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War Robots 8.8.8 Update Notes: SCAVENGERS DIVIDED

by War Robots - 22.02.2023


The event will start soon after 8.8.8 lands on your platform. The event task chain will be available in the Operations interface.

Event prizes:

  • New Titan: Sirius
  • New weapons: Veyron (Alpha), Evora (Beta)
  • New module: Titan Repair Amplifier
  • New mothership: Paladin.
    New turret: Lifesaver
  • New drone: Daltokki
  • New pilots: Warren Ozu (Ares), Rolf Garcia (Nether), Harold Dan (Taeja, Yeoje, Hwangje)
  • Special Editions: Ardent Hwangje, Ardent Taeja, Ardent Yeoje, Ardent Imugi, Ardent Spear
  • Back in Event Chests: Nether, Angler

Tap the "i" icon next to the event chest to see its reward pool. Make sure to follow our social media during the update for more info on the latest rewards and giveaways!

WR on Discord: https://discord.gg/warrobots
WR on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/walkingwarrobots/
WR on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/warrobots


Fight solo against AI spider hordes and get rewarded for smart play. Each battle gets progressively harder with new challenges. You can try each challenge as many times as you want until you complete each challenge and collect all rewards. New stages with new rewards will be introduced regularly.


A massive update aimed at improving balance and gameplay clarity. Check out the details in a separate article.


Recommended Equipment: 3x Evora

A multifunctional Titan produced by SpaceTech. Sirius is equipped with a Restoration Generator that launches microbots which restore the Durability and grey damage of nearby allies. Besides, it's also equipped with two detachable turrets: one of them restores the Titan's Durability while worn on its back and can also restore the Durability of nearby allies when deployed on the battlefield. The second turret automatically deals acoustic damage to all enemies within the range of the turret, both on the back of the Titan and when deployed on the battlefield, where its damage is increased. When any turret is deployed, Sirius becomes lighter and increases its Movement Speed.

Remote Restoration When the ability is activated, the Restoration Generator of the Titan launches microbots that restore the Durability and grey damage of nearby allies. The Titan also deploys an autonomous repair station. The longer you push the ability button, the further the deployment distance will be. After landing, the station automatically restores the Durability of nearby allies. Once the repair station is deployed, Sirius increases its Movement Speed by 10 km/h.

Remote Assault The Titan deploys an autonomous weapon that fires acoustic projectiles. The longer you push the ability button, the further the deployment distance will be. After landing, the weapon will automatically fire at nearby enemies with a higher rate of fire. While the autonomous weapon is deployed, Sirius increases its Movement Speed by 10 km/h. While the turret is not deployed, it still fires at enemies at a lower fire rate.


Titan autocannons that fire sonic projectiles. After 3 seconds of continuous shooting, the rate of fire of the weapon increases 1.5 times. The mode is disabled when the weapon stops shooting for more than 1 second.


After activating the ship's ability, the robot gains a temporary Aegis shield for 10 seconds. If the shield is not destroyed during this time, then the robot will restore part of its grey damage thanks to the remaining energy in the shield. Regardless of this, at the end of the ship's ability, the robot will restore some of its Durability.

New turret: Lifesaver. When activated, this turret applies Stealth to your robot, and also gives immunity to Defence Mitigation.


  • Rolf Garcia (Nether). After each ability activation, Nether restores Durability for 3 seconds.
  • Harold Han (Taeja, Yeoje, Hwangje). Increases the time it takes for weapons to overheat by 3 seconds.
  • Warren Ozu (Ares). Reduces Ares’ ability cooldown by 30% and gives a 35% damage bonus to built-in weapons.
  • Monique Lenorman (Imugi). While Imugi is flying, its guns deal additional damage and mitigate enemy's defence.


  • Fixed an issue causing Kid to spawn with incorrect equipment
  • Fixed an issue that caused an error when attempting to add task progress by watching a video
  • Fixed an issue causing multi-kill announcements to repeat constantly in Hunting Grounds and Extermination modes
  • Security improvements

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