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WR Friday. What’s next in War Robots?

by Lanf - 30.03.2018


What’s next in War Robots? Our top priority directions of development.

This Friday we decided to give you a heads up: the development directions we will concentrate on and some of the features that are planned.

There are three main directions we’re aiming at in 2018. Each of them will receive a separate detailed article in the upcoming weeks.

How the game feels

This includes everything that you encounter in-game, how it looks and plays. We will create modes that will be equally engaging for most of the players. We look at fair play. We’ve got a couple of features coming soon that will support playing decently, including respawn cooldown (coming in one of the closest updates) and “like-dislike-report” system. More informative overall interface is also on the way.

How the clans work

This summer will be especially hot for clans: a system of clan recommendations, clan tasks that will bring pilots together even more, local leaderboards and leagues, top-lists of the players in each clan and special clan buffs.

How we make new stuff

We want to create new different robots and weapons that are all fun to play. Workshop 2.0 is in the works — pilots will be able to create components for equipment they need. Modules will let pilots configure parameters the way they want or even add new abilities to robots who had none. And, finally, maps. More of them. And more to be announced.

* * *

Stay updated for a closer look at War Robots' course and milestones and be tuned for the next WR Friday.

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