Patch Notes


by War Robots - 12.07.2021

Event: SpaceTech Fair

The event will start soon after the update 7.2 lands on your platform.

The SpaceTech Fair begins! Special activities and unique prizes await!

July 28, 2084 is the day when the first colony on Mars was founded. SpaceTech became pioneers of a new world. Today we are celebrating the Science and Technology Fair dedicated to them! SpaceTech brought their latest creation to show off and many legendary pilots arrived to celebrate. Let's have a look!

  • New Titan: Murometz
  • New Titan Weapons: Bulava, Kisten
  • New Module: Nuclear Amplifier
  • New Legendary Pilots: Manni, Raphael Petit, Dew Tompkins
  • New Drone and Microchip: Beak, On Damage Dealt: Damage
  • New Special Editions: Freedom Fafnir, Freedom Scadi
  • New Skins: Scavenger Loki, Scavenger Typhon

The event will also feature new skirmishes and series of quests!

New Titan and weaponry: Murometz, Bulava, Kisten

SpaceTech's creation raining terror from the sky. The lead SpaceTech engineer Daniil Maximov, the author of the good old Natasha and Vityaz, presents to you his ultimate creation — Murometz.

It is a Titan that can unleash a hard rain of missiles on your enemies. It also can disable robots’ abilities with its electromagnetic gun.

Bulava and Kisten are powerful medium-range multiple rocket launchers designed specifically for the Titan weapon slots. These missiles are capable of avoiding obstacles and are especially dangerous against slow opponents.

New module: Nuclear Amplifier

For every 20000 damage inflicted on the enemy, your robot receives a small damage boost for the entire battle. Upon reaching the maximum possible bonus, the robot recovers a part of its durability and its cannons receive additional defence mitigation.

Equipping several modules will make your robot accumulate bonuses faster, but will not increase the maximum number of bonuses.

New legendary pilots: Manni, Raphael Petit, Dew Tompkins


Manni loves going spectacular. As a pilot, he makes enemies feel like they've got an edge, and then strikes back with extra strength. Special Ability: Manni's Tactics. The robot receives a damage bonus. The robot also gets bonus damage for every 10% of the lost durability.

Raphael Petit

DSC Lead Design Engineer handles flamethrowers best of all. His favorites are Blaze, Igniter, and Ember. Special Ability: Petit's Wit. Flamethrower area of effect radius increased by 30%.

Dew Tompkins (Will be available in Operations)

A glorified Shell pilot. Dew learned to use Shell's explosions to suppress the enemies, which helped him find his freedom some time ago. Special Ability: Dew's Deception. Shell applies Suppression upon explosion.

New drone and microchip

Beak is your winged support at the forefront of the attack. At the first sign of danger, the drone is capable of using its built-in stealth system and defend your robot from direct enemy attacks. Built-in microchip: After taking the first hit on the battlefield, the robot gets the Stealth effect. This prevents enemies from targeting the robot for a while.

On Damage Dealt: Damage. Every 150000 damage dealt to the enemy, your robot gains a temporary damage bonus.

Titan rebalance


  • Durability: -10%

The efficiency of Sharanga has exceeded the originally conceived metrics. Designed as a sniper, Sharanga nevertheless became extremely useful in close combat. Reduced durability will bring this titan closer to its original concept.


  • Damage: -10%
  • Particle scatter: +15%


  • Particle scatter: +15%

Titan shotguns proved to be effective at both short and medium range. The nerf is intended to reduce the versatility of shotguns, making them harder to use at medium ranges.

Plated Armor Kit

  • Durability bonus: 27% → 20%

Antimatter Reactor

  • Durability bonus: 27% → 20%

The combined bonus to durability and damage allowed these modules to displace more situational modules like Cannibal Reactor and Self-Fix Unit. Reducing the durability bonus will make other options more attractive and hopefully lead to more variety in battles.


  • Shield durability: +20% (767000 → 920400)
  • Durability: -20% (522600 → 418080)
  • Price: 450 → 400

Arthur now has more durability in total (when adding together its hull and its shield: 1,289,600 → 1,338,000), but relies on its shield more than before.


  • Speed: -15% (50 → 43)
  • Resistance: -37% (160 → 100)
  • Resistance per ability activation: +20% (50 → 60)
  • Repair range: 600 → 700

Nodens is intended to work as a support titan. However, 4 beta slots make it a decent fighter. Afrter this rebalance, Nodens will have to stay away from the heat of battle, while retaining its ability to assist allies.


  • Damage: -10%


  • Damage: +10%


  • DoT damage: +10% (64→ 70)
  • Ammo: 60 → 80
  • Reload: 8 → 9

One extra level for robots and weapons

Fully upgraded items will be marked with yellow color (MK2 items are currently marked with green). Upgrading from 12 MK2 to the max level will cost around 1500 Au. To help everyone max out their arsenals faster, upgrade times for MK2 will be reduced by half. The extra level will increase the efficiency of your items by approximately 5%.

Returning map: Factory

Factory was updated and optimized for Remastered and is ready for action.

Boosters: clan/squad combat bonuses removed

To reduce power disparity between squadded and solo players we've removed the effects that boost combat efficiency for clanmates in your squad.

Note that the change does not affect resource boosters (they provide extra resources to clanmates just as before) and personal booster bonuses.

Third passive module slot for all Workshop robots

Just a small update that will be helpful in lower leagues.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue when Orochi's speed after using its ability was incorrect
  • Fixed an issue causing Scourge to block projectiles
  • Fixed an issue due to which it was possible to leave the playable zone on the Dead City map.
  • Fixed an issue causing Scorcher projectiles to fly through the target
  • Fixed an issue causing Solid Gauss to miss a target at close range
  • Fixed an issue causing Jaeger to get stuck after spawning

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