Patch Notes

War Robots 4.7 Update Notes. Dragons & Lunar New Year!

by WR_Tofsla - 29.01.2019

In Short

  • New event: Lunar New Year
  • New robots: Dragons. [Au] Ao Qin, [Au/Comp] Ao Guang,[Comp] Ao Jun
  • Numerous balance changes: tweaks to Invader, Rayker, Hellburner and many others
  • UPGRADE TIMERS REDUCTION — full before/after comparison below
  • Module tweaks: module slots changed for Griffin, Leo, Natasha, and others
  • Bug fixes

Note: With Lunar New Year event's start, WR Royale will be removed from the game. Remaining tokens will be converted into another resource later. Stay tuned for details.

Event: Lunar New Year

Starts: TBA

More news to come later!

New robots: Dragons

Will be available once the Lunar New Year Event starts

Dragons' ability allows them to fly. With it, you can get anywhere with a perfect sense of control. When Dragons are on the maximum height, they activate an extra weapon that keeps shooting as long as you're flying.

Red Ao Qin is an affordable robot for middle leagues. When flying, it activates a long-range energy beam that automatically sticks to the target in range

Green Ao Guang is the most reliable Dragon. When flying, it takes significantly less damage from all sources. Equipped with homing missiles for mid-range shootouts

White Ao Jun is made for high-risk high-reward attacks. Built-in flamethrower works best for fighting up-close, and Stealth that activates in the flight mode lets Ao Jun cover large distances safely.

Community robot: Bolt

The community-made robot is available for purchase for Gold starting from level 5.

Balance Changes

[Buff] Invader

Developer notes
Playstyle-wise, Invader is somewhere between tank and saboteur. With higher mobility, it doesn't have much firepower and is very reliant of team coordination.
In result, Invader is too risky to play in general games. We want to make its gameplay to be more reliable and similar to what you have on other tanks. This is why we give Invader some damage reduction to help it survive while exposed in the air.

Damage resistance: +33% (while in the air + for 5 seconds upon landing)

[Buff] Rayker

Developer notes
Like Invader's, Rayker’s playstyle could get confusing. While it was initially conceived as a support robot, most pilots found much more success using Rayker as a duelist.
We empower support Rayker further by giving its ability one more charge. This means you can now keep half of the enemy team suppressed — although this won’t make much difference in duels, as once suppressed enemies get resistant to the effect for a while.

Ability charges: 2 → 3
Ability cooldown: 8 → 10 sec

[Nerf] Hellburner

Developer notes
We are happy that Hellburner found its place on the battlefield with its unconventional playstyle. However, as this robot's popularity went up, some highly exploitative playstyles started to emerge. A coordinated push of 6 Hellburners is extremely hard to fight back against. It has a speed advantage, huge damage, plus Repair Kit module made it even harder to destroy. And even if you accomplish this, Hellburner usually goes like "Hell no, you're going down with me!" — and takes you out with the last explosion.
It's time to give Hellburner's opponents an opportunity to fight back.

Ability duration: 7 → 5 sec, Ability cooldown: 3 → 5 sec
- reduces the speed advantage (Hellburner now has to close the distance more carefully)
- gives skilled Hellburner players more control over their explosions (as the delay before explosion is lower now)

Self-inflicted damage (on ability use): 15000 → 12.5% of max durability
- makes mistakes more costly on higher levels

Ability damage upon death: 59750 → 29875
- makes dying on Hellburner less rewarding

Other changes

  • [Buff] Natasha Movement speed (at level 12): 36 → 38 kph, durability: +5%
  • [Buff] Butch Movement speed (at level 12): 39 → 43 kph, durability: +10%
  • [Buff] Raven Movement speed (at level 12): 44 → 47 kph, durability: +6,5%
  • [Buff] Lancelot Movement speed (at level 12): 30 → 33 kph, side shields durability: +12,5%
  • [Buff] Stalker Movement speed: 66 kph at all levels
  • [Buff] Gepard Durability: +10%
  • [Buff] Bulwark Physical shield: +10%


  • [Buff] Shredder Bullet spread reduced
  • [Buff] Sting, Wasp Damage +10%
  • [Buff] Redeemer, Thunder Damage +5%
  • [Buff] Ion Damage +7.5%

Upgrade timers reduction

At some levels upgrade timers stretch for too long. We want exciting milestones to happen more often, so we cut down upgrade times across the whole weapons/robots list.
Full before/after comparison below:

Modules tweaks

Lots of Griffin, Leo and Natasha players had success in higher leagues, and not having benefits from active modules became a big detriment over there. In their case, we replaced one passive slot with an active one.
We also revised the module progression for earlier robots. Starter robots don't have modules anymore, while those a bit higher got 2 passive modules switched for 1 active. On these robots, it is too early to commit for deep customization, while active modules' abilities might already come in very useful.

Note: we haven't yet changed the placement of Module ability button, what many had requested. We tested new button positions on the test server, and only half of test server players agreed those were good enough, which is not enough to push the change to the live server. We keep looking for a better solution hoping to deliver it with the 4.8 technical update

  • [Adjust] Destrier, Cossack, Vityaz, Patton, Gareth, Jesse, Golem, Boa: Module slots removed
  • [Adjust] Gepard, Stalker, Rogatka, Bolt: 2 passive slots → 1 active slot
  • [Adjust] Leo, Griffin, Natasha, Doc, Fujin: 2 passive slots → 1 passive slot, 1 active slot

Community Paintjobs

Community paint jobs for Inquisitor, Mender and Weyland
Medic Mender and Reanimator Weyland (by Red Rooster), Urban Raptor Inquisitor (by Battledrone82)

