Guest Opinion: Making The Case for War Robots as an Esport

by dreamslayer28 - 14.02.2018

This is a guest article by one of our players. Don't forget to check out the author's blog for more content!

With its burgeoning clans, spectator-friendly UI, countless rivalries and an active community which boasts tens of thousands of members from all over the world, one would think that War Robots would have become a mobile electronic sport at this point.

In this one, we’ll see not the reasons why War Robots is not an esport yet, but why should War Robots think of being one – and how could it be done in the first place.

The Tale of the Tape

War Robots has been around for a long time. It’s been well-loved by the players and people still play the game despite the challenged state that it is in right now.

In terms of balance of weapons, the game is actually 80% balanced in terms of the map pool if one looks at it objectively, with Yamantau being the least interactive map among them as proven by popular opinion as well as respected figures in the community.

The UI is not cluttered and it’s easy to integrate observation software into the game, as already shown by the numerous YouTubers and video content creators who are pumping out in-game videos.

In addition, the community is active and it suffices to say that there are a ton of players who make a ton of different content for the game every single day.

Time to find out who is the Actual Best

We all know their names: Empire of Korea, IllumiCorp, Aurora, Iron Order, etc.

Yet, we don’t actually know who the best player in the world is or the best fighting clan in the world is right now. All we have are nothing but anecdotes and legends, which, for a community the size of War Robots, should not be the case.

Many people are actually curious who stands at the top. For sure, top clans have some inkling of it already, but it would make up for great narratives and gameplay if the competition actually becomes structured and institutionalized.

People don’t just want to know who the best X or Y is. They want to know their stories, they want to take part in their struggles, and most importantly, they want to see their dreams become real…with their own hands, tears and sweat.

The best way to do it would be introducing formalized competition to the game – and yes, it will add massive cultural, social and spectator value to the beloved title that we have right now.

But we want it to be a casual game!

War Robots right now is suitable for a casual setup, so there’s no need to change that fact anyways. Besides, Pixonic can always do it the way other companies do it: Do separate tournament setups for teams who want to compete competitively, as well as give the necessary infrastructure for it.

Besides, it will also be a good way to attract players and increase the unity of the existing player base. You don’t just play anymore a normal game; you have teams, you have a scene and you can have an economic ecosystem that can go around it!

Doesn’t anyone want to see War Robots go to the next level – or in the case of the cynics out there, get a new lease on life?

What are the costs?

Let’s be frank, there are no “easy” undertakings that turn out to be great.

They have certain risks, be it economically or in terms of executing the content right.

That’s where responsible and accountable community members come in. The game could start by supporting various structures that are available right now, as well as giving a hand to those who actually have the capability to organize a tournament and run it smoothly.

If Pixonic deems the enterprise worth it, then they could certainly put it out on a massive scale – who knows, we might have a War Robots World Championship for real…and we don’t have to make it stay as fan fiction!

What’s the endgame?

It’s time to turn War Robots not just into a top game or a business brand, but into something that will inspire people to play, compete and give all what they got.

It’s high time to introduce the culture of mobile mech games into mainstream culture and make it into a part of the increasingly globalized zeitgeist that we have today.

And introducing esports aspects to War Robots would be a great way to start it.


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Mr. Timmons5 months ago

I can't wait for mixing up the bots. 4 Dragoons on a GIPatton would be so fun to use!

Lt. Steve6 months ago

Game balance is horrible. Won't work as an eSport game as it stands and might as well give it a new name after you've made all the changes that need to be made.

SONOFDEATH6 months ago

In any competition ,a coach picks the best players to start on the field ,in any sport it's a show of power and skills .
In this game and we can say it's a sport for starters, we spend money on our teams just like a owner of a team ,if you're unable to get the best team together ,oh well , brother that's how war is built .
I would say you will take a lot out of the esport if all players have to go in with some bull crap preset up and lvl 8 weapons only is a bad ideal .
Go in the sport with the bots you got so we can get the chance to show off our own stuff , keep it a sport of extreme , intense game play .
And last thing I gotta ask everyone who complain about match making and dash bots , you guys can't destroy a, dash bot ?

Nurd Murder 16 months ago

WR as a tornamnt esport would be great! But you need to set all bots and weapons of all the competitors, to the same levels- and allow players to choose any 5 different bots, at least one from each class, with any weapons they want. Then its truly about skill and not pay to win. Of course you want to make money too (and deserve it), so how about a small entrance fee for a set number of matches, with substantial in game prizes for top performers, that will be applied to their regular hanger.

SONOFDEATH6 months ago

When it comes to business ,we all know you gots to be in it to win it and if you keep expecting everything to be free along with the app then you might as well forget about the hard work it takes to put this game together, in the military and real sport inorder to have the best to win the fight ,you have to dig deep for that advantage and deep is deep in your pockets , I spent some cash on this game sense I've been playing it and I don't even have the high price stuff like dash bots etc . When I hit the Battlefield I see this game is base on pay to play but come with your skills and tactics , the most expensive powerful bots fall by just any bot if you got the knowledge and wisdom on how to survive ,the game is beautiful and I've been playing it like a sport sense I started.

