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WR 2018: Robots and equipment

by War Robots - 26.12.2017

Abridged version

  • We want to experiment more with alternative playstyles, allowing to contribute to the fight by, say, supporting your allies
  • There will be more new robots, weapons, and maps than we released in any year before!
  • You will also be able to try new equipment before committing
  • We put extra effort into deepening customization systems. After all, build experimentation is what made War Robots different in the first place
  • Modules — a new type of equipment you can put into a new slot. These pieces will give you passive or active abilities
  • More paint jobs? More paint jobs! We didn’t forget about them and looking how to make them more interesting

We spoke about acquiring new equipment in the previous article. Now let’s touch on what this new equipment might actually be if all goes according to plan.

Note that we don’t announce anything in particular here. Many of these concepts are in a deep work-in-progress state, but we’re ready to outline the general direction we’ll be moving towards in 2018.

Let’s begin.

Goal #1. More variety in playstyles

Support robots. Crowd control robots. Melee robots. Robots that can take control over the bodies of dead robots... okay, the last one is probably a tad too far, but this might be a good indication that in 2018 we don't want to hold ourselves back with experimentation. The test server is going to be a very hot place next year, so be sure to land there if you want to be the first to taste the mayhem.

Of course with new playstyles emerging we want to introduce rewards for alternative ways of combat contribution — protecting your teammates, for example.

Flux concept art


Goal #2. More robots. More equipment. More everything!

2018 product plan has more new equipment than we ever made in any other year. We want to keep making new robots and guns while also making them more obtainable and balanced. Free robots and guns. Every month. Just for playing.

You will also be able to try new equipment before buying to be sure if it fits your playstyle or not. First, there will be pre-built “test drive” hangars available in custom games. Later on, we plan to add a designated “Try” button letting you see how robot you chose performs in action.

We also want to bring older robots up to today's standard — all to make the list of available options wider and deeper.

Strider concept art


Goal #3. More attention to customization

One of the upcoming features — Modules — will help you breathe the new life into your rusty old Golems and Boas.

What Modules are? In short, each robot receives one more slot in which you can put a new type of equipment. One module teaches your robot how to jump. Another gives it a resistance to certain types of damage. There will be more details on Modules early next year!

Overall, with features like Modules, our goal is to reignite War Robots "constructor-ness". With proper care, your favourite robot can become anything. We’re still discussing how far we want to go with that though. Should we allow for more than one active ability per robot, for example? And if yes, how do we make it manageable both for you and your enemies?

Scorpio concept art

In 2018 we also want to re-approach visual customization. Robot skins — paint jobs — were only including recolours so far. We want to do more than that. All to make your robots distinctively yours.

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