may hear players voices, but definitely you don't LISTEN.
I don't mind paying FEW $$$s per month for decent fun, so maybe reconsider your approach? With millions active users you can have many converting to subscription.
I will see what next update will bring. If there will be more paid goodies then... well, it's a free market, there are so many games to play... I spent over 13 months playing this game. It doesn't mean I have to stay forever with company focused on milking hundreds $$$s from players.

Iván Paríslast year

hey!!!!! now the supply drop give less keys what did you do?
and why?

Garunix999last year

And what is this star invasion supposed to be?

Incalast year

Taran bug? And what the hell happened to Orkans in 3.9?

Bronze Kneelast year

Buffs are a terrible idea, please do not implement them.

Bronze Kneelast year

Buffs are a terrible idea, please no.

Tumdurgallast year

"people got used to keeping Hellburners at bay too well"

Never seen one. Not once.

Tumdurgallast year

Buffs and then Modules. The tankers get even more OP. Good job prixonic, good job.

Izac Maialast year

O que seria Buffs??

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