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Rally your clanmates! Update 10.1 begins the massive overhaul of the Clans system. All Clans now support cross-platform membership, the clan interface has received an update, and everyone can now reap economic benefits from their Clan Starbase. In this article we explain everything new about the system. We’ll keep updating this page as more features come out.


The Starbase is the new home screen of your Clan. The base reflects your Clan’s level of development and prestige. It consists of Sections, each providing its own benefits to all active members:

  • The Citadel unlocks upgrades for other Sections and increases Clan capacity.
  • The Officer Academy increases the number of Officers the Clan can have.
  • The Comms Center provides additional Daily Clan Tasks.
  • The Logistics Center boosts the production speed of Workshops.
  • The Pilot Training Center allows Pilots to gain increased combat experience.
  • The Ship Control Center speeds up the accumulation of Orbital Strikes in combat.

There are also facilities that produce Power Cells, Keys, Memorium, Microchips and Upgrade Tokens. They are built and upgraded like any other Section. Once activated, they generate resources daily and accumulate them up to a cap. Remember to collect your share regularly! You can do so by pressing the big green button at the bottom of your Clan’s home screen.

⚠️ Please note that some resources provided by the Clan are level-restricted and can only be acquired by a Clan member who has reached the appropriate level (level 23 for Memorium, level 27 for Microchips and level 30 for Upgrade Tokens).

ℹ New Clan members only start receiving Clan bonuses 24 hours after they join.

ℹ The Capacity value is a personal limit for each Clan Member. There is no clan-wide cap on stored resources.


Apart from the Clan Leader, only Senior Officers are trusted with operating the Starbase. They can build and upgrade Sections using Thorium which is donated to the Treasury by the willing members of the Clan.

ℹ You can earn Thorium by completing Daily Clan Tasks.

A Section has to be activated to begin generating resources or providing bonuses. The Leader and Senior Officers can toggle them on and off depending on the Clan members’ current needs. Each Section has a Maintenance cost that gets deducted from the Treasury the moment it goes online and then again every 24 hours until it’s turned off. If the Treasury lacks funds to pay the maintenance costs, the Sections will switch off automatically. Note that maintenance cost is scaled with the number of Members in the Clan.

ℹ Resources are added to the storage once a day every 24 hours while the Section is Active. If the Section is switched off, the accumulated resources are retained.

ℹ If all Clan Members are offline for more than two days all the Sections stop using Thorium and providing resources until any Member appears online and visits the Starbase.


The overhaul includes a bunch of changes that will make Clan management easier. Here is the list of most important additions:

  • Clans have become fully cross-platform, meaning combined member rosters of players from Android, iOS, PC and Amazon.
  • We have added one new rank. Senior Officers serve as the Leader’s deputies. They can invite new Clan Members, change Ranks or expel Rookies, Veterans and Officers, manage the Starbase, update recruitment settings and enter their Clan into Clan Competitions.
  • ⚠️ If the Clan Leader is absent for more than 60 days, they are now automatically replaced by the most active Senior Officer.
  • The Member List now shows when each Member was last seen online as well as the number of days they spent being a part of your clan.

There are also a bunch of UI improvements and tweaks, like the increased number of Clans in Clan Search, an option to select a Clan Style to attract recruits who share the same goals, a new field to post your Recruitment Pitch, and an increased number of characters in clan tags (5). Check the tooltips in the Clan UI for more information!


This overhaul will allow us to add more Clan features in future updates. Next on our list are Shipyards where you will be able to get Mothership components. Stay tuned!

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