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WR Friday: Modules Are Back

Author - WR_Tofsla

Modules are the new kind of secondary equipment we’re currently working on. They provide interesting utility effects for your robots to augment your playstyle in new, often unexpected ways.

Does this sound familiar? That's right, Modules are back.

Since we announced them for the first time back in April, we heard many opinions. Many were excited for new playstyle-defining options and combat interactions. However, we noted three key issues after your feedback and early playtests:

  • Rising complexity. With the previous instance of modules, there was too much to track: resistances, module configurations and so on
  • Non-transparent mechanics. With the introduction of things like resistances and resistance penetration, the balance might be even harder for pilots to figure out
  • Is this the equipment for the top 1% of pilots? How long it might get until a regular Joe can at least try the Modules in action?

Considering all these factors, we decided to pull Modules back for a total overhaul. And now we are bringing them back, addressing all of these issues.

Here's what we did.

Step 1. Introduce concepts gradually

Instead of launching modules with new status effects in one bunch, we spread these mechanics across multiple updates. 4.0 brought mid-combat repairs with Mender and Weyland. In 4.1 you got Lock-down guns. Then, 4.3 introduced Suppression.

This way we ensured that pilots gradually got used to the new concepts.

Step 2. Drop the excessive weight

Resistances are gone. We had several public test sessions with them, and resistances proved to be more confusing and excessive than fun. In result, damage resistance remained a supportive mechanic for certain robots (like Falcon), but as a core balancing staple — they're out.

There're also fewer module types now. Instead of three vague categories with separate slots for each, we left just two. Now there are active modules and there are passive modules. That's it.

Step 3. Make acquiring Modules simpler

Passive and active modules will be acquired differently.

Passive modules

Like weapons, sans Mk.2

  • The first pack of passive modules will be available for Gold.
  • Each Passive Module has 6 levels
  • There is no Mk. 2 layer for Modules 

Upgrading costs per level will be higher than for all regular equipment, but even at level 1, every module will be very useful with a complete set of tactical options.

Now the interesting part.

WORK IN PROGRESS: inventory UI — now with Modules

Active modules

Free, consume resources on the use

Active modules — potentially, most desirable and most disruptive ones — are now free and non-upgradeable. Everyone can use them as long as their robot has an open active slot.

We wanted everyone to have an access to active modules, as their effects are truly game-changing. For example, a module called Frequency Shifter creates a big "do not disturb" territory: everyone inside can't be targeted from the outside, but they also can't target anyone outside. This makes everyone in the zone focus on each other until one side gets destroyed, leaves the circle, or Frequency Shifter duration ends.



Smart usage of Frequency Shifter can make or break a fight. Effects such as this one can level the battlefield and create a huge outplay potential even against stronger opponents.

Every use of an active module requires some amount of power cells to activate. Everyone will receive a fair amount of them at the beginning and then will be able to renew the supply through Battle Rewards. Alternatively, you can get cells for Gold.

Of course, there's a concern about abuse. We care a lot about setting up the right cooldown timers so those with tons of spare power cells don't cause a freaking mayhem. By our current estimates, every robot will have time to activate one module 2-3 times per spawn.

If pilots start throwing Frequency Shifters every time it's off cooldown, fights will get chaotic real quick. We want these modules to be used strategically, not sparingly. We also pay a lot of attention to visual telegraphing of modules making them obvious and counterable.


The first pack in 4.6 will include 9 modules. On the upcoming test server session, you can try all of them.

Once again, we encourage you to check Modules action. First of all, because we believe that the Frequency Shifter is quite a sight to behold, and second — because in the end, you might not agree with us. If this is the case, we need to hear from you!

See you on the test server!


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2057clones3 months ago

Hruthik, you're in low priority queue, to get out just stay to the end of some fights

David Little3 months ago

Curious why some Robots didn't get slots for modules? Like the Vityaz and Boa (not sure if others were overlooked or not). Does anyone know?

2057clones3 months ago

what is that helmet on the cover

Hruthik5 months ago

Guys I have been playing your game for over one and half year and I also have almost all high tier gear but I am not able to play any mode from three days 

I waited for over an hour on the single game mode I can play but that was of no use in the menu screen here's what is happening I don't even get to choose the mode 

Please help me guys!!

I.D.  N74HQ9


Here is a video proof of it please help me guys

MyHeadHurts6 months ago

Problemchild1904, You are spot on. This EXPOSES Pix who try to come off as "fair" to justify nerfing bots and weapons to so called equalized the playing field. I check my Griifins and Natasha and sure enough, no option to add new modules. PIX IS BUSTED!!!

Typhoon _hunter6 months ago

Since old robots will also get active modules, do not worry, Pixnic replied.
If not, you will be sued for fraud.

strelok-_-6 months ago

Pixonic if you read my comments please do something with old robots (griffin , leo , natasha and meny more) to get active modules

strelok-_-6 months ago

Problemchild1904, I have also Griffin Stalker Leo and Gareth . These robots also dont have active modules . Other robots coast 2500 Gold who have the active modules :( i dont want play anymore becouse thay are all with modules and easy can kill my robots

Problemchild19046 months ago


Problemchild19046 months ago

strelok-_-, I've got lv 12 Natasha, it's not the lv of the Robot. Natasha didn't get Active MODULE slot. Because PIXONIC is Not RIGHT There two FACED LIARS AND MANIPULATORS

Problemchild19046 months ago

strelok-_-, I've got lv 12 Natasha, it's not the lv of the Robot. Natasha didn't get Active MODULE slot. Because PIXONIC is Not RIGHT There two FACED LIARS AND MANIPULATORS

strelok-_-6 months ago

please explane someone what's need to get active modules :(

strelok-_-6 months ago

Dagowood1904, i have the same question :( need natasha is LVL 9 . need more lvl to get active modules ?

Babyboy37036 months ago

What is the point of playing a game that is no longer any fun to play it is a job now and you can no longer win any matches I'm a paying customer and cant win so I'm deleting the game and now longer playing good bey War Robots

Dagowood19047 months ago

PIXONIC , Modules , Modules. Natasha, Griffin And Leo All want to go Stealth Robot hunting! But they ( CAN NOT ) (WHY) Because for some reason They “DID NOT” Get Active Module Slots. FOR WHAT EVER REASON LEO,NATASHA AND GRIFFIN DID NOT GET ACTIVE MODULE SLOTS. There for CAN NOT. SELF HEAL,use LOCKDOWN AMMUNITION OR HUNT STEALTH ROBOTS. ( WHY DID THESES ROBOTS NOT GET ACTIVE MODULE SLOTS )

Dagowood19047 months ago

PIXONIC , Modules , Modules. Natasha, Griffin And Leo All want to go Stealth Robot hunting! But they ( CAN NOT ) (WHY) Because for some reason They “DID NOT” Get Active Module Slots. FOR WHAT EVER REASON LEO,NATASHA AND GRIFFIN DID NOT GET ACTIVE MODULE SLOTS. There for CAN NOT. SELF HEAL,use LOCKDOWN AMMUNITION OR HUNT STEALTH ROBOTS. ( WHY DID THESES ROBOTS NOT GET ACTIVE MODULE SLOTS )

Typhoon _hunter7 months ago

Please review the number of modules.
You should increase the number of passive modules for older robots or less powerful componentoid robots (such as hovers and ravens).

backtothefront7 months ago

PixoAHOLES, True, however you're only taking into consideration those specific battlefield situations with that argument. Sure, I've pummeled Gareths and Galahads when I've had my Orkan Griff, even my Molot Griff, but I've known better than to get in a pissing match with them if I'm running my Taran Griff, or even my Punisher Griff. I've got to evade, take my shots when I can and see which pilot is a better fighter. If I'm running my Thunder Tasha, it comes down to having a full load and hitting hard and fast.

My point here is that it depends on what you're running at the moment and that dictates who you deal with or how you deal with them. If I can get a side shot on any of these guys, Lancelot and Bulgasari included, I go for it with Tarans. Not every Griff (or any other bot for that matter) confronting a Gareth etc is equipped with splash weapons. And in that scenario, the Gareth etc can capitalize on the situation. They might not be able to sit there and trade blows, they need to keep moving and use cover/evade, but that is precisely what a Gareth is great for.

Yeah, us Griffs can jump. But that's about it. And if you time it wrong, or get caught with your pants around your robot ankles and have no jump drive, and/or are out of ammo, you most likely aren't getting away. We aren't fast bots. Back up to space we go. Hopefully back to the front.

Takes skill to use a Griff well in the current game, they are really no frills compared to everything out there and that's why I run a hangar of them. I've got to truly fight and I dont have billshit gimmickry to rely on, like a shield or cloaking ability. Just a straight up bot that can barely walk at a fat mans pace, and jump every 25 friggin seconds. Yet, it will still smash.

