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4.7 Livestream Recap

by WR_Tofsla - 31.01.2019


  • Pantheon robots will become available in the Workshop after the Lunar New Year event. Nemesis will appear a week after the event,  then Hades will arrive. Ares will be the last one
  • WR Royale will be removed from the game once Lunar New Year event begins. Remaining tokens will be turned into another resource after the event. Stay tuned for news
  • The Lunar New Year is already live on Android. It will start on other platforms when the update 4.7 will become available there

Lunar New Year Event

Once the event starts, you'll start receiving new tasks. By completing them, you receive special coins that you can spend in the Hongbao Lottery.
From the lottery you get new robots, new weapons, and other prizes.

New robots: Dragons

This time we split new robots into three categories by their power and price. This way even newer pilots can see the new mechanic in action.

New flying robots will be available during the event in the Hongbao lottery. Once it concludes, they will appear in the store as well as in the Black Market.

  • Ao Qin — 3500 Au
  • Ao Guang — 7500 Au or 10000 components
  • Ao Jun — 10000 components

New weapons: Dragon Fire pack

We already have paint jobs for robots... but why not for weapons?

The Dragon Fire weapon pack is our first experiment with alternative weapon visuals. Three news guns — Blaze (light Ember), Marquess (light Dragoon), Calamity (heavy Scourge). All three will be available exclusively during the event in Hongbao Lottery. After the event is over, they will be gone.

When Blaze, Marquess, and Calamity will return, they will have a regular look. When this will happen? Follow the news!

Balance Changes

  • Invader takes reduced damage while in the air to be more reliable at damage soaking. Rayker got a third ability charge to be better at supporting (this shouldn't affect robot's dueling power though)
  • A coordinated push of 6 Hellburners is extremely hard to fight back against. It has a speed advantage, huge damage, plus Repair Kit module made it even harder to destroy. And even if you accomplish this, Hellburner usually goes like "Hell no, you're going down with me!" — and takes you out with the last explosion. We tuned this playstyle down.
  • At some levels, upgrade timers stretch for too long. We want exciting milestones to happen more often, so we cut down upgrade times across the whole weapons/robots list.
  • Griffin, Leo, and Natasha now have 1 active and 1 passive module slots. Also, we changed the slots on beginner robots like Destrier, Cossack and others.

Full patch notes

Future Plans

  • The next big update will arrive in April and will include a pack of robots, weapons, and modules — with one big mechanic we will discuss soon.
  • Late in 2018 we added measures to reduce league dropping so lower leagues see fewer high-level robots in their fights. Our data shows that the amount of uneven matches has reduced, although that is clearly the beginning. We keep working on the situation — for example, later in 2019 we plan to add a reporting system for marking unreputable pilots.


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Odie Barracudagm4 months ago

the night of the war robot, I felt that the lunar event last week was too heavy and not full during the game, is there currently a war robot there are no plans to boost more challenging games like I have suggested how to hold the best beacon capture score event for players and add 4 beacons in the middle that can survive to take within 6 seconds all the flare lights that will be maintained in the team or clan and the prize income is updated, because I have a hunch on android again sluggish robot war players because many switch to PCs because they are still on think it's more balanced compared to android ... I set the condition with some friendship on facebook ... I hope that the more successful and always innovating, I will always wait for the latest news and more exciting games from war robots, thank you .... from your best fan

LoucustMaster1174 months ago

Dang, haven't been here in about 6 months. I'm guessing it's same old same old by the looks of these comment sections? Honestly tho? Props to you Pixonic for keeping this game going, I thought it would have fallen under ages ago. I mean, the latest Halo lost a huge portion of its player base just because they made the movement mechanics a little different, so the fact that this game even still exists is an absolute miracle. (of course miracle being a subjective term)

Alexandr Privalov4 months ago

Плохо что нельзя производить драконов в мастерской(((

Pyrotech4424 months ago

I very rarely come here anymore, and I am surprised on how little comments you are receiving since last year. I remember an article with over 200 comments, now just 13 comments.

@#$&!?%4 months ago

Woh Woh Woh Pix? What happen? Only one new "stealth" bot for the noobs? What happen to all that creativity you have been selling over the past few years? What will all the noobs do with only one additional stealth bot available to add to their hanger?

Some suggestion so "stealth" noobs can remain competitive:

The "Spec-echi" - Stealth is perpetually active. Using its "jump-dash" ability deactivates stealth and while airborne the bot has 6 dashes.

