Patch Notes

War Robots 5.2 Update Notes

by War Robots - 27.06.2019

Event: Among the Stars

Coming soon after the update!

  • Special Crates. Complete daily tasks, get tokens, open Special Crates with powerful loot
  • Arena makes a comeback. Compete for Gold and show everyone who's the greatest at being a Commander!
  • New event weapons: Freedom Pack. Avalanche, Igniter and Hussar. Limited versions — available only during the event!
  • New Legendary Pilots: Linda Cano and Jad Parkes, prominent hunters for old Earth's artifacts
  • Community Challenge. Coming soon!

Honor System Rework

In War Robots you can take lots of different approaches to winning — and we want to reward as many of those as possible. 

For that, we have reworked the Honor system. Now Honor is an integral stat that shows your overall performance in battle. Beacons, kills, repairs, broken shields, and many other achievements increase your Honor and affect your standing in the combat results.

You don't have to focus on damage to be the number one anymore, as the updated Honor system takes into account even subtle actions. Show yourself as an exceptional beacon grabber, or a supporter, or whoever else you want to be in your way to victory. All the damage you deal, all the beacons you capture, all the repairs you do — everything gives your Honor and brings you closer to the next Battle Reward crate. 

How to earn Honor

1. Do damage
This part speaks for itself. There's one important detail though: you get Honor not just for the hull damage, but also for damage to physical shields, energy shields and Aegis.

2. Repair
Mend, Tyrify, do whatever the heck Weyland does. It pays off in Honor now

3. Destroy
You get a shot of Honor for every last hit on an enemy robot. You get more for every next multikill, so staying alive is generally a good idea here

  • NOTE: In these three categories you get more Honor for interacting with stronger robots. For example, whacking a level 5 Patton is honorable, but not as honorable as if it was a level 12 Ao Jun. Same goes for kills and repairs.

4. Capture beacons
Every beacon grabbed in Beacon Rush or Domination yields a portion of Honor

5. Save up tokens in Free-For-All
Every token you have left by the end of an FFA match turns into Honor

  • NOTE: You also get extra honor for hitting top 3 in all the categories above.

6. Fight to the end
Stay with your team either until the end of the match or until you're out of robots

7. Win
Victories bring extra Honor. Simple!

But wait, there's more: you get more Honor in higher leagues. Fighting there is harder, and taking that extra challenge has to be rewarded as well.

At this point, Honor is used for opening Battle Reward chests and also affects how much experience your pilots receive.

Silver and Gold rewards still work the old way (for now): you get Silver for damage and Gold for beacons. But in the end, we plan to rebuild most of the reward system on Honor to make it more fair, exciting and clear. Stay tuned!

Usability and bug fixes

  • [Pilots] Fixed a bug with Quartermaster skill: now it should be properly usable when you're low on power cells
  • [Pilots] Fixed a bug with Adamant skills causing them to remain active when requirements are not met
  • [Pilots] Multiple minor fixes
  • [Tyr] Fixed placement of top weapons on Tyr. This should prevent homing-missiles from hitting the ground when they shouldn't 
  • [Visual] Fixed a bug causing lighting in hangar to become overly bright in certain conditions
  • [Performance] Fixed a bug causing sudden FPS drops on certain devices


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El Chupacabra2 days ago

It takes too long to get the Master crate battle reward with the new honor point system. It takes way too long to get the Champion crate battle reward with the new honor point system. The number of battles required for an average player to get these crates should be reduced.

[h0w1]wolfpack092 days ago

The special delivery crate gives good shit but when do I get a bot pixo my freedom hussars is nice (would love another one) but Loki ares should be a give me pixo for everyone cuz there so meta it's crazy so at least one ares Eldridge or normal ares should be something everyone has from this crate thanks too the crate I'm two days from my ao Jun instead of four weeks that I'm grateful for but ares is a bot that makes gameplay no fun encounter ares prepare to die......

AVP23 days ago

Can anyone at Pixonic go and fix those crazy FPS drops on Gameroom platform ?
Game drop FPS every battle i play from 60 FPS to 15 FPS this is unplayable

Monkeys4lyfe3 days ago

Hey ummm, my fps is still dropping like crazy in mid game. I've used this device to play WR for a long time, and this is the first time that lag is starting to become a major issue.

