Dear Jane

Author - War Robots

Dear Jane,

You’ve changed me. I didn’t realize how much until I left, but here, in these endless city ruins, I feel this more than ever.

Every time we are about to insert, I remember what you told me, “Don’t you dare die on me Rogers — or I will melt your beloved robot into a shovel and dig you out of hell”. I do not want to be held responsible for what you might do to hell… or to my Raven. So i guess I’d better survive!

Because of you, now I actually care about surviving. In a way, you broke me and I am glad that you did.

Tell little Danny that his old man misses him more than he will ever know. I still have his badge with me. It’s funny how such a tiny thing can stir up memories. Mind that when I return, he and I will have a rematch. And the kid will win this time, I'm telling you.

In a day or two we will deal with our mission here and be redeployed right away. A rumour goes that we are in for some top-secret stuff somewhere in the middle of a desert. Frank bets his Bulwark that that’s a container full of donuts. He has a sweet tooth and we don't get much sugar here, so I can see where it is coming from.

I have to go now. It’s time to take the bird for a flight. Don’t want any rust on my wings. Too much depends on them. And besides, Ragna brags that she can beat me in a race… I can’t let her remain so deluded, right?

Thinking of you Jane.

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