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endyu2 года назад

"because in the end, you might not agree with us. If this is the case, we need to hear from you!"

Really? When have you ever listened to us?

I think this last update is the last straw for me. Bye.

endyu2 года назад

I don't see the point in playing the game anymore. Everything I worked hard to build up is now trash. You changed the meta to get us to upgrade other stuff because people were only upgrading medium weapons for Spectres. We're supposed to invest time/money into Bulwarks, Falcons, and heavy weapons now? So you can nerf them when we finally get them to MK2?

No thanks, I will probably quit.

endyu2 года назад

Because Pixonic is doing this out of greed, not to balance the game. If you think this will bring balance, then you don't understand the game. Of course the game will seem balanced on the Test server, people are trying out every bot/weapon and the changes made to them. What people like you don't realize is that they are actually forcing us into a different meta that legacy bots have even less of a shot competing in.

Currently, a Spectre can be taken out by a Griffin if its stealth is down or if its caught off guard. A Griffin will have no chance against a new Falcon or Bulwark... it might do a little damage. How about an MK2 Dragoon Fury wiping out Griffins in a single salvo at 600m? Does that sound fun to you?

Pixonic had a great idea with the damage resistance/penetration. Got good feedback, then they decide to give us this shit. This is out of pure greed.

endyu2 года назад

So, you guys replaced the 600Au prize with boosters worth less than 600Au.

Also, you're telling us that Boosters are here to stay with this move. On Reddit, Tofsla was saying that you guys knew about the "Boosters" issue and that it would be addressed. This is your answer? To take away prizes that we actually need to COPE with this new economy (Au to speed up upgrades) and force boosters down our throats?

You tell us that Components are going to be three times easier to obtain with the new economy, yet they might actually be harder to obtain now. We rarely get tokens from black market chests anymore, and you're taking more tokens out of the prize pool.

Basically, you guys assume we are generally idiots and won't be able to tell the difference.

Do you guys even care about the game anymore? Do you notice that in all the comments for every media platform you're on are playing clearly unhappy with the direction you're taking the game or players saying nice things and then BEGGING for free stuff.

My clan is leaving the game at an unprecedented rate and even though I love the game, I'm finding it very hard to find reason to stay.

endyu3 года назад

Shiva: such a fitting name, I'm wondering why you guys didn't name it Shiva in the first place.

Shiva is known as the "destroyer of evil", and with four medium, the bot will destroy anything very well... too well, but that's another discussion.

Shiva is depicted with four arms and is often blue... pretty much like the Exorcist is now.

Shiva is also depicted with a "third eye", the Exorcist has a "third eye" when it uses its ability, descend.

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