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War Robots Youtube Creator Program 2.0: Introduction

by War Robots - 7.04.2021

Get rewards for making videos!


We support video creators by sending them new equipment and resources as well as gradually adding more and more stuff that is useful to any content creator.

Our program includes monthly giveaways for your audiences, transparent advancement through the ranks with increasing rewards and much, much more.


Unranked < 500 subscribers - - - - -
Recruit 500 subscribers - - - - -
Silver 1000-10k monthly views 1000 Au, 1000 Power Cells, Premium (5 days) - - - -
Gold 10-80k monthly views< 1500 Au, 5kk Ag, 2000 Power Cells, 150 Microchips, Premium (10 days) + New items on release + +
Platinum 80-400k monthly views 1000 Au, 10kk Ag, 250 Pt, 3000 Power Cells, 200 Microchips, Premium (30 days) + More items on release + +
Diamond 400k+ monthly views 1000 Au, 20kk Ag, 500 Pt 5000 Power Cells, 250 Microchips, Premium (30 days) + More items on release + +


How do I know that I am registered for the Creator Program?

From the moment you register here with the Google account linked to your YouTube channel (make sure it’s the right account), you are in the program. Open your War Robots dashboard where you can see your rank, the number of views you need to level up and the upcoming rewards you are eligible for. You can edit your details at any time.

If you make videos of other Pixonic projects as well, you can find the performance of your videos and your rank by switching to the other game in your personal dashboard.

Why do I need to log in with my Google account?

This is the easiest way we can verify 100% that it is your channel with just one step. We have “read only” access to your channel, so that we can measure the performance of your channel precisely and send you the exact rewards you have earned. We will never use your channel data in any other way, it is only accessed and read by the algorithm of our program.

What if I make videos about other games on my channel?

That is fine! You can do whatever you want on your channel, as long as this is good for your audience and doesn’t violate the War Robots Terms of Use.

However, only videos related to War Robots will count towards your total rank. Don’t forget to include “War Robots” in the video title or tags, so that our system can tell them apart from other videos and add their views to your monthly score.

⚠️NOTE: if you mark non-War Robots videos with “War Robots”, we will have to remove your channel from the program. We hope you understand!
⚠️Videos with both the "War Robots" and "Frontiers" tags will be counted towards your Frontiers stats.

I’m a Twitch streamer, can I join the Creator Program?

Right now, our program is designed only for YouTubers. However we are ready to share the same benefit system with Content Creators from other platforms too. Please contact us at creators@warrobots.com (in English) and we will find a way to make it work.


How are the monthly views counted?

To count your monthly views, we take all of the videos you published over that month with the War Robots title or tag and count the views of each video within the first 7 days of its publication.

Why did we choose to make it work that way? If we counted the all-time views for your videos within a month, then older and bigger channels would have a huge advantage over smaller and newer channels, even if they are not active anymore. Moreover, if we simply counted all the views of the videos you published this month, a video published in the beginning of the month would have a lot more views than a video published in the last days of the month. That would make the last days of the month the least preferable time to publish when going for a higher rank.

This is why we chose to look at the 7-day period views for each video. The video you publish on the last day of the month will still be given a week's time for us to count its views. This fixed period allows each video to have an equal amount of time to perform.

Do YouTube live stream views count?

Live streams about War Robots with “War Robots” in their tags and/or video title count as long as you make the recordings public after you finish the stream.

My views in the Program are lower than in the YouTube analytics, why?

First of all, make sure you count the views for each video (published this month only) and only within the first 7 days of its publication. The monthly views you see in the program are not the views you see in the YouTube analytics for that month. Have a look at the answer to “How are the monthly views counted?” above for more details.

Secondly, make sure that you have “War Robots” written in the titles and/or tags of your videos that are dedicated to War Robots. When this is not the case, the program may not account for these videos.

Stats for your current month start showing around the 8th day of this month. Until then, you will still see the stats for the previous period. Wait until the 8th or 9th day of the month.

My number of views is stuck and the data in my War Robots personal dashboard has not been updated. What do I do?

You can force the update of all stats and information by pressing EDIT - SAVE in the upper right corner of your War Robots personal dashboard. If it doesn't work please contact us at creators@warrobots.com (please write to us in English).


When will I get my benefits?

After you reach Silver rank or higher, you'll start to receive rewards according to your rank. When the rank changes, so do the rewards. The program sends rewards automatically according to the current ranks on the day of delivery. This means that if you reach Silver rank after the delivery, you won't get the Silver rewards that have been already delivered.

