Author - War Robots

Audiolog excerpt (from personal archive)

In this new world we're all practically the same. Yes, we stick with different technologies and wear different corporate clothes... but at the same time we speak the same language, watch the same shows, play the same "interactive entertainment" pieces, root for the same Yan-di Showdown matches — and so on.

Please, don't think I'm complaining. That's all okay! That's where we are right now. Yet still...

I especially resent losing languages. You know, language is not just a set of words and symbols. They represent the whole systems of thinking! Old stories told on those languages might be hard to grasp for us, but being "out there" is what actually makes them so enticing. People from different cultures were all making sense of life in their own way. Unfolding their perspective really helps you see the world in a new light.

When I was designing your siblings — other ██████ — I was really into pre-Cataclysmic myths. There's so much going on there! Did you know, for example, that in so called Eastern tradition ███████ are actually water creatures? They embody seas, rivers and lakes, while also representing different sides of the old world. ██ ███ lives on South, ██ █████ protects the East and so on.

Ironically, I still made my dragons breathe fire. I'm not that good at sticking to the theme, hah!

But I digress. Besides the three that everyone already knows (may I take credit for that, by the way?), there was one last █████ in the myth. I never had a chance to get back to that story and have almost made peace with that... yet, here we are! Like the story wants to be finished so badly, it writes itself.

███████ ██████ has almost come to a conclusion. You realize where it's going now, right? Time to give you a proper name!

Done. Wear it with dignity, my proud ██ ████.

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