Usability and bug fixes

  • [Modules] Fixed a bug causing wrong amounts of power cells on the Hangar screen
  • [Modules] Fixed a bug causing module activation button to not work properly
  • [Modules] Fixed a bug causing Battle Born and Last Stand timers not to appear correctly on Android devices
  • [UI] Fixed a bug causing item sorting in inventory to not consider items being used in another Hangar deck
  • [UI] Fixed a bug causing pilot's nicknames not being shown in combat
  • [UI] Fixed a bug causing filled equipment slots to be shown as empty
  • [Robot] Fixed a bug causing Rayker to get stuck in random places
  • [Robot] Mercury can now use the ability while being immobilized: stealth and explosion will be triggered, but robot won't jump
  • [Robot] Raijin doesn't get stuck near beacon E on Springfield


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Apunkr3 months ago

Will Wr, They have cost pixonic what little was left of their integrity. These dragons have become a pox on this game. Too goddamn strong. There is no real counter other than to hang up on them with multiple bots and that's just not practical in most situations

Lahav (Blade)4 months ago

Oooo, flying rice burner! everywhereeeee! fry ass's ha ha ha. china man love rusky, tank u for flying cracker, not real bot, this now not war robot, now 'china rule everywhere' with rice burner in ding sky. this like china real, XiJP style, shoot everyone in back, ha ha ha love Winnie-the-Pooh!!!

no balance bot, just toy cracker, not real bot, fly, spit fire, no victory, just fry ass. love fry ass, smell like Winnie-the-Pooh ha ha ha. special rice for china. we no soccer, just ping pong, play with XiJPball ha ha ha.

china dominate, world ping pong oh and Chī shǐ, yesssssss. we love XiJ style, Chī shǐ.

dis funny game, no skill, just flying fryer everywhere Ohhh, and numb-nuts, greek fuc-fuc bot ha ha ha! now china man fly on cracker, dream true, fry, fry, dream like now Xiàng xiǎo nánhái yīyàng - XiJP style ha ha ha

no skill no more, just fryer, easy kill, no skill, china man, no skill, just ping pong, Chī shǐ

really, Wúliáo game now, Zǒng shì yīyàng, Méiyǒu jìqiǎo, only XiJP style....

Yǒngyuǎn dōu shì yīyàng de :-)

Leng5 months ago

This is still the most unbalanced (after several so called balance updates lol) pay-to-win moneygrab "game" I have ever played. If you are not willing to spend real money on this excuse of a game you are better off staying away from it. Patience with upgrading your older stuff wont pay off, the new shit is just too strong. One frustrating match after the other, balance my ass, wallet warriors stomping everyone is Pixonic's "balance". I have played this on and off for almost 2 years now and the verdict is, this game sucks. Period.

Leng5 months ago

PRINCESS-AZULA!!, But them being high is the point of it, you are supposed to spend money, my friend.

Moody Stinger 5 months ago

Hellburner nerfed again really? I converted my Bulgasari components for Hellburner an I want a refund. On conversion points not the Ag. Pilot Id. MNEEE9 Android.

Lahav (Blade)5 months ago

Aaahhhh, a nuver update! Ooooo! Flying rice burner's!!! OOohhh yeahhhhh, i ride fire cracker now, fry everyone ass!!!
OOooohhhh, the rusky luv the chinaman, make me special fire cracker, breathe fire, fry rice, special.

Nooooooo, not real world robot, just dream boat flying cracker (LMAO). Yeessss, special tankyou to rusky, we steel aircraft carry design, make copy, burn more rice. Ha ha ha.

Aaaahhh, no rebalance, just china rule now with dream boat cracker!!! breathing fire, oooohhh, i get my jollies off :-)

Just Pix fuck and me china man. Dream made in rice bowl. Soon, china make own WR with wild rice, not pussy sushi rice.

"Thankfully, many players have moved onto other games with real potential. Sadly, WR has sunk to a new low.....very low indeed. What a pathetic set up this has become. I thought herpes, airhead and numb nuts (Greek butt fuckers) were silly enough but hey, Pix must and will "make a nuver update" well suited to whats left of it's player base - china!

Pix, what will you do when china man make his own WR??? It's on the way in case you hadn't noticed! Do you need a link???

Anyway players, enjoy the circus! Enjoy the special fried rice! Such a boring, predictable game....still.

Dark Jak5 months ago

Can you convert my tokens to either gold or power cells? Idc which one it is just do either gold or power cells. Please an thank you

Dark Jak5 months ago

Can you convert my tokens to either gold or power cells? Idc which one it is just do either gold or power cells. Please an thank you

Hruthik5 months ago

Typhoon_hunter how do i do that exactly because their support email is invalid

Typhoon _hunter5 months ago

Stermyster , It is certainly OP to receive DOT in per tick.
I agree. Let's change it to give damage every second.

Stermyster 5 months ago

Typhoon _hunter, If the amount of percentage health DOT that you were saying was in 5 sec it would be ok(i think) but if It was per tick it would be overpowered. Il give you an example. Let’s say if it was per tick. A Specter with 4 Waps lvl 12 mk2 is shooting at you. the DOT will deal 1.2% damage per second. So you lose around 6% in 5 second from just 1 bullets of each 4 Wasps. The Wasps has 5 clip before reloading. So if get hit with all of the bullets, you will lose around 30% of you’re hp just from the DOT. On top of that, 4 Waps mk 2 lvl 12 deals 15920 damage per bullets( if all 4 Wasps hits you). Keep in mind that if it was in the game, the percentage health DOT could have been stronger per upgrades. The direct damage might be weak to tank bots, but the DOT will be the problem, And bots that has low hp for example a Ares, will get shred by the DOT and the direct damage. The percentage health damage might be fun to play with, but it’s really unpleasant to fight against in most
PVP game