We deliver monthly rewards on the 8th of every month, but if the date falls on the weekend, they will be sent during the next working week.

Can I change my ID in the program to receive rewards for a different account?

Yes, you can. We collect all IDs currently in the system on the day when we send the rewards.

⚠️Note: if you are in Gold rank or higher: when you change your in-game ID and platform in your profile - please notify your Community Manager if you don't want to miss the upcoming rewards!

What is “Qualification”?

If you have reached the Gold rank and above after the current period is over (around the 8th day of each month), our team will review the content on your channel within several days to make sure that it is informative, varied, loyal to the brand and comparable to other channels that are putting thought, effort, and time into their videos. This is called “Qualification”, and you will find your status in your War Robots personal dashboard in the Creator Program.

This is an additional level of protection against fraudulent use and cheating the Creator Program algorithms, as well as another way for us to learn more about the content created by a particular YouTuber.

Qualification status: Applied.
Your channel content is currently being reviewed. You can only receive Silver rank rewards until we finish.

Qualification status: Qualified.
Ta-da! You will receive an invitation to our special Discord server in the in-game news. Follow the simple instructions and you will join the closed Discord Creator Program group. You are now able to host giveaways on your channel and receive Gold rank rewards.

Qualification status: Rejected.
Your channel has been reviewed and you unfortunately doesn't match the criteria mentioned above. You stay in the Silver rank and can only receive Silver rank rewards.

However, you still have a chance to try again. Once in a while we review all rejected channels again.

What can I do if my qualification status is “rejected”?

The most common reason for rejection is the quality of the videos on the channel. Try to add video editing, voiceover commentary or camera footage. Try different types of content, like streams and game guides.

When you are sure that you've improved your content and you feel ready to go through Qualification again, you can ask us for a fresh review of your channel at creators@warrobots.com (please write your request in English).

I didn't receive rewards according to my rank

Firstly, make sure your channel has at least 500 subscribers. Secondly, make sure you provided the correct player game ID (copy and paste it directly from the game to avoid mistakes). Thirdly, check the date when the rewards are due to arrive, as they will be sent on the next working day if the date falls on the weekend. Also, if you are Gold rank or higher, make sure that you're qualified. If your Qualification is rejected or its status is “applied for qualification”, you can only receive Silver rank rewards. If all these are in order, and you are expecting the exact rewards for your rank, you can contact Program support at creators@warrobots.com (please write to us in English).

How do I join the Discord server for channels with a rank of Gold and above?

If you have reached the Gold rank and your Qualification status is “Qualified”, you will be invited to our special Discord channels by a message in the in-game news. Follow the simple instructions and you will join the closed Discord Creator Program server.

Make sure to list your correct Discord ID in your Creator Program personal dashboard.

Creators weekly giveaway rules and restrictions

  • items for giveaways can't be given to friends or clanmates (only if they won them in a fair way)
  • the winners should be chosen by specific criteria (if it's an art contest, for example) or in a random mode
  • if you are able to do a giveaway, you can't participate in other weekly giveaways


Who are the Mentors?

The War Robots Mentors are a group of content creators with active creative outlets that contribute to the community in special ways. Here's a list of some of the things that Mentors do:

  • create guides
  • provide all kinds of advice for players and other YouTubers
  • collect player feedback
  • remain available for collaborative projects upon request
  • promote good behavior and a positive attitude

Mentors are members of the War Robots community, who are always polite, respectful and sportsmanlike. For their contribution to the community, Mentors receive exclusive benefits like recording accounts (AKA "BattleRec accounts") and a direct line of communication with the developers.

How do I become a War Robots: Frontiers Mentor?

The number of slots for Mentors is limited, but we invite new members from the Creator Program whenever there is an opening. To increase your chances, make sure you follow these general guidelines:

  • make sure your content stands out from the rest and offers value to viewers
  • keep learning and experimenting with metadata and other YouTube tools
  • maintain consistently high content quality
  • lead by example

Good luck!


What's next for the Creator Program?

We are looking for ways to expand the program to other platforms like Twitch and make it more educational, collaborative and profitable for Content Creators.

I still have questions about the Program

Feel free to contact us at creators@warrobots.com with any questions and suggestions (please make sure you write to us in English).

Reasons for a Disqualification / Ban

  • The quality of your videos doesn't match the requirements above
  • Announcing fake giveaways
  • Attempts to cheat the YouTube algorithm
  • Any attempts to cheat the Creator Program algorithm
  • Violation of the War Robots Terms of Use
  • Violation of community guidelines on any kind of social media, including Discord and YouTube


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