TERM1NATOR 50007 months ago

PixoAHOLES, Well, you make a pretty good point, but i'm not sure what some of those words even mean, lol.

TERM1NATOR 50007 months ago

backtothefront, That's fine, I came off a little bit rude myself, so I apologize as well. That's really just what I wanted to say a long time ago, but never did, so that post was just me letting off some steam about what I thought last year (kinda dumb, but not saying that was killing me). Now I do honestly see Spectre as a bigger issue, but what was really bothering me, was the fact that they nerfed Gareth and Galahad even though they didn't need it. Oh, and good point with the test server thing, I never really thought of that.

PixoAHOLES7 months ago


When is that 4.6 release coming out?

Can't wait to see what ways you've come up with to fuck up the game even more!

By the way, besides the shit prizes this year, anyone else noticed how the Christmas event Skirmishes and daily events are showing up late?

The event for the 200 key giveaway decided to show up in the morning less than 2 hours before it was to expire and I had been playing the evening before.

Meh, who cares when 8 of 10 spins lands you 10000-12000 silver.


PixoAHOLES7 months ago

backtothefront, I don't agree it's because he's a bad pilot. I agree it's more to do with Pixonic screwing shit up.

I can tell you that there has not been a single gareth that's taken out my Griffin with pins and tumulbas'. Is it because every one of those pilots are shitty? No.
It's because these weapons can easily bypass the shield protection by shooting to the immediate left or right and taking it out with splash damage.

Those gareth that are many levels above my griff are a lot harder to kill, but the low firepower makes it an unfair fight with the number of griffs longer range weapons and jump ability to get out of taran and orkan range.

PixoAHOLES7 months ago

TERM1NATOR 5000, Get over your self-aggrandizing spectre pontification. The primary reason that happened was because the stupid matchmaking system allows unbalanced hangars to go up against each other. The secondary reason is that you were trying to take out a heavy bot with a light bot with only a medium and light weapon.

If you had been playing the game back in 2015 you would have been running gephard with magnum and destroying griffins and even leos (*provided you got right in it's grill because then the thunder and pinata or any other weapon couldn't target you because you were too close) without ANY problem.

Don't blame it on people people running robots they like. Blame it on Pixonic and how they've completely fucked up matchmaking.

backtothefront7 months ago

TERM1NATOR 5000, Ugh, I'm sorry Terminator. I was a bit harsh there and I apologize. I did a bit of over-generalizing about you and I shouldn't have. I'm sorry.

I do disagree on where you say that Pix does what they do for good reasons. They do what they do to influence/manipulate the player base. They have a test server to ascertain what the effect of new releases will be. Based on that nerfing and buffing should be minimal.

TERM1NATOR 50007 months ago

backtothefront, Also that's not an issue anymore, that's just what I wanted to say a long time ago before I had an account, I'm pretty OK with Griffs now, but it was killing me that I never got to say that.

TERM1NATOR 50007 months ago

backtothefront, My point is, the Griffin was the Spectre before Spectres, lacking skill and designed for people that want to win instantly. I also don't pilot Spectre because, like I said, is like Griffin and requires no skill to use. Nor do I pay for my equipment, I worked for every last component, in fact I got most of it before WS 2.0. They nerfed the Gareth's shield, then buffed RDB builds, making it so the Gareth died before it could even get within range (way to ruin my favorite robot). It wasn't that I had no skill, they were just using mid ranged insta-kill weapons because they didn't want to learn how to play so they just bought RDB weapons so it could win for them. And the nerfs are a good thing, they nerfed Haechi, I have a Haechi and thought it was better because now it's more challenging to use. If Pixo nerfs/buffs, it's because it was better for the game, not because they want to scam you, Falcon was underpowered, they buffed him, Spectre was overpowered, they nerfed him, it's required. Plus I needed to let off some steam about this issue since the bronze league, so even if it's off subject, i've been needing to do this for a long time. Also if you use Punisher + Aphid, then good for you, because that build is pretty sick, no one likes machine guns anymore and it's sad.

backtothefront7 months ago

TERM1NATOR 5000, Dude, you're way off. Way off. And the substance of your post paints you as a rather pathetic pilot... individual.

People are pissed not because new robots come out and make other robots useless (the premise of such claim is a farce anyway. ANY bot can take out any robot when used with the appropriate skill)...THEY ARE PISSED BECAUSE THE ROBOT OR WEAPONS THEY HAVE INVESTED TIME IN IS MADE INFERIOR BY PIXONICS SECRETIVE MEDDLING. Pixonic manipulates the bots and weapons (buffs this, nerfs that) It's that fucking simple Einstein.

The fact that you got your Lilly little ass kicked by Griffins while piloting a Gareth simply means that you just suck at piloting. Period. I don't pilot a Gareth (although I have probably about 5 of them), but I have come across quite a few of them that packed a real wallop. Because the players piloting them knew the fuck how to fight.

You obviously did not. And you claimed that Griffin's were somehow the reason that you were doing badly. What's funny about you is I can pinpoint the type of component bot player that you are by the substance of your post. You have just exposed yourself. You're clearly one of those guys that comes out with a Spectre, gets hammered, then maybe another one...same fate, then an Inquisitor, same fate. Then some other component bot (most likely another one with cloaking ability) same fate. Meanwhile, I'm still in my first bot in the line up, a Griffin with Punishers and Aphids.

It ain't the bot or the weapons. It's the piloting. Understanding what other bots do, and how the lousy pilots using them will behave. Case in point with the lock down is almost garranteed that when the asshat pilot that's chosen them locks you down, their seconds in that bot are numbered. Why? Because once again, Pix offered a chicken shits weapon to replace developing skill, and all those that use those stupid weapons have are shitty, lazy battle habits. They get pummeled. The same goes for dealing with Spectre and Inquisitors. Very few pilots are actually skilled. Most make stupid decisions because they have cloaking ability and some leveled up weapons. All it takes is intelligence to observe and deal with them. The same will end up being the fate for the new Greek bots. Once they're vulnerability is figured out, you could probably take one out with a Cossack and proper piloting.

(As an aside, I think Spectres and Inquistors are some of, if not THE easiest bots to destroy (and I pilot Griffins mind you.) The only Griffin pilots you're giving a thumping to are the ones your teammates help you take out, or the ones that are just as lousy at fighting as you are and haven't decided to cyberly augment their genitals and buy what they 'think' will make them better pilots.

But, you go ahead and be one if the remaining stupid that Pixonic depends on in order to keep their revenue stream going. Keep buying the latest and greatest, and not batting an eye when Pix takes what you bought and makes it perform differently than when you initially bought it. Then, invariably, blame the newer bots and weapons for your lack of success, never realizing that you've been defrauded...and then go ahead and clamour to pay for whatever has been kicking your ass, or wait a little longer to pay for whatever it is that Pix releases to kick the ass of that.

And just never get what is going on right under your nose. Pix depends fully on the likes of you.

You're missing it.

TERM1NATOR 50007 months ago

I like it how people are just angry because their lord and savior Griffin is useless now. How do you think it felt for me when my Gareth (that took me 2 months to get) would get insta-killed by some guy's Griffin (that took him 2 minutes to get)? It was all fun and games until someone did it to them with Spectre. I honestly like Spectre, not because it's fun, but because it gave the RDB Griffins a taste of their own medicine. They get destroyed by Shocktrain Spectres as soon as they spawn, I got destroyed by RDB Griffins as soon as I spawned. Now I have 2 Hangars full of component robots and I go out of my way to kill Griffins. So how does it feel now, knowing that all of the Light Robot pilots that you killed because you thought they were useless are coming back with robots far superior than the Griffin and getting revenge?

LIARS7 months ago

LIARS, War Robots has dropped to 110 from 99 just a few days ago

SCHITSHOW7 months ago

Early into the boycott and it iis having an effect.

I played r games with my 5 cossacks and the, wait times were 30+seconds to 1min 23 seconds.

I also noticed a couple games started with only 1 or 2 players on a side and well after 15 seconds both sides were still not filled.

Pixonic, you brought this on yourself because of your shit business practices and changed to the game.

I won't be playing anymore this week.

Сергей Сер7 months ago

Wr December boycott!!
Not pay and abs all December
Not play 9-15 December

Сергей Сер7 months ago

Wr December boycott!!
Not pay and abs all December
Not play 9-15 December

Сергей Сер7 months ago

Wr December boycott!!
Not pay and abs all December
Not play 9-15 December

Сергей Сер7 months ago

Wr December boycott!!
Not pay and abs all December
Not play 9-15 December

Сергей Сер7 months ago

Wr December boycott!!!!
Not pay December, not ads December, not play 9-15 Decamber

PixoAHOLES7 months ago

Bad game. Bad company. Don't give them any money. You will regret it.