Typhoon _hunter5 months ago

Typhoon _hunter, It is continuation. I have recognized that the corrosion effect up to now is corrosion damage × hit number + corrosion damage × 5s, but it did not match the fact that the corrosion effect increases as the number of hits increases.
For that reason now I understand the corrosion effect specification correctly, so I think that it is not bad so far as it is now.
Example Time taken to destroy a falcon (also considering reload time)
Avenger × 3 Fury [40s]
Viper × 3 Fury [12s]

Typhoon _hunter5 months ago

Hruthik, You ignored the warning and you repeatedly leave in the middle of the game.
Therefore it is isolated from regular server. If you do not remember, please do sneaky fighting.
So, the official operation will make mistakes that you misunderstood for LQ by making you do cheat so that it is "a correct action, not a mistake".
So please report it to the WR team so that it does not.
New members will accept your report and immediately return from the quarantine server to the original server.

Hruthik5 months ago

Guys I have been playing your game for over one and half year and I also have almost all high tier gear but I am not able to play any mode from three days 

I waited for over an hour on the single game mode I can play but that was of no use in the menu screen here's what is happening I don't even get to choose the mode 

Please help me guys!!

I.D.  N74HQ9


Here is a video proof of it please help me guys

Stermyster 5 months ago

Typhoon _hunter, Percentage health damage? Eh, idk. This is an interesting idea but it will destroy the tank bot. If the Viper has a percentage health damage, it could possibly be better than the Avenger. Even tho, robot that are using Orkans or Exodus are a good counter to tank bots. They can maybe make it so the DOT ignores damage resistance since were starting to get more and more bots with damage resistance. Right now, we got the Falcon, the Invader, The Ao Guang and the Battle born modules that has damage resistance. And we only got 4 tank bots: the Falcon, the bulwark, the Invader and the Lancelot with an Ancile Sheild. Your idea is not bad but it could end up into balance problems

Typhoon _hunter5 months ago

If so, what do you think if the effect of corrosive weapons turned into a percentage attack?
Let's say that Sting is 0.125% per second, Wasp is 0.3% per second, and Viper is 0.2% per second.
Regardless of whether the durability is high or low, it keeps constant damage. Therefore, the corrosion effect is not necessarily effective even for robots with low durability, and it will be effective only for robots with damage resistance.

Problemchild19045 months ago

This web page was partially put in place for you the war robots team, to be able to communicate with the people, the players. But yet you never participate and answer questions. ( THE UPGRADE TIMES HAVE NOT CHANGED ON MY ANDRIOD & IVE TRIED COUNTLESS TIMES TO CONTACT YOU & STILL NO ANSWER. IM GONNA CALL GOOGLE PLAY AND TALK WITH THEM . IVE DONE IT IN THE PAST AND GOT A CALL BACK IN LESS THAN 5 MINUTES. AND ACTUALLY TALKED TO A HUMAN BEING. THE CALL WAS NOT ABOUT THIS GAME.

Aspen5 months ago

I just did the 4.7 update and noticed that Rogatka only has Active module and No Passive slots available. They simply do not show up.
As for an added buff with Rogatka to make more playable in higher leagues.

+ 10km/hr increase to 70 km/h Top Speed
+ 7% increase to Durability

Vizmo5 months ago

On a positive note... I will say that this has been one of the better updates in a long time. The new dragon bots/weapons are not ridiculously OP, yet still desirable, and you've made some upgrade concessions to lower tier players.

I think the new skins are cool and affordable.

I don't think just two tickets per task is very popular--it makes WR seem very cheap. It would have been better to award 6, and just tweak the odds/rewards to accommodate. I spent $20 and thought the rewards were fair for new content release.

Vizmo5 months ago

Vizmo, *** Spiders should not be slowed by soft terrain, nor incline ramps.

Vizmo5 months ago

Funny how WR sneaks in the subtle fixes, you don't mention it in the updated notes.. Like how if you lock your scourges on a target and it stealth jumps, you now have to re-lock the target your targeting system auto switched to. Fair enough, right? Except that your targeting system is messed too. So if I switch my lock from one target and it hits some 700m guy (fairly common on linear or large maps), then I loose lock again. Is it so hard to get the targeting system to start with closer guys first? I know this sounds nit-picky, but fixing the aiming system is like the number one request from players, and you guys keep ignoring it. If you can't add some intelligence to the aiming system (closest in range, closest to crosshair azimuth) then let players customize the targeting window bigger or smaller, OR a settings option to lock target once a player starts firing.

Inspired by you FB Fujin post, just want to repeat a suggestion.. Spider bots should be slowed by inclines, nor soft ground (dreadnought)--the all terrain benefit of 4 legs. Also, let all spiders have the climbing prowess of the Rajin or Weyland. That'd make them really cool without upsetting the tier system.

Last, let players buy Boa, Goblin, or Schutze for $$ on rare specials. I promise you people would bite at the chance.

My .02

half life75 months ago

Tento update se mi líbí Jsou tu super roboti ale proč mně nejde nahrávat na YouTube?

half life75 months ago

Tento update se mi líbí Jsou tu super roboti ale proč mně nejde nahrávat na YouTube?

Typhoon _hunter5 months ago

I am very satisfied with this upgrade.
However, I could not convince only Natasha's speed Buff.
Although Natasha is a high-firepower robot, it has a speed close to 40 kph, so the existence of the old-type robot (Vityz, Boa, Golem) is ignored.
It was impossible for me to understand why the robot that can be purchased for free is given preferential treatment.

Hruthik5 months ago

Guy I can't play any mode other than domination and skirmish so please help me
Platform Android

G-dog776 months ago

Lucky 💯

G-dog776 months ago

War robots, if you read this, could you let me know?

