Patch Notes


by War Robots - 25.01.2022

Event: Lunar New Year

The event will start soon after the update lands on your platform.

In the new event, we will stand shoulder to shoulder with our old friend Lieutenant Colonel Yang Lee. And help him in his battle against a band of cutthroats who are led by the alluring but dangerous Nian.

And of course, there will be new rewards:

  • New robot: Khepri
  • New mothership: Orion
  • New machineguns: Kramola, Razdor, Smuta
  • New module: Repair Amplifier
  • New legendary pilots: Lieutenant Colonel Yang Lee (Siren/Harpy), Nian (Khepri)
  • Special editions: Baihu Luchador, Baihu Basilisk, Oolong Cinder

New robot: Khepri

Every teammate will fight for your attention. When Khepri joins an ally, the robot strengthens them as well as itself. Both robots receive bonuses to Speed, Damage, Defence Points and also get repaired. Khepri can just get this buff for itself all on its own and try to be the hero of the day — however, you will only reveal the full potential of the robot with an ally.

Ability: Bond. Khepri binds itself to a targeted ally and provides them with various bonuses: a portion of repair every second, a speed bonus, a damage bonus, and a defense bonus. The robot itself gains the same bonuses. The bond can be broken if the robot and the ally move too far away from each other. The robot can activate the ability without a targeted ally if it wants to only apply the bonuses to itself.

New machine guns: Kramola, Razdor, Smuta

Rapid-firing machine guns loaded with homing projectiles. These are good for trickshots and making enemies leave their cover, but sometimes struggle against shields. Damage type: kinetic

New mothership: Orion

The new mothership is armed with a gigantic beam weapon that does not just cause damage once, but over some time. This beam will be especially dangerous to Titans, since it deals extra Damage to them.

New module: Repair Amplifier

When receiving damage, your robot gains a 0.03% bonus to regeneration for the entire battle. When the maximum bonuses are reached, the robot receives defense points and restores the percentage of grey damage to itself.

When installing several such modules, the speed and of receiving bonuses increases, but not their maximum. Base required loss of durability for stack: 9%

New legendary pilots

Yang Lee (Siren/Harpy)
Lee was an excellent testing engineer as well as a top pilot, so he began to pay closer attention to the new line of experimental Siren and Harpy robots. After being granted access to test the cutting edge of DSC tech, Yang spent several months on the test ranges, identifying the weaknesses and strengths of the new robots compared to his old war machine. He worked with the best DSC engineers to make technical improvements and invent a special technology which allowed for enemy shields to be ignored for a short time.

Skill: Yang's Breakthrough. Siren and Harpy’s shots ignore enemy shields while the ability is active.

Nian (Khepri)
Evolife native Nian never agreed with the pacifist philosophy of the colony leaders. She believed in the power of destruction and demolishing more than in “building, repairing and creating”. Her believes made her an inspiring leader for the opposition. She tried to change things. Both Nian and her followers were banished from the colony with no possibility to return. None of them were sad about that though, as they had Nian, and she always had a plan.

Skill: Nian's Will. While the ability is active, Khepri receives 5% bonus to its outcoming damage and 5% to its movement speed. If the robot is bonded to an ally, these bonuses are increased: 10% bonus damage and 10% bonus speed

Bug fixes

  • Microchips number in inventory now displays correctly
  • Revenant's fire buttons now sorted corresponding to weapon's placement
  • Hawk and Luchador ability VFX were fixed
  • Final chest in Battle Rewards used to display incorrect rewards – fixed that as well!
  • Megalodon Orochi's turret now rotates with the same speed as Orochi's turret

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