Your big badass robot and weapons you buy today will be a pussy punching bag within months.

tiger109257 months ago

i have an idea some people might hate but they need to make another falcon like robot (a falcon bulwark?)

(must be capitalized full name because it's epic)

a falcon with the ability to have a aegis energy shield and deal deal greater damage but it losses all resistance (and takes 2x the damage (that way it's not overkill))

and give it to everyone (or at least give me one because it was my idea please) (preferably everyone for a present for the holidays because it is the time for giving not taking everything away)

(Platform: facebook gameroom ID: RV8UNX)

it will have 5 light weapons 1 main 4 more will pop out with the claws out ability (claws out is like the bulwarks on/off ability (shield will only repair when off) the eagle can not jump like the falcon)

it would be a light robot (hp 60k at lvl1) (speed 40km/h at lvl1) (shield 60k at lvl1) (hp 120k at mk1 max) (speed would be 60km/h at mk1 max) (shield is 120k at mk1 max)

(also please bring back the keys everyone got way to upset about losing them and a lot of people have been quitting from the drop boxes having no keys (i for one most likely won't quit))
i want the keys back too but quitting isn't the anwser

SCHITSHOW7 months ago

Some people would say that Pixonic had all the information necessary to prevent creating these balance problem to begin with if they had listened to what the user community had told them about the new robots or weapons on the test server.
Some people would see a pattern in the past 20 or so months of releasing overpowered weapons and robots and then nerfing the equipment within 2-3 months of being released as a planned business strategy and not a series unrelated random releases with identical outcomes.

Some people might have noticed that Pixonic completely changed matchmaking in about four months and that it's been TWO YEARS since those changes have been implemented, TWO YEARS since players have been telling Pixonic the system is garbage. Some of those people might have noticed that since the new system was implemented, far more effort has gone into coming up with failed patch after failed patch to address the issues the new system created than it took to implement that same system. Lastly, some people might have noticed that TWO YEARS is more than enough time to create a new system from scratch, or at the very least reverted back to the original system (which many, many players had suggested back when the current system was first released).

There are also some people that might, regardless of the amount of information on the actions, events, outcomes and facts regarding Pixonic's management of the game, come to simplistic or illogical conclusions which in no way explain those outcomes and facts. Some people that might sound like Pixonic apologists, making statements like "Pixonic is listening, but they can't find a magical "cure" for tanking, write down 5 seconds worth of code, and plop it down. " :)

Pyrotech4427 months ago

Wally75, Doubling silver is always good, but if you need silver just upgrade your weapons. Doing more damage earns more silver. However, they need to fix the supply crates. The sole purpose of supply drops was so that players will visit WR daily to collect rewards. They used to give free kumiho components on top of winning 50 crates from a challenge (thx pixo) and after that they supplied inquisitor components, which was totally fine. However, the next change REMOVED components in crates for good. They said they would compromise with up to 60 keys in the champion chest, but when released, it was only 50. Then it was reduced to 40 keys, and get silver...and that's it. Is this some kind of joke? Crates used to be something everyone would jump for at 7 in the morning and one cares about it. The new token system was only obtained from crates and the black market. Maybe tokens should be in supply crates. Or maybe, remove tokens (to prevent too many currencies) and replace them with energy cells. This way, there aren't too many currencies, supply crates are useful, and the new currency can be used for more than one thing.

Pyrotech4427 months ago

SCHITSHOW, No problem can be solved in an instant. Players thought the dash bots and spectre will stay powerful forever, but guess what? They got nerfed! Some old bots that were useless are n ow either buffed or made cheaper. Pixonic is listening, but they can't find a magical "cure" for tanking, write down 5 seconds worth of code, and plop it down.

Pyrotech4427 months ago

Bob Bush, It may seem like a cool idea to add meelee weapons to the game (as I have suggested to Pixonic), however what is the likelihood new players will get these melee weapons? On top of it, Imagine in FFA a Mercury locking you down with a glory and shredding you up with two light chainsaws in three seconds. Doesn't that seem a little overpowered?

PixoAHOLES7 months ago

Happy Holidays to all the ASSHOLES at Pixonic who have done their best to fuck up what was a great game.

LIARS7 months ago


Go ahead. Don't listen to your players.

Introduce Modules and watch your player base and revenue drop even more!

LIARS7 months ago

Indeed thes changes are hurting WWR's revenue.

In between the 2 hours I visited the page WWR went from 97 to 99.

On IOS, WWR is at 135 behind The SIMS. A game that's been out for decades. LOL

On that note, you think Pixonic will evaluate the way they keep changing the game and the impact on revenue and ask why an old game like the SIMS has higher revenue?

NAAAAA, probably not.

(Psssttttt Pixonic. It has something to to with feature management, building trust and customer loyalty.)

sky3617 months ago

developers,u guys need to turn back some updates,players from even release are leaving the game!

Fatality 0077 months ago

Tmoneyshot , Agreed word for word. Word of advice pixonic, if you fix the current problems then people will feel more obliged to pay more money. We like this game but it keeps going down the wrong path. There is a saying "No matter how far you go down the wrong path you can always turn back." I understand it will be a lot of work to fix but the payoff will be even bigger than what you are receiving right now.

Fatality 0077 months ago

Vizmo, Agreed they need to focus on the stuff that is already in the game not adding stuff into the game.

Fatality 0077 months ago

ZPREP, BS. This is a terrible idea. Cmon pix. listen to us for once.

Fatality 0077 months ago

ZPREP, BS. This is a terrible idea. Cmon pix. listen to us for once.

SCHITSHOW8 months ago

LIARS, Here is Phoenix's review on youtube:

LIARS8 months ago

Thank you Pixonic for all the changes made in the last 2 months. :p

LIARS8 months ago

LIARS, For anyone who's curious, the other 9 awards were either 7 or 10 gold.

No robots or weapons.

LIARS8 months ago

I went to the Black Market and did a spin of the "Wheel" with my 500 event keys.

Everyone's complaints are justified if my experience is what most players experience when they spin. Out of the 49 spins I used, 40 of them were either 10k or 12k silver. Over 80% of the time you're going to get the lowest B.S. awards available.

What a rigged P.O.S. experience.

LIARS8 months ago

SCHITSHOW, A shout out to John Stuart, who wrote about Robot Warfare in his post.

All I can say is a good game with a lot of promise. Comes in at 230MB and the graphics are far better than you would expect, given that WWR is what, about 700+MB?

The controls and gameplay is something that WWR players will acclimate to very quickly. Plenty of variety in bots and weapons. LOW COSTS FOR EQUIPMENT! 5-10 USD.

Check it out Pixonic and be afraid. Be very afraid. It's what WWR should have become.

Dude8 months ago

You guys just keep digging your own graves. Now you remove the keys from supply drops, the thing you claim to entice tankers from doing their bad deeds. You guys are full of so much crap, I'll bet people can smell you coming from miles away. Juvenile, but true. Let's see, first they had components, that you removed, then a decent but barely sufficient amount of silver, which you lowered, now the keys completely gone. You really have a model business strategy at work. Who is the one, or group of people coming up with these grand ideas? Whoever it is, or they are, should to be returned to the mental institution.

LIARS8 months ago

SCHITSHOW, This game is going the same road as other once great but now defunct or barely surviving games have gone. Pixonic is caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place.

It appears that most of the pilot community is tired of the bait and switch and it will take months and months for the bad experience to be forgotten. So even if Pixonic were to do things differently it would take a very long time for revenue to recover.

Take the latest OP Pantheon robots. If Pixonic doesn't nerf them (as they've done with nearly all robots in the past 2 years they've released) then the people who purchase them will continue to be happy, but the majority of the pilots will not be. In fact we would be so unhappy the few of us who still have hope would quit playing.

That being said, nothing indicates that Pixonic will change their business model one bit. They will go on and continue to see revenue decline, implementing even more bizarre gimmicks and content on an even faster pace to try to get those who are still spending to spend more (does this now look/feel/sound familiar to anyone?).

I just don't see this game reversing anytime soon because of the time required to turn around player opinion and regain trust. The question I ask myself now is if this game will still be around in 2020.

SCHITSHOW8 months ago

All you pilots who are against the Frequency Shifter (which is the majority if the comments against it are any indication). Do you really think Pixonic is going to listen to us NOW? HaHaHa.

Forget about it people. This will be another BS gimmick that will work about as well as MATCHMAKING. But just wait and see, just like the failed MATCHMAKING system, instead of admitting it was a bad idea, Pixo will stick with it and tweak the shit out of it until it's a total disaster - JUST LIKE MATCHMAKING :)



SCHITSHOW8 months ago

Pilots. I am going to speculate that the WWR gaming community has finally had enough and is voicing their opinion by not purchasing anything from Pixo. I am going to speculate that their revenue has dropped like a rock and they are desperate to boost it back up.