SONOFDEATH6 months ago

Sounds like a good idea when you see it in a big dream ,not saying it can't be done ,it need to be done now just to start somewhere which it dose sound like a fun and exciting activity to put to gather for a small fan base which you can manage to Facebook and you tube it live to attract new players .
At the end of the day this is a good idea and is one I thought of myself with the hopes and possiblity you guys at Pixonic will put together , I'm in (SonOfDeath) 3MZUS9 as a Sports man , see you on the Battlefield.

Scott Lebrasseur6 months ago

TDM,BR,AND KOTH All have great feel of sport but I think it could even go further and if a ball was introduced and 2 or more goals were put into place "think battle soccer " then I think we'd really have something big. I can't wait to see what it will/could be. But I could definitely see this as a championship e sport. Most definitely more like a world Olympics e-sport

Blackout850 6 months ago

@#$&!?%, This is so true pixonic I love your game but this is so true please buff and nerf certain weapons/robots

Blackout850 6 months ago

@#$&!?%, This is so true pixonic I love your game but this is so true please buff and nerf certain weapons/robots

Creepergomoo6 months ago

Those who are saying it won't be balanced... If it is a separate league, couldn't it just be only level, let's say, 6 for example. Then everyone can choose the build but stay on the same level.

Stumpy19496 months ago

If you wanna be an esport check out CS. No one will play WR if they aren't on an even footing. CS is all about skill because everyone can buy the same weapons at the beginning of the game. Again it's about skill and tactics. The first time anyone sees a clan of mk12 bots and weapons mowing down a group of 7, 8, 9 lvl bots with 8, 9, 10 or even 11 weapons they'll never play again. I've played CS and Call of Duty and Battlefield and I do well. I do well in WR too with only a 4 bot hanger and no mk2 anything. But it's wearing thin and I'm getting frustrated. Maybe you should take this off free to play and sell it like a regular game, then you could change how it's played and maybe get esport status.

@#$&!?%6 months ago

This can never be an E-Sport, game play is't balanced. The matches would just be a bunch of dash bots with Shocktrains.

wangkung lumwau7 months ago

Rob Doucet, I like all your ideas, but i think they already know. What we need to ask for are skin customizations and weapons modulization to pass the time until we get there. Never mind buffers or nerfs. I cant stand it when people like Manni make such a big issue like that. You know Mannigaming right? He still tries to beet that old "horse to death." Who cares about the cost we pay if we already payed it. Let pixonic take some praise for what they do. I would unsub from his channel if you get all that. Anyways, i do like the idea of tournament
Play for like five solid matches and higher points that way. Instead of a month...ugh! Maybe custom matches might have 2 options like number and map, but not weapons or level. Too complex. We have the best algorithm in the business. Too many options would create too many bugs, and thats big money down the drain for them. Any ways, I'm available for ranting diatribes at thanks!

Tiago7 months ago


Tiago7 months ago

I wanna play a robots

Raiderrobb 7 months ago

Zex, I've been hammering Pixsonic on giving each bot a weight then limit how much you can put out in battle so hangers aren't overloaded with all lancelot /fury whatever..... But....
It's all about greed..... They want everyone to have to BUY in....which is ironic cuz they didn't have problem with making thousands of 5 Gepard hangers opposite overnite when they ended seal clubbing.... And turned every Play to win player into a seal instead... And all they do is throw band-aid after band aid..... Cuz they won't take equipment into account in Matchmaking because they want to sell sell sell and they won't buy buy buy..... Only way a tanker should be able to tank is by SELLING OFF HIS EQUIPMENT SO NATCH MAKING CAN'T USE IT TO DETERMINE STRENGTH OF PLAYER.THOUGH ALL BOTS... ALL EQUIPMENT OWNED
NOPE.. Just league points... AND WHAT THEY ARE PAYING WITH.....

Rob Doucet7 months ago

I love the idea of WR becoming an Esport. MM and unbalanced player load outs aside.

To get the ball rolling on something like this you can obviously take pages from other games.

Voting before combat as to what mechs will be used from preloaded set up similar to hangar X.
Having light, medium, and heavy categories would breath some life into some of those obsolete mechs collecting dust in our hangars. Especially if a vote system is in play, which would be a test of true skill to be able to use any mech and play it well.
Allowing tournaments for specific game modes in WR would also be a good move. There is strategy for each mode. This would allow for teams to play in mode they prefer, instead of being forced to play random mode they don't (hint hint for Devs).

If this truly does end up happening, I would be more then happy to put together a 6 man team for tournaments.

Pilot FM9CUY7 months ago

Zex, I'll pass that on to the devs don't worry.

But I do think it might be problematic. I mean, I got my first good max damage completely by fluke since everyone was running non shield bots and I had a Zeus Carnage in Yamantau. That max damage doesn't reflect my usual performance, so how will it be taken as a standard marker?

