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Guest Opinion: Making The Case for War Robots as an Esport

by dreamslayer28 - 14.02.2018

This is a guest article by one of our players. Don't forget to check out the author's blog for more content!

With its burgeoning clans, spectator-friendly UI, countless rivalries and an active community which boasts tens of thousands of members from all over the world, one would think that War Robots would have become a mobile electronic sport at this point.

In this one, we’ll see not the reasons why War Robots is not an esport yet, but why should War Robots think of being one – and how could it be done in the first place.

The Tale of the Tape

War Robots has been around for a long time. It’s been well-loved by the players and people still play the game despite the challenged state that it is in right now.

In terms of balance of weapons, the game is actually 80% balanced in terms of the map pool if one looks at it objectively, with Yamantau being the least interactive map among them as proven by popular opinion as well as respected figures in the community.

The UI is not cluttered and it’s easy to integrate observation software into the game, as already shown by the numerous YouTubers and video content creators who are pumping out in-game videos.

In addition, the community is active and it suffices to say that there are a ton of players who make a ton of different content for the game every single day.

Time to find out who is the Actual Best

We all know their names: Empire of Korea, IllumiCorp, Aurora, Iron Order, etc.

Yet, we don’t actually know who the best player in the world is or the best fighting clan in the world is right now. All we have are nothing but anecdotes and legends, which, for a community the size of War Robots, should not be the case.

Many people are actually curious who stands at the top. For sure, top clans have some inkling of it already, but it would make up for great narratives and gameplay if the competition actually becomes structured and institutionalized.

People don’t just want to know who the best X or Y is. They want to know their stories, they want to take part in their struggles, and most importantly, they want to see their dreams become real…with their own hands, tears and sweat.

The best way to do it would be introducing formalized competition to the game – and yes, it will add massive cultural, social and spectator value to the beloved title that we have right now.

But we want it to be a casual game!

War Robots right now is suitable for a casual setup, so there’s no need to change that fact anyways. Besides, Pixonic can always do it the way other companies do it: Do separate tournament setups for teams who want to compete competitively, as well as give the necessary infrastructure for it.

Besides, it will also be a good way to attract players and increase the unity of the existing player base. You don’t just play anymore a normal game; you have teams, you have a scene and you can have an economic ecosystem that can go around it!

Doesn’t anyone want to see War Robots go to the next level – or in the case of the cynics out there, get a new lease on life?

What are the costs?

Let’s be frank, there are no “easy” undertakings that turn out to be great.

They have certain risks, be it economically or in terms of executing the content right.

That’s where responsible and accountable community members come in. The game could start by supporting various structures that are available right now, as well as giving a hand to those who actually have the capability to organize a tournament and run it smoothly.

If Pixonic deems the enterprise worth it, then they could certainly put it out on a massive scale – who knows, we might have a War Robots World Championship for real…and we don’t have to make it stay as fan fiction!

What’s the endgame?

It’s time to turn War Robots not just into a top game or a business brand, but into something that will inspire people to play, compete and give all what they got.

It’s high time to introduce the culture of mobile mech games into mainstream culture and make it into a part of the increasingly globalized zeitgeist that we have today.

And introducing esports aspects to War Robots would be a great way to start it.

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