Patch Notes



The event will start soon after 9.3 lands on your platform. The event task chain will be available in the Operations interface.

Help SpaceTech operatives defend a crucial research facility and launch the production of a groundbreaking new Titan!

Reap the fruits of technological progress by unlocking event chests and completing operations throughout the event:

  • New Titan: Newton
  • New Titan weapons: Tonans (Alpha), Fulgur (Beta)
  • New weapon: Hurricane (Medium)
  • New mothership: Keel
  • New ultimate robot: Invader
  • New ultimate weapon: Corona
  • New Titan pilot: Jude Pryce (Newton)
  • New pilots: Ibreez Baqir (Invader / Ultimate Invader), Elizabeth Green (Ophion)
  • New special editions: Retro Crisis, Retro Reaper

Tap the "i" icon next to the event chest to see its reward pool. Make sure to follow our social media during the update for more info on rewards and giveaways!

WR on Discord: https://discord.gg/warrobots
WR on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/walkingwarrobots
WR on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/warrobots


Stand out from the crowd! Starting with 9.3, you can add an honorary title to your profile. The title will be visible to other players in battle, in the profile view, as well as in squad and league interface. Titles are awarded for major accomplishments and some of them have seasonal gilded versions that you can acquire by achieving additional goals. You can check the list of available titles by pressing the button next to your nickname in the main hangar view.

The first pack of titles goes online at the start of the 9.3 event. In future updates, we will be adding more titles for both combat and collection achievements.


Starting with 9.3, upgrades for both robot and Titan pilots will require Memorium instead of Gold. This includes promoting pilots to a higher rank, increasing the tier of a skill and selecting new skills. The new currency will be available in Offers and Task Rewards.

New Memorium prices will go online shortly before the start of the 9.3 event.


Newton is a sniper Titan with 2 Alpha and 2 Beta weapon slots. Its primary ability allows the Titan to make the target hover in the air for a few moments, pulling it out of cover. With its secondary ability the Titan fires a devastating shot from an in-built railgun. Newton always deals increased damage to other Titans.

Newton works best with long-range single-shot weapons. It lacks mobility and doesn’t feature any additional defense or self-repair systems. It should avoid close-range combat whenever possible. However, when cornered, this Titan is still able to win the fight thanks to its overwhelming firepower.


Tonans (Alpha) and Fulgur (Beta) are sniper weapons that fire a powerful electric discharge with a range of up to 800 meters. A relatively short reload cycle allows Tonans and Fulgur to compete with sustained fire weapons in certain scenarios. Both Tonans and Fulgur deal increased damage to Titans.


A missile system that fires one homing missile per shot. Missile trajectories change depending on the distance to the target and are effective even against fast and maneuverable opponents. Damage increases as distance decreases (up to a 45% damage increase).


The classic brawler build returns with premium new looks, 3 medium weapon slots and increased durability. Ultimate Corona deals more damage than the original, accumulates the Lock-down effect on the target faster and features a shorter reload cycle.


Ibreez Baqir: The Incursion ability of Invader and Ultimate Invader deals increased damage.

Passionate about all things exclusive and antique, Ibreez knows exactly which lot is worth the bidding. When he first saw the new Invader, he knew he hit the jackpot. But it soon turned out that many other pilots are anxious to get hold of this new edition of the classic brawler. Now, Ibreez needs to prove his right to be at the helm of his most valuable asset.

Elizabeth Green: While flying, Ophion ignores Stealth.

A chain of unlucky events barred the talented and enthusiastic Elizabeth from joining the academy. Ironically, the same events allowed her to acquire a classified anti-stealth solution for her future robot. She has the robot now and she is more than ready to take on a mercenary job.


As a Titan pilot, Jude Pryce has three unique abilities that work with Newton:

Malware: Upon hitting the Titan, the enemy target becomes affected by Suppression. The Malware ability goes on cooldown as soon as the Suppression effect is applied.
White Hat: The Titan’s in-built weapon deals more damage.
Rootkit: The effects from the Titan’s primary ability last longer.

An interest in computer technology helped Jude easily finish school and college. But it was her decision to engage in white-hat hacking that introduced her to the corporate world. She is assigned with a task of breaching security protocols of the latest experimental Titan and everyone is curious what new functionality she will uncover.


Keel is a mothership with great offensive capabilities. It delivers three consecutive attacks that deal AoE damage to the target. The targeting of the follow-up attacks adjusts as the target moves. However, it is still possible to dodge Keel’s bombardment using certain abilities.


We’re changing the stats of certain motherships and turrets to tidy up and refresh the mothership meta:

Orion: Damage bonus against Titans reduced (3.2x → 2.74x).
Northlight: Aegis lifetime reduced (until the end of the match → 20 sec); Aegis durability reduced (150,000 → 125,700).
Frozen Scorn: Slowdown duration increased (8 → 9 sec); DoT duration increased (6 → 7 sec).
Paladin: Aegis durability reduced (375,000 → 305,000); follow-up repair reduced (175,000 → 125,000).
Aegis Blast Station: Aegis lifetime reduced (until the end of the match → 20 sec); Aegis accumulation limit lowered (42,000 → 36,000).
Aegis Self System: Aegis lifetime reduced (until the end of the match → 20 sec).
Laser Blast Cannon: Damage reduced (22,605 → 17,000).

Additionally, all mothership turrets become consumable upgrades. Each turret can now only be attached to a mothership once. Replacing an already equipped turret will destroy it.


Ophion: Movement speed while on the ground increased (+3 km/h); movement speed bonus while flying (x2 → x2.3).


With Pilot upgrades switched to the new Memorium currency, we are also rebalancing the economy of Gold. In one of the upcoming updates, the free Gold income will be substantially buffed. At the same time, we are limiting the number of features available for Gold, so that it mainly serves as the currency for speeding-up upgrades. This is the full list of economy changes of 9.3:

  • Pilot upgrades now require Memorium instead of Gold. However, you can still boost Pilot experience with Gold.
  • Promoting Pilots to the Colonel rank now costs 1 Upgrade Token.
  • Powercells can no longer be purchased with Gold.
  • Prices for activating modules directly with Gold increased.


  • Fixed the "unable to load hangar" issue on PC
  • Fixed the Titan pilot icon overlapping the Titan equipment list in the Player Profile view
  • Fixed player nicknames not displaying in the clan member list
  • Fixed Freedom Skyros not responding to movement controls
  • Fixed Indra's Electrical Lasso remaining on the target even after Indra is destroyed
  • Fixed incorrect icons displaying in the weapon upgrade window
  • Fixed duplicates displaying on the Leaderboard screen
  • Fixed Freedom Skyros mk.1 lvl.12 upgrade displaying incorrect upgrade time
  • Fixed the "Back" button not responding in the Player Profile view
  • Fixed graphical artefacts appearing on Cestus after reload
  • Fixed Titans not displaying in Hangar when restarting the game
  • Fixed Diffuser modules applying permanent Suppression effect on the player's Titan
  • Fixed FPS dropping steeply in PvE reward menu
  • Fixed Persephone repair animation not cancelling when there is no friendly target in range
  • Fixed squad invite settings not saving when restarting the game

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