War Robots Youtube Creator Program: Introduction

by War Robots - 22.05.2020

We all know how much dedication and time is required to up your YouTube game and connect with your viewers. With this program we, first and foremost, want to thank you for your videos, that are all together making the War Robots community a more diverse, fair and fun place to be in. We want to assist you in keeping your channel up to date with game development, and help you with obtaining game items. We also want to get to know you, stay in touch and keep you updated on what’s coming next. 

Introducing: War Robots Youtube Creator Program.


How does this work?

If you have a Youtube channel, apply for the Program here. Your channel will be processed and if you have filled the form correctly, you'll be all set. Just keep up the good work with your channel and you will receive rewards every month! Those rewards will be based on your channel's activity in the preceding month. 

We measure your channel's activity by video views. This way we want to encourage you to not just upload more videos, but to learn how to best reach and connect with your audience.

How can I be sure that I got accepted to the Creator Program?  

If your channel was accepted and verified (see below) you should receive an email confirming that all went well. After that, just keep creating and wait for your rewards to arrive around the date listed on the bottom of this page.

If you checked your inbox through and through (including "spam" and "trash" folders) and there's no word from us — that means that your channel doesn't fit minimum requirements or something went wrong with your verification. Please recheck your application and make sure you filled everything properly. You can always edit your application after submitting.

What are the requirements for joining the Creator Program?

You are eligible to join the program if you’ve reached 500 subscribers on Youtube. After that you will be assigned a rank, based on your monthly views on War Robots videos. The higher the view count, the higher the rewards.

Why channels need to be verified?

When you're applying, we need to make sure that it's actually you applying and not someone trying to impersonate you.

To do verify your channel ownership, we ask you to choose one game-profile on which you will be receiving your rewards (copy paste your ID from the game menu to avoid mistakes) and put the same player ID to the description or tags of one video that you will include in your application.

If your ID cannot be found there or doesn't match, we won't be able to verify your channel ownership and won't be able to include you in the program.

How are the monthly views counted?

To count your monthly views we take all the War Robots videos you posted during the month and count all views on these videos for 7 days after publication.

If we just took all videos published during the month and counted their total views that would create unfair situations when a video published on April 1st has more time to get views than a video published on 30th. That would make the last day of the month the least preferable time to post if you are looking for a higher rank. Hence, we opted to look at 7-day views instead of monthly totals. This fixed period allows each new video to have an equal time to perform.

What if I make videos about other games on my channel?

That is totally fine! You can do whatever you want on your channel, as long as this is good for your audience and doesn’t go against WR Terms of Service.

However, only WR-related videos will count towards your total rank. Don’t forget to include «War Robots» in the video's name or tags, so that people have a better chance of finding it and our system can them apart from other videos and add their views to your monthly score.

NOTE: if you mark non-WR videos with «War Robots», we will have to remove your channel from the program. We hope for your understanding here.

What's next for the Program?

Right now we’re launching the program in Alpha mode — that means we're testing things out and many functions we'd like to have in it are currently missing.

We will be looking for opportunities to expand the program on other platforms and include new opportunities for creators, such as conducting giveaways for viewers. Also, we plan to add a personal cabinet for you to track your progress, check when the next reward will drop and apply for giveaways on your channel.

Join the War Robots Creators and stay tuned for the news!


🏆 March 2020 Rewards

Creator Rank








1-10k views

10-80k views

80-400k views

400k+ views

Rewards: resources


1000 Gold

1500 Au, 5kk Ag, 2k Power Cells, Premium (10 Days)

3000 Au, 250 Pt, 10kk Ag, 3000 Power Cells, Premium (30 Days)

5000 Au, 500 Pt, 20kk Silver, 5k Power Cells, Premium (30 Days)

Rewards: new items once available




Access to closed Discord channel




Giveaways for viewers





🏆 Next rewards drop: April 7th, 2021

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