Patch Notes


by War Robots - 21.09.2021

Event: Retro Treasure Hunt

The event will start soon after Update 7.4 lands on your platform. The event task chain will be available in the Operations interface.

The past of our civilization hides many treasures. Become one of the adventurers who hunt for artifacts from the old world! Complete tasks to finish Operation Track E and get valuable trophies.

Here are some of the many artifacts you can find:

  • New Robot: Erebus
  • New Sniper Weapon: Prisma
  • New Drone: Barrel
  • New turrets: Aegis Blast system, Repair Blast Station, Laser Blast Cannon
  • Special Edition Robots and Weapons: Old Revenant, Prototype Toxin and Teremok Hel
  • Paint jobs: Serpent Revenant and Voltaged Erebus

Two new pilots are also waiting to meet you: Jad Parkes and Ricardo Gonzales. Tap on the "i" icon next to the event chest to see its reward pool.

New Robot: Erebus

A heavy robot made for middle and long distance fights. It has an impressively durable Aegis shield and can temporarily disable enemies with guided missiles.

Homing Blackout: Erebus fires four guided rockets that seek the target by themselves, dealing damage and temporarily disabling the enemy robot's systems.

  • EMP blocks the activation of an enemy abilities and active modules.
  • Lock-Down immobilizes an enemy.
  • Suppression reduces the enemy's damage by 50%.
  • DoT inflicts damage over time to the enemy's hull.

New weapon: Prisma

A laser rifle for a heavy slot. Deals more damage at a greater distance. Very weak at point blank.

New drone: Barrel

Takes revenge on enemies for destroying your robot.

Barrel Explosion: This drone explodes when your robot is destroyed, damaging any enemies caught in the blast.

New Turrets

Three new turrets are available to improve your Orbital Support.

Aegis Blast system: A turret that applies the Aegis shield to your robot and your allies in a radius around you.

Repair Blast Station: A turret that repairs a portion of your durability and that of allies in a radius around you in a short period of time.

Laser Blast Cannon: A turret that deals major area damage after a short delay.

New pilots: Jad Parkes, Ricardo Gonzales

Jad Parkes is the best treasure hunter on Earth. This adventurous pilot often finds himself in extreme situations and loves being on the edge. He works in tandem with Ricardo Gonzales. The artifact hunting doesn't give Jad anywhere near as much pleasure as his rivalry with his partner and the adrenaline rush of victory. The Erebus he pilots became Jad's main trophy. Under his control, the damage from each of this robot’s missiles is increased to 5000.

Jad's Competitiveness: All of Erebus's built-in cannon missiles now deal 5000 damage

Ricardo Gonzales is a mercenary and artifact hunter. The treasures of the Earth fascinate him. His passion for archeology began with an old tape with the recording of the song his mother sang to him. He loves telling stories about artifacts he's found to his partner Jad. Ricardo doesn't share the risky tactical approach of his friend as he is convinced that it's better to act carefully and prudently. He tries to avoid fights and prefers to speed up his Revenant to escape the approaching threat.

Ricardo's Enthusiasm: Revenant gains additional move speed while the ability is active.

Treasure Hunt Community Challenge

Jed Parkes and Ricardo Gonzales are looking for artifacts on Earth, and you have a chance to get some of their trophies! Whose treasure hunt tactics are better? Choose the side of one of the adventurers and support him in battle by piloting selected robots. At the end of the event, we will compare the number of robots deployed for each pilot. The winning pilot and his supporters will receive a valuable reward. The losing side will receive a smaller one.

Follow the news on our official social media pages. There will soon be a special poll where you can support the pilot you like. We will also publish all details about the event there.

WR Reddit | Facebook | Discord

Fixed Bugs

  • The Retribution rocket launcher on Hades is fixed and now never shoots blanks.
  • Jaeger no longer gets stuck after jumping to the edge of a building.
  • Behemoth can no longer push robots with his special ability.
  • Spiral, Hydra and Chimera blasts can no longer be dodged.
  • Fixed accuracy issues with Aphid, Vortex and Thermite rocket launchers.
  • You can play in squads on the Steam and MY.GAMES platforms again.
  • Various optimization tweaks

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