Also, the event chests actually do give good rewards, I got a fenrir out of it.

If your good enough, go grind "arena" mode for gold. From this event, I have been able to gather more gold than I have gotten in the last month in ONE DAY.

Ty pix for the updates, just please nerf blitz, it is starting to get on my nerves.

[h0w1]wolfpack095 days ago

At this point all platforms are dying the game is going to shit

TheRexYo6 days ago

So, Pix, are you waiting for the event to end, or something? Is that why you won’t release it on Steam and Gameroom? So you can make matters worse on an already dying platform?

You have a chance to recover Steam and Gameroom, Pix. Please don’t waste it.

TheRexYo6 days ago

Another day, another failure, Pix. You STILL haven’t released it. I really hope it’s just because you’re working on some kind of improvement, but I’m starting to doubt it.

Benny bonez7 days ago

You guys are rocking these updates! Love the new weapons! Benny bonez CFES3T

TheRexYo7 days ago

TheRexYo, PS - Android should be fine, so I think I'll try that platform again. Maybe add optional cross-platform gameplay? You know, so Steam can get more players?

TheRexYo7 days ago

11 Days. Update still isn't out on Steam. We've pretty much missed the event, likely on purpose. I take back my review on Steam. This game is utter trash on that platform. I really hope you guys at Pix love losing income, because you're about to lose even more players on a dying platform.


PIXONIC....Good fix with the updated honor system! My clan is very happy with it willing to buy you all a round for doing this... a round of Coke Cola that is. -Mike

PREACHEROFTHETRIUNE 7 days ago’s an Ares fix: Shield breaker should make/convert all shields into normal energy shields when breaks. Shield breaker mod is insane right now! Not right fix for Ares fix because destroys all shield bots. Again, the shield breaker should convert the shield to the weaker type of shield. If it does this then give ares and other shield bots a balance factor without destroying everything about those bots. Ares does need a rebalance by switching shield timing with Nemesis. Ares long shield duration should be on Nemesis, maybe Hades instead. Looking at it from a PhD perspective will quickly solve these problems to make for better gameplay. Changing the timing alone on Ares shields will solve many problems. Shield breaker, as it is now, bad idea going to make more people quit War Robots after working so hard to buy & finally obtain their dream shield bot. -Mike

Neon Rei8 days ago

Still didn't fix the Ares train. How to win: spend money.

Oh, here's the phase shift module, buy it and make the Ares train more invincible.

LoucustMaster1178 days ago

Ya know, something tells me that the comments section gives a more accurate description of whatever OT8 pay2win state this game is at now than the update notes would suggest

Bill Quinn9 days ago

When will the update come?

[h0w1]wolfpack099 days ago

Who else is struggling to complete the token tasks on the time required

[h0w1]wolfpack099 days ago

Who else is struggling to complete the token tasks on the time required

[h0w1]wolfpack099 days ago

Who else is struggling to complete the token tasks on the time required

[h0w1]wolfpack099 days ago

Problemchild1904, I have the same problem with the controls. They stick I would be moving into cover to try to escape an ares then boom I stop look at my legs no yellow binding just....... its anoying. This bug seems to happen with my tenuchet natasha ALOT and my kumeho more my Leo never gets it and my inquisitor sometimes gets it when I try to jump enemies. it makes gameplay strict and I have to now plan for a surprise controls lock. Ot gets annoying

Barish9 days ago

hello pixonic, when comes the update for steam? we have lost lots of days of the event.
i have read on facebook that their fixing issues on gameroom/steam. But why takes it so long?
or did you lie to us?!

Problemchild19049 days ago

Guess what me again. I don't mean to complain. But having Champion League players in battles when I'm an expert League isn't that a little bit much guys. I'm talking about you a game owners not as game players. Yeah I'm an expert league and there's a Champions League player after the battle in the lineup. You must have put that in there for balance huh. You guys think you could do something about my controls I don't think anybody else has brought this issue to you so that would be me and be nice. Matchmaking will never be addressed. This community has been asking and complaining about matchmaking for the last two years that I've been playing this game. They should just quit mention that mentioning it huh. Just saying. It seems like because I've came on here and voiced my opinion and my thoughts. That I'm on the sh-t list.