I speculate this based upon all the dramatic changes in the past month. Changes to several robots and weapons only now available with unreasonable amounts of gold. Changes to make a basic, common weapon like pinata cost 2x silver and take 2x the amount of time to upgrade.

Then these latest changes with supply drop, making the supply drops take 12 hours (no longer 4) and only dispensing meager amounts silver instead of keys (at Gold 3 you get 200k silver...less than 20k/hour - pathetic). And let's not forget they removed the low key prizes in the royale game. So how are you to get keys? Well, it seems Pixonic wants you to play more and use the stupid boosters to get keys (forget the 100/1000 you have a chance in the royale game, where you have about a 1 in 500 chance of hitting one of those).

These changes is in line with my thoughts that the number of active players at any given time has dwindled so much they can't get enough players to put competitive games together.

Pixonic has decided to be the Scrooge and Grinch all in one this Christmas.


SCHITSHOW8 months ago

I guess everyone is tanking games now in preparation of the upcoming Christmas Event. Getting their league and average damage scores lower to seal club lower league players.


SCHITSHOW8 months ago

Panzer, I would tell you about the reasons I think Robokrieg is a good game. Like the way they have been continually improving the graphics and robots, how they haven't gone crazy with introducing new equipment, weapons and gimmicks.

I would tell you about how they ACTUALLY LISTEN TO THEIR PLAYERS and DON'T do what THEY want to do.

I would like to tell you all these things and more, but PRICKSONIC likes to delete comments where players talk about other games, so I can't tell you any of those things :)

littlevicki 8 months ago

I am writing this, at home I am screaming what have you done to the game? I have never tanked I have paid money to buy Au I am unsure what it is you want from us as gamers it appears as the only way anyone will get chests now is if they pay money for them why even have 3 no one can get them but the free spin ones keys were great but now they mean little to nothing. Tokens are only gained now one way. Ag has been used against us. I will not spend any more money which was about 20$ US a month I know it was not much but it was more than some. You guys blew it, I used to look forward to seeing and hearing about the new things in the pipeline but now I just laugh. I repet I will not be spending one more real money on this game I will try to tell all who will hear me to do the same. I believe that we should all tank and go back to using level 1 bots and wepons, or boycott the game. I feel so dumd I talked my friends and family into playing and now they are all laughing at me. You guys blew it you really blew it.

ZPREP8 months ago

I like the idea of the anti-stealth module. Stealth has gotten out of control, and I run a couple of those bots. The frequency shifter looks like a chaotic nightmare, however. Modules overlapping modules, not being to tell what the heck is going on, ruining plans of attack for other players on your team. Please don't push this one to live server.

GSCETL8 months ago

Hi, have you watched this video showing how the frequency shifter can screw your teammates, especially with long-range weapons, by blocking them from shooting outside the shield?

kodewa_Bere-Bere8 months ago

Dont you guys get it? In Russia, you dont drive car, THE Car drive you!!!! and In Russia, PiGxonic Dont listen to you,,,, YOU listen to PIGxonic!!!! kudos to that

Theoneyatheone8 months ago

Is the keys only being taken in expert

Theoneyatheone8 months ago

Is the keys only being taken in expert

kodewa_Bere-Bere8 months ago

OMG... you reduced the supply drop to mere money? how to get the puzzles to open chest?

Sarada Bennett8 months ago

Awoke this morning to 1 suply drop. Zero keys. Cant get war royal tokens on any spins. WTF. I am so mad. As a clan leader im also confused why i cant buy gold for any of my clanmates like i used to? All i here is how you guys are greedy but you took that away? You need to listen to your fan base. I truly dont see a new player having a fun time in this game the way it is now. We love the game but i feel punched in the gut all the time by you guys. O yeah i allmost forgot to thank you for ruining Christmas. Thanks Bro!!

Vizmo8 months ago

Can you eliminate the shake effects that impact your screen only when you're hit by rockets near a wall. What's the wall got to do with it?
The shake effects do nothing but cause aggravation and seizures.

Vizmo8 months ago

Instead of paying for these game-play killers... can we just pay you to leave the game alone? Btw, the focus on smooth simple game-play will attract many more newbies. You're average new player is staring at an Everest of costs, and upgrades.

Vizmo8 months ago

"Smart usage of Frequency Shifter can make or break a fight."

How about you leave the outcome of battles up to the hours and hours of skill-play and upgrading we did, and not some gimmick.
The Freq Shifter looks like an absolute mess, that also looks to interfere with teammate shots as well. And if it's something that will be seldom used, then why even bother?
It's not something that anyone cares about in solo play. For clan play it's only going to separate the top clans more. Unless FS will be more random. But there'd be no profit for you then.


I'm still confused about this entire concept of modules- and I've read all of your posts! If you could please show us your thought road map on the actual purpose & intention for these. I thought you were going one way, then it seems you are going another way. Maybe some of these options should be for after when peoples earn their level 30 experience or get into Diamond or higher league. I would have to say that having a Gold player or lower in the field when you have these modules would be unfair. You don't want to have the game so complicated for new players. War Robots has a great solid, simple, core. The higher you go, the more options available for gameplay. Please think about it & melee weapons (laser tipped swords/Jackhammers) with hovering, wheeled, & centipede type bots as well- just for a change up esthetically. We are also still waiting for the black light laser that can shoot through buildings & obstacles.

mooon14ksa8 months ago

😡😡😡Why do not you support Arabic ...?😓

Bob Bush8 months ago

My tablet won't let me move and shoot at the same time, so probably won't play too much any more, but a better idea than modules would be jackhammers for actual melee attacks on jumping bots, making the shields relevant again ???

Panzer8 months ago

SCHITSHOW, Robokreig?? The hell you say? What’s that my man, is it good? Is it on iOS ?.??? :)

SCHITSHOW8 months ago

I just finished playing 7 games on WWR and, well, it sucked!

In 6 of the games there were tankers and in one of those 6 I had 2 tankers on my team. All these bullshit tweaks to stop tanking hasn't worked at all. ZERO.

And to make things worse (if they could be), because one of those tweaks doesn't allow you to kill off a robot until a certain amount of time has expired, I can't change my robot to hold a beacon in beacon rush! EXCELLENT JOB!!!!

Oh, but there is more. As has been previously pointed out, the league points is all screwed up and you don't move down if you change out lower powered robots. Not only that, there were 2 battles which I went up against Expert league players. I am in GOLD 2. WTF Pixonic? Wasn't this matchmaking system going to fix this? Forget your excuse that sometimes there aren't enough players to fill out a battle argument. For quite awhile you've been using these computer generated AI bots that just run from side to side, so I don't buy it. Could it be you have so few active players during any given time that filling up each side with 3-4 of these AI robots won't make the battles competitive? WELL GUESS WHAT? IT'S ALREADY THAT WAY.


Well done Pixonic. Your complete lack of listening to what players want is driving us to other robot games like B.o.T. and Robokreig.

Tmoneyshot 8 months ago

Yeah, like you give a flying fck what we think. You only care ankhr feedback that says something is op af, then you know moron whales will spend money on it and you implement it. Stop acting like you care about balance or players opinions- it’s getting old. All you care about is making op garbage that idiot pay to win hacks will buy to fatten your wallet. You dont care that the game has turned to shite. I’ve never hated a company as much as you, is the worst and I wouldn’t brake if I saw you crossing the street.
And to all you hacks that spend thousands on op garbage to get an advantage- f you too. You’re just as much to blame as If you didn’t suck so bad that you need to pay to win and actually had any skill we wouldn’t be in this mess. Enjoy your mk2 Greek bots (on day of release) you no talent hacks. Seriously, how big of a loser do you have to be to lay thousands to gain an unfair advantage? Juts play more and practice and develop skill, stop being such douchebag hacks.

Wally758 months ago

Please double the amount of silver you get from supply drops, War robots Royale and the black market chests; it needs to be easier to get all the silver required to order components and convert some AND upgrade stuff to the levels needed to actually put a dent into enemy robots. The current way, you need to farm silver almost 24/7 to have enough.

TheRajinIsRagen8 months ago

I love this game's simplicity and fast paced fun but I can't take this anymore. You release a new overpowered robot for $100 and then rip off people who bought it by nerfing it. This games has become a money grabbing scheme with no focus on the satifaction of their playerbase or the game balance.

