TREASURE HUNT on a streaming marathon - War Robots

TREASURE HUNT on a streaming marathon

TREASURE HUNT on a streaming marathon

Take part in 5 giveaways on community streams and win a guaranteed Mystery Prize in the end! 

Community Streams schedule:

29 April — 2 pm UTC 

Adrian’s Chong Youtubers vs Developers stream. War Robots development team will face the Youtubers team on the battlefield. 

30 April — 12 pm UTC

TONY WR Special Birthday Stream.

30 April — 8 pm UTC

AD Gaming Special WR 8th: Playing former Kings.

1 May — 6 pm UTC 

Manni-Gaming will be celebrating War Robots Birthday.

1 May — 9 pm UTC 

Danny Lightning will have a WR 8th Anniversary Party.

🎁 Join every live stream from the aforementioned list, and try your luck in the huge giveaways by filling the forms in the pinned comment of every stream. 
If you leave your in-game ID in all 5 forms, you’ll win a guaranteed Mystery Prize! 

All the prizes will be delivered during the next week (2.05 — 8.05).
Join the streams, have fun, and get a chance to win amazing prizes!

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