Problemchild190410 days ago

Charon3x3, I'll keep this civil. And no by the way there was no drink. Maybe it was because I voice type everything and sometimes don't proof read it like now. And it types what it wants sometimes. And what I was saying was they dropped me into a battle that was in progress by 40 seconds. At Canyon which is a big map. I'm trying to do beacons with this new honor System and their new gambling with tokens. And pretty much all the beacons were taken. And about the Gareth I said he didn't get an active module slot. Or a passive module slot. And he was at 1 time a gold robot just like Rogotka. But these robots they have way more battles on the battlefield then these new robots like the pursuer that has three passive module slots. These older Bots don't get them for some reason and it's bullshit. And as far as this game goes and me complaining. You don't even know what's going on with my game. I spawn in start going out hunting for a Target start shooting and my Robot stops dead in its tracks. Like you're lockdown but you're not locked down. No the joystick is stuck in the vertical position. And you can look at it while you're trying to get it to move with your thumb and it's moving a little bit going right back to Vertical like you're fighting with somebody. Like there's some invisible person holding it straight. Although there's not but it's crazy it's bullshit. So while you're getting shot you can't get your robot to move and then maybe it'll move a couple times and stop again. Take little quarter steps and half turns and all kinds of crazy movements while the whole time still not firing it's weapons while you're getting blown to pieces. And then the menu screen will pop up when the buttons in the top right-hand corner and I don't know about you but I don't swipe the upper right hand corner to turn the robot or the fire the weapons. I do my damnedest to try to miss the active module button that gets accidentally activated burning up power cells since it was putting in the worst spot right in the swipe pass to turn the robot. Which seems to me it was put there so you would activated by accident and burn up power cells. Cuz I think it would be just fine on the left side where there's only one button. But anyways yeah so you really don't know what's going on with my game this shit with the sticky controls has been happening for quite a long time for months. And pixonixs developers have known for the last 2 months I've uploaded videos to YouTube for them to watch so they could understand the issue better and then all of a sudden nothing I don't hear from them and they say they're working on the problem it's been over a month since I heard from them. So yeah I guess maybe with the voice typing putting the wrong words in my sentences make me sound crazy made me sound like I was drunk or something but that's not the case.

Demon Hunter 8.210 days ago

Hello. Could you provide the option for Facebook Gameroom users to permanently transfer their accounts to Steam? Gameroom is slow and the graphics aren't as good. Also, Facebook is frequently down and that stops us from playing. Thanks.

Demon Hunter 8.210 days ago

Hello. Could you provide the option for Facebook Gameroom users to permanently transfer their accounts to Steam? Gameroom is slow and the graphics aren't as good. Also, Facebook is frequently down and that stops us from playing. Thanks.

MtnDruid10 days ago

Hey Pixonic, it's Friday and Facebook Gameroom STILL does not have the update. It's becoming clear that you only care about the IOS and Android players. We lost 4 days on the 5.0 event and this one as well. It sucks when you have an event that runs 26 days and we don't get to play until 5 or 6 days after it begins. How about starting the event once all of the players can actually participate?

[h0w1]wolfpack0911 days ago

I like the new honor system but they still need to fix the matchmaking....... I get pared with players who run nothing but ares it's time to stop this new update is really good! Just....... it's hard to keep up with wailers so I need to be matched with players with the same battle stats and skill as me beacons capped damage delt wins streak etc. I hope that's thats on the bucket list soon

[h0w1]wolfpack0911 days ago

I like the new honor system but they still need to fix the matchmaking....... I get pared with players who run nothing but ares it's time to stop this new update is really good! Just....... it's hard to keep up with wailers so I need to be matched with players with the same battle stats and skill as me beacons capped damage delt wins streak etc. I hope that's thats on the bucket list soon

Charon3x311 days ago

Problemchild1904, Sorry dude, if you want to complain, great, I sympathise. Reading that sounds more like too much to drink then game issues though.