I spent 3 years In this game. I grinded out a hover and a 3 scourge haiachi. Its will be saddening finally having to leave what was such a fun combat game. Thanks pixonic, you finally fuck up one too many times for me.

jjjrt8 months ago

Awesome! But why this module is needed at all if the stealth of visible object is by default is impossible thing? Any stealth bot is not plane in the clouds so it can't use any stupid stealth by definition even if stupid bots would change their shape. Frequency shifter is another stupid dumb magical shit. Remove magical healers, stupid magical stealth, unrealistic unlimited and unpenetrable for flame and energy/beams shields, supression of our 12mk2 upgraded weapons to 1lvl mk1? Or what the point to upgrade any weapon if you issuing invisible, unlimited shields, supressing all types of damage to 10% bots - you wait that we will continue as fools upgrade useless vs your stupid unlimited shields weapons?

jjjrt8 months ago

Bartekoda, are you stupid or mail ru's hired puppett?

LIARS8 months ago

LIARS, I should add in all the battles I was either 4th down to 6th position in damage. I would have been lower except for tankers!

Yes Fukkedxonics, you recall fixed the tanking problem!

LIARS8 months ago

Matchmaking is so fu@@ed up now its comical.
Wanted to change up my hangar and wemt with vityaz and.golem lineup at level 6 with level 6 weapons. Thought at diamond lll I would quickly drop down to gold lll or silver 1. Oh how wrong I was.
Because of all the asinine tweaks to prevent tanking,, I found that I was only getting - 5, to - 3 league points.

To make things worse,, in some battles I would actually get +1 to +3 points if I happened to come up against a diamond 1 player with MK2 robots.

Nice going Fukedxonic. You've really made this game lots of fun to play!

$W@GG3R8 months ago


PILOT AWE8 months ago

I don't like the idea of Frequency Shifter. It kinda limits the variety of playstyle for players especially long-range support bots. Being shot from long distance is a bummer but range is still part of the game too. The amount of activation of the module I saw in the recent test server, it made the battlefield feel cluttered and pure chaotic. I'm not really sure if this could be implemented on the live server.

$W@GG3R8 months ago

SCHITSHOW, i was just saying the same thing. but it's always like that here for at least 1yr-1 1/2years now. do we really think things will change for the better? i try to positive and think yes when in my heart i know it'll be no every time! and i say once AGAIN it's time to move on. but wont /can't WTF i need a new drug/game

Knee Splitter 478 months ago

Stop releasing stupid crap that no one wants. This game is not fun anymore. You have ruined it. How many boys and weapons have you introduced in the last year? How many bots and weapons have you released in the two previous years before that? This game has turned into a coercive gaming model. Pixonic tricks it’s players to spend money. Then they nerf the weapons or bots you just bought, rinse and repeat. The game is a waste of time. Pixonic ruined it. Shame on you people.

Thedonkey8 months ago

This is what happens when you try to fix something that osn't broke, sad really. lol

Thedonkey8 months ago

Seems like you guys had big plans for this game.
Also, it seems your got a little ahead of yourselves.

Now it seems as if you have no idea what to do about this fire you have raging out of control but to throw more fuel at it.

Solid plan, keep up the good work lmfao.

backtothefront8 months ago

Emoney, What these assholes have also done is nerf the weapons you already have, secretly, so that the new bots seem that much better, thus provoking the stupid people in the player base to spend money on the new bots. THEN, after they see the revenue stream start to slow up on thoae bots, they will maybe buff some old weapons, but more than likely release some new, even more pathetic coward enabling weapon or bot.

This is precisely what they've done with the stupid lock down weapons. Shocktrain before that. They generally release overpowered weapons that allow their unskilled/deep pocketed pussy players to gain success. When others catch up, they release something equally pathetic for the chumps of the playerbase that can't fight.

The thing is the lockdown weapons haven't had the effect they had hoped. It hasn't been hard to pummel the low-life's that have chosen these weapons. So what have they done? They've nerfed pretty much everything, rolled out new overpowered bots for the chumps, and informed that an idea of which no one cares for (modules) is going to be jammed in our asses, no lube. Oh, and just for safe measure, screwed up the economy even more, for those that were making the best of it, despite it being a rip off anyway.

Pix is the equivelant of a manipulative lying drugged addicted piece of shit, and a drug dealer, all in one.

And as I touched on above, they release this trash as the revenue from the previous release begins to wane. They've got this crap up their sleaves, waiting. Hence why the rarely hold anything back, despite the player base saying we don't want whatever it is.

DeLf1n558 months ago

Hagan nuevos mapas y menos armas y robots sin sentido!
Entiendo que quieran hacer dinero, pero como sacan robots y armas cada poco tiempo ya es lamentable!!!!

DeLf1n558 months ago

Por que no se enfocan en nuevos mapas y paran un tiempo de hacer robot y armas sin sentido que destabiliza la habilidad de los pilotos de aquellos que pueden tener todo lo que sale nuevo a mk2 de inmediato, aprte de que el emparejamiento sigue sindo malo malo....
La diferencia de un arma o robot mk2 y uno al 12 se sufre por mas que uno sea un buen piloto!
Se extraña la epoca del Griffin, donde se jugaba cuerpo a cuerpo, sin escudos, sin armas que te paralicen y no dures cinco segundos, sin invisibilidad.

Emoney8 months ago

POWMIA, I made an account to say I totally agree. They introduce new bots at $100 a piece, just to turn around and neflrf them and sell them for one-third of the original. They are DESTRYOING this game.

Jesus Zuñiga Trujillo8 months ago

Es una lástima que este juego que hace más de un año atrás era tan chévere de jugar se esté yendo al tacho de basura por culpa del mismo pixonic,está bien que saquen de vez en cuando robots y armas pero sacar nuevos bots y nuevas armas cada rato (con habilidades ridículas : invisibilidad + velocidad , robots con escudo anti misiles y anti plasma, armas que parálisan desde 500 metros??etc etc) es una falta de imaginación severa,si tan solo se hubieran dedicado a sacar más mapas y corregido errores que hasta ahora continúan en vez de convertirse en un juego paytowin completamente.
Desarrolladores de pixonic con imaginación limitada terminan por mandar al diablo un juego que tiempo atrás FUE el mejor juego

Angel Medina Araya8 months ago

Pero bueno,siempre me e mantenido fiel a ustedes,nunca e echo ninguna compra pero estoy en diamante 2 y me es dificil llegar hasta alli,ya que mi hangar es casi todo“Vieja escuela"a ecxepcion de un spectre que consegui ahorrando comoponentes,y con la implementacion de estos modulos,espero y confio en ustedes,a que lo manejen bien y sea como el sistemas de lo “BUFF”

Angel Medina Araya8 months ago

Pues me parece que el juego sera mas pay to win de lo que ya era

Cleetus Van Dam8 months ago

POWMIA, Exactly!
If they (Pixonic/WarRobots) weren’t looked at as a company that made a harmless simple game by those that govern businesses, Pixonic would have major problems. However, this is a multimillion dollar company that takes advantage of, and cheats, its customers and the system because they fly under the radar. That’s what they don’t care, because right now there are no repercussions for breaking the rules. There is no doubt it will catch up to them in time. The government is always slow catching up to new technologies, and making millions and millions of dollars in this manner is still fairly new. Imagine if auto manufacturer sold your sports car with 650 horse that topped out at 200 mph; and then when they produce the following year‘s model with 700 horse that goes to 150 mph, they proceed to drop the horse power on your car too 450 and top speed to around 150 mph.
Needless to say, that auto manufacturer would get sued and losing badly. And I guarantee you every single person that Will get reimbursed in full for everything they put into that vehicle. Plus that manufacture would pay a major major penalty. If not put out of business. This is no different then what Pixonic is doing to us. They make hundreds of million dollars a year. They will not stay under the radar for very moment. They are white collar criminals… No better than a thug who steals women’s purses.

SCHITSHOW8 months ago

****Once again, we encourage you to check Modules action. First of all, because we believe that the Frequency Shifter is quite a sight to behold, and second — because in the end, you might not agree with us. If this is the case, we need to hear from you!****

You have never listened to the majority of people commenting about changes on the test server. Ever!

SCHITSHOW8 months ago

I Am Pacifist, Releases 4.3 and 4.4 had a number of bugs that impacted the stability of the game.

I NEVER had the game crash and close on my Zenfone 4 until the 4.3 release. Now in about 1 in 150 games it just closes. Bye bye game in progress.

I've stopped making cash purchases of any type on game over 1 year ago. Why would I when I know that Prickonic will do something that will affect the effectiveness of my robot or equipment.

Until they stop, I've stopped making purchases. If 95% of the players would do the same PERHAPS they would get the message

Wisdom7778 months ago

Its time to look for a new game to play vuy pixonic

TommyFlash 8 months ago

U can make money in so many ways without damaging the gameintroducing these modules will only take away the originality of the game,soon after the 2 modules are used i bet u will introduce anti shield module... Whats the use of getting new bots then??? Keep doing this and u will soon have players leaving

Theoneyatheone8 months ago

They need to give the lancot a second hevy slot

Theoneyatheone8 months ago

Why does piconics screw iOS players?

