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WR Friday. What’s next in War Robots?

by Lanf - 30.03.2018


What’s next in War Robots? Our top priority directions of development.

This Friday we decided to give you a heads up: the development directions we will concentrate on and some of the features that are planned.

There are three main directions we’re aiming at in 2018. Each of them will receive a separate detailed article in the upcoming weeks.

How the game feels

This includes everything that you encounter in-game, how it looks and plays. We will create modes that will be equally engaging for most of the players. We look at fair play. We’ve got a couple of features coming soon that will support playing decently, including respawn cooldown (coming in one of the closest updates) and “like-dislike-report” system. More informative overall interface is also on the way.

How the clans work

This summer will be especially hot for clans: a system of clan recommendations, clan tasks that will bring pilots together even more, local leaderboards and leagues, top-lists of the players in each clan and special clan buffs.

How we make new stuff

We want to create new different robots and weapons that are all fun to play. Workshop 2.0 is in the works — pilots will be able to create components for equipment they need. Modules will let pilots configure parameters the way they want or even add new abilities to robots who had none. And, finally, maps. More of them. And more to be announced.

* * *

Stay updated for a closer look at War Robots' course and milestones and be tuned for the next WR Friday.


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Top 97 months ago

Wan we'll this happen looking forward to this top 9

Luciano Martinez Andia10 months ago

It warms up my high-end smartphone a lot, can you do something about it?

Abdullah 11 months ago

Ultima, No new equipment in iOS or android too
In chests

TDOG11 months ago

Creepergomoo, I feel the same way im not that good but I play againts people with shocktrains and the most powerful weapons in the game while on my team I have 3 cossacks and only one griifin with the suckiest weapons.

L4nc3_L0t11 months ago

All this new stuff coming out and still there are no plans for a chat system.

RAFA_STARKlast year

What day will the update come out?

SomBRa Fantasmalast year

the clan seek to enter the ranking of activity, but do not worry about playing, dropping matches, peloton to download alloy, only activity matters. New rank for sums of league scores!

SomBRa Fantasmalast year

the clan seek to enter the ranking of activity, but do not worry about playing, dropping matches, peloton to download alloy, only activity matters. New rank for sums of league scores!

HUFAHTEEDlast year

Battle Bay has awesome matchmaking every match is even and balanced, you should look at how they do matchmaking. They also have a feature to report tankers what they call floaters since it is a ship game.

HUFAHTEEDlast year

Matchmaking should include hanger strength how this is lost on you guys is unbelievable. I am to the point where the tankers with MK12 shocktrain is wanting to make me quit. It is not fun when you can't take two steps and lose half your health and be killed in two shots or killed when you are not even the person being shot. FIX MATCHMAKING so the tankers dont get free easy kills!! Make them earn it.

Tumdurgallast year

Great, given how poor changes have been, I'm going to go ahead and anticipate something as measly as 10 Haechi components every 24 hours (although, I think I'm being over generous in the quantity).

MK3last year

This key-control thing is terrible. I play on a touch-screen pc, but it still makes me use the keys. Please give us the option in menu to switch between key control and touch.

And when is WS 2.0 coming out?

Pcbentley Bizlast year

Well if you thought shockfags (bulgasari Shocktrain rigs) were the rhesus monkeys of WR, shackfags can be identified by the camping on the right flank, we have a competitor for the title of low IQ game play, Enter the SCOURGETARD! Yes an even stupider player has arrived, The scourgetard (haechi scourge rig) can be identified by its camping in position where they can not take fire and the weapon is useless, The scourgetard will dash into places where it becomes totally useless in gameplay. The scourge tard will also bring the game to a total standoff where no one moves for 9:52 seconds, Great work again pixo

Jlast year

Hi Pixonix

I have been enjoying this games since I started playing.
I have a suggestion with regards to the game mode.
Is it possible for you to combine elements of TDM, BR, DOM, KOTH into a single game mode, where scoring is based on how many enemy robots are destroyed, how long beacons are captured, how many beacons each team hold when game time expired while allowing player to spawn in using beacon their team captured. In this way we will have a large pool of players to form playing team and players with different playing style will be able to work together in a single unifying game mode. It will also make the game fairer and every contribution whether it is in destroying enemy robots, capture beacon, holding beacon all add up toward the final scorey.


Slayer 1108last year

Type-13, I completely agree. I love my scourge-gekko hover, but I hate always having to retarget to unload my clip

Blackout850 last year

'Deadeye', yup agree thank you for listening to our complaints and suggestions

by the way... add cross platform at some point soon

Blackout850 last year

hers a clan idea(you should do this this summer)how about you make clans silver to make instead of gold cause theres not really a huge point to clans right now so add al the stuff that you were gona add in the summer but make clans silver thier way to expensive i could put that money toward s a new bot or gun.thanks your biggent fan blackout 850

Devastator113last year

'Deadeye', That would inconvenience players who tap their weapons off and on quickly, thats something I do a fair bit and it would get me killed dozens of times.

Devastator113last year

'Deadeye', That would inconvenience players who tap their weapons off and on quickly, thats something I do a fair bit and it would get me killed dozens of times.

