War Robots 6.7 update notes

by War Robots - 4.12.2020

Serious Christmas

Christmas in War Robots will start soon after the update 6.7 lands on your platform. This event is a crossover with Serious Sam videogame series.

Get coins by completing daily tasks. Use them to open special chests with new items. Each chest can give you different rewards. Press the info button to get more info on each chest.

  • New items: Typhon (robot)
  • Limited Editions: Popemobile Hawk, Bio-mechanoid Nucleon, Octanian Drone
  • Paint jobs: Reptiloid Typhon, Wrapped Shell

For more details on the event, please watch the video.

New robot: Typhon

A fast attacking robot capable of temporarily neutralizing the enemy. Equipped with unique built-in energy cannons and an improved "Aegis" energy shield.

Ability: Blackout V2.0
Typhon shoots three energy charges at the target that damage and temporarily disable the enemy robot's subsystems
EMP Blocks the activation of an enemy ability
Lock-Down Immobilizes an enemy
Suppression Reduces enemy damage (50%)

Aegis A special energy shield that is impenetrable to any type of weapon. The improved version has a more streamlined shape.

Recommended Gear: 4x Atomizer / 4x Wasp

Bug fixes and QoL changes

  • Quarker and Nucleon now available in Workshop
  • Rome map is available again
  • Fixed reload animations on Rime and Sinister Rime
  • Fixed an issue that caused Arthur to slow down and get stuck when climbing ramps
  • Fixed the ability to pass uneven terrain on Lancelot
  • Fixed Ravana speed
  • Fixed freeze cases on old maps on Samsung devices
  • Post-combat screen now correctly indicates the amount of clan league points acquired by player
  • [Steam/Gameroom] Robots are now displayed correctly in Storage and on robot panel
  • [Steam/Gameroom] Fixed menu interface scale for big screens
  • Fixed several freeze and crash cases
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