Ra8 months ago

John Martin, Im glad spectre got nerfed he was to OP he could take down my levl10 lancelot with one shot from 4xorkans that aint fair now the spectre s are getting there ass handed to them like everybot else.

Bartekoda8 months ago

I love you PIXONIC awesome update!!!!!!! I have played this game for three years

POWMIA8 months ago

We wouldn't need modules if you didn't let loose pantheon robots that completely demoralize my strongest meta hanger. Can't shoot at them, their abilities kick in poof every1 dies. Took everything I built over the last few months and turned it to garbage. Now I'm broke w no ambition to start over again. I'm already fighting Mk2 "champion" pilots w mk1 gear lvl 11 bots skill is the only reason I made it this far...What can I do against a mk2 Aries but die with a stupid look on my face...if I bought 1, you'll nerf the bastard forcing me to start the "torture" all over again w "new economy rules" on a system that doesn't compensate...workshop, keys, silver pay out, gold or lack thereof, I'm sol with problems. The costs of loyalty. I spent 198M on a build that I can sell back for 19M...Amazing, thanks for playing

Amentoe8 months ago

Frequency Shifter: bad idea. Create a private battle environment within the battle itself. No possibility of receiving outside support. Where is the support of the snipers? Have they just been turned into dust? Should we change our bots to go all to fight in the frequency zone? The economy of the game does not allow you to prepare a hangar every time you change your approach. I have some bots and a hangar with a goal (2 long distance bots, 1 medium and 1 short) I have no resources for anything else, except that (that must be the idea) you intend to force players to renew their hangars every so often or stay out of the game. If it goes ahead, I'll have one more foot out of the game. It's time to explore other entertainment opportunities. Sad, very sad the evolution of War Robots.


Frequency Shifter: mala idea. Crear un entorno privado de batalla dentro de la propia batalla. Sin posibilidad de recibir apoyo exterior. ¿Donde queda el apoyo de los francotiradores? ¿Acaban de ser convertidos en polvo? ¿Debemos cambiar nuestros bots para ir todos a pelear a la zona de frecuencia? La economia del juego no permite preparar un hangar cada vez que vds cambian de planteamiento. Yo tengo unos bots y un hangar con un objetivo (2 bots de larga distancia, 1 de media y 1 de corta) no tengo recursos para nada más, salvo que (esa debe ser la idea) pretendáis obligar a los jugadores a renovar sus hangares cada cierto tiempo o quedarse fuera del juego. Si se lleva adelante, ya tendre un pie más fuera del juego. Toca explorar otras oportunidades de entretenimiento. Triste, muy triste la evolución de War Robots.

JJ8 months ago

ofc it costs gold and cells that cost gold too I hopen on zilver but the game is getint straith

I Am Pacifist8 months ago

SCHITSHOW, That "dead buttons bug" also happens with me, but I didn't know it is a bug. And also some time the UI also goes partial black which can only be resolved by restarting the app, I think this is also a bug. Pixoshit is only interested in money not interested to improve the source which brings him money. They will soon face their Karmas.

A Junejo8 months ago

Mike Hill, Haha, they will never do that. Pixonic wants us to spend real money that too on every update. Hence all the new crap every update. People spent shitloads on dash bots, they brought spectre, when people spent money getting that, they nerf the shit out of it. Next will probably be bulwark, mercury etc.....

SCHITSHOW8 months ago

SCHITSHOW, Speaking of fixing things, why hasn't LOCKDOWN on halo been fixed? One or two hits and lock down again. Same as before.
Then there is the INQUISITOR against LOCKDOWN enemies. If I happen to hit the jump button while locked down, I don't jump, as one would expect, except the game bug acts as if I have activated it, but I don't get my stealth. Only the countdown until I can stealth jjump again.


My guess is the latter.

Then there is the bug you introduced in 4.4 that makes ALL the UI buttons go dead on Android. Only way to revive them is minimize the app by going to the home screen, the maximizing the app to full screen again. Have seen, this happen on my Asus Zenfone 4, Zenfone Max M1 and Vivo phones.

Maybe take December off from crating new content/features and fix all these bugs that make the gaming experience crap!

Skortt8 months ago

Realmente te voy a decir lo que pienso, el juego a llegado a un punto en el cual ya hay bastante variedad de cosas pero no digo que sea malo el problema es en la velocidad en que llegan estos mismo, no hay tiempo para disfrutarlos porque apenas adquieres ese nuevo elemento, ya es historia un claro ejemplo es spectre que ya somos bastantes los que los tenemos, pero que pasa , que ya casi no se usa por lo lento, que su habilidad no dura nada pero lo mas importante la vida y que hay de los bots de la vieja escuela talves esos modulos deverian solo servir para ellos (ciertos modulos).
Este es mi consejo pixonic te lo digo con el corazon porque le he dedicado bastante tiempo a este grandioso juego quedate con lo que tienes ahora (bots y armas) mejoralo que sea todo mas igualativo mas vida a algunos mas velocidad a algunos como leo, algunos agregales habilidades sin quitarle su diseño (vieja escuela que no sean op), una idea buena para volver a traer la vieja escuela (una gran cantidad quiere que vuelva) es darle los modulos a estos mismos. Es un consejo. Importante no dejes que este juego caiga. Gracias

Pilot KedricPon8 months ago

I am very excited for the modules to come out on the live server. I wish they cheap so I can have them faster.

John Martin8 months ago

Unfortunately..history leads me to be very skeptical. You introduce a new shiny object, which serves to distract and confuse, while you introduce an increase in the cost of playing. Subtle manipulation, as you did with boosters.

So..we have exciting bot!. It's number 1 feature is it's excellent jump! A jump that cannot be used because if you do, you will be destroyed instantly! It has zero protection.
Same story for the newer Invader. Another promising bot, made instantly redundent by it's total lack of protection if it jumps.

2 outstanding bots that cannot and are not being used.

Instead, you nerf the Spectre, and then ruin the Scourge with a targeting delay so looooong, that leaves it standing and being slaughtered, while you wait..tick..tick..wait some more..and then can finally fire...oh wait..i'm destroyed.
The Fix? 'pre lock-on' enough in a set shot where there is cover..but if you get ambushed, or a bot jumps in from out of sight, all you can do is stand there.
It's not the vulnerability!..that's fair enough...It's the length of time one is vulnerable. It's toooo loooonggg!!, for a game that has become far more highly paced.

These problems imho should have priority over components or boosters etc.

Pseudowurm8 months ago

please dont put this out. I also cannot keep up with the new updates. I barely have been getting the new things released just two months ago, and that was only because of lucky royale rolls. otherwise I cant afford all this stuff, that gets more expensive, and harder to earn resources for. please slow down. please.

just so it is clearly understood, I can just throw an easy estimate out there. Pretend there are 5000 players in this game that play tournaments, or have extra money to throw down every update. if they drop $200-$300 per robot per toy per gold and silver pack to upgrade in order to stay relevant every new update ($500 per person on average) that equals $2,500,000 per update in their pockets, do it 5 times a year now you just made $25,000,000. I'm sure this is conservative, but they are great marketers. Free to play game producers are not gamers, or people, they are simply sharks. As long as you play this game, you should understand that, and not expect anything from them. They are paying for yachts, mansions, etc. The guys that make the game work, the artists, engineers, and programmers get a pittance of that total income. The sharks at the top have made their team believe they are doing a great thing with a great game, and they put their heart into it. This is not a new thing. This happens frequently across the phone gaming market, and in the desktop and console gaming market before that. Good games get gobbled up by people who want to wring it dry of the money then move onto the next money making scheme once they are done screwing it up: see Activision, EA gaming. We as gamers have a tendancy to find a good game and play it, and stay loyal longer than we should. It is our fault for continuing this trend, becuase good games are just so hard to find. "Maybe next update they will fix this, or that, " "I have so much invested and it can still be fun."

Either play it or don't. Spend money or don't. The rich top 1% of the world could care less about you.

RDK8 months ago

Number 1 Bull Shit!

SCHITSHOW8 months ago

Lock down and corrosion weapons. Something nobody asked for and most people don't like.

You make fast robots and the tradeoff is lower up, then you take away that advantage with lock down so the big heavy robots have easy target practice.

Same thing with corrosion. Just get a few hits on a stealth or fast robot and the corrosion effect will do the rest.

You people have made it impossible to come up with any strategy behind a hangar because of your constant rebalancing and new equipment.


Take December off and think about what you've done to the gaming experience. How about giving some thought to changimg priorities to fixing things that the community has pointed out are real issues.