G-dog776 months ago

Server: Amazon fire

G-dog776 months ago

Thanks for the update.
I very much enjoy playing war robots.
I love the Dragons and I'd love to get a Ao Jun.
I like the Magnums infinite amount of amo and the rate of fire it has.
So I'm wondering if you could incorporate these things into a medium and heavy version?
Thank you for your time.
Have a great day!

Stermyster 6 months ago

Fatality 007, Idk, but i can give somme infos. The bolt will be a low league dash bot. You get it with components or with gold. I do not know what would be the price. Pix said it will be in low league since it will have only 1 active module . I don’t think it will be stronger than a kumiho or a persuer.

Shaun Finnegan6 months ago

Please tell me 4.7 update will be today., need it TODAY!

For the iOS

Win Raven6 months ago

Why the trident has no changes on upgrade time?

Deathscythe6 months ago

From what level is the event available on PC?

Deathscythe6 months ago

From what level is the event available on PC?

Fatality 0076 months ago

What is Bolt there isn't any information on it.

Fatality 0076 months ago

I think that Pixonic should be fixing the economy not adding more bots and weapons to make up for the high prices and the broken economy. I think that these bots are awesome but every time I see a new bot come out everyone wants it and it is awesome, peoples hopes are dashed by the broken economy and the insanely high prices. Then the bot becomes almost obsolete just like the fury, rhino, kumiho, and the two spider bots.

Tip of advice PIX if you fixed the game specifically the economy and made the bots and weapons, THAT AREN'T EVEN REAL BECAUSE THEY ARE IN A VIDEO GAME, cheaper you would get more people to pay and everyone would be happy. So please do it. Happy Lunear New Year Everyone!

Stermyster 6 months ago

Will Wr, The red dragon will cost 3500 gold after the Lunar event and the other can only get by purchase or with components. The dragon will probably be on the workshop around end of March or April. The green one will be probebly be cheaper than the white one since the white is the strongest of all three. Duing the event, I do not know how hard will be to get them tho.

Eliteflanker6 months ago

Does anyone know when the update comes out on ios?

Redzuan Azman6 months ago

Chinese pilots should shine bright in the game with their dragon bots 😁. Let's take advantage of time reduction 🕛. Let's play for the fun☺. Nice update for Natasha and some old bots, got tougher and a bit faster.Finaly an update that have some good things..
Warrobot is best game ever

Redzuan Azman6 months ago

Chinese pilots should shine bright in the game with their dragon bots 😁. Let's take advantage of time reduction 🕛. Let's play for the fun☺. Nice update for Natasha and some old bots, got tougher and a bit faster.Finaly an update that have some good things..
Warrobot is best game ever

Will Wr6 months ago

Anyone know what the dragons cost?????

Chamma6 months ago

Any update about Royale token conversion?

Lahav (Blade)6 months ago

Let's see, my last comments date back to late 2018. What has changed? I really don't need to answer that question.

Recommendation PIXFUCKUP

Why don't you start a new game called WR Reloaded (starring Spectre, Bulg, Griff and other non pre-school wanker bots). That is to say, a basic hardcore version of the game. No magic wands, no modules, no rules.

Let's say, limit the weapon selection to missiles, kinetic only.

Let's say, the only way you're able to play this game is through subscription only, I'd say $10 USD / month. A constant, steady revenue stream.

How many Champions would return with their old hanger of BOTS, poised and ready to demonstrate their skill??? I would...

Let's say you run a test server based on this scenario - what is there to loose? I would say, nothing at all. You have everything to gain.

The hard core game would be fast, dash bots would return, bulg would have a presence on the battlefield (just take a look at it), Spectre, well, we all know that would be the BOT to take down most of the comp.

Shit......i forgot, no imagination, no servers or internet bandwidth, too many problems to seriously consider a hardcore version of the game. Continue to turnover your player base with a boring predictable game. You could of course consider bringing all the serious players back....nope, never going to happen.

I'll drop in again in six months to review the comments. I would bet my left testicle that the list of negative comments will be just as they have been now for the last few years.

TÆMBØ6 months ago

Sebbo, I'm on iOS and right now Facebookgameroom has 4.7 but not me. It's because Pixonic updates people's games platform by platform because think about all the pressure severs get if pixonic sends the update to about 120 million clients at once. I'm in California and I get the updates between 2:00 AM - 6:30AM Can't wait for 4.7 EEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!

G-dog776 months ago

Thanks for the update.
I have been wondering if you could possibly make a medium or heavy Magnum? I think it would complement many robots including a Dragon that I currently am trying to get. Thank you for your time. ID: KOSELL server: Amazon fire

Xgui46 months ago

Sebbo, It normal the update on Android only for NOW

TerribleTom6 months ago


Botkiller6 months ago

I've been playing this game for less than a month but have done extensive research on various bots, weapons, and how if Pixonic could, they'd reach through the screen and steel our wallets. Right now I'm at lvl 25 in silver league. What I'm most curious about is how much the Ao Qin will cost. I have less than 10 million silver and a lot of that has been going towards upgrades and Spectre components. Spending 5 mil on a Fujin turned out to be the best decision I ever made in this game, but at that time my bots and weapons were lower levels and didn't cost as much to upgrade. The Ao Qin sounds like it could be a good asset, especially for beacon capping, but If Pix makes it the most expensive silver bot in the game it better be worth it. I wouldn't be surprised if other mid league players feel the same.