Charon3x311 days ago

All well and good that a new system for honor was instituted, but why did it's start universally reset people at a point? I was a mere 42 honor points from Champion chest, and all that it entails; yet I'm now 400k away and on my last energy cells. I should have been 5 fights away from 17+ mil silver and thousands of Energy; I used up multiple boosters, and I get robbed? As a player who HAS payed for things, and now gotten totally screwed, I have no plans to pay for anything else anytime soon until the previous chest position issue is resolved. It would have been better to start all players at zero and working on bronze then set back to base Master chest, when that close to the finish line. Bottom line? No way I'm buying and wasting money on 1200 gold to get enough energy to perform at top levels after getting burned like that.
Thanks a bunch for a decent game, and too many nights staying up too late, but this was a nasty take away on things already earned. Good luck.

Sexyman12 days ago

Wow, you guys weren't kidding when you said you'd fix the honor system, fix it so you can't do the circuit. However that was the only way to help make enough silver to pay for an upgrade. And I have mk2 weapons.... Uninstalling, see ya in 6 months, hoping you guys change it up on the paid members.


Jaggernauth12 days ago

When will gameroom get update?

Problemchild190412 days ago

About dropping me into a match 40 seconds into the thing. You doing trying to do beacons for these measly little tokens for whatever a hundred or 500 components when other people got complete robots that's for fucking sure. Will all the beacons are gone and it's Canyon where tell Gareth doesn't do so well let's face it he don't do well anyways when it comes to Rockets but did he get a active module slot fuck no did he get a passive module slot fuckno was he a gold robot at one time yes he was. Why does he not have either of the module slots. Anyways the pursuer don't do too well either those are my beak and Grabbers so needless to say I didn't get no beacons. Good looking out but I lost 10 League points for my clan. So we can't leave matches but you can go ahead and drop as soon with matches at our way already started huh what's up with my sticky controls they're going to stick forever aren't they. I'm just pissed another one of these token selling events. I wish I never started playing this game.

DugMaster13 days ago

to begin with, on the graphics: on my platform, we play by the computer, what hell of a problem do you have to leave the supermegablaster graphic? You've done it before, let us choose the quality according to our PC. it's past time.

Problemchild190413 days ago

Here's another issue, did I forget to mention. Right now capturing the beacon at Power Plant you know the one back in front of the Shipwrecked in the sand. Running the gallahan after capturing that Beacon I aim my weapons in between the drums or whatever they are they're laying on their side with the gap. Having the Falcon jumping in the air go to fire the weapons and the menu screen pops up bang right in front of everything I'm doing so I have to stop firing weapon and reach up with my thumb and hit the x button not one not two not three but four times. To get the menu screen to get out of the way by then the Falcon has finished my gallahan. What kind of crap is this man. This has been happening for a while this is not right. What a bunch of crap man just totally annihilated us. I also noticed this on some of predators videos on YouTube. But I guess he is just a much calmer player it casually hits the x button maybe I'm wrong but that's what I saw anyways it's not right. It's way up in the top right corner I'm swiping down lower to turn the robot or to fire the weapons correct.

GgeCo13 days ago

With 5.2 patch, i cant play the game, it always crashes, and because of it, i have been punished, what should i do picsonic?
Is it my fault? Need help pls.

Problemchild190413 days ago

How about sticking controls my controls have been sticking in my game for a fucking year. The last 2 months they got really worse so I contacted this company. And then developers wanted me to upload videos to YouTube which I did. That was May 20th my controls are still sticking it's like being locked down with the stupid lockdown weapons they're stupid something this game didn't need. Lock you in place become a Target dummy cool. Well not only do I deal with the lockdown weapons I deal with the sticking controls and it's the same thing. They just give me the runaround. They have me Upload videos to YouTube so they can see the problem that was on May 20th here we are in July. And my robot still do the same fucking thing. And this event ,no ,this is tokens for sale. For gambling. Fucking event sucks. But they make way more money off this event don't you guys you'll be buying a lot of them tokens. I new it wood be another one of these gamble a thon's. And You know promoting your pilot for 500 gold I can't promote five of them. I can't even promote one of them. Where the fuck are we supposed to get that much gold As fast as those motherfukers need to be promoted. Come on now. The game really sucks now but I'm hanging on you people are fucked up. They'll never fix matchmaking. And the Aries robot what a joke that's all there is been this game is purple Shields a purple ribbon up in the health bar huh. And the punks that run them think they're so fucking the shit.

