Patch Notes


Event: Icarus Horror Show

The event will start soon after the update 7.5 lands on your platform.

This year's Icarus Cyber Show is being taken over by a renegade governor and the scariest pilot on Mars — Samael Johansen. Watch our Halloween Story if you aren't afraid to meet him:

Despite this takeover, there will still be plenty of prizes to win! Keep an eye out for Luchador, the latest brawler Titan, and Corrupted Fafnir, the rusty and spooky version of our nordic dragon.

What's new:

  • New Titan: Luchador
  • New Titan Weapons: Basilisk, Cinder
  • New Weapons: Venom, Puncher
  • New Drone: Reviver
  • New Special Editions: Corrupted Fafnir, Corrupted Scadi
  • New Pilots: Samael Johansen, Madam Brijit

The event will feature new skirmishes, series of quests, and Arena matches on Shenzhen map flooded with lava! Also starting with the update 7.5 you can invite players into squads using their in-game IDs.

New Titan and Weaponry


Luchador is a Brawler Titan developed by DSC which is well-equipped for aggressive melee combat. Jump engines allow Luchador to leap straight into the enemy groups, dealing severe damage and temporarily weakening their weapon systems. After getting their attention, Luchador can survive the combat for a long time using its Ultimate Defence ability.


Krait's big brother for the Titan alpha slot. A very powerful energy machine gun for close and medium range. In addition to its high rate of fire and impressive ammo capacity, it also boasts a DoT effect: every round deals damage over time after hitting a target.


An experimental auxiliary weapon ideal for close-range combat against multiple opponents. Deals damage to all enemies in the affected area. This weapon can only be reloaded when it is not firing due to its design features.


An acid launcher that damages enemy robots with a stream of highly corrosive liquid that eats away at armor. Each hit inflicts a powerful DoT effect.


Heavy close-range energy machine gun with a high rate of fire. Possesses a special feature that immobilizes the target after a certain number of hits.

New Pilots

Samael Johansen

A former governor of an Icarus colony and a hardcore enthusiast of cybernization. For him, a human body is but a shell that inhibits our true potential. For better or for worse, he got rid of the shell as we know it. Idolizes long-range combat and long-term planning.

Samael's System: Every time Erebus's ability is activated, the robot deals increased damage for 7 seconds.

Madam Brijit

A mysterious pilot linked to infamous "Ghosts". She tracks down her targets and appears next to them seemingly out of nowhere. Dislikes quantum radars strongly.

Brijit Encounter: Orochi's ability has an additional charge, but the duration of each charge is decreased.

New Drone: Reviver

"Medic!" is a shout that is heard on the battlefield so often. But now, a medic will always be at hand! Reviver is an indispensable companion for those who like having a second chance in battle.

Built-in microchip: When the Robot's durability reaches zero, the drone instantly restores part of it.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue with Mk.3 durability stats for Revenant.
  • Fixed issue with special ability for Zmej Murometz. It now works as intended.
  • Fixed issue with Orbital Support charging instantaneously when a beacon is captured by several teammates at once.
  • Fixed Murometz/Zmej Murometz movement animations.
  • Fixed issue preventing Phase Exile from cancelling out Hellburner's and Shell's explosions.

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