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Sylvain Audet

Sylvain Audet7 months ago

HONOR SYSTEM. No4 does not work. Capturing beacon doesn't give shit unless you are No.1 in grabbing beacons. So if you grab 5 and someone else grabs 6, you get 0 points AND plays no part in your battle ranking.... basically still sucks

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Sylvain Audet10 months ago

Is it just me or physical Shield no longer protect the robots from damage like before ? Tried Rhino and Raijin and received full damage from all weapons including energy weapons , not just area damage that on purpose ?

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Sylvain Audetlast year

please bring back the long range ballitic kang dae, or create another one but all we see now is energy weapon. where is the good feel of a loud ballistic bang from afar ?

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