Zex7 months ago

Matches and leagues are so far from being balanced and /or representing the players qualities and skills...
All squad members never can play together on thousands of clans, in compare to only few that all have these sets and they can, cause they always win and have sets much much much more powerful then the rest.

Pixonic and +War Robots [WR] was just before the dash bots all about the Ballance and fair qualities in matches. This is totally other way wise and wrong! Most ppl don't enjoy most matches cause there's just no chance against crazy opponents.

IMO: Why not limit and direct chosen matches by sum of Max. damage mounted in ones hangar to avoid having these things and improving the game. Matches can be set by this precisely and effectively!!!
You can define by categories the matches, so heavy full on players will always and only match with same "weights" while lighter sets can be guaranteed the same for their hangar, and that's fair and balanced. Then the skills and matches will be true and reflect players quality perfect!

To make myself understood ; counted max damage mounted on and bots level too are the sum of ones hangar. If he has 4 hangars his highest hangar is his category.
This is reliable and by facts and not as leagues that don't give this data and mm that bring matches to be unfair and frustrating. For all sides!!
I'm an administrator of a 3 year old clan that mostly we can never play together any more from all these bad reasons mentioned, no more fun!(
Hope this positive critics will be appreciated and concerned by the developers. Kind regards

Zex7 months ago

That's great, thumbs up!! Especially with the encouraged fact that we make virtual wars and not real ones, and that's the whole idea, to play war instead of fighting in reality!

Orange Ninga1217 months ago

Competitive mode would need balanced weapons of the same level to make it fair though, but otherwise great idea

FireffIY27 months ago

To me all of the war roubles are very cool nice job on them

Joe Thompson7 months ago

100 preschool children were asked is it better to make $100 off of a hundred people or a dollar 99 off of 5 million 78% of them said it's better to make a dollar 99 off of 2 million people then it is 100 off of 100 people all this study proves is that preschool children are smarter than pixonic

Alexander Ivanov7 months ago

This game is pay to play. It can never become a true esport like League Of Legends or CS:GO, only that crappy pay to play game.

winner.winner7 months ago

In order to have this to happen, this game has to be stabilized for a long time, hence no new bots, weapons, and abilities for over 6+ months. This will create a fair playground for all players (rich or poor, pro and casual) to build/level up their hanger and grow their skills. If a tournament is happening now, top players will no doubt be those of whom can afford Spectres, Dragoons, Dashes bots, and Multiple sets of Shocktrains. Please don't make it into a rich people's Esport. Thanks for reading.

Pyrotech4427 months ago

LOLumad?, $300 worth of keys can get you more than $600 worth of components plus other free stuff, so the black market isn't bad.

Ultima7 months ago

That would be awesome

Ian Williams7 months ago

I am a Mechwarrior (MWO) and I love the game but I hate your greed. That’s ok you still have to make a buck games aren’t really free as for Esport sounds cool ,only wish you could talk or text to teammates in game

Phenomenal7 months ago

Pix the game is awesome. Little things need to nerf down like dragoon and shocktrain.I think the dragoon weapons is little bit overpowered. The most important think try to install the reload button in the control it will be greatly help full for the weapons like tarans spiral, punisher etc
This things can make war robots a awesome game still then the game is awesome.

AnarchoDom7 months ago

Balance is so out of whack that it just can't become one. Plus, they are still going on with their power creep in the newer items. Players pool at the top is dwindling, etc.

Would have been great... 2 years ago.

Jeremy Moulton7 months ago

Would have to be an even playing field all bots and weapons available to all players all same level.

Niko7 months ago

If this is fought with hangar x, it might. However, balance this game first before going to esport.

LOLumad?7 months ago

Ur not so smart nor a pro gamer. Coming from cal-i and esea-i cevo-p CS 1.6, SOURCE, & CS:GO I have recently retired due to more important life matters.

Needless to say, I want to point out for you that WR is not a competitve game for tier levels to be placed on players based on skill. Everything u said is dumb the controls are awful I always have a frustrating time locking on some one. When I jump and not locked, my crosshair on a target switches from who i want to a farther awau bot not in range and waste my ammo. There is no custom player in game settings just the same outdated options since forever.

The only skill in this game is who has enough wallet talent. It is unmatched. Skill level pars universally meaning the skill level u think u got over a span of years playing, can come challenging you from a new player with ur same hangar with only 4 weeks playing while missing one arm. There is no special skill here so move on plz. I love this game but i hate those who make the decisions and have authority over the game. Aside from an obvious approach to its fans, the game urgently needs major small changes.

First of all remove deathmatch type matches from the beacon rush and domination updates. Second, your mystery boxes game is pure fraudulent stuff I never win a good price so i stopped. The free prize events are 99% useless and probaby cheats u out. There is still no hangar setting that u can delete multiple weapons u dont need or want at once. The matching system pi**es me off, so many downy players. The -22 is ridiculous especially that -22 can never be a +22 in any game. I dont think there rhould be -22 if there is no +22... And just about any other stuff in the game the list goes on. Im surprised pixonic hasnt start charging 1 or 4 gold before joining a match yet.

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