Also, is Pix going to have to start losing significant amounts of money before they rethink there in-game purchases system? My problem isn't so mush as how they try to force you to pay with unfair matches as much as it's with the prices. It'd be one thing to pay let's say, $10 for a robot, but $100! Are you freaking kidding me! Let's put this into perspective. For a full hangar of component bots without additional upgrades or weapons, you'd have to pay $500. Or, you could buy a brand new Xbox and use the money you would've spent on weapons to buy a few games. I think I know which one I'd have more fun with. Not everyone can throw a few hundred bucks down the toilet without a second thought Pixonic, PLEASE keep that in mind.

Problemchild19046 months ago

Who ever is responsible for making the decisions. Why would you have three passive And1 active module slot on for example mender another example pursuer which are medium robots. But finally give which is great an active module slot to Natasha Leo Griffin but take away one of their passive out of there 2 passive module slots. Do they got to have that much of a disadvantage over the new robots I mean come on guys. Why would you take one of the passive module slots away from those robots they're already at a major major disadvantage there's no special ability. Except for Griffin has a jump ability. And the speed buff for Natasha why does it have to be level 12 same thing with Lancelot and Butch why do they got to be level 12 to get the speed buff Fury didn't have to be level 12. It's hard not to get pissed off just thinking about some of the stuff that you guys do come on man. Also what about Leo he couldn't get a speed buff. He don't deserve it. On the battlefield time totem pole so to speak all those robots double quadruple the amount of time as he's other new robots that got all the good stuff. Another thing it's 20 power cells to activate the active module. Why been out of power cells and the gold league chest whatever it's called there's four hundred power cells so how many times are they going to get deactivated in one battle how many battles are you getting out of 400. Per se the amount of battles it takes to get to that chest again to get 400 more.. how many battles does it going to take to get to that chest again 100 200/300. It's going to take a lot not to mention getting the silver to upgrade. Just getting just disgusted I really slow down on playing your game. Alright you have a good one. I'm not watching no more your ads though that's for sure they leave all kinds of bullshit in your phone. For all you players that don't know videos get left behind in your phone lots of them like in the megabytes guys. Get SD Maid and check it out it takes a little bit of time can use to SD Maid which is a system cleaner but you will see. This is voice type so there may be some words out of place I'm not going to proofread it because it's so hard to move this little box at the top of the screen it's only about a half of an inch tall in the whole page goes up and down when you try to move it to proofread so blah blah blah blah blah anyways there it is.

Sebbo6 months ago

It doesn't seem to let me download the new update on my Amazon fire.It says War Robots doesn't need updating! 😵

BOOMROBO43596 months ago

Pixonic , please do something about the silver cost for upgrade, componant making and all module updates.......
That much silver we need now,but you are giving newer robots so we have to also upgrade them....
So think about the silver cost,,and do something about it...😘😘

Tiago Peczenyj6 months ago

Can we expect the return of Boa, Golem and Schutze (this one deserve multiple module slots) ?

Mikehammer016 months ago

Dvoltz, I think dosen't mean you're gonna lost your upgraded module, only 1 slot so your one upgraded module just put it in other robot.

WR Wolf6 months ago

Popsacone, tankers using them a lot
this nerf makes tankers lowing their league faster :((

Dvoltz6 months ago

What about passive modular compensation for the 2 removed from Natasha? I had 2 maxed out nuclear reactors removed at 3 mill per upgrade x4 total. I didn't get any silver back when you removed them.

ChaosBudz6 months ago

Update looks alright, still waiting. how about y'all pay out for the Christmas challenge video I put almost 6 hrs into that, I won and still haven't received anything, if theres a challenge maybe you should prepare yourselves to pay them out instantly not over a month wait that's insane otherwise, look forward to playing against the new bots I snipe little sh*ts out the sky all the time with my tridents thank you and keep on improving take notes from other comments like the one about #paytowin now iam not innocent I've paid you enough lol but if you wanna be rich its not grabbing at people pockets its making the system work like nobody's feeling robbed or forced to buy something to play a game. Look at pubg or fortnite them people making bank a lot more then you get on there lvl they aren't out there like gimme gimme gimme like me right now gimme gimme gimme my robot and 40mil silver like goddamn its been a wait for that- Facebook Gameroom - HA2BEQ - Ares thank you and keep up the semi-positive direction work :D

kevin6 months ago

how about thermite? you not buff this weapon? thermite like stupid weapon in hard slot..

Pushkar6 months ago

Plz! buff the orkans

Roofus Maximus6 months ago

Please bring back passive module for Rogatka.

Duyern6 months ago

cheekymonkey, I hate how you compare this game to battle Royale games. Obviously a battle Royale games isn’t pay to win, because then it would be a real battle Royale game. The whole point of a battle Royale is for everyone to start of equal and find loot during the match, so making it p2w wouldn’t make it a true battle Royale anymore. WR is much different than Fortnite, don’t you even dare compare WR to that.

Allapati Niranjan6 months ago

Please reduce the upgrading cost robots or wepones

Stermyster 6 months ago

Im happy the hellburner got nerf. I know that a lot players that were working/upgrading on it will be disappointed but these things were like an must have lock-down weapon/module to counter them. What you can do against a full squad of 6 hellburners, decently lvled and with healing module. We would only be able to cap our home beacon in a brawling map. It’s like and instant win for them. I don’t have a hellburner because I knew these things will get nerf one day. Buffing the Invader...oh boy. i did not think that they would buff that. Since this thing is already hard to kill. Reducing the upgrade time is nice.