Sergei Kaufmanlast year

вы всё так красиво описываете вы говорите О том что вы сделаете то и сё а что происходит в конце концов что роботы которые вышли полгода назад с теми багами которыми они вышли Они до сих пор с ними и бегают конкретно говорю за робота Кумихо он не ходит по пересеченной местности абсолютно поэтому всегда проигрывает бой любому другому сопернику только потому что он на этой местности может передвигаться благодаря своей возможно возможности дашь и он для того чтобы достигнуть определенной точки пользуются постоянно этой возможности чтобы пройти еще немного дальше потомучто идти он не может он постоянно спотыкается и когда он доходит до соперника и начинает с ним схватку он не имеет возможности для своего танца Кумихо это робот он танцующий робот он быстрый резкий имеет два слота это не так уж и много но и не так уж и мало И он может справляться с многими роботами если бы он имел возможность передвигаться на пересечённой местности что получается в самом деле покаместь он достигает своего соперника он использует все свои возможности Дэш просто бегать со стороны в сторону и танцевать свой танец для того чтобы соперник в него не попадал просто он не может перезарядка всего лишь 5 секунд То есть он может сделать лавирование один раз в 5 секунд на пересечённой местности что естественно ставит его в позицию проигрыша очень редко Он выходит победителем в такой ситуации если ему кто-то поможет из дальнобойщиков которые видели и Дали хороший зал по врагу Кумихо любая другая ситуация на пересеченной местности умирает он может отлично играть и выигрывать у соперников которые намного тяжелее и сильнее его самого но благодаря его танцу в бою боевому танцу я подразумеваю он не оставляет своему сопернику шансов он в своего соперника Да попадает Попадает ли соперник в него это уже большой вопрос конечно много зависит от пилота и вот я описал две ситуации когда Кумихо на ровной поверхности он может выиграть робота который в 3 раза превосходит его по вооружению и по физической силе но разработчики и дают возможности Кумихо продолжать свой танец боевой на пересеченной местности так же само как он это делает на прямой местности там где нету котик и канал на этой местности Разработчики поставили этого робота в изначально в проигрышной ситуации потомучто там он может передвигаться Только благодаря своей возможности Дэш и это продолжается достаточно много времени для того чтобы можно было это исправить Но судя по всему разработчики не считают нужным этим заниматься у них в голове другие планы другие роботы другие разработки а довести старых роботов до состояния чтобы он хотя бы мог ходить нормально я уже не говорю чего-то там супер современного или супер Сверхъестественного Я говорю о том чтобы доделать робота и дать ему возможность передвигаться по пересеченной местности так же само как это делает любой другой робот в игре Война роботов роботу Кумихо не дают такую возможность тем самым лишают его многих возможностей на которые он способен И оставляют его на смерть только если он наступает на какую-то кочку или каналу это место где он умрёт потомучто там он не сможет танцевать свой танец бой боевой танец что стоит разработчикам доделать этого робота Ведь он уже достаточно много времени работ работает на поле но никто за него не думает Они говорят Мы сделаем игру лучше мы сделаем таких роботов и таких роботов что говорю я WoW ребята посмотрите на свою игру Посмотрите на свой сервер в сервере ошибка на ошибке баг у одного робота 12 у другого робота другой баг постоянно недочеты в уничтожение роботов если ты убил 10 роботов то есть очень много случаев что тебе 10 роботов Нина считают тебе на считают меньше хотя бы на одного на двух роботов если ты занял определенное количество маяков опять же тебя обманут и не дадут не засчитают то количество которое ты взял Маяков для того чтобы восстановить справедливость тебе нужно делать после каждого игры и перед каждой игрой скриншот для того чтобы в случае того что ты заметил что тебе не засчитали робота или маяк чтобы ты мог показать это разработчикам и только тогда они тебе вернут точто тебе полагается если ты этого не сделал то естественно ты не можешь доказать свою правоту и тебе никто не вернет хотя у них есть возможность пересмотреть бой и посмотреть действительно Сколько именно боёв ты сделал И сколько солдат в каждом бою ты убил сколько Маяков ты захватил и всю остальную информацию тоже они могут посмотреть но если ты не можешь этого доказать Никто с тобой даже разговаривать не будет а в то время когда у тебя есть скриншот до боя и скриншот после боя естественно у тебя есть доказательства и тогда у них нету возможности тебя обмануть Почему я употребляю слово обмануть потомучто машина может ошибаться я допускаю такую возможность но здесь есть одно большое но если машина ошибается один раз в одну сторону один раз в другую сторону то есть один раз в сторону игроков плюс игрокам один раз в сторону разработчиков в плюс разработчикам то это можно назвать ошибкой а когда машина постоянно ошибается в пользу разработчиков и в минус игроков и я никогда у себя в ангаре не находил робота который у меня никогда не был то есть ошибка произошла 1 и у меня появился какое-то супер робот хороший такого никогда не было или чего-нибудь в таком духе но если у меня пропадал робот такое было и не раз причём у меня пропал робот который до сих пор мне разработчики не вернули и Я им говорю Ребята это робот который я заработал самый первый у меня на данный момент в ангаре Саят три робота раджин а должно стоять 4 робота ragin два робота голубого цвета выигранные один робот чёрного цвета тоже выигранный и самый первый робот который я выиграл и у него нет никакой окраски То есть он стандартный Это самый первый робот который я выиграл 1 мой ragin без покраски был я говорю ребята у меня пропал робот никто ничем мне не помог и до сих пор у меня в ангаре вместо 4 радженов стоят только 3 роджана я обращался с этой проблемой в службу поддержки мне никто его не вернул так вот вернемся к тому что я говорил что система ошибается Постоянно только против игроков против разработчиков машина не ошибается и поэтому я говорю что это не ошибка это обман поэтому у меня есть скриншоты Вы не поверите У меня есть больше 1000 скриншотов с позапрошлого ивента я могу доказать только попросить и прислать вам какой-то скриншот с прошлого ивента я вам его сразу же пришлю Покажите только куда и сразу я докажу точто Я не обманываю А для чего я это начал делать потомучто был не раз обманут этой машиной я обратил внимание что ни разу у меня не появлялось ни лишнего золота ни лишнего серебра ни лишнего оружия и не лишнего робота Зато всё это пропадать может спокойно если ты не можешь доказать то Возвращение твоего законного Это вопрос 50 на 50 может быть тебе вернут может быть тебе скажут у тебя не было этого И ты не сможешь доказать свою правоту потому что у тебя нету ни скриншота не видео И вот так вот развивается вся игра игра была раньше моя любимая почему потомучто в игре были раздельные режимы я нажимал на кнопку превосходство играл режим превосходства я нажимал на кнопку гонка за маяками играл режим гонка за маяками мне не понравилось гонка за маяками Я продолжал себе играть в свой любимый режим превосходство все были довольны сегодня все пишут Почему нам навязывают игру в каждой социальной сети которая сотрудничает с игрой Война роботов А это ВКонтакте и Facebook куда не зайди одни и те же надписи они нас обманывают все вот эти рулетки которые придумали эти все рулетки это обман Чистой воды а я говорю в эту игру играют в школьники не только взрослые люди какое право Вы имеете давать школьникам играть в такие игры как рулетки и пускай эти рулетке не на деньги но они на игровую валюту это как приготовление маленького мальчика к взрослой жизни так Вернемся я снова отошел от темы Я говорю что система ошибается только в пользу самой системы в пользу игроков система не ошибается только в убыток игрокам с чего я делаю вывод что это не ошибка а преднамеренный акт который был написан разработчиками и машина его очень четко выполняет потихоньку потихоньку с каждого игрока должны дать одно количество ключей дают другое количество ключей должны дать одно количество запчастей роботов дают другое количество естественно меньшее количество ни большая ни в коем случае И вот так вот развивается игра А чтобы устранить все баги игры чтобы привести всех роботов в хорошее состояние они лететь куда-то вперёд взять и привезти то что у тебя есть в хорошее состояние чтобы оно работало как часы а уже потом смотреть куда-то вперёд и делать новых роботов только тогда когда у тебя эти роботы которые находятся уже в игре доведены до стопроцентного состояния которые хорошо бегают по любой местности говорю за робота Кумихо и иду у других роботов есть свои недостатки баги так вот довести платформу до идеального состояния чтобы она не обманывала ни в одном ключе ни одного игрока чтобы все роботы работали как пчелки жужжали имеется в виду очень хорошо работали и бегали также хорошо по пересеченной местности как и по прямой местности чтобы каждое очко которое положено игроку было засчитано чтобы не было такого чтобы игрок не досчитался робота или оружия чтобы не было такого что игрок недосчитался ключа который он заработал я имею в виду те ключи за которые открываются сундуки и если вы ввели уже эти рулетке и сундуки то чтобы они были честными чтобы ты когда нажимаешь на следующую кнопку там не лежит приз не имеет значения какую кнопку ты нажмёшь там всё равно будет приз 7 запчастей робота того или иного а будет всё по-честному ты нажал на кнопку если за этой кнопкой лежит приз в три с половиной 500 золота Значит ты получаешь эту сумму а не так как это идёт сейчас всё Рассчитано ты никогда не получишь никакого приза Ты всегда будешь под колпаком ты получишь тот приз который тебе назначили изначально те люди которые составили эту рулетку И самое главное в этой игре посмотрите какой большой отток игроков в игре всё это потомучто в игре появились смешанные режимы много смешанных режимов и один какой-то для разных карт нужны разные ангары я в жизни не дам вам всем с половиной тысяч золота за второй ангар Я за эти деньги Лучше прокачаю робота и ещё ему какое-то снаряжение сим Я никогда не куплю второй ангар за такую сумму а вы заставляете это делать тем самым что вы мешаете режимы и вы говорите у игрока которого будет два или три Ангара прокаченных с прокаченными роботами то он всегда будет готов к любому режиму какой бы ему не попался к этому вы клоните а я простой парень я не какой-то там Джон доллар который играет работает на вас и получает золото каждый день от вас и получает роботов каждый день а вот вас и золота на прокачку этих роботов тоже получает от вас У меня таких возможностей нету Естественно что если у меня будет такое количество золота то значит я его заработаю в течение очень длинного времени и не смогу себе позволить за такую сумму купить какой-то ангар я лучше сделаю ускорение какого-то улучшения робота или В добавку еще к нему снаряжение для меня это намного выгоднее сделка Ну насколько я понял вы настроили игру в последнее время только на тех игроков которые имеют деньги которые могут вливать огромные ресурсы в вашу игру всех вам успехов вы испортили игру на корню тем что Смешали все режимы в одну кучу тем самым заставляя игроков покупать ещё ангары другие за 7 споловиной тысяч золота А за такие деньги можно сразу прокачать робота и к нему вооружение поэтому я не имею возможности покупать ещё ангары за такие огромные суммы я ещё столько не зарабатываю есть еще дети и все остальные хлопоты по дому и для игры уж точно Извините не получится оставлять ресурсов и покупать ангары за семь с половиной 500 золота к этому вы ведете своим смешиванием режимов чтобы игрок был готов к любому развитию событий он берёт себе разные ангары и хорошо себя чувствует в игре а тот игрок который не может себе этого позволить вы игру не на него настроили И тем самым испортили игру потомучто на сегодняшний день эта игра считается для людей у которых есть деньги ребята простые которые простые ребята школьники и тому подобное которые тоже хотят иметь хороших роботов которые игры которые любят эту игру но они любят играть в любимые режимы Они во что попадется они попадают режимы которые они не любят играть они сразу выключают этот режим который им не нравится Естественно они получаются играя в то что сделали разработчики спят и видят что снова сделали режимы раздельные сделали несколько кнопок разных режимов захотел поиграть в 1 режим нажал играешь в тот режим который ты выбрал который тебе в твоей душе ближе Вот это кайф игры attachto вы сделали это совсем не кайф абсолютно если раньше у меня выпадала 10 минут лишних я включал игру играл Time в игру то сегодня этого не происходит потомучто я не уверен в том что будет режим в которые я люблю играть и соответственно происходит следующая Я жду своего режима остальные режимы я просто

Kidd Nglast year

Maps Yamantau and Springfield needs improvement or should be removed altogether. The terrain is overly open and encourages players to hide and snipe making the battle boring. They are also unbalanced and depending where you spawn, one team has a clear advantage in capturing the third beacon on Springfield.

