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Favorite Medium Robot: Hellburner Favorite Heavy Weapon: Ember Favorite Light Weapon: Halo Favorite Medium Weapon: Scourge Favorite Heavy Robot: Lancelot Favorite Light Robot:Schutze BRING BACK THE SCHUTZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#TheReaperElliotlast year

I do agree. the ares is waaaay too OP and even one can take out 3 of my lvl. 9 leo's. what they should do is have the shield be able to go down like a bulwark and then it regens super fast. they should also nerf the cooldown time from whatever it is like, 15 seconds and have it be like 25 seconds. I'm always killing an ares and it just uses it's ability every i swear ten seconds. it's very annoying. if that doesn't work, they could just have the ares have some type of lancelot shield and have it absorb damage that way so it can be attacked from the sides and behind. they should also buff the gareth and the stalker. i have them both at lvl. 9 and gareth has 69k Hp but like 123k health for it's shield like, are you kidding me? For the stalker, it has 75k health and if you don't have like mk2 gusts or halos, or magnums or whatever else, you're screwed when your stealth ability is depleted. Finally after this update, or another one, they will have the raven for silver like, it is just a griffin with 2 jumps and that's it. nothing special and no dramatic health differences. If you ask me, they should have the griffin for components because look at the advantages in health and it takes way less time to upgrade, i mean look at the difference in these links;
thanks for reading this (if you did) and if you work at pixonic, please at least consider some of my nonstop rants. If you wanna check out my youtube channel it's called #TheReaperElliot (that's also my name in war robots).

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#TheReaperElliot2 years ago

Developers said that Shocktrains were a big advantage in battle since they could hit stealth enemy's. I spent real money in the game to get a Shocktrain and now this is a big disappointment.
Haechi's are way too strong and now you guys are making them even stronger. Haechi's already have three medium slots, a dash drive and an energy shield. Did you ever think about making the Haechi like the Bulwark? The Haechi could build up its depleted shield by turning it off?
The new update for Kang Dae's I kinda like because first, it does the same damage (love that!), I also really like the faster reload. I've been screwed due to enemy's getting too close for comfort and my Kang Dae taking forever to reload while my energy shield was just being hammered. Now I can finally be able to get a little more damage in and maybe I won't be discouraged to upgrade my Kang Dae. But on the other hand, really strong players and clans will be super strong with their already lvl. 12 mk2 Kang Dae's on their Fury's.
What I also dislike is that Hellburners already are really powerful and hard to get away from. Now that you spread their range, they will be really hard to get away from and people will become frustrated with Hellburner and will probably stock up your comment section of how to tweak the Hellburners overload damage, damage to Hellburner and finally, range of overload, just saying.
I also like that you guys made the Gust's shots are more compact because even from 100 meters away, not all my pellets or whatever their called don't hit the target.
I agree with The Madman because I know I'm a lvl. 30, but there is no way I can compete against that Japs clan or whatever. I usually end up having around two or maybe even three kills. I want to play squad with my clan but we're always paired up with Japs and etc.
Well, that's all I have to say, If you guys have to reply to me please do. Thank for your time.

Sincerely, TheReaperElliot

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