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POWMIA3 months ago

We wouldn't need modules if you didn't let loose pantheon robots that completely demoralize my strongest meta hanger. Can't shoot at them, their abilities kick in poof every1 dies. Took everything I built over the last few months and turned it to garbage. Now I'm broke w no ambition to start over again. I'm already fighting Mk2 "champion" pilots w mk1 gear lvl 11 bots skill is the only reason I made it this far...What can I do against a mk2 Aries but die with a stupid look on my face...if I bought 1, you'll nerf the bastard forcing me to start the "torture" all over again w "new economy rules" on a system that doesn't compensate...workshop, keys, silver pay out, gold or lack thereof, I'm sol with problems. The costs of loyalty. I spent 198M on a build that I can sell back for 19M...Amazing, thanks for playing

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POWMIA7 months ago

I feel "Immobilization" shouldn't be Introduced to destroys the very fabric of the game and will completely dismantle the fun of out-playing not out-staying your opponent's...I'm terrified of losing interest to play WR...My opinion

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POWMIA9 months ago

I've been patiently waiting for Falcon...This Bulwark is ok but it needs to be faster and shield power greatly increased...this thing won't stand a chance against Dash...It's going to be like Duck hunt, pistol to/on screen!!!

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POWMIA10 months ago

I'm excited for more depth in battle The more I read up and understand the crazyer the possible scenarios imagine with mods...I just worry bout cost!"We need a lil break"

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POWMIAlast year

Super excited about 2018 GUYS I just love everything I've read thus far...going to be just what the Dr. Ordered I hate to even say it but it's starting get a little redundant ... I can't wait!!!

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