Gulzarlast year

Am waiting for next update war robots

'Deadeye'last year

In all the years I have been playing, this has to be the most exiting thing yet!!!!! Thank God you listen to the players. The greed was starting to get the best of you there PIXONIC.

'Deadeye'last year

Paul Gehrke, This will definitley remady the insane costs of getting weapons to get to higher levels. I am sooooooo exited. You have NO idea. XDDD

Creepergomoolast year

I feel that the matchmaking is the weakest part of the game at the moment. I am currently master 3 yet I still am constantly getting teammates that have crossacks and destriders that don't understand that beacons are the most reliable way to win a game. Then the other team is filled with dash bots, db's, and shocktrains that somehow can 2- shot my leo, which is one of the tankiest bots in the game. Plz give me players at my level so that I am not the only beacon runner on my team.

Дмитрий Семеновlast year

вот если бы вы сделали систему рейтинга честную вам бы цены не было а то за победу 2 или 3 очка а за поражение -22 разве это справедливо

Lt. Stevelast year

WTF did you do to this game?
First you add in idiotic Robots that zip out from behind a wall, drop a ton of rocket ordinance on your head and then zip back before you can hit them more than twice. Then you do the impossible and make another moronic choice by adding in game styles that we cannot choose to NOT play. You follow that up with punishing people for leaving a game mode they do not want anything to do with by taking away the 0 points they were not going to get anyway and toss in even more overpowered weapons (shocktrain) and robots that you can only earn by forking out tons of cash. (No i'm not giving you $100 for a sprinting robot and a pair of Shocktrains so stop spamming me with those "sales") So I left the game for a couple months. Try to play a game which took almost 3 mins to get into one even though the it said average wait time was 46 seconds. What did I get? King of the hill. Worst game mode yet. So I left. Another 3 mins go by as I wait to get into another game and actually got Dom. I'm good with that. Play and do fairly well, only to see my rewards equal a little over 3k. 3k. 3k! Really? So, let me get this straight. I had to wait over 6 minutes to get a game I actually wanted to play (i'm sure it was pure luck to get Dom on the second try) and I only received 3k Silver for my match. I'm guessing i'm being punished for leaving that crappy KOTH match I didn't ask to play. Huh. Well i'll play a few more matches, maybe and if this continues, i'm uninstalling this game. Sad i've been playing for so long just to have to one star this game and uninstall it because you folks got greedy and would not listen to your players.
Fix your crap or i'm sure i'm not the only one out. C.A.T.S. is actually more fun than this now, and that's sad to say.

spownlast year


Nobody asked for these 20% dmg buff. Nobody complained about it's range being too long. You want to introduce Reload While Firing mechanic? Fine. But Keep the 600m range! You can make it 20% weaker or whatever. But keep the 600m! If you need a heavy tulmbas/pins version - make one. Trident has nothing to do with this. First you introduced this fn piece of cancer the shocktrain and now you're nerfing the only thing that is remotely capable of dealing with it into the ground

Pilot FM9CUYlast year

Mesothelioma, The specifics are still being worked on. But one thing I can say is...expect to be able to make lots of things too in addition to WSP.

Mert Durmuşlast year


Mesotheliomalast year

Question! Will Workshop 2.0 raise the WS max above 15?

Benefits Smithlast year

Hey can you make a respawn one per game but you have to earn it first, I mean while you are playing your bot you can respawn in a new location a portal opens an you enter then you can respawn too home are a controlled beacon. But only one respawn an transport portal per game with a cost of course. Also would like to see a triple T punisher 3 in one heavy mini gun . Thanks for hover bot I play mine every day add more air time an side to side thrusters to dodge incoming rounds . We need a king Leo with built in ansell shield ,an how about carnage that sets land mines ,who runs as fast as his rush mode all the time . Love the game . It would be the coolest game if we could take buildings down on top of other robots

Aaron Ruggleslast year

I'm a pretty good player, been grinding for years. I have a few L12 weapons and L10 bots. But since the inquisitor release, PIXONIC has gotten carried away. I finally get one new weapon, and they come out with 5 more, I finally get a dash and theres 5 more. I cannot keep up, if I get a good team, I ranked 1st. If not, I'm getting obliterated by premium bots with MK2 weapons. I cannot believe these idiots are spending $1000s on this stupid game. They reinforce PIXONICs pay to win bulls hit and ruin it for us regular grinders.

Brain Mcrackenlast year

Until the fail modes are removed I won’t be playing anymore..give a separate button for beacon rush it should be obvious now that most only want to play rush

InsaneFlame11 last year

I cant believe it took you this long to get a report button. It’s seriously one of the first steps of a online game! Not exactly sure what the respawn cooldown is? I hope the workshop 2.0 is as good as it sounds.

Pyrotech442last year

Like some online games like pixel gun, if you know what that is, you can choose the game mode and map. I think that should be added to WR. However, that would mean much longer matchmaking as maps that the majority of people dislike (like yamantau or TDM, the matchmaking will take nearly forever to find an opponent.

Pilot 1234004last year

Can u guys add an interface costomization option, it would be a lot better to control the robots, especially on smaller hand held devices .

*SQUATCH*last year

Tanking, mm, leagues and weapons bugs are just few issues that still go completely ignored that effect everyone and if corrected it would improve the game a great deal. However pix continues to push out new weapons, bots, maps and game modes. And the reason is simple. Pix will not make any money correcting real game issues. So they keep on introducing new over priced bot and weapons. New modes encourage people to buy additional hangars, new maps encourage players to buy different bots and again hangars. Workshop 2.0 has been delayed so long fir the same reason pix is trying to figure out how they will make money on it.
Pix continuing lust for money is the true roit cause for the game being in such a terrible state of decay thar it is now. They have taken a once great game and have turned it into a shell of what it once was.

Creepergomoolast year

I think that next update should bring buffs to the molots. Punishers are almost always a better option currently. I would say that the spread should be decreased. This will strengthen its biggest advantage, the range. This would make an almost semi-sniper that will be great on bots with lots of light and medium slots. Also I feel that the game needs some way to heal- probably a very small and limited heal (maybe only can heal a robot to a third of total health to prevent even more op db's), and can be an ability or a weapon.

Romeo_6last year

Tankers have made the game sucks. They destroy all except one of their robots and sacrifice their last robots quickly so that they can get out of the game quickly. With one player short, there is a high chance of the game being lost and this is how many tankers drop from their league to play in lower leagues, where their more superior bots and weapons would kill off more opponents and win more rewards when they emerge as number 1. I have encountered too many players with Mk. 2 weapons and bots in diamond leagues where an average player's bot and weapons are merely between level 9 to 11. I don't mind losing my bots to a better player or from my own mistakes but to lose to a player who is from a superior league is simply unfair and demotivating. It has affected me so much that i am tempted to lower myself but i refrain from that because i don't want players in lower leagues to suffer the same unfairness as i do.

Shocktrain is simply too powerful that it can almost be classified as a WMD. This has offset the balance of power between the two opppsing sides. It's like which side has more shocktrains wins

BTW, when will Pixonic fix the problem with the flickering, discoloration and crash problems in Samsung devices? These have plagued Samsung devices users for months.

Romeo_6last year

Tankers have made the game sucks. They destroy all except one of their robots and sacrifice their last robots quickly so that they can get out of the game quickly. With one player short, there is a high chance of the game being lost and this is how many tankers drop from their league to play in lower leagues, where their more superior bots and weapons would kill off more opponents and win more rewards when they emerge as number 1. I have encountered too many players with Mk. 2 weapons and bots in diamond leagues where an average player's bot and weapons are merely between level 9 to 11. I don't mind losing my bots to a better player or from my own mistakes but to lose to a player who is from a superior league is simply unfair and demotivating. It has affected me so much that i am tempted to lower myself but i refrain from that because i don't want players in lower leagues to suffer the same unfairness as i do.

Shocktrain is simply too powerful that it can almost be classified as a WMD. This has offset the balance of power between the two opppsing sides. It's like which side has more shocktrains wins

BTW, when will Pixonic fix the problem with the flickering, discoloration and crash problems in Samsung devices? These have plagued Samsung devices users for months.

will106last year

It’s going to be crazy epic

will106last year

Sick man I can not wait boy it’s going to be crazy

ViperShotlast year

i like a few of the new things but theres more to be done thats a bit more important

1. ban tankers or matchmaking is rank based ex: gold 3-1 vs gold 3-1.

2. shocktrain needs to be nerfed more the reload time isnt enough its the damage output that needs to be nerfed.

