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War Robots 2.9 Update Notes. Prepare your Tulumbas

by War Robots - 25.05.2017

War Robots 2.9 update focuses mostly on balance tweaks. Call it calm before the storm if you want. We’re preparing many great things for the upcoming summer and will tell you more about these in a few hours. Literally. 

Here are previous update notes.



Tulumbas: reloads while you shoot, just like Orkan

New look: model and animations were remade  

Reload time: 18 seconds for 8 rockets → 1 rocket per 2.25 seconds

Damage per shot (at level 12):  2561 → 2750 (+7.3%)

Pin: same

New look: model and animations were remade

Reload time: 12 seconds for 4 rockets → 1 rocket per 2.25 seconds

Damage per shot (at level 12):  2561 → 2900 (+13%)

Pinata: same. Plus one bonus rocket in clip

New look: model and animations were remade  

Clip size: 16 rockets → 17 rockets

Reload time: 12 seconds for 16 rockets → 1 rocket per 0.9 seconds

Damage per shot (at level 12):  1427 → 1320 (-7.5%)

Damage per second (at level 12): 1360 → 1465 (+8%)

Developer commentary: Part rework, part numbers clean up. The key issue with Pin, Pinata and Tulumbas was that after firing the salvo you had pretty much nothing to do for up to 18 seconds in Tulumbas’ case. You could unload your rockets in a moment and then have no firepower at all for a long time.

Wild Bunch robots could partly negate that, but just partly. And if you haven’t managed to connect every rocket with a target, being pretty much powerless was too much of a punishment. All risk — no reward. We’re taking some of this risk away by giving you more control over your rockets.


Orkan: bringing the pain since November 2014

Damage per shot (at level 12): 1427 → 1640 (+15%)

Developer commentary: Prior to aforementioned Pin, Pinata and Tulumbas changes Orkan was the only weapon capable of reloading on the go. To offset the fact that Orkan is not that special anymore and reinforce its role of king of close distance brawling we gave it more damage. As simple as that.


Punisher: slightly scarier now

Damage per shot (at level 12): 370 → 410 (+10%)

Punisher Mk. 2: ditto

Damage per shot (at level 12):  550 → 610 (+10%)

Developer commentary: While adding the wind-up mechanic to autocannons got them in a better spot than before, there’s still a lot we could tune up. As we promised, we’re making lesser steps here to ensure that we won’t go overboard with buffing.

In this patch we’re treating Punishers with a slight damage buff. Molot currently has some use at longer distances, while it’s close-range cousin struggles due to many weapons overperforming it at its up to 500 meter range.


Gekko: evolution is truly majestic

New look: model and animations were remade  

Damage per second (at level 12): 630 → 753 (+20%)

Developer commentary: Compared to other “camper” weapons Gekko is a relatively healthy one due to its non-bursty nature. Once Gekko focuses on you, you always have some time to react, either by quickly taking a cover or simply turning around, like: “Alright, definitely not going this way”.

On the flipside, this exact trait turns out to be the Gekko’s greatest weakness. It’s a weapon best suited for suppression, but what’s the point of it your opponent can simply ignore you? You bite like a thousand small lizards… which are taking turns one after another. It’ll probably be a while until these do any significant harm. Now Gekko turns into a slightly larger reptile.


Feature: Dream Squad

Note that this feature will be fully enabled once update arrives to iOS, a week or so after Android release.

It works really simple: you can invite people to War Robots and receive some currency to spend on certain things (currently these “certain things” are Wild Bunch robots). Pilots invited by you also receive a random robot — because why not?

We will publish a detailed guide to Dream squad once it goes live.


New Paintjobs

Reaper Lancelot, Military Lancelot, Blaze Natasha, Predator Carnage


Bug fixes and tweaks

– Fixed collision issues for Doc and Butch

– Fixed numerous collision bugs on certain maps including Dead City, Springfield and Yamantau

– Removed street signs blocking the view on Dead City

– Fixed a rare bug causing weapons to occasionally deal double damage

– Fixed a bug causing Aphid and Spiral rockets to collide with themselves

– Fixed a bug causing Fury to lose all weapons when critically damaged (at least one piece of equipment should always remain)

– Client size significantly reduced

– Several performance tweaks

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