The only thing that I’m worry is that New Ao Jun robot(The White dragon robot). Since this thing is the one that has the most hp than the other dragon, fly faster than the other dragon, has 2 heavy weapon and it has stealth. I know that we got the anti-stealth module but, it like the only thing that can save you from that dragon. If you don’t have that module, you can say goodbye to your robots. In my opinion the Ao jun is a nother version of the persuer...but worst. You can’t 1v1 it without the anti-stealth module, It can kill you easily and retread without problem. I love and I hate you Pix, constantly making the game fresh by adding big updates and the game is fun to play, but making the game grindy and P2W. Cheers

cheekymonkey6 months ago

Too little, too late. Hurray, you reduced upgrade times for lvl 11-12 menders from 11 days to 8... And that's for one robot and one level only. Extrapolate that out to 5 bots and 20 or so weapons, you get how many frickin days? And too bad that when players spend all that silver/gold/time building, you'll end up nerfing them anyways. Why would anyone bother to spend any more $? What kind of idiot would do that?

Some recommendations if you want people to start playing and paying again:
Fix the basics. Start with match making so we're not playing against people twice as powerful as we are (stop denying it, it happens). Make it fair and fun. Fix targeting so it doesn't acquire a different target in the middle of unloading a volley of missiles. That's just one example. Improve target lock/stability. Make the economy reasonable. Make upgrade times reasonable. Take a good lesson from other battle royale games like Fortnite. Lots of players, very little in app purchases, no #paytowin, yet Epic games is now worth 15 billion!

Stop the whiplash balance changes. Take your time, test the hell out of the bots and gear before releasing. Get player feedback. You're releasing too often too fast before thoroughly understanding the impact to the game. As mentioned above, you're allowing players to use up their currency and time to build the new OP weapons/bots, then nerf soon after. This is a game destroyer. I for one, stopped spending any $ in the game. I try to convince my friends to do the same until things change.

Get rid of the modules. These add nothing to the game. They benefit the spenders, so I understand it's likely to be revenue driven by design, but you're furthering the imbalance between new and middle ranked players and the champ leaguers. I'm a low level champ league and there is a huge chasm between my hangar and the top guys. They were easily twice as powerful, and now even more with TNR, Heavy Armor, last stand. Why the hell did you add quantum radar? Imagine how all the people that were spending their time and $ building stealth bots feel when that was released... Ridiculous. Again, you're guaranteed to lose a chunk of paying customers with that strategy, and the more you lose, the more difficult it will be for matchmaking as you'll have smaller groups of players to match against each other.

Lowest priority:
More & better maps that allow players to use brawlers and range and everything in between. Visuals. UI. You might convince me that a chat system would be useful, but not until you resolve the fundamental issues.

You might still have some time to reverse some very poor decisions, but until I see that happening, I'm not dropping another penny.

Problemchild19046 months ago

How come after installing the 4.7 update I just got another one that was small less than 50 megabytes I want to say maybe 7. This happen to anyone else. I checked the Carnage upgrade time still 4 days 14 hours from lvl 10 to lvl 11. What's really going on Pix

Stormbringer6 months ago

Ecstatic to hear about this update. Other games had me prioritize them over WR, with a major factor being how much of a grind gaining some items were. Although silver consumption may need to be tweaked yet, as might gold due to the shift to that currency for some formerly Au/component split items, this is a MAJOR step in the right direction and it should be enough to bring me back to the game. I also ask my fellow players to end the boycott. The Pixonic devs need to eat too, and starving them of funds reduces the amount of servers they can run.

Gabnar6 months ago

Gabnar, Replying to my own comment that’s the equivalent speed of a lvl 9 pursuer...

[.SK]Sokar.svk6 months ago

This is a good update and I'm happy about it.
As a maxed out Invader player, I'm now going to take a minute of silence for the red teams.

Gabnar6 months ago

Oh and stalker
Forget everyone putting time and money in the game to get the fastest bots let’s just give it everyone by default now

Problemchild19046 months ago

I just checked my leased Carnage of yours a couple of minutes ago to upgrade it from level 10 to 11 is 4 days 14 hours, which should add up to 120 hours. THE NEW UPGRADE TIME says level 10 to 11 is 64 hours. And from level 11 to lvl 12 is 72 hours. So can You guys take care to fix that. I took the time to email you like it say after looking at the weapon/robots stat sheet like it says to do if we notice any errors or how ever it is written a month or two ago. Because its alot less on that sheet ,its not 64 hours ,but alot less

Problemchild19046 months ago

Hemu, But Natasha and Lancelot got to be lv 12 to get speed boost, Natasha no problem. But Lance is a ton of silver & around a month from lv 9 & up. They be the first to have to be lv 12 to get max speed. I just don't get the logic

Daniel Lee6 months ago

Ha ha ha.!hooray for shorter uograde times. As if silver was not hard enough to earn already now we need to earn it even quicker.... still. I guess we could always purchase some.... sly move pixonic....
Still the hellburner nerf was actually q good move.... packs of them grabbing beacons in rush was just ludicrous. There was no defense and it made for a very poor game

Problemchild19046 months ago

MadCaties, All have to double check. Because isn't it the modern version of Geperd <<< maybe wrongly spelled. ✌

Gabnar6 months ago

Pak WR, Truth, not easy updating a Hellburner plus a heavy weapon

Popsacone6 months ago

T3RM1NATOR, I’m sorry. I meant:
Self-damage: 20% of HP
It means that they should play it as a tank and use the ability only to kill bots, NOT to take beacons.

Gabnar6 months ago

Axel, I completely agree, I built 4 spectre with tarans, orkans and shocktrain, bot and all weapons nerfed.
And now also my Hellburner

Gabnar6 months ago

Thanks for “stealing” from me yet again, every time I update something you nerf it.
Just spent 10 days and money on a hell burner and without using it it’s nerfed.
To say I’m disappointed and furious is an understatement and a rare use of polite language in such circumstances.