3. lower prices not all of us are billionaires

Dsnipelast year

I think that it is good to foces on those three things. Good job pixonic

Richard Lincolnlast year

can you please make the wild bunch easier to get

IONUSlast year

soemguy, Those would be cost free sho that won't ever happen again

IONUSlast year

Fu ck you dixonic. I cannot wait to see battle of titans destroy this game that you have turned into a shit pile.

Dat Chelast year

So like we've can create our components so like for an example I had 7894 heachi components and traded for the inquisitor

Bharath Varmalast year

Finally, I'm so excited to read this, I got this feeling dance dance yo hoo, kisses and hugs to War Robots team .

Jagadhari123 last year

Some day somebody will say..... I want chemical and biological weapon in War Robots. And ya Nerve gas... and musturd
Gas ...and a laboratory where we can make most exotic bio and chem weapons... just to see who is more cruel and of more satanic mentality 🤣😂😀😃😄😅 And ranking would be according to that... the more you demonic the more points you'll get... Blah blah blah blah blah!!!!!!

Jagadhari123 last year

login257, Wow... a whole month... we are fcuk nothing compare to you... just playing since 2016.... Hats off brother...

Steve Ericksonlast year

Spunk13, Absolutely. I run in squad most of the time but our clan is 1/2 hi dollar players. But there are about zero clan squads that aren’t full on wallet warriors. Gone are the normal player clan squads that made the game fun. Fuxonic are ignorant greedy whores is all.

Pcbentley Bizlast year

Great we need a spawn cool down but shockfagging is still a problem when there are multiple campers with shockbulgs, The broke Back Mountain play style has destroyed clan squading, The recent nerf has made it more of a scavengers weapon. Kumio and bulgasari have too many hit points, In the case of bulgs its the sheild that needs to be significantly weakened

login257last year

don't know what you guys are salty about.
been playing for a month now, don't even have my 5th spot in hangar unlocked because spent gold on bot and weapons and i evolved nicely without spending any cash.
the bought bots and weapons give a serious challenge but i put them in the scrapyard regularly with my oldschool bots and weapons.
if you don't want to spend money you spend time, that's how it is.
also, developing these games and running the servers is not cheap so it's no more than logical that the company behind this game wants to get payed.

Devastator113last year

I have been a loyal WR player for some time now, far before any of these component bots came out.
When i first got the game, it was 110% my favorite. Easy to play, and well balanced. Then they brought in a train wreck (components.)
The game became very less well balanced very quickly. Customer support was no help any longer, simply automated messages. War Robot pilots protested against all this, asking pixonic to cease with the component idea. Apparently they forgot their hearing aids, because then they came out with more bots, they came out with shocktrain, they came out with ridiculously expensive items that comepletely mocked old school bots. A lvl 12 fujin went from unstoppable to an afterthought. Thanks to shocktrain, squad activity tanked. And here pixonic is, still insisting it will all be ok, just wait for the next 300$ bot! Its gonne be even better!
Unfortunately this does absolutely nothing to solve the problem. Already the original dash, the kumiho, is largely outdated due to new bots with greater firepower and mobile shields.
Ik a lot of people who have thrown in the towl, and right now im debating doing the same because it isnt even worth my time anymore, because i dont have an extra 2000$ laying around somewhere to spend on a video game.

Dudelast year

When? This was all promised before the first of the year. As well as the promise to listen to the players more, ain't happening, and to communicate better, never understood why they mentioned those separately, but... that ain't happening either, unless you come here to see they don't listen to our requests or Facebook. They allude to things we constantly request or complain about, but it is never in the desired result for us. It is always in a manipulative manner to squeeze money out of us somehow. For instance, targeting, this has been an issue forever. It never gets addressed. You lock onto a target, while shooting it loses lock, you lose a kill or are killed yourself. Maddening, but maybe it's what they want. They profit through our strife. Prove me wrong Pixonic. I can't say how many times a favorite response from them I've heard is, "it is very difficult to make these kinds of changes, and we don't know if it it can be done", or something very similar. Who is doing the programming there? A bunch of rookies? Surely not. I've spoken with friends that do work in game development and have discussed many of the gameplay issue we experience the time, and they say all these things we try to get fixed or improved can absolutely be done. Not simply, but very doable. None of this stuff is simple, but the only things that stop all these things from being done, and are how it fits in with the way they want to get our money, and the willingness to accede to the players requests. Obviously we lose on both accounts. Our demands don't outweigh their desire to screw us out of our money, and they aren't willing to accede to anything we demand. The only thing that will stop that flat, is for all players to come together and realize that nothing will ever improve significantly until we do. The how of that is beyond me, but I feel it is the only thing that change gaming altogether.

Herra Kegellast year

I've never seen a game where the player base feels so toxic towards the game/developers.. the end is nigh.

PhantomWarriorlast year

There some really good suggestions in the comments below but do you want to know what I really want?? PIXONIC please listen to this, as a fully committed player who has NOT spent a single cent (or whatever currency) in game this is a very tough environment for Free to Play’s, yes I’ve got bots and all but that because I’ve been playing long enough to get them. These “components” you need to get to get the new Bots and Weapons is just an unfair way for people to get good and always win. A lot of my friends have stopped playing since the game has been more oriented around “Pay to Win” people, I kindly ask that you make all the new bots that use components to change to “WP” even if it means it costs a S*IT ton of them. So at least us Free to Plays have a change to get the bots and stand a chance. I thank you if you read this and hope that you will agree with me!!
Many thanks

Menenhetetlast year

My comment went to the bottom of the pile. Why is that?

Menenhetetlast year

Lots of cool ideas from Mr. Preacher down there. He fears the game may stagnate in the future. I'll tell you what makes the game stagnant, and what's been driving the best players I've known away: this "component" stuff where you can't earn the newest and most powerful equipment unless you pay for it. Don't give the "everything can be earned by playing" talk because you know as well as we all that it's a lie. You would have to play continually for years (fourteen on average!) AND get extremely lucky to get the things necessary to be competitive now. No wonder everybody is paying through their noses to get them. Proof of that is the impossible speed at which you see new bots and weapons in the field, and all maxed out.
Bottom line is, unless you price EVERY LAST ITEM in gold or silver, the game is not fair. As I explain extensively in my review of it in the App Store.
You will always make a lot of money from the overexcited, anxious people who simply cannot wait to get their hands on the best stuff. But you are driving away the people who make this game really exciting.
One last thing: energy weapons that fry you in seconds from a million miles away? You need to recalibrate a lot, and fast. The brawlers are leaving and all we see in the field are the campers making the most boring battles I've ever known.


NEW CLASSES OF WEAPONS & DEFENSES NEEDED! The new weapons that come out tend to be the same as old weapons tweaked some. Due to the growing environment, weapons are becoming stagnet in general groupings. The shock train is the only unique exception (that’s why so popular). Several suggestions from our community’s joint intellect: SUGGESTIONS.... Proximity Attraction Landmines with a self destruct if on field too long. Physical Microbot Shielding- like a black swarm able to block physical attacks until destroyed. Yellow Hard Light Sheilding- a spherical polyhedron soccer ball that leaves you impervious to all types of attacks via planks of hard glass-like light in which you have to shoot out of & destroy to once again be able to attack. Acid/Lava Weapons- able to impact (stay for a while on) the ground & walls around you to cause immediate leg and weapon joint damage first, leaving a residual slow accumulating damage for set time. Magnetic Tractor Beam- pull opponents toward you closer or pull you toward your opponent via it’s superior weight class. Medic Bot- a small backup repair mechanism that can take a place of a weapons slot that slowly brings you back up to 50%. Battle Blades and Physical Ramming damage devices- spear through, cut off limbs of opponents. Magnetize Shot- able to magnetize opponents to receive all close physical fire for a short time. Dark Light Beam- a medium weapons slot beam weapon, weak, but can shoot through walls and obstacles at opponents. One Shot Only Weapons- whether a mega spike nuke, launching a satellite weapon to beam an area of opponents from the sky, or giant physical boomerang slung out... weapons that you can only fire once in the entire game that cause great impact. Counter Flares- rockets that can counter other rockets fired at you, as well as the request to allow for your weapons to be able to shoot down rockets fired at you if your weapon is strong enough to pierce it’s shielding. Satellite Drones- can hover around corners or go high over obstacles to fire at opponents taking off from your installed launching platform for a charged time frame.

*There also has been a “fun” request to make a rewards event/mode where as you fight you find stashes of silver, gold, components....whether it be an event or an actually gaming senecio in random mode. Winner is calculated by who received the most. This is to give the players a fun break once and a while. I would suggest that this level would not impact your actually rating.

*A near zero gravity zone in a map has been suggested as well...things which give a map a unique fighting impact, not just visual.

