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War Robots 3.8 Update Notes. Newer Horizons

by WR_Tofsla - 24.04.2018

Options, options, options. Update 3.8 is all about giving you new options.

  • Dreaming of seeing new places? War Robots Airlines now provide a new destination, Carrier.
  • Want to prove yourself as a solo warrior? Try Free-For-All.
  • Looking for some plain unadulterated fun? Welcome to Skirmish.

But wait, there’s more! Let’s start from the very beginning.

New mode: Skirmish

Chaos reigns

Skirmishes are fights with novelty rules available every weekend. In one we make jumpy robots even jumpier. In another we put heavy weapons in light slots. Possibilities are endless, and as everyone is using same robots, things will remain balanced by definition.

Note: Skirmishes don’t affect and aren’t affected by Leagues — everybody is playing with everybody. Also, in Skirmishes your progress towards task doesn’t count and you receive only Silver in lesser quantities. On the other side, there are no repair costs so you don’t have to worry about preserving your robots in shape. Fight away!

First Skirmish will kick off with the Anniversary event start at the beginning of May.

New mode: Free-For-All

Tired of relying on other people? This mode is for you

Team Deathmatch minus “Team” part. Free-for-all is a hectic 6-player mode where all pilots fight for themselves.

There is a couple of quirks though. The main one, which most of the FFA’s dynamic is built around, is Multikills. The more robots you destroy in a single “life”, the higher your streak goes. High streaks give you tokens you can use to repair robots lost during the match. However, pilots with long streaks are marked for everyone to see, making them a likely target for everyone around.

New map: Carrier

Things to try: break someone’s robot by pushing it into water

The key difference of Carrier is in the structure of the map itself, as we call it — “tug of war” principle. Beacons are arranged in one line, coherently, one after another.

Carrier is a rather big map, its playable zone match Yamantau in size, but it doesn’t feel huge. That’s achieved mainly by the locations of covers and beacons. You always know what to do or where to go.

In contrast to Yamantau with lots of open spaces, Carrier has much more shelters and strategic points. Moreover, beacons on Yamantau congregate near the bases, with only one of them in the center. Carrier? An entirely different story: beacons are spaced evenly and everything is surrounded by water, which destroys robots immediately. That alone brings new tactical opportunities.

More on Carrier here.

New robot: Raven

Tony Griffin’s Pro Pilot

Raven is a jumping robot with significant trick potential. It has the same equipment layout as Griffin but with 2 jump charges instead of one. With it you can even jump while in the air, changing direction mid-flight or propelling you higher up.

New weapons: Ballista and Flux

Melted by a laser pointer

As medium-rangers like Shocktrain and Dragoon become a dominant threat, old-school snipers should benefit from more options for keeping them at bay. So here comes medium Trebuchet — Ballista — and Gekko’s heavy brother called Flux.

Economy changes

More keys, fresher components

  • WR Royale now uses special tokens instead of Gold
  • Components are out of Supply Drops, but there’s now 4x amount of keys
  • Battle Rewards have Raven, Ballista and Flux components instead of Tempest and also WR Royale Tokens
  • Black Market contents are split into tiers, time until Superchest tweaked accordingly

Details here.

Bug Fixes

  • Kumiho shouldn’t act jittery on slopes anymore
  • Fixed an issue causing Pin, Tulumbas, and Orkan to self-detonate when installed on Griffin
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