Axel6 months ago

I'm tired of trying hard to upgrade robots investing millions in them, to finally see them nerfed. I was so pissed off after the Haechi nerf, i'm not wanting to play with it anymore, and now the same with the hellburner. Pixonic it's nice to make the game progress, but all your updates aim to make us buy more (like with the active modules - that you cannot even remove - draining gold, and all those new robots and weapons making older ones obsolete)

Boa6 months ago

Android 003EGY exellents ajustements!! Tres bonne Maj !et surtout un bon nouvel an chinois👍👍👍

Simon May6 months ago

T3RM1NATOR, Generally means 'to be advised', but I'd have thought they'd know when they were starting their own event...

T3RM1NATOR6 months ago

What does TBA mean?(event start)

Hemu6 months ago

Needs More durability for Natasha and Griffin... Great update.....👍👍👍👍 And Happy Chinese New year...

'Erdem Bakkal6 months ago

Blitz is very slow. It needs some more acceleration.

TerribleTom6 months ago

Great job with the upgrade times.

Popsacone6 months ago

I have an idea for the Hellburner:

Max HP: 200.000
Self-damage: -10% of HP
Everything else stays the same. (5s ability, 5s reload, etc.)

How about that, Pixonic?

Popsacone6 months ago

I have an idea for the Helburner:

Max HP: 200.000
Self-damage: -10% of HP
Everything else stays the same.

How about that, Pixonic?

backtothefront6 months ago

Get the module button OFF of the screen.
I don't use the princess bullshit, never will. Now it's just sitting right where my thumb will sweep. I had read others complain about this, but since I never chose to enable these things it wasn't an issue for me. (Or maybe it was because I run Griffins.

I honestly don't give shit what the reason is. I want the fucking button OFF my screen. You are just lowly drug dealers. You put this crap there so it gets depended on by the weak willed. Then its pay up time, right?

Get it off the fucking screen Pixonic.

Bathman786 months ago

I don't understand why all these new bots have extra built-in weapons.... When the Ares uses its ability it is basically attacking with 8 weapons..... Now there are flying ..... F'ing Flying Robots with extra weapons and reduced damage while flying or stealth.... WOW... Just WOW.... smh.....

REIGESS6 months ago

Well, this new update is a step in the right direction, although I don't really understand removing modules from some mechs and reducing the slot types in others. I feel that all mechs should have at least 3 passive spots and one active for modules. I do appreciate the consideration given to some of the original mechs, but that hardly makes up for the treachery they did in the 4.5 update when they underhandedly took all of those components from us players that had earned them through chests, and were saving them up for that conversion system. Their "compensation" for taking our parts wasn't really that, they just gave us the items the parts were for and some silver. WHAT A JOKE. I'll never forgive them for screwing us over. I'm considering leaving this game altogether. Darkness Rises looks pretty good at the moment.

I will say I'm happy the hellburner got watered down a bit......I hate them bastards mechs. Now, if we could only see the spectre and shocktrain go away, I'd be pleased. That shocktrain should've never been introduced. Not withstanding there have been way too many gimmick mechs introduced that are rendering the older mechs somewhat useless.

Sometimes in feel like if, who owns Pixonic, and pixonic themselves actually cared more about the results of their actions, this game wouldn't be in the garbage state it's in now, and more players would still be playing.

Bhaarghav Venkatesh6 months ago

When are ares, nemesis and Hades coming into workshop??

P1l4t36 months ago

Great game. Like the bots upgrade and weapon choice upgrade strategy. I'm hooked on domination. My platform is android. P1l4t3 q8f93n

Nitaigaursundar Das6 months ago

Although, upgrade requirements are still just too high.

Problemchild19046 months ago

You know another thing the keys for the black market above the the boxes of bronze to Silver in the gold I don't know why you got all those robots and weapons because in the bronze and silver all's you get is silver mostly and a little bit of gold and the boosters. A whole month's worth of worth of keys and I didn't get one weapon or one robot. So why don't you put the real why don't you put silver up there instead of robots and weapons and make it a larger icon cuz that's what you'll get you'll get 10000 silver 12000 silver 10000 silver 10000 silver 10000 silver and then maybe seven gold and then 10 gold and then it's back to the silver silver silver silver silver silver silver a little bit of gold and then if you do the hunter key ones it's a booster and silver silver a booster silver no robots no fury no Lancelot no Butch. Like these people like it says anything in war robots can be obtained by easily playing that's bullshit know you better have a lunch dinner and coffee and be ready to stay on the game for 12 hours a day. I apologize for being rude but you guys are rude by doing all the shit you do. Somebody's responsible for it

Sayayincacaroto6 months ago

hello congratulations for your game .. it's very interesting how it changes with each update ... a request could buff blitz I think your final speed and blood are very few should improve this as it is a robot to fight one by one and nothing more if another bot is presented, it will not be able to recharge its shield (very little resistant by the way) to cope with its scab speed average thanks

Problemchild19046 months ago

YOU DID VERY LITTLE TO INCREASE UPGRADE TIME. Because all the stuff that you put in place for us to get new robots and weapons with. That we would be able to start playing right away was the sales pitch. All that stuff you put in place you've taken away. But yet the astronomical long upgrade times still remain so what was the benefit of making the times longer and making it easier for us to get said gear. The benefit was for you guys not us. And you know it. It's a form of your brainwashing huh. You got a lot of people believe in it. But yeah you lowered silver in battle Rewards like 2/3 so you got to Play Around the Clock to earn silver to upgrade it's ridiculous you know it shows in the old videos of the YouTubers how much does silver used to pay out and also I don't know if you guys noticed this you the developers or whoever runs the show over there that's changed making all these changes. But when you go on the test server you get paid what you used to get paid in battle Rewards which is at least two-thirds more than what we get now. It's just bullshit straight out you guys do good but you fuck us some other way. It pisses me off. I've been playing this game for over a year and I'm sick of it. I love the game but I hate it because of the shit you do. Anyways. I'm tired of getting locked in place by your stupid fucking lockdown weapons and getting a shot to Pieces by everybody 5 Seconds being locked down is way too fucking long you didn't correct that though did you you make it five steps and you get blown to Pieces again cuz you get locked down instantly it's bullshit. Yeah you don't want the player base to increase up in Championship League do you. Yeah they got power cells bursting out of the seams when I watch the YouTubers play. 10,000 and shit anyways hopefully you guys have no part of War robot Warfare I'm going to try that out fuck this shit.