*A new map full of damaged and ancient stored mechs has been requested as well. Something that sparks story interests to how this mechanical war all began...showing how far it has evolved since those original old mechs were designed.

*More GOLD BOTS & GOLD WEAPONS have always been requested.

Thank you for your time and hard work. Hopefully some of these ideas spark a little revolution verses stagnation for the game in the near future.

soemguylast year

Dash bots should be nerfed sooner like... Wheres the logic when those bots are dashing backwards while the thrusters are facing the other way????

Sam Chiulast year

Can you elaborate on “We’ve got a couple of features coming soon that will support playing decently, including respawn cooldown (coming in one of the closest updates) and “like-dislike-report” system.“ i thinl a lot of people would like to know. They can also help you troubleshoot. Thanks.

Nocluevoklast year

Tree Jack, You're in LQ for skipping maps, dropping matches, and/or tanking. The more you do it, the longer you'll stay there.

Ultimalast year

When will players be able to convert silver to gold?

John Bryantlast year

How about component swapping. Thousands of components for robots and weapons I don't need more of. Even at a 2 to 1 loss it would be reasonable.

EnderFang Fagraberglast year

Can you please make it so its not Cost components and please make it easy to join The test server

Devvvvvvlast year

Whenever you bring a new updates you only bring news about new weapons which are very costly and this game is pay and play however we free players have to just have to see what you brought newly to game.
That's it we cannot do anything.
We know you don't care your comments or feelings.
You just care about your money not your players.

Mike Lesterlast year

Anytime I see an impending update I die a little inside knowing that my hangar just got a lil more outclassed, outgunned, and useless. Pixonic, you can sugar coat your devious greed any way you like but most of your loyal player base is seemingly smarter than you and it just makes you look ridiculous. You are way too vague about EVERYTHING and never give us solid dates or useful info and instead inundate us with youtube videos. Fuck you. Never getting another $ outta me.

HacksmithfanWWRlast year

Maybe sometime in the future we will have custom robot designs (looks, components and weapon designs, and don't make us have to grind or pay to get these features) just an idea *wink wink*

Frank Alveriolast year

For some reason my turrets randomly spinning in the middle of firing or moving for last couple days.,..also free spins from watching commercial s tends to disappear as an option at certain times of day. Lastlt,why can't I shoot at spirals or aphids.?.I have managed to shoot at them a few times but the lasers and bullets just pass through them instead of destroying them s300 style? ( that I jumped out of the way of the aphids and saw them explode where I was but my robots took damage despite not being where aphids exploded aside)

Garunix999last year

Nothing about weapon or robot rebalances, nothing about slowing down with all the crappy new weapons and robots, all 3 of these are more moneygrabs. Pixonic if you will not listen to us, then just shut down the game already so we can happily move over to BoT. If workshop 2.0 does not live up to our expectations, then you are finished

Pilot Corvuslast year

I have a feeling the free components gig will cost a ridiculous amount of silver for a tea-spoonful of components with an additionally ridiculous amount of waiting time for one slot to "create" them.

Joshua Emmanuellast year

Make it so you can trade weapons with clan mates but to avoid someone having a Lancelot in bronze league make it they have to be on a level where they can buy it to trade with it You should also have a fee maybe 25 gold each to make 50?

Shepelxlast year

Really want to see the new workshop...
Hope it hase the ability to make an special weapon or robot that player desires so all the points are focused on that task like a haechi or a shocktrain.
Can't wait to see updates,great job guys.👍

Tree Jacklast year

Hello war robot team I don’t know what the mode I’m be no gold no ag please help me

Bob Bushlast year

Love killing dash bots with griffin DBs and other silvers! ( hit them as they finnish the dash) Lancelot also is better than I thought, after upgrades! Only thing I have a problem with is when I need beacon games for tasks, and I keep getting death match! If you set up for beacons you can't do death match, if you get all heavy hitters, you can't get beacons. Pre gold level, I used a mix, but it doesn't work too well now that I'm in. Try all beacons in one button, and DM and another type of killfest in the other?

TURMIXlast year

Please leave people who doesn't want to be part of a clan alone. Why do you reward clan membership?? I WORK ALONE, and I want my 1 point reward as well.

Nachos4Lyfelast year

They should add a feature where they can donate or exchange bots with their clan members. This way you can try new bots!

Cryomancer_Ashelast year

If I’m struggling to keep up with a Butch and a Scourge Lancelot, I can’t even imagine how it must be for players who only have Griffins. Well... Best of luck, F2P players. :/

Goldgamer1124last year

All Of the updates have changed the game in a good way, but the rewards have been nerfed by so much, please make the amount of rewards earned a greater amount

DracoSwaggerlast year


Raven23last year

1). For any players (new or old), it would benefit to have a demonstration mode (no stats can increase or money... just a check it out mode).
2). As for the "PAY TO PLAY", I am not a fan, but do understand that developers need to eat to (don't get greedy).
3). All the changes that have happened in the past 6 months are great improvements, now let them set in. The time it takes to get components for these changes is way to long (unless you are willing to pay $1000's (which loses players. Causing game to die and once you lose them, they DON'T come back).

That's my two cents worth.

Sourav Sarkarlast year

Why do we can't access all robots?? It's ok to buy robots with gold but you can give higher level robots with gold and give access to all robots. It will be more popular all players.

Xtcmediclast year

Hopefully they can make a weapon that costs $300 each to go on a new bot that costs $750 that has 8 medium slots that will make the game even more unplayable. Wouldn't THAT be awesome?!?!

Let's Rocklast year

Dave Dave Crook, 👏 Thank you, agree with every word, nothing to add, I just couldn't write better. Unfortunately, they don't read our comments. There is no any feedback from Pixonic and things getting worse, constantly.

Joel Frostlast year

Joel Frost, I seem to read a lot of suggestions that quite frankly would clutter up the screen, alter my much loved third person view change the game to a unrecognizable version that, In the most kindest way said, would be pissing on a piece of art. I have been a gamer since the earliest iterations of conceptual gaming, please do not change the third person view or add a button for this or a bar for that. Please do not add destroyable arkitecture it just slows down the frame rates... The game is great and what’s in store for us in the near future can only make it better. A clan perk is a very good idea, World of Tanks already does something like that and it is a good reason to be in a clan. I have been trying to encourage my clan ( top 300) to earn more cups and sometimes it’s like pulling teeth to get them to motivation. The Clan Perk is a real good idea. Thanks WR Team.

Kimmy Leelast year

Look forward to like and dislike functionality. I'm also interested in clan incentive updates. I hope this will prevent from clans that are known for tanking and make it more fair play. I'm ready for summer updates. Yeehaww!!!!!

Anthany Vicklast year

If your looking for a clan join me in the DIRTBADZ (SCUM) the only clan where it's ok to be a DIRT BAG LOL😎

OZXEElast year

The game is not balance because the map is wide and lack of covers the reason why Long range weapon is unbalanced because of that specially Shocktrain and Hydra they can fire anytime anywhere. Just add some covers and obstacle specially in wide map be fair in both fight styles (Long range and Close range weapons)

Anthany Vicklast year

Sounds awesome love the game it's the only Android game I play how bout a off line mode with bots and maybe a adventure mode hay just a thought

Dominicanonlast year

I'll bet most of us want to have faster bots, not new necessarily, but those that would allow us to have a permanent entertainment throughout the whole match, the time to get to the war zone, sometimes is too long, and with healthy bots you can't get to the warzone on time.

Dominicanonlast year

Consider upgrading the speed of older bots, o Know we need to have bits with certain superiority in terms of speed, but there haré dramatic when you compare a Komiho with a Leo...

Dominicanonlast year

Also consider, drone weapons, which the pilot can control after shooting, leaving the bot on its own.

Dominicanonlast year

First of...we need to have bits that really fly, not necessarily money bots, because you are jeopardizing the game success with this all robots being acquired with components, where a new gamer can't get the best experience out of the game.

Sam 11065#last year

Good News if you add reload button and best by upgrade bots in workshop

Lealtad Rojolast year

Luca Marcelli, That be sweet because i have total of 28 plus the 6 bots i play with im hoping they give us the option to donate robots to other good clan members.

iDawglast year

Looking forward to it, especially customisable parameters and add-on abilities. Would like to suggest to model it like an RPG game that has tradeoffs in three main areas to ensure balance.
1. Durability
2. Mobility
3. Firepower
On thing noteworthy is that currently War Robots do not take weight of robots and weapons into consideration. So if weight constraint were to be included in the game, the above tradeoffs could be applied. eg Extra armor could be added at the expense of mobility, powerful weapons weigh more and thus slows down the robot.

Many possible configurations are possible that will make each of our robots unique to the pilot.

