Patch Notes



The event will start soon after 8.4 lands on your platform. The event task chain will be available in the Operations interface.

Captain Clyde will join you aboard your ship and introduce you to the lifestyle and tactics of space rogues thriving on the Mars-Earth route.

Snatch your share of plunder by unlocking event chests and completing operations throughout the event:

  • New robot: Mars
  • New weapon: Fainter
  • New mothership: Frozen Scorn
  • New pilots: Captain Clyde, Kate O’Donnel
  • Special editions: Kraken Indra, Kraken Vajra, Kraken Maha-Vajra
  • Paintjob: Royal Luck (Mars)

Tap on the "i" icon next to the event chest to see its reward pool. And follow our social media during the update for more info on rewards and giveaways.

WR in Discord: https://discord.gg/warrobots
WR on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/walkingwarrobots
WR in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/warrobots


Mars is the first robot that comes fitted with a detachable turret. While seated on the robot’s hull, the turret serves as an additional gun, automatically firing at the enemies within aiming range. When deployed on the ground, the turret becomes autonomous. It will fire at the closest available target and will only focus on your target if you press the ability button again while keeping an enemy robot within your aiming reticle.

Mars doesn’t excel at close-range brawls, but can deal devastating damage with clever use of cover. Mid-range weapons are recommended for Mars.


This mid-range energy machine gun deals huge amounts of damage in one burst when fully charged and sustains moderate damage at low charge thanks to continuous reload. Fainter accumulates Lock-down effect on the target, rooting it in place after a certain number of hits.


Captain Clyde: Mars turret fires at an increased rate and deals increased damage.

As a leader of a boarding squad, Clyde survived many pitched battles on board corporation ships. Fortune is a fickle friend though. Clyde lost everything in one of those fights and ended up in DSC prison. He escaped just recently and is now looking for revenge. Beware the sails of Griffin’s Rage! She’s on the hunt.

Kate O’Donnel: Weapons deal increased damage against targets affected by Lock-down. Damage buff is restricted to lock-down weapons only.

The adopted daughter of Captain Clyde, Kate commands her own squad now. She makes sure that no valuable tech escapes the battlefield one way or another and makes corporate merchants regret cutting back on convoy expenses.


The ship drops a thermal bomb on the enemy position. All affected targets will move slower and keep receiving damage over time as long as they remain in the area of effect. Frozen Scorn comes equipped with 2 protection and 1 support turret slots.


These changes will go live later during 8.4. We will announce them separately in all our social media.

With this update we introduce league drop limits. After entering a new league, you won’t fall below a certain rating threshold, no matter how many battles you lose. Champion accounts, for example, will never end up anywhere below the Expert league. Masters will be locked above the Diamond league, and so on. See the table below for exact rating values.

Our main goal here is to prevent players from dropping their league rating on purpose and protect new arrivals from veterans looking for easy prey. We will continue addressing reports of purposeful inactivity in combat even after these changes take place.

We are also removing qualifications from the league system. When a new season begins, your account will be placed at exactly the same rating as at the end of the previous season. No need for the extra five trial matches. The mechanics of the Champion league, however, remain unchanged. All accounts in that league get their rating reset to 5,000 at the end of each season.


The Shenzhen map receives an overhaul. We’ve reworked building models, textures, and overall lighting to update it to Remastered standards. The geometry of the map has also received some tweaks to accommodate for the arrival of Titans, as Shenzhen was a part of the game before Titans were introduced.

At the same time, we’re saying goodbye to the night version of older Shenzhen. Revamping it would take just as much time and we’d rather focus on our next rework. More news on that to follow in future updates.


You can now view mini-profiles of players from other platforms by tapping on them in the battle score screen. The mini-profile will show nickname, ID, and league. The option to report the player will also be available on that screen.


  • Fixed certain status effect icons displaying incorrectly.
  • Fixed Eldritch Kramola projectiles colliding with robot hitbox and between themselves.
  • Fixed Indra walking animation and movement speed.
  • Fixed a number of crash cases occurring at match start.
  • Introduced various optimisation tweaks providing for increased performance.


  • Check out the new robot Mars
  • Go anchor with someone on Earth! Win some battles
  • Use Yan-di robots to destroy enemies
  • Deal damage to Yan-di robots
  • Escape plan: Use jumping or flying robots to deal damage
  • Escape plan: Use jumping or flying robots to capture beacons
  • Help Peregrin to prove himself: take first places in the battles
  • Help Peregrin to prove himself: get honor points for making the most damage
  • Sniper practice: deal damage on a distance more then 500
  • Brawl practice: deal damage at a distanse 200 or less
  • Get honor points to prove yourself among pirates
  • Get honor points for tokens left in Free For All to prove yourself among pirates
  • Searching for trove: capture the beacons
  • Searching for trove: get honor points for capturing the most beacons in battles
  • Attack of DSC. Use DSC robots to destroy enemies
  • Attack of DSC. Deal damage to DSC robots
  • Get honor points for deploying Titans
  • Get honor points for destroying Titans
  • Protect the captain: Capture beacons using robots with Energy Shields
  • Protect the captain: Deal Damage using robots with Physical Shields
  • Put down the rebellion: Deal damage in Team Deathmatch
  • Put down the rebellion: Destroy enemies in Team Deathmatch
  • Help in repair: Repair robots
  • Help in repair: Get honor points for repairing the most and repairing Titans
  • Use Evolife robots to deal damage in Beacon Rush
  • Use SpaceTech robots to destroy enemies in Domination
  • Scout the Ship: capture some beacons
  • Scout the ship: capture some beacons, using robots with speed-ups in their abilities

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