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Tiago Peczenyj

Tiago Peczenyj11 months ago

Hello. After play several months with previous versions of War Robots, with the old workshop, I realize today the game is much more difficult for newbies than before. Sometimes I restart my game and play "from scratch" and it is nice. But today is harder have access to good weapons without pay a lot. One experienced user can do a lot with Punisher/T but in some moment you became stuck, since all other players may have energy, lock-down, corrosive or suppression. At least in the past there was a small chance to get an Orkan or Taran but right now is REALLY difficult. Each time I will open a chest of 100 keys I got... silver. So.... how about think in help users to buy certain weapons? Like the first Orkan for half of the price? This will be a little help. Thanks

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Tiago Peczenyjlast year


I recently start to play in a new account, from scratch, and I note it is pretty difficult for newbies to get better equipment without pay some amount of money.
To be possible help newbies, I would like to suggest few small changes in War Robots, lets see if someone agree:
1. Should be possible buy some weapons ( Orkan, Taran, Magnum, ... maybe Scourge ) for a big amount of Silver ( + 10M ) for the FIRST TIME. From the second the player should pay gold and if he sold, it is lost. Depends of the Hangar, One extra weapon can add more fun. Perhaps It may works for Medium/Light Weapons and maybe one Heavy.
2. I think there is space for a better tutorial for all kinds of game modes. I note there is some newbies who have really no idea what is going on, they just jump and attack without think in the beacons, etc. Me included.
3. Upgrade time less or equal to 5 minutes should be skipped for free ( instead 1 or 2 gold- but the player should press some button for this ), I used to play a game ( Titan Forge ) who offer this feature and was nice.
4. Will be nice see Silver Bots with special abilities ( or cheap gold like the new Bolt ).
5. Will be interesting be able to "rent" a (good) weapon/robot for 24 hours. Maybe this is the intent of Skirmish...

I think this can made the game more "addictive" and nice to people who start to play.


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Tiago Peczenyjlast year

Can we expect the return of Boa, Golem and Schutze (this one deserve multiple module slots) ?

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Tiago Peczenyj2 years ago

Dude, jump from 20 hours to 5 days to build few components is really bad game experience. Are you sure you can't increase this by 50% each week, until reach this really insane build time?

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