As a side note, on the Moon, all robots should be able to move relatively quicker or jump relatively higher as Moon's gravity is lower than Earth's gravity.

And yeah, fix the MM. Sometimes my team gets rolled over in the blink of an eye.

Other than that, keep up the good work.

Lealtad Rojolast year

I hope they fix the issue w/ the number of players who dont start in battles like they exit right at the beginning then is a 6 vs 3, they take -27 rating points for loss.

Erik Nashlast year

Dave Dave Cool you are absolutely right they do ignore us, they dont respect the players feedback on what is going on in the game may it be on ios or android or even in the FB game room. I have seen numerous hacks used in the past 3 years of playing and they still do nothing about it, and the big thing that is a pet peev is the Microtransaction they do all the time, like yousaid Pay for Robots to win, while the other bust their asses to earn them and components what a joke just make them all workshope available as well.

And some of the new robots really OP much, i thought rhino was a best and out of line when it came out sorry i was wrong. All teh new robots that you pay for ae off the scale over powered, no need for that, and to pay a 100.00 usd for one in this economy its hard enough to live let alone drop cash on a damn pixel robot.

All these issues are being swept under the table or we get the response " we are sorry for what you are experiencing in our game we are tryign to get all issues fix our dev team cant change everything>" that is a line of crap like you said Cook to push away and to not deal with the harsh truth they screwed the pooch when adding all the stupid crap and letting hackers and moders take advantage of the game and subvert it to the way they want to play "CHEATSO PIXONIC, READ AND LISTEN TO WHAT WE SAY. Skill and Choice not Power and Chance. Again Skill and Choice not Power and Chance. Learn live and deal with it, make the right choice Pixonic or you will loose more players with these unwarranted tactics.

Ankitmlast year


Mesotheliomalast year

Super excited about the workshop improvements! I really like the idea of being able to create the components we specifically need, hoorah!
Two things I'd like to see are new bots we can buy with Workshop points, and new weapons we can buy with workshop points.
All the new bots are cash bots, no work going into getting them. Reward the folks taking the time building/playing!

Dave Dave Crooklast year

Lets start off with some truth: our relationship has been on the rocks for a long time now. To be frank a good number of the players feel like they are being ignored, and that your being exploitive. We have had meetings, we have yelled, we have boycotted and yet your hell bent on staying the course that your on.

This is a mistake.

You are a company that once called itself “little Zynga” - they had faith that their marketing efforts would always be able to replenish the customers that they burnt out, burnt through. The problem is that customer acquisition without retention isn’t a way to build a sustainable business, or brand. More importantly the pool of players in the “giant robots” genre isn’t nearly as deep as you might think. Those that enjoy the genre most are fickle, and will be loyal to a fault.

These are the people who can talk about war robots in the same breath as battle tech, mech warrior and Armored core. These are the players who are abandoning your game - the love is gone because the trust is gone.

I don’t know if the choice to isolate yourself from your customers was a willful one - but from the outside looking in it sure looks like you ignore us intentionally. You only seem to show your face in public when people praise you on the few social media platforms that you participate in. We only get a direct response from you when you slip up and let us know that we don’t matter. The pattern is very apparent. You say “however simple human psychology fact - it is more likely for someone to go out there and complain than praise” and we get a player meeting. We protest and you say “how dare you”, and we then get “we hear you”. You slip up and tell us that tanking isn’t really tanking and then you give us a FORM to fill out -

Lets look back on that player meeting - we told you that you were making WR feel like a job. A year on you gave us paper work to fill out as an appeasement strategy.

Lets look at the pattern: You screw up, we complain, you say your going to address it and we buy into it. Or you give us half measures that you later take away. Fundamentally though you never really address the issues, things never really get better.

It took me a long time to figure out why. Not only do you not listen to us, you don’t really use your own game. If the level of play in your last live stream is any indication, you really should spend some quality time with your product. Again, much like Zynga you embraced being data driven but fell into the classic data driven trap because - "If you do not know how to ask the right question, you discover nothing.” It wasn’t just the live stream that made this clear - it is a LOT of things.

The way you keep buffing molots screams “I never used them” because they weren’t really under powered 2 buffs back - your hell bent on turning the damage knob and you forgot that their big issue is ‘cycle time’. More Power.

Lets look at how players are ranked: More Power

Lets look at how clans are ranked: More Power

Lets look at why tanking is a problem: Power

Lets look at why people hate MM: Power imbalance

How is gold distributed post match: Power

Lets ask a champ why they don’t play KOTH: Because wining helps my league score, but not my activity, not my clan rank — it fails because everything else in your system is about power.

Lets look at how leagues work: You have a power sorting algorithm. You tried winner take all and it failed — and what your left with could find the fattest war robots player if you replaced damage with a scale.

But it isn’t the only issue. War robots used to be about choice - what to purchase, how to fit your bot, what league to play in. You went and took all of that away, you gave us components, and gambling, you made MM a crap shoot. In an impressive move you managed to turn GAME MODES into a lottery. It is as impressive as it is sad that you managed to turn something that might have been an enhancement into something that alienates your players. To quote Paps from the forums:

"Yeah, oddly enough...I tend to not play at all when I can't use my own time as I see fit.

If I wanted to play poker, but every time I went to the casino the only available game was roulette, I'd be just as likely to leave without spending anything as stay and waste my time and/or money doing something I have minimal interest in. Thanks but no thanks."

This was an open letter, and to the players as well.

We need to get behind a simple unified message - one that every one can pick up and get behind, one that is (for a change) demanding a positive change rather than complaining about what has passed. Skill and choice not power and chance. This isn’t about your pet issue - it is about ALL the systemic issues.

Skill and choice… it is a dead simple message that every blogger and youtube who cares about the game, can repeat, and amplify. Those that don’t want to beat the drum of skill and choice, well stop reading, unsubscribe and tell them WHY.

If you are producing a blog or WR videos then you clearly have enough passion to invest in the game, maybe you even love it at some level. Well if you don’t get up and fight FOR it then it will die - maybe not tomorrow but sooner than you think - Skill and Choice is a drum you can beat, it is a positive message you can send.

Just keep repeating the message Skill and Choice not Power and Chance till the fixes are LIVE.

Warren Dixonlast year

Great!!! Sounds absolutely marvelous. I've been playing since February and it appears the game is evolving for the better. We have to be patient . I like the reporting feature (like/dislike). Getting input from the players (end-users) is a great communication tool.

James Oglelast year

No gold some people like me even i hatchie and barley any gold so not gold maybe silver or something or maybe no fees or payments

Luca Marcellilast year

Rolando Robles, Rolando Robles wrote:


"I think clans should have an internal trading post to trade components with clan members. A clan can pay 20k gold to set up a trading post, then clan members clan pay 5k gold for access to the trading post. Each trade done can have a trading fee set by how many components you trade. Example..... I trade 2k Redeemer components to a clan member who gives me 2k Shocktrain components. If the fee is 50 gold for 1k components, the clan member and I would BOTH pay 100 gold each to do the trade."


You should work for WWR because this suggestion is equally stupid like Zenit, Shocktrain, Noricum, "hide and jump" Spectre and Inquisitor robots etc. Do you know why?

1. New robots and weapons are very expensive and nobody want to spend money on new robbery. Clan can pay 20 gold for "trading post", and after that every player should pay 5K gold for access? Man... Really... Are you fuckin okay??? It's better to play "Royal" for all that gold.

2. The player can be thrown out of the clan. All of them should pay 5K gold again? And again, and again again???

3. This is good solution for cheaters. Example, you can "trade" with your alts.

4. Our workshop is better solution.

Andreas Luca Marcelli aka *Bosnian Knight*.

Adrian Miedzińskilast year

Before you make clan changes, Fix matchmaking! Weak clans plays with lot stronger. Leagues doesn't help, thy can lower it! Use robot and weapon levels to determine ratings. Give +10% to rating for each player in pluton.

Stumpy1949last year

Sky Woman, oH yA! Trees that explode! Why not carry that over like on TDM and make the barriers explode. Give them hit points just like the bots! Or any of the cover we use. Hit enough and it explodes, maybe with some damage to the bot hiding behind it. Now that would be fun.

Jeremy Dalloslast year

Brian Crusher, I agree the honor system is a bit wonky I can get to sports in everything but clean and still only make 5-6 points... its tedious

HEATHEN CATlast year

I've stopped playing on Android due to Random and the threat to punish me for not enjoying or wanting to play game modes that I do not like. You cannot dictate player preferences nor can you force players to enjoy something just because you want them to. If players do not enjoy it 100% of the time then they will not play it.

I play in the Amazon servers only because PIXONIC doesn't appear to have a Low-Priority Queue there. I skip any game mode that I do not want to play and I don't care what anyone thinks of me for doing so. Like I already stated, if it's not enjoyable 100% of the time then players will not play it.

