Dear Jane

Author - War Robots

Dear Jane,

You’ve changed me. I didn’t realize how much until I left, but here, in these endless city ruins, I feel this more than ever.

Every time we are about to insert, I remember what you told me, “Don’t you dare die on me Rogers — or I will melt your beloved robot into a shovel and dig you out of hell”. I do not want to be held responsible for what you might do to hell… or to my Raven. So i guess I’d better survive!

Because of you, now I actually care about surviving. In a way, you broke me and I am glad that you did.

Tell little Danny that his old man misses him more than he will ever know. I still have his badge with me. It’s funny how such a tiny thing can stir up memories. Mind that when I return, he and I will have a rematch. And the kid will win this time, I'm telling you.

In a day or two we will deal with our mission here and be redeployed right away. A rumour goes that we are in for some top-secret stuff somewhere in the middle of a desert. Frank bets his Bulwark that that’s a container full of donuts. He has a sweet tooth and we don't get much sugar here, so I can see where it is coming from.

I have to go now. It’s time to take the bird for a flight. Don’t want any rust on my wings. Too much depends on them. And besides, Ragna brags that she can beat me in a race… I can’t let her remain so deluded, right?

Thinking of you Jane.


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吃了 Xi Jping3 months ago

Dear Jane??? Oh, too many negative comment. Ha Ha Ha, this good game now, easy kill with magic wands! Ares, easy, killllll everything, no skill! Hmmm, too many spider bot (ha ha ha). Spiders have no penisssss, ha ha ha...all girl playing game now. Spider everywhere. Maybe nice boy with 2 inch punisher ha ha ha. really, girl bot - no ball in hand bag ha ha ha.

ok, Ares (airhead) bot no skill, ok, but easy. no like hard game, stop negative comment. it easy now. just kill everyone with magic wand now. Oh, flying rice burner - noone can win when flying flame thrower (Ao Jun) arrive ha ha ha more easy (no skill) kill :-)

Old bot with big ball in bag finish now. get new easy kill bot, you be happy, laughing. No 'rebalance' by Pix-my-nose, just killer bots.

tank you Pix for easy job, no years of play for skill, just fly and kill, nobody touch, easy, predicable game now.

Raptor AV3 months ago

Platform: Android

SavageSanta3 months ago

Beefster, could this be from the release of the dragon bots? the rust getting on the wings would result in adaption and the adaptions would be transformations which the future bots are have the ability to do. The sugar could be the added sweetness of victory in which these future robots will cause.

PaleRider17PaleRider3 months ago

Hmmm.... I see a change in the formats. I think the Great Iron War is ending! 🧐😠

BMD4 months ago

Platform: Android
Prize: Blitz

Fujinpro4 months ago

Platform: IOS

Projectpit4 months ago

K is it Kickstarter badge?
War Robots VR start soon maybe?

Martin Nicholson4 months ago

Ananasik, More like "King of the Hell". They mentioned hell in the letter several times. This mode was such a BS I doubt it can be resurrected in a more playable format.

_Morcell_4 months ago

_Mocell_ N9C92J ios

ujju wr4 months ago

Code: r0g3rv
Smart riddle :D
I'd be glad if I get Ares😘
Id: 9K0UN5

Ananasik4 months ago

I think that we have a new mode,, King of the hill"?

(1$35)4 months ago


Ananasik4 months ago

Who is Jane? Is it new secret???

T*344 months ago


T*344 months ago


T*344 months ago


Sebbchen4 months ago

I hope this is the link we were supposed to find in the fb beacon riddle xD And what does this mean now? Just in case, heres my ID: 5VJVJA/Android

Anto Dubreta4 months ago

Nice pixo i like it
Price:your choice

Joel Chan4 months ago

In Morse code = R0G3RV. 51R6ZA, Android. Is some new form of KoTH returning? An Ares robot, please

Asilzhan4 months ago

Android C2A7QE

GOD4 months ago

The Morse Code Password Is : r0g3rv
My ID: IU8TJT Gameroom Prize: Ao Jun

Beefster4 months ago

The Morse Code Password Is : r0g3rv
WB8A2U Android Prize: Ares

The Letter Starts Off In Dead City, Remembering A 1v1 With Little Danny From A Badge. Then The Letter Says That They're Going Into A Secret Mission Happening In Dreadnought In A Day Or Two. Frank Bets That There's Going To Be A Container Full Of Donuts, Because He Has A Sweet Tooth And Where They're At, There's Rarely Any Sugar Around. At The End Of The Letter "K" Says That He Needs To Go Take His Bird For A Fly, Because He Doesn't Want The Wings To Get Rusty For That Race Fight With Ragna.

Also I Think KoTH is Coming Back With Only 1 Beacon Instead Of 5, Which Will Make That Gamemode A True KoTH Battle.

Professor4 months ago

Morse code

Jie Li4 months ago

Morse code R0G3RV R0G3RV. Id: 9P8IYL, IOS

YAHE19 4 months ago


YAHE19 4 months ago


Jerry Lin4 months ago

Morse code message? Q6E43D iOS...

Az Raptor4 months ago

U8IGN5 Android - I belive we are getting a new game style a modified King Of The Hill is my guess. I want a Calamity my peeps!

DoughyBuns4 months ago

r0g3rv J01IRI iOS - Super cool with morse code. I'd love an Ao Jun!!

dave4 months ago


dave4 months ago


Brs374 months ago

Password: r0g3rv Prize: Ao Jun
RNO03P ios

Brs374 months ago

r0gerv RNO03P ios

REAPER WR4 months ago

R0G3RV is the code word. AO JUN is the prize.
2XUCZY ANDROID Maybe KoTH is coming back??

REAPER WR4 months ago

Code word to get here was R0G3RV.
2XUCZY ANDROID. AO JUN orrrrr ARES plzz :)

Mister Kono4 months ago

BRSY2P Steam
Pls give me Ao Jun

No One4 months ago


Alberto Ialongo4 months ago

An ares would be a great gift pixonic guys... D6SO4P iOS

Bear4 months ago

8THO3E Android
Ao Jun please
Thank you pixonic!
Oh, the code word to get here was R0G3RV

Endomame4 months ago

Give me a new robot!!
NK7D51 Steam

Vyper44 months ago


Vyper4 was here, thanks.

Bathman784 months ago


Josiris4 months ago

Looks like there is a side story after all. Looking forward for more.


CGUBSHa 4 months ago

Code word is R0G3RV prize is AO JUN

☆BushDr☆4 months ago

King of the Hill may return
FXGDCA Android

Talha Javed4 months ago

I think we're finally gonna get a plot of WR and The Great Iron War

Jim Delfin4 months ago

Anyone knows the secret stuff behind this?

Noctaire4 months ago


Nice Morse code....

debesh200004 months ago

Why so secretive about it .

Redsteal4 months ago

King of the Hill return ? New beacon graphic?
What ever it is QZND8U Android , thanks Pixonic

phantom4 months ago

Is this secret stuff maybe return of KOTH? 🤔 EHVM0U android

Jarid Willman4 months ago

29OYSY Android
Something to do with Canyon map?

DESTROYER4 months ago

thank you 😊

DESTROYER4 months ago

thank you 😊

Adam Carmack4 months ago

id BXU2JY clan 36664 android
Sounds like a rumble in the desert. A new map perhaps? Gotta tell the guys!

Takezo4 months ago

iOS YS498X

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