The "Pur-cury" - This little beast can "stealth-dive" to the nearest enemy. When it hits the enemy, the bot turns into ash. For 30 seconds after the "stealth-dive" it remains in stealth and the following text in a robot voice can be heard "All skill. All skill. Look at me noobs. All skill".

Tumdurgal4 months ago

I wonder if they'll take the ingame reporting system as seriously as they did the out of game one. Multiple reports and never any action taken.

It would be easier and simpler to go back to hangar based match making.
Select hangar.
Select mode.
Start game.

Evenly balanced teams. But that doesn't generate money for Prixonic.

rabidwolfman19704 months ago

Today I won an Ao Qin Bot in the Hongbao Lottery. I made a video using it and have a screen shot of it in my inventory. I upload the video and shared it to the War Robots Facebook page, logged back in and the entire account was wiped to default like I
never had an account. CAUGHT YOU! I have proof I had it. I want my account back like it was with everything you see in the photo and video below.
Either I want my status back with what I had or compensation for what it's
worth. This is unfair and I'm reporting this to Google, Facebook, and the
BBB! You give people a prize and then don't like it that they didn't have
to pay for it and wipe their account so they can't report it. Well I have
proof! Please fix it back like it was or compensate me in AU (gold) for
what you erased.

Tiago Peczenyj4 months ago


I recently start to play in a new account, from scratch, and I note it is pretty difficult for newbies to get better equipment without pay some amount of money.
To be possible help newbies, I would like to suggest few small changes in War Robots, lets see if someone agree:
1. Should be possible buy some weapons ( Orkan, Taran, Magnum, ... maybe Scourge ) for a big amount of Silver ( + 10M ) for the FIRST TIME. From the second the player should pay gold and if he sold, it is lost. Depends of the Hangar, One extra weapon can add more fun. Perhaps It may works for Medium/Light Weapons and maybe one Heavy.
2. I think there is space for a better tutorial for all kinds of game modes. I note there is some newbies who have really no idea what is going on, they just jump and attack without think in the beacons, etc. Me included.
3. Upgrade time less or equal to 5 minutes should be skipped for free ( instead 1 or 2 gold- but the player should press some button for this ), I used to play a game ( Titan Forge ) who offer this feature and was nice.
4. Will be nice see Silver Bots with special abilities ( or cheap gold like the new Bolt ).
5. Will be interesting be able to "rent" a (good) weapon/robot for 24 hours. Maybe this is the intent of Skirmish...

I think this can made the game more "addictive" and nice to people who start to play.


SlowDeath4 months ago

Haha. I read this latest article and am LMFAO. Wasn't it in December that they released a video saying new robots every 3-4 months and new weapons ever couple months? Lying again Pixonic?

Oh, and your changes to prevent people from dropping leagues in another silly attempt to patch your broken matchmaking system isn't working. What if I want to run all low level bots? Like level 1-2 destrier and cossack? I still drop down and then can load my premier lineup back in and seal club.

Yay me!

You are intentionally leaving a broken matchmaking system in place to generate revenue. All that is needed is to make matches based upon a simple math formula of the hangar ability to take and deal out damage. That's all.

Everyone (except the newbies) know why you won't fix your you can continue to generate more revenue. How's that working? Saw you were down to 182 in Google Play Games revenue and also noticed the wait times are getting silly long.

Losing players? Yea, I'd say so. When I wait 4 and 5 minutes for a beacon rush match to start (no, I"m not in LPQ) and then get into matches with Diamond 3 players (I'm in Silver 1), that tells me people are tired of your B.S. and your game.

Hruthik5 months ago

Guys I have been playing your game for over one and half year and I also have almost all high tier gear but I am not able to play any mode from three days 

I waited for over an hour on the single game mode I can play but that was of no use in the menu screen here's what is happening I don't even get to choose the mode 

Please help me guys!!

I.D.  N74HQ9


Here is a video proof of it please help me guys

Herb5 months ago

Can we get a aesthetic make over for Spark? Please. Right now it looks like a super soaker.

Garunix9995 months ago

Yeah a reporting system so salty ass dick clans can just get 40 people to report someone for the heck of it.

pilot_adiel5 months ago

por favor suban un poco el escudo del bulgasari y que vuelban las llaves para el mercado negro a los cofres de suministros

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