Give us back our mode choice.
Get rid of the ricochet ability of the Shocktrain. Turn it into a medium Gekko and finish the set of light, medium, heavy. It is a game killing weapon that needs no player skill to use. You can compensate players with them with other items or Au. Do not make weak excuses.
Get rid of the Hellburner. It too needs no skill to use. Just get close and explode. Weak.
Get rid of the Mercury's helldive. Yet another no-skill needing ability. Get close and jump, go boom. Weak.

Prove that you are actually listening and not just lying to our faces yet again and laughing at us behind empty promises and even weaker claims of being concerned about player enjoyment.

Many of us have read the Ilya Smirnov article with him basically stating that we are stupid and cattle that needs to be forced to open our wallets with shitty business tactics and multiple currencies to spend thousands of dollars just to acquire power in the game. That completely destroyed many players' trust in PIXONIC as a gaming company that actually cares about player enjoyment or fair gameplay. That's why you are seeing a decrease in revenues from the game. Your greed was exposed for all the players to see. As if the outrageous prices of bots and equipment wasn't a huge red flag stating the same already. War Robots has become a rich player's game. Player skill no longer matters, not when players need only the Shocktrain maxed out to kill multiple targets, even those trying to hide. Strategy is just a meaningless word used in the game's description.

Jeremy Dalloslast year

Totes looking forward to hanger revamp! Let's get a sort function. And how about a new viable silver bot. Nothing major.

Tosspotlast year

WR is really putting it all together this year. It was a rocky start with the new not so available bots maybe could still use some tuning there. BUT I see much improvement in play waiting for that castle map to get done its my favorite in testing. 5ZT0OQ
I could use a few active players still in Smash Bros . Join a fun clan join smash bros.

Sky Womanlast year

I'm REALLY looking forward to the new workshop 2.0 so I can try adding abilities or modules to my bots!
@LANF I wish the author would clarify how many abilities a bot will be able to have, since that seems to be a point of contention for so many.

As for maps and modes, I love change so bring it on! I appreciate the creative endeavors of the teams working on these, and kudos to all their blood, sweat, and tears poured forth (with little appreciation from us grumpy players)!

I know this isn't a suggestion box, BUT.... A few players here suggested a forest type map with trees as cover, some of which could explode...omg! LOVE! That sounds like so much fun!!! ATTN: DESIGN TEAM Can you envision this?

Fairness in play. Oofta (yes, that's how I spell it)! Ya, that's a tough one, good luck! Just as in life, there's always going to be people who cheat the system and get away with it. As long as it doesn't get worse, any improvement is appreciated!

OK, enough with my sunshine. As you were!

Chece Foxlast year

MONSTERCOST&I, every shoot-'em-up is probably going to be a repetitive thing like Capture the Flag jerking the hell at least they try to diversify and actually add more maps every Friday I like freaking everything else what do you suppose they actually start adding in Maps where they where you can run around and then jump to a different platform to platform and it's more of a favor of a jumping robot or where your special abilities really do matter in certain levels that they have but they can't really take that Advantage too far can they so why don't they had that

Chece Foxlast year

jirga, it's a lot of fun to actually jump a person when they're trying to capture a beacon and it just makes the game more intense but if there was a cool down and someone was just about ready to go it takes away that element of surprise and travesty in order to work for it I see where you're coming from but you have to understand both sides of the story

Chece Foxlast year

There's no need to add a cooldown timer for response everything's fine with the with pretty much everything I like how you guys have done the ads and I like how easy it is to try to get this

Christoph213last year

Another change I would love to see, and probably has more of a chance of happening than you lowering prices, is for the clan leaders to be able to request a player to join their clan. Having the solo player request to join the squad seems like a cringeworthy scenario for most players, having to stick your neck out asking to be rejected like it was the jounior prom all over again.

Rami Youseflast year

keep up the good work
and please remove robots which is buyed with gold from super chest

Abdullah last year

Pls bring workshop 2.0 as fast as you can

Dennis Venezialast year

Please get a better in game message system. Please take a look at Kings Road by Rumble. They have an excellent message system. You can chat with teammates at all times, in battle or not. You can chat with anyone in the game! Also private chat too. Please fix the message system. Thank-you.

Christoph213last year

These all sound great, but once again, you are ignoring the number one problem that makes this game another example of what is wrong with gaming today: Every bot and weapon is either completely and ridiculously overpriced (over $300 real world dollars for a pretend weapon on a pretend robot in a computer simulation I play on my phone!) or comically underpowered compared to the premium units as to render then useless. Until this symptom of greed is addressed and remedied, all the other changes you are implementing are like putting a band aid on a bullet wound.

Johnathan Gibsonlast year

The game is great well detailed. Some players whine too much about buffs, dash robots, the game robs you. I am not even a Gold player yet and I have done well with my robots. Earning silver and gold. I think a lot of players just want things handed to them for free and not work for them. I rarely look at the post on facebook for one I don't want to see all the whining and I always seem to miss out on the free giveaways because they are given when I am asleep. I do have a problem when were in the battle that players wait till the battle nearly over and then they bring their robots in... I think that need to be fixed if you lose one your robots you have a 3-second rule to bring the other one in, so game battle needs to be better managed. I prefer to play solo Instead of a clan I have no interesting in wanting to be in a clan or make friends in this game, nor do I want to add any clan on my facebook as friends. In saying this I hope that players who do want to just play solo are not going have any disadvantages. I am all for your leagues but create a separate room s and maps for that.. don't force someone to participate if they are not interested.

PosiodenProxy18last year

MONSTERCOST&I, Sorry to be rude. But being a "veteran" in war robots won't make a difference. You just play alot and have been here longer. Don't upgrade to mk2 btw. Unless you have gold. I will never use mk2.

jirgalast year

Respawn cool down is good addition. No more quick respawning so that one can jump to threatened beacon.

MacTheDoglast year

Wow new abilities on other bots!!!


Hi to all! I am veteran of WWR, and now play as most of you and collect new bots and weapons, i don't have full MK2 hangar .
But!!! We always played in ALL Maps with Domination.... Now We do not like play KOTH,BR , we like fighting, but don't like running as rabbits!!!
If you going to develop new modes, please!! Kills modes separate beacons modes! And KOTH realy full sh.t, sorry, true....
Do 3separatemodes group DOM+BR and TDM+FFA and new! KOTH OUT!, it's not for WR.
Respect to all!

Xhino Hoxhalast year

“like-dislike-report” ,team pixonic please don't do it, angry Player report -dislike some player ,don't vote , please no , can do report for hacker te E bit bot like dislike

MATAMAX4EVRlast year

barbz, I 100% agree, the components are just a way to make extra money. Supply drops and honor points help a bit though

MATAMAX4EVRlast year

محمد اویس, I think that's a cool idea! Very creative, and if they're priced around maybe 500 gold, it'll be easier for newer players

Brian Crusherlast year

Michael Martin, Totally agree with you Michael. Here's what I submitted to them today as sick of reporting tankers, getting same generic answers, nothing really being done (longer queues mean fiddly squat to these tankers!), and tanking seems to be getting worse since honour points came in...

bob, ive given you their id and clearly pointed out what they are up to. their stats will confirm that they stink.

I reported two different occasions where an entire squad of 6 is tanking/ not starting. one of these was led by 1 player with 5 start-up bogus pilot accounts on his other devices. this morning I came across player ZEP705 "Zengeren" who is squading with a bogus pilot account G1QOVA. Zengeren has 18,358 wins, 35,494 champion points, level 12 mk2 for all robots and weapons, is somehow Gold league 2, and in 3hrs has gone from 48% wins to 36% by using the other bogus account to cripple his own team. the bogus pilot is level 0, with a record of 0 for damage and kills in last 50 games, only 1 robot (level 1), and winning 10% somehow!

I am seeing 1-2 tankers in every game this week. this is probably because honour points is actually encouraging this more - by dropping down they can then get maximum honour points and gold against noobs in lower leagues!

this game is full of dishonourable scum and pix' failure to bring in real action like suspensions, bans and minimum league barriers (depending on previous victories or champion points) all facilitates such people ruining the game for so many others. I've noticed a lot of our clan aren't playing any more and new members follow suit when replaced.

Are you really paying attention to these reports and suggestions, or will pix reply with a standard answer that says nothing really?

Thank you for your time hopefully!