Things like the position of the stealth/button and the whole leagues and matchmaking fiasco which is the root cause of people tanking games.

These are 2 longstanding issues that people have complained about for over 2 years and were supposed to believe you listen to us?

Most of us see it for what it is. MORE BULLSHIT from a company that doesn't care about the player experience and only about how much money can be extracted from the players.

SCHITSHOW8 months ago

endyu, Haha.

Yes, more than 80% of the comments are negative but Pixonic does what Pixonic wants to do regardless.

SCHITSHOW8 months ago

Pixonics, look at your last 3 posts and the comments. For every 1positive comment you have 9 that are negative.

How long do you think that this game will survive when at least 80% of the players are dissatisfied with the game

I am playing Battle or Titans and RoboKreig more and more because they are slowly improving the gaming experience, but not importantly they LISTEN TO THEIR PLAYERS.

It is blatantly obvious that every action you make is to drive revenue, player experience be damned.

I don't see this game making it to 2020 if you continue on the current course. Players are leaving or at a minimum not playing as often. I can say this with a 100% confidence based upon what I see in my clan.

endyu8 months ago

"because in the end, you might not agree with us. If this is the case, we need to hear from you!"

Really? When have you ever listened to us?

I think this last update is the last straw for me. Bye.

iDawg8 months ago

Frequency shifter? Going to a whole new level of science fiction now, are we?

Anyways IF you guys want to introduce such concepts into the game without creating havoc, maybe you guys should reconsider such "high tech devices" a single charge use per battle. That way pilots will be more discerning instead of discriminatly spamming the frequency shifter.

After all, you guys might create, figuratively speaking, a rift in space-time continuum, and things get whack out of hand.

The Mighty Boosh8 months ago

Frequency Shifter sounds like it's going to make things like Flux, Gekko, Spirals and Hydra even more worthless than they already are. Flux and Gekko already just bounce of any shields for an hour, but know all someone will need to do is get a fast bot in the middle beacon on maps like Canyon and Springfield through up Frequency Shifter and your totally out of the game. Also this one module is gonna term every map into a brawler map and everyone will just be playing speed bots to get into those area's. Also Frequency Shifter will make Death Matches even more borrowing to play, already everyone camps and now all you need to do is kill one bot and then the whole team camp and when the otherside approach through up Frequency Shifter and take them out one at a time.

So gotta say guys, don't see how any modules are going to improve the game I just think they are gonna make things worse. Secondly their have been so many changes recently, with over 20 new robots with abilities, loads of new weapons, maps and what seems like changes to the economy every other week. Maybe it's time to let thinks settle for a while and let people enjoy what you've brought out this year. I know I would, hope this helps

Terminator8 months ago

Why you nerf, Hallo, Corona,...stoper's?

Theoneyatheone8 months ago

I think we need to give pixonics more credit, they’d do the best they can

Mike Hill8 months ago

# PIXONIC Obviously the modules will be tested but I see a big issue already. The anti stealth module, spectre and other stealth bots rely on stealth for balance. They typically have less health and no shielding, the ability to deny the stealth feature literally leaves them defenseless. Second issue that is being brought up by most players is the frequent influx of new gear. This concern can be overcome by an economy overhaul in a huge new direction. Instead of making weapons and bots so drastically expensive we are forced to focus an just a few pieces of meta equipment, make it to where equipment is far less expensive and time consuming to level from level 1 to level 10. This way once new gear is acquired it can be tested in the field. If you like it, level 11 and 12 will be considerably more expensive but you know it's an investment you are making wisely. Another option for mk2 is to just cost gold. You pay the 500 gold and your level 12 gear instantly becomes mk2 level 12 so that you dont have to spend time and silver RE leveling all your stuff. Hope this help development.

Suckonix8 months ago

Fix damn aiming and shove this new crap up ur stinky ass

Romeo_68 months ago

I agree with commentators who complain that the introduction of new things to the game is too fast and furious that many players are finding it difficult to keep up. Players need time to learn and adapt to new features and equipments and develop gameplay to maximize the use and potentials of the new features and equipments. Not everyone can or are willing to spend hours playing the game as most of us have a life to live too.

With more new equipment and now these modules, players are hard-pressed to obtain more gold. The gold rewarded by the game just isn't enough to keep up with the demand. Only those wallet warriors can afford meet their demand for gold while those who cannot afford or unwilling to spend too much on the game are left unable to keep up with the big spenders. Ultimately, winning a match requires less skill but more money. The skillful players will eventually see themselves relegating to lower leagues where their places are being taken over by big-spending players.

Iamrobot8 months ago

I hate to be rude but yas compensation and all the other bullshit just shows how much of some petty ass niggas, sleaze motherfuckers, bum ass developers can't make a game. How bout try suckin my dick and lickin my ass crack as a fucking bonus for some spare change? Game's just as broken as yas mother's fucking pockets.

ZEUXIOS8 months ago

Great idea and concept. I hope the isolation works for the better. Let's test it, first. Then we let you know.

SkyShadow8 months ago

Im playing for 3 years and i still cant get out od GOLD, when Raijin and Fuijin came out i managed to buy them and now they can't do anything against most of bots, i get a spectre after 20 hours of playing and it get nerfed, workshop is becoming silver execution machine since the 100 components are for example 200k and 230 are 690k while it was 400 for 690k,id rather pay 690k and wait week than to pay milions for every pack of components, plus when i get all components and create a weapon/bot new update comes out nerfs everything ive been doing for past 3 months and gives new p2winners more destroy me and keep me in gold for 3 YEARS, i thought it was just my bad skill but i realized its a complete unfair game, but ill give it few more chances and then Bye-bye

V3N3M1S8 months ago

K4B2NA, or they could fix all the issues they already have in the game to begin with

V3N3M1S8 months ago

Al, This comment right here! This is hands down the most important and best comment on this entire thread!

Phil Becar7 months ago

I think it's bad that we can't turn the modules on and off, my thumbs are too big and I keep hitting them by accident. I'm not using them when I want and I'm burning up my tokens like crazy by accident. Either let us move the spot where it's at or give us the ability to turn it off completely. PS, why does the screen keep saying I can save up to four crates, when I can't,since you've changed the format. There's more, but I'll stop there for now.

backtothefront7 months ago

LIARS, And you're wrong about the effectiveness of them on all the maps you speak of.

The thing with ALL the weapons I use on every bot I use, is that you have to aim them (properly) to have them be effective. (With the exception of Aphids and Hydras). They aren't like all of the other lock on type weapons that 'grip' your opponent. I will never use those sorts of weapons. I'd rather need to think with my aiming, and one of the things I like doing most is jumping sideways while still hitting my opponent who is now missing me, while they're moving too. Just need to 'lead' with your fire.

So what if they have reload times?? Plan ahead. Don't jump in a situation where you will find your pants around your ankles. Which is exactly what so many of you with all the bells and whistles robots/weapons do, and why I consistently kill a ton of bots per battle.

backtothefront7 months ago

LIARS, Yes, I indeed have a Molot Griff with a Hydra, and no I have never tanked, nor will I. Molots aren't fast, but they chew down energy shields so I or my teammates can deal with the bot sans sheild. With a range of 800m its the bot I go to when some POS is sitting lobbing Zenits and Noricums or some turf Fury is picking teammates off with Trebuchets or similar weapon. Molots work, if you use them well. It seems they nerfed them again however.

ISLAM DOOM7 months ago

look I love the idea but I don't si that gona change the game to be more interesting but again maybe its going to be good after all maybe.

ISLAM DOOM7 months ago

look I love the idea but I don't si that gona change the game to be more interesting but again maybe its going to be good after all maybe.

Problemchild19047 months ago

Oh and another thing your ads after battle the ad that increases the amount by 50% you hit that and when you're done watching the ad the little hexagon lines that go around in a circle ,around the icon of the war robot and just keeps going and going and going 4 minutes no way to stop it there's no response to the screen so hit the back button and that stops IT and come back to the page and guess what I don't get no credit for the commercial I just watched what's up with that shit and the game keeps crashing. Sorry I just really pissed off right now. THE LOCKDOWN TARGET DUMMY WEAPONS ARE ONE OF, AGAIN, ONE OF THE STUPIDEST THINGS THAT YOU HAVE INTRODUCED TO THIS GAME. THEY SHOULD BE REMOVED. HERE IS A FACT, THAT MAY SURPRISE YOU, HERE IT GOES, ARE YOU SITTING DOWN, HOLD ON TO YOUR SEATS. OK,,,,READY,,,, YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE ,,,,( HELPLESSLY ) " LOCKDOWN " TO GET BLOWN INTO LITTLE PIECES WHILE PLAYING "WAR F--KING ROBOTS, ALL THAT'S NEED FOR THAT TO HAPPEN IS SIMPLY PLAY THE GAME. THE BEST THAT YOU CAN, AND YOU WHILE STILL GET BLOWN TO PIECES .

