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Battle Rewards: digging into the numbers

by War Robots - 29.12.2017

Abridged version:

  • Battle Rewards are coming in one of the closest updates
  • To receive Battle Rewards you need to earn Honor Points
  • Honor points are earned for everything in the battle, especially for capturing beacons
  • If you try hard — you become closer to the rewards, whether you win or you don’t
  • The higher your league is, the better are the prizes
  • The content of Battle Rewards is changed every 1-2 months
  • Battle Rewards + Supply Drops = from 15% to 35% addition to your Silver + components on a regular basis

We've already told you about Supply drops and what’s inside of them. Once again, in a nutshell: they drop every 3 hours, you can store up to 4 Drops and rewards include Silver, keys and components. Now it’s time to talk about Battle Rewards and their numbers. When, how and, most importantly, how much?

Battle Rewards Example
A prototype of Battle Rewards screen

Battle Rewards, why do you need them?

Every match brings you closer to the next bunch of resources. The better you do on the battlefield, the faster you will get the next tier chest. Of course, the content depends on the league you’re in (more about the league-reward dependence below).

On the one hand, we want to reward pilots who are trying hard and playing fair. On the other, we want to constrain the ones who drop down in the league on purpose. Yes, tankers, we’re talking about you here. This is one of our steps towards dealing with this problem; more coming in 2018.

We also want good players to be rewarded no matter what. It’s important to win but your deeds on the battlefield are even more essential. So, whether you win or not, effective play always brings rewards. Moreover, the gap in the quality and quantity is quite small. How so?

Honor points

Your progression to the next Battle Reward depends on the number of Honor points at the end of a match. What are they? Basically, they’re points provided for your engagement in the match, both solo and team-based.

First of all, you get 2 points for participation — if you have ended the match, of course. Then there is 1 point for playing in a squad, 3 points for any place in top-3 capturing beacons and 1 point for being among top-3 damage dealers. And let’s not forget about 1 point for winning, of course.

Achievement - Honor Points dependency
Achievements that can bring you Honor points

Put simply, you can get 7 Honor points max if you lose and 8 Honor points max for winning. Yeah, that’s right, the difference between the best results is in one point. It’s profitable to win, not taking into consideration the joy of winning itself, but trying your best brings appropriate benefit.

League-Content Dependence

All right, we know what you’re thinking right now. How much Honor Points should I earn to acquire next tier chest? And what’s inside?

First things first. The maximum level of the chest available for you depends on the league you’re in. Let’s say we’re new to the game and play in the Private league. Then we’ll get a chest every 30 honor points (or 5-6 games, on average).

Now let us suppose that we’re a little bit more experienced and play in the Silver league. Then we’ll receive the first (Private) chest after 30 honor points earned, the second (Bronze) after 50 more (80 in general) and, finally, Silver after getting 170 more (250 all in all).

Honor points needed
Honor points needed for rewards (for every league)

Thus, you earn not just your league’s chest, but every other reward from the previous leagues. When you reach the final chest, the progress resets and you collect all the previous leagues’ chests again. And so on, and so on.

But what's inside?

Now we’re getting to the best part. In each chest you will find some silver and components. Which components? For the first month or two it will be Tempest and then we’re planning to change components every month or so.

As we’ve said already, the content of the chest depends on the league. For example, in the Private league you will get 15,500 silver and 35 Tempest components; for the Champion chest it’s 6,800,000 (yeah, almost 7 million!) silver and 13,600 Tempest components.

In other words, when you reach your first Champion chest, you will accumulate 14,742,000 silver and 30,565 Tempest components in general. Wait a minute, so if I got the Champion chest, then I have enough components for 3 Tempests? Exactly.

Components in Battle Rewards
Components in each chest (for every league)

Furthemore, each time you reach the final chest (Private for Private league, Bronze for Bronze league and so on) you receive an additional silver reward in addition to the chest content itself. Just because you’ve made it to the top and we think it’s awesome!

So for the Champions it’s 2,215,000 silver more (almost 17 million all in all). And in the Private league players will get the completion reward every time they receive the chest. Therefore it’s not 15,500 but more like 19,500 each time you reach your top.

Silver in Battle Rewards
Silver and limit reward in Battle Rewards (for every league)

Long story short

To sum up, there are several things we aim at with Battle Rewards system. First of all, we want to improve daily bonuses and make them meaningful for players of all levels. The same thing with Supply Drops. We want to reward you more for playing and even just for entering the game.

Secondly, it’s really important for us to evaluate your performance during the match. It shouldn’t be just the winning-losing factor and we definitely don’t want losing to feel as a punishment. Victory is great but doing your best is essential. So if you play as good as you can, you always will be rewarded.

League-content dependence, another thing. Playing in the higher leagues should be more attractive and dropping down on purpose — less tempting. After all, there is no sense in playing unfair when it doesn’t bring you anything. Besides our condemnation and a label “public enemy” on your forehead.

Last but not least — adding reliable ways of acquiring silver and components on a regular basis. With Supply Drops and Battle Rewards at hand, there will be from 15% to 35% addition to your Silver. Couple that with keys from Supply Drops and components which will change every 1-2 months… think you’re getting the picture.

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