Rajin Kajunlast year

Medium flame throwers, medium range(600) would be fun. Even light flame thrower

محمد اویسlast year

Well except all this... there's a new concept in my mind about the most neglected feature of WR.... the skins... oh yes.. there should be some kinda enhancements attached to skins like some skins offer 5% of Speed enhancement or 5% long lasting special ability... what do you think...???

barbzlast year

also id like to add the rewards for chest are lol we give up 30 secs of our lives to get 15 components ...ya need 10000 to get anything even the silver chest us piss poor. everything in this game is too expensive

ETC ROBLESlast year

War Robots,
I believe "Adding Abililties" to existing robots sounds cool, but it may be a bad thing.
Pilots choose a Griffin because it jumps and is fairly tough.
Other lucky pilots choose Haechi for the energy shield and dash ability.
Adding modules which would give a Griffin an energy shield or dash ability may negate the desire for other robots. Why struggle to get Haechi of you can just add a dash ability to your Griffin. Or worse.... Put a module on your Heachi which gives it the jump or stealth abilities!
This may have been a good idea at the inception of WR, but I feel the game has come along too far and so many people have paid so much for their robots to throw in such a radical change.
Just food for thought.
Keep up the good work!
-ETC ROBLES (clan: Ouch)

Ultimalast year

no carrier map in gameroom, or new equipment components in the chests

Micheal Elialast year

in workshop 2.0 we can change our components into another components right ?

Rolando Robleslast year

War Robots,
Moving forward on the clan idea is an awesome way forward for the game. I am part of a clan and have met some really great folks but there really is no incentive to join a clan.
There is no clan chat during battle, there is no buff or bonus for joining clan... Why join a clan? Maybe future tournaments held at local internet cafe or comic book store with prizes for competition? Way out in future though.
I think clans should have an internal trading post to trade components with clan members. A clan can pay 20k gold to set up a trading post, then clan members clan pay 5k gold for access to the trading post. Each trade done can have a trading fee set by how many components you trade. Example..... I trade 2k Redeemer components to a clan member who gives me 2k Shocktrain components. If the fee is 50 gold for 1k components, the clan member and I would BOTH pay 100 gold each to do the trade.
This solves 2 issues..... Joining a clan NOW has a big advantage due to the trading post AND you can help fellow Clan members get what they need while getting the components you're dying for.
Just food for thought.
Thanks and keep up the good work.
-ETC ROBLES (Clan:Ouch)

Your Last Wordslast year

Hate the idea of modules! What will happen to the old workshop? I really am not liking pixonic’s idea of changing robot prices like they did to Gepard, Gareth and Stalker! I like Workshop 2.0! For goodness sake please fix Shocktrain, Everyone hates it! More quenes is needed same with Reload Button! Please stop with the crazy unrealistic robots like Spectres that HAS to jump to activate stealth! I share Shocktrain has a mind of its own. More balancing is needed. Just some suggestions because I have been playing War Robots for Two years and in those two years War Robots has gotten worse in my opinion with all these OP weapons or ones that make you hate having your teammates by your side. War Robots used to be weapons that were futuristic and realistic, Now they don’t.

Razvan Constantin Balacilast year

Do something about that Match Balancing system because we all go crazy!!! It's not fair to put Champions against Silver Leaguers, or silver hanger against mk2 P2Ws. Come on, is that rocket science to you??? All of us are complaining about this for years now and you dont care at all. You only care about your bank accounts! Shame on you!!!

Rylan Horsemanlast year

Spunk13, Man maybe you and your clan need to work on teamwork and your individual skills. My clan is rank 50-30 and we slap some of the 1-5 rank clans

barbzlast year

if really are worried about tanking fix the reason for tanking...ppl get to the higher leagues n they get smashed by the rich the pay to win crowd..fix that n u get a lot less tanking

Rylan Horsemanlast year

Arvin Rohani, It clearly says “add abilities to bots without any” not add a jump drIve to your 5 dash strider lol

PY1TElast year

Respawn cool down..? No thank you, terrible idea.

Arvin Rohanilast year

just have to tell one thing WTF??????
Are you serious about the add abilities?
when it comes through i want all of my money which spend in the game refund

Iván7last year

You are going in the correct way, thank Pixonic.

Iván7last year

You are going in the correct way, thank Pixonic.

Flying Pillowslast year

Hopefully you guys make it a balanced update. I am looking forward to how War Robots will progress in the near future.

Epicdemiclast year

Paul Gehrke, On the facebook gameroom the reload button is the letter only works with non constant reload weapons. ie tarans, molots, etc. It does not work with orkans,tulumbas, and such.

Hime Kaguyalast year

First of thank you for this amazing game way back to the year 2014. I don't have any complains but I do have sugestions.

1. Free For All - Where all pilot will fight or kill each other. No team at all, just Death match.

2. Gifting Robots/weapons/components/Au/Ag/workshop - Honestly, there are pilots who might need this than me. Especially when the pilot who needed any gifting option is a friend.

3.Bot Mode - This maybe also called practice mode, I guess. All we need to do is fight ai pilots. Might work with only single or team.

4. Manual Picking of Game Modes - All game modes are seperated from each other just like the beacon rush for this weekends. Domination, Beacon rush, Team Deathmatch and King of the Hills.

Atleast I'm happy if any of these are applied... Thank you again War Robot for being an amazing game.

Pilot Name: Hatchibi

Blackout850 last year

Jabberwock, I think it would be useful if you putt a health bar on physical shields but also can you make so stuff destroyable on maps such as trees or small rocks but not everything

Gigamechmstr last year

Please no clan buffs. New ways to get resources is fine but no percentages please. No to 10% damage increase no to 10% damage reduction none of it please.

Michael Martinlast year

I would really appreciate it if you would do something MORE about tankers and seal clubbers. I spend a ton of time playing the game to advance to higher levels, upgrade weapons and bots, and working with my clan mates to squad together, and yet, here I am, 3 months later and my squad of 3 expert level 2's, and 2 diamond level 3's are constantly being throttled by a squad of silver and gold leage players with multiple level 12 dash bots with level 12 MK2 shocktrains who are really Masters and Champion league players. My clan will not cheat the syatem and drop down like they do because we believe in playing fair, but these guys have no problem screwing us out of silver, gold, exp points, keys and so on. When are you going to finally put these guys in purgatory and not release them for a VERY VERY VERY long time?

Blackout850 last year

THANK YOU this is exactly what the game needed making components obtainable is going to be great I am so so excited for 4.0

Orange Ninga121last year

I think you could work on the feel of the game by travelling back to it's roots and adding features that make you feel as if you are in a giant robot such as spectating from above and below bots.

Paul Gehrkelast year

I really like the ideas expressed about Workshop 2.0. I for one will be very interested in seeing what you guys come up with. Would love to see a LEO with medium slots. :)

Spunk13last year

Something that would help in Clans. We rarely run squads since we are a lower tier clan (40-50 ranking) and if we run more than 2 people together we will get matched with one of the top 10 clans, ALWAYS. We are totally annihilated in a matter of minutes..NO FUN. So we generally will not run more than a two-man squad. Totally destroys the concept of the clans.....think about it!

Paul Gehrkelast year

Type-13, I started playing last July - August right after they started the GameRoom PC game. I have suggested the reload since then and agree I don't think it would take much would be nice, reload and maybe tell you how much ammo you got. I do not think any game would be able to give everyone the choice of game. I think you would end up seeing some of them never being used. While I will play whatever comes up the whiners don't like to. King of the Hill, has turned into a game for guys who only go to the beacons coming up and basically the fighting when comparted to other types of matches is only watching guys staying at active and non active beacons. It is a match for mostly wimps I think. :) I think you have not thought it all out on King of the Hill Type-13 :) minoreviltoo

Dwayne Hickslast year

Please implement battle value to robots. This allows the money spenders to get their amazing new 'bots and Mk2 weapons while providing max rewards to the newbies and poor people for hitting them.

Nitro Lightlast year

Clan buffs?..
I don't like where this is going...

Jabberwocklast year

the map on the picture looks dope !!!!!! will be waiting for it and also make maps that have more greenery in them like the landscape outside the "valley" map.... Something like a forest will be awesome with trees and rocks as covers.....Hope you add one soon

Type-13last year

Please put reload buttons in your next mobile update. I know that it was mentioned that the ui could be cluttered, but honestly just putting another button to reload below the ability button(if any) on a bot would be good enough for me. Can I hear any other comments on this idea?
Also, regarding queues and game modes, I'd say sorting into 3 queues(pointcap modes/battle modes/KotH and similar) would be a good idea if you introduce more. Pointcap modes like Domination and Beacon Rush attract some players, others like TDM and potentially that Solo Death match mode that was mentioned to be in the works. KotH would be separated because of what seems like a big love it or hate it schism in the community. I like it, but I also remember people on this site saying that they would drop any KotH match they random into. People want to be able to control what type of game they play, and letting them choose can only make the playerbase happy. Similarly, if anyone else wants to weigh in, let me hear it.

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