Prisonguard13 days ago

These updates are good, but it should also be a bit of a matter of sharing the games with the 12 mk2 robots that do not put the same weapons with the 6-9 robots! The man does not get up yet, but has been shot down without touching the mouse !!! I believe pay players should be given some advantage but not in that !!! Have them own a small game on a separate track and show each other how great they are! If it were sorted out again it would be like a game from the beginning !!! It would be fun to play with her, which unfortunately cannot be said about her !!! Unfortunately, I can't do that to spend money on developing weapon robots, so I stay suffering and slowly as I can develop it! If I can!!!

Sexyman13 days ago

So update 5.2 means less silver for everyone, while feigning that you did these amazing updates? Good guise as always.

Reminds me of your economy changes so you could make it impossible to upgrade without thousands of dollars.

Why don't you just switch this whole game right to pay as you play? Not much difference now, just fully commit. Then no one can complain, 5k$ a full bot, per bot, sounds right. ;-)

TÆMBØ13 days ago

It just hurts me to see all these people just screaming at pixonic to fix all these little issues like lag. Your game is lagging because you probably have an old electronic like me. And some people just post their pilot id’s and platform expecting to get some sort of prize for no reason. When will you guys learn...

EindelCore13 days ago

The robots with absorbing attacks have too long time for being invincible. So far all most all robots have advantages and shortcomings at the same time, but the robots with absorbing attacks do not. You have to fix this unbalance otherwise it is very clear that there will be full of Nemesis, Hades, or Ares in short.

NY-LUNG14 days ago

June 30, I have 1630/1800 battle award. After the update, my battle award 265249/650000.
I was 90% complete to get the final award but pixonic sent me back to 40%.
Give me back my hard working progress or give me a good reason !!!

R0ck_0n14 days ago

Why am I still fighting full squads and whales with 12k+ points when I'm only 6k+ points?
How long more are you going to hold back your BALANCE on Ares Ao Jun and last stand? Haven't made enough?

Improve more important things like matchmaking instead of doing these simple braindead tweaks to the game u greedy scumbags

Sexyman14 days ago

Oh great, another update where you take stuff from your consumers and make them have to grind harder just to get ahead. Congrats, so cool to have to spend 2 months to level one item with paid membership. You guys are crooks.

MechGamer14 days ago

Do we get 25% off to upgrade cost in this new event?

TheRexYo15 days ago

Jagadhari123 , Unfortunately, this actually benefits Champ players more than it does lower league players, because they fight “More Honorable Foes” (aka Ao Jun and Ares) far more often. But either way, it’s getting a little rough battling towards champ, but at least Pix is trying to help! Good luck on the battlefield, and have a good day!

REDOBELIX15 days ago


REDOBELIX15 days ago


REDOBELIX15 days ago


REDOBELIX15 days ago


Nikhil16 days ago


Nikhil16 days ago


vamsi10916 days ago

NJBICO iOS please

Sylvain Audet16 days ago

HONOR SYSTEM. No4 does not work. Capturing beacon doesn't give shit unless you are No.1 in grabbing beacons. So if you grab 5 and someone else grabs 6, you get 0 points AND plays no part in your battle ranking.... basically still sucks

Barish16 days ago

im a steam player ut i dont have the update, why?

Napoleon17 days ago

bạn có thể sửa lại thiết kế chân của falcon không, trông nó không được cân xứng với phần thần to lớn bên trên.

Archangel1974 17 days ago

Targeting switches target at random even when Target-Lock is applied. Please address this issue.

Archangel1974 17 days ago

can you please fix the skipping robot feet... when i walk down any incline my bots feet studder. this was a problem before, but was specific to dash bots or so I believe.