Alexander02106 months ago

I had my orkan on update
It's time was supposed to be reduced after updating game but it didn't. Please tell me what is the issue.

Problemchild19046 months ago

This update looks good on the surface. But my Leo, Natasha,&Griffin DO NOT have ACTIVE MODULE SLOT . You know it does not really matter anymore. I couldn't use them if they were in place. I'm out of power cells, and have been and it not all because the button to activate them that should be on the left side of the screen were there is a big spot wide open for that button. But hell NO YOU HAVE GOT IT RIGHT IN THE SWIPE TO STEER SAID ROBOT . Right next to the fire button ,so close ,that while activating the weapons. Said player could easily touch that button and activate whatever module the player chose. But since we are watching the battlefield and not the button's we don't know if it was accidentally, swiped from steering or pressed while shooting. The accidental activation is only part of the reason for not having power cells. FACT IS , NOT enough are supplied for gold, diamond or expert league's. But Master's and Champion League's got them bursting at the seams. Now why the fuck is that. And you reduced what little we get. All tell ya,you don't want that player base to grow do you. Here's another note. So Natasha & Lancelot got a speed Buff,,,,,,,(BUT),,,,,,THEY HAVE TO REACH LEVEL 12 TO GET IT. It 7 FUCKING DAYS TO GET LANCELOT TO LEVEL 10, AND THEN 8 DAYS TO LVL 11. AND 9 DAYS TO LVL 12. SOMEBODY OVER THERE ACTS LIKE WE THE PLAYERS ARE HEROIN ADDICTS AND YOU ARE THE SUPPLIERS. WELL GUESS WHAT .TIME TO INSTALL ANOTHER GAME . ASLONG AS ROBOT WARFARE IS NOT OWNED BY YOU OR YOUR CRONIES WILL TRY THAT. AS FAR AS THE ACTIVE MODULE SLOTS AND PASSIVE GO .





Rick Geomet6 months ago

Hi Pak WR, nice to see you bro, my friend from WR old school, I am agree with you too, additionally I think it is necessary that Pixonix changes its strategy for earning money

Nitaigaursundar Das6 months ago

That is pleasant update, i am going to resume spending cash on the game, slowly.

Vanilson almeid6 months ago

Muitas mudanças aparentemente boas, espero que não ocorram erros!!, Vi ali que corrigiram erros no rayker sobre ficar preso em alguns lugares, porém o invader também tem esse problema além disso a movimentação com ele é dificil em locais com muitos obstáculos, agradeço muito se puderem corrigir isso também!!

Pak WR6 months ago

Rick Geomet, Ciao Rick, happy to see you my old clanmate! I perfectly agree with you. Pixo hears to "randoms" complaints, the ones that have to face 6 hellburners coming. they don't care the efforts that those 6 players did in order to have that bot MK2!!

Hritwik Ranjan6 months ago

Ayaz Xelilov, If you consider hellburner a free bot, then mercury should also be on your list as well as the Invader. Stop complaining just for the sake of it.

Hritwik Ranjan6 months ago

Dude !!!!!!! Better late than never. I am welcoming this update. Thank you for caring for the f2p side as well. Can't wait to see the competitive scene emerge on this game as well

Pak WR6 months ago

You know when Pixo introduced Hellburner in the game? 14th March 2018.
At the beginning nobody used it simply because we couldn't chose Beacon Rush mode and hb is probably not the best solution for Domination or TDM.
But now, all top players has one hellburner in the main hangar.
It costed silver and, maybe gold.
After almost 1 year you discover that hb is OP?
Insomuch that you are not simply nerfing it, you are totally reviewing every single characteristic: speed, ability, cooldown.
At this stage why don't leave hb without weapons?
Pixo commitment for 2019 was to introduce less contents (every 3 months instead of 1) and we were all happy about that. But if you start reviewing so deeply the bots that we have, anyway you are obliging us to invest, invest, invest.
I know it's a never ending story.
But be careful Pixo.
You, Pixo, lost at least the 70% of the top players, people playing this game since years. And many will follow very soon if you don't understand that changes like this one push players to leave.
Now in Champions league you can find noobs without any idea about how the game works. The game looks to be broken, honestly since 1 year.

Ayaz Xelilov6 months ago

The only bot for free with which we could fight greek bots is nerfed. i hope people who were whining and complaining about hellburner are happy now.

Rick Geomet6 months ago

All this changes are very late and you insist in new robots when the most people don´t have the greek bots yet, a lot of good pilots are gone to other games, for example PUBG. Your decisions are doing that the battles are super unbalanced, clans very strong versus randoms very weak because their bots all low level, because you insist in the formula pay to win, remember PUBG and FORNITE earn money with other stratategy, all players have the same opportunities to win the matches.

Alex Yañez6 months ago

Я действительно взволнован с новым обновлением, они слушали сообщество. Я надеюсь, что отставание FPS в Gameroom было решено

Gokzzoff6 months ago

As an user I am really welcoming this update and expected to be good for all of us😄😄🤙🤙

PRINCESS-AZULA!!6 months ago

can you make it easier to get silver or lower the upgrade times and cost? it is really high right now

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