Sylvain Audet17 days ago

Honor point rework !!! ALLE-***-LULLIA . THank you, you deserve my money again now.

Legolas17 days ago

The game is freezing all the time

Pooya17 days ago

The new update has too many lags specially when I'm playing with spectre ,even when I'm switching my targets ,with all my bots,I see the lags(the movments are slow)

Problemchild190418 days ago

( WOW )

Pir8te18 days ago

Y not fix all the stuff that needs fixing b4 adding more "stuff". Game (4 me) is wicked laggy now.

Dhruba18 days ago

It's a good update. But where is the beacon capture animation and "king of the hill" battle mode

XPabloX18 days ago

Buena jugada, estas actualizaciones ayudarán a bastante gente, bien hecho War Robots, saludos. BNF76W Gameroom

Amaury Salvaterra18 days ago

Gostei muito da atualização 5.2 de war robots. Pessoal eu não tenho nenhum robô de alta segurança e não sei se eu vou ganhar essas ofertas não! Único meu robô mais duro é leu, não dar para vocês lá da empresa envia me alguns robô fortes , como Falcón inquirilo ou outros sou muito fã de war robots por favor. Meu ID: Cabo Sargento 25 Sistema Android.

SkyExit18 days ago

Where are the shield Animations?

Ljay18 days ago

FQXO2A/ANDROID looks fun😁 .maybe put all upgrade on pilots on 1000 instead a higher price everytime you upgrade something around that idea.

Ljay18 days ago

FQXO2A/ANDROID looks fun😁 .maybe put all upgrade on pilots on 1000 instead a higher price everytime you upgrade something around that idea.

Angel Morgado18 days ago

Gracias de verdad por esta nueva actualización! Es increíble.

TheRexYo18 days ago

Also, thanks for the revamp of honor! Now I can actually get honor from capping beacons more efficiently! Only problem: how many healing robots are out there? Why not add a “Team-Repair” module that has the same gain as a regular repair module but heals allies within 50m? It should cost the same as the advanced repair module, but it’d be pretty cool!

TheRexYo18 days ago

So, can Steam play FFA yet, or what?

Edwin Pérez18 days ago

What did you do? Now I cannot play, the game freezes and the app crashes all the time.

Duyern18 days ago

This can’t be the whole update. If it is there has to be another update soon after. Don’t think I hate this update because I am very happy about these changes and now I have a chance at staying in higher leagues with lower tier equipment. I still want to see some changes to things like the ares, last stand, lockdown weapons, and maybe Ao Jun. The first three are 100% broken and OP, but the Ao Jun seems okay. I think a lot of people just fight high lvl Ao Juns leading them to think it’s OP. Either way, ares is definitely OP, as well as last stand and lockdown. I’m glad Pixonic is fixing the honor system to allow us ‘free to plays’ to stand a chance at gaining rating and honor. This is a big step in the right direction. Please don’t mess it up.

Andy Hurtado18 days ago

Me gustaría tener un robot de los nuevos para este evento muchas gracias por su gran juego ID; H5IQ3U android

MechGamer18 days ago

Sounds great. But wait! There is no 25% off to upgrade cost in this event?

Vinicius Offroad18 days ago

When are you going to apply the honor system? Because I tested here and remains the same for me.

Jagadhari123 18 days ago

Awesome job by Pixonic developers, Players from lower leagues will surely helped by these welcoming steps, Looking forward to see my fellow Commanders get progressed and don't getting bullied by Champion players anymore.
Brovo pixo...Love this game.

Jagadhari123 18 days ago

Awesome job by Pixonic developers, Players from lower leagues will surely helped by these welcoming steps, Looking forward to see my fellow Commanders get progressed and don't getting bullied by Champion players anymore.
Brovo pixo...Love this game.

Maximus doom18 days ago

HB48NE android. Cant wait to begin the event

Hritwik Ranjan18 days ago

Gotta say it now, you guys did a great job with the honor system

MEGA GARGOMON18 days ago

Wow that is a hugh improvment right now i got my tyr ready for battle

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