Problemchild19047 months ago

I just want to say it's bullshit that you put out all these stupid fucking weapons like the ones that lock you down that I hate and don't fix the things that are broken like right now. 20 minutes ago at the moon map ,taking the Center Beacon. On the second floor after dealing with a Gareth. Robots walking towards me but I can't see what it is and it jumps sure nuff the punks stealth robot. So it lands I wait for the stealth to go away as I start to shoot what happens my robot targets something below obviously an enemy and start shooting at that I can't get it to Target the one I want to kill which is blowing the shit out of me. And I get killed. So I'm back at spawn choose another robot which is a Leo and the motherfuking controls lock. So now I got to Leo joysticks locked in the 10 position and it's going at a fucking angle. Bulshit I try to ditch it but I can't because it won't let me because it's too soon what a bunch of bullshit. I've been dealing with sticky controls for a long time. So I lost League points because of this shit. But what are you doing. You just keep making fucking robots and weapons and pump them out. It's fucked up all in the name of balance. And now because of the Trident buff the fury has to be on your new upgrade bulshit schedule 1 Day 2 days 3 days 4 days it's now I believe it's 6 days to go from Level 8 to 9 and 13 million and silver that's fucking bullshit. And the Lancelot since it got the buff which I just got one after over a year of playing. I leveled up to 9 but I wish I would have kept going cuz you fucks made it with the new upgrade schedule the one day two day three-day four-day 5 day bullshit and the cost. And let me tell you what the buff on the shield and a little buff on the the little speed boost time I don't believe it's enough still like the motherfukers made out of glass. just because you increase something you got to put it on you stupid upgrade times. It's not right I don't know what's up with you people but you sure know how to fuck up a good game. You know what's up with the sticky controls I Robot will be walking until just stop or I'll stop for a second to turn and go to Fire and it just stays there no movement while I'm getting shot to fucking pieces. And he's lockdown weapons you think those are cool 5 Seconds you got us locked down and then 5 Seconds of immune you only get about eight steps in your dead what a bunch of stupid shit for a game that this magnitude and this intense. I mean let's get real gentleman lockdown weapons need to go. I'm pissed off right now bulshit but you don't give a fuk by the way fuk was my middle fucking name when I grew up or the most commonly used word in our household so you have to excuse it. Why don't you guys get with the fucking program you make enough money. I'm gone when you go back to the game and lock up my controls a little bit and go over and park up against the wall as it's going and fucking forward an angle

LIARS7 months ago

backtothefront, Wow. You run Molots? I didn't think anyone used those other than new players or players tanking. You weren't tanking, were you? ;) I wouldn't take a Griffin with molots against a destrier...unless it was running molots :)

I mean, those things are one of the lowest damage weapons with stupid reload times. On about half the maps you can't take advantage of their range and forget about them on almost every map in TDM.

LIARS7 months ago

If I had any question of what a joke matchmaking is, it was removed today. In one game there were players from Gold League 2 all the way down to Bronze League 1

I suppose this does raise a question about how many people are playing the game at any point in time. Because if there are so few people playing you would get this wide range of low strength to high strength hangars.

Can't wait to see the next mass exodus wave after the upcoming release with modules that 90% of the community doesn't want. Well done Pixonic.

Raimonds Avdejevs7 months ago

Answer please why do I have to lose a cheater? And when will you deal with them in FB GameRoom?

TERM1NATOR 50007 months ago

Ok, so I just tried these modules on the test server, and I have to say, THEY ARE AMAZING! I'm really excited for them to hit the live server, the only one I don't like is the Lockdown Ammo, it's cool but it defeats the purpose of normal Lockdown weapons. With the Heavy Armour Kit, Stalker will be a beast, and with Quantum Radar, Rogatka would demolish Spectres! Don't think about how your opponents will utilize these modules, think about how you can, even with classic equipment.

backtothefront7 months ago

PixoAHOLES, Shit argument if you've got shit minded approach to battle. All you see is a difference in fire power. A faster bot can evade. And with proper aiming still hit the bot it is evading fire from. The slow bot can't easily be missed by the fire from the faster bot because it just doesn't have the quick mobility.

That you haven't deduced this, despite apparently playing this game for a significant amount of time is moderately concerning. No offense, but you are another commenter who has exposed themselves as the type that hasn't developed skill, they've masked their lack of skill with firepower and the ego developed from defeating other unskilled pilots and thinking those wins are indicative of being superior.

I'm sure this went right over your head. Basically, if you understand the movements and tactics that are possible by your opponent and you capitalize upon them with what YOUR BOT CAN DO, then you can defeat your opponent. But if you sit and fucking whine like a little bitch that your bot isn't a heavy or isn't this or that and it's not fair and suck your fucking thumb, then it the LIKES OF YOU that Pixonic buffs and nerfs weaponry/bots to pacify.

Use skill. Use your friggin head. Stop being a millennial turd and make it happen. It's people like you that buy into Pixos bull shit and perpetuate their catering to the lowest common denominator. Even though you undoubtedly think yourself to the contrary.

Next time your over fluffed bot gets taken out by a (in your mind) lesser bot, don't write it off to luck on their part. Wake up and realize you might have been (most likely were) out smarted. There are tbose of us in this game that view each battle as a game of chess and are always looking to improve...without buying power. I know I am.

Go ahead and buy or (scrape and grind) for the latest. I'll hand you your ass with my old hangar. I'll put money on it.

PixoAHOLES7 months ago

backtothefront, That's a shit argumemt. You got 2x the firepower and more than 2x the hp with a griffin.

Should a robot with 2x anything be in a battle with that much advantage? Fuck no.

Pixonic has fucked up the game for a number of reasons, but the longstanding fuckup is matchmaking.

backtothefront7 months ago

TERM1NATOR 5000, If you're a young guy, this is a good time to look up the words you don't know and broaden your vocabulary. :) You seem smart, set yourself even further apart from those that talk and type like they've got marbles in their mouths and heads!

Hitch7 months ago

hello pixonic
yesterday you have asked us in your facebook page to give you question on modules you said and i quote
"we will answer the most liked questions about modules on a livestream this friday authors of this questions will receive a fresh ares"
so my comment (øk ba) got 85 likes and it was the thired in wich who left their ID and Platform fourth on general but surprisenly i didnt get what you promest us for please respond
your loyal player _Hitch_

backtothefront7 months ago

PixoAHOLES, Seriously, don't bother with this junk. Let the stuff pile up, don't chase the carrot.

Dude8 months ago

This last paragraph, especially that last sentence is golden. "Once again, we encourage you to check Modules action. First of all, because we believe that the Frequency Shifter is quite a sight to behold, and second — because in the end, you might not agree with us. If this is the case, we need to hear from you!" Since when has hearing from us ever changed anything in favor of the player community here? I read so much negative here, your Facebook page, reddit page, your game forum, and from talking to friends that play, and see that you don't listen to anything we have to say as it is. Is there something new in the works as well, your willingness to listen to and heed the words of your players? The majority of replies I get from your support section, when there is a reply, is sarcastic and an answer to a question not asked. So, some new attitude towards players that has a component (see what I did there?)of willingness to listen? I don't buy it. I don't buy anything in this game any longer, haven't for a long time. For over three years I've seen very little, almost to an infinitesimal point, that favors us or just plain old regular fun, interesting, competitive gameplay. I don't begrudge you making money, I spend on other games and apps, that treat their customers fairly. You don't. You crap out new junk like you have the equivalent of a certain disgusting bowel problem, and there is no letting up. Your test server is just a way for you to see how much mayhem it will actually cause in the game, instead of a platform to help balance new junk and see how players will interact with and use it. I've been in it a few times. A waste of my time. Some may like it, but it takes away from regular game time for me. Even taking the time to do this takes away from that time, but it does have one benefit, no tankers stopping me from doing this and no lock down from a small bot that allows it to decimate one heavy bot after another. Small bots are my first targets in every battle I have time left to play, when I'm not doing this. This game has lost its soul, lost its fun, lost its interesting and competitive nature. This is just a huge "screw you" carnival game, now. Be well y'all.

Valkyrja8 months ago

Alacrity8, Thanks for the support :) Sadly, we players could suggest the best game design but Pixonic simply doesn't listen :(

Ruturajsinh Vaghela8 months ago

Pixonic what new things you are bringing in game it's good I agree to keep it fresh. But the thing is you people made upgrade time too long and even price of silver also too much to upgrade anything. How much do I need to buy man. Too much money you people are asking which is not fair. Everyone in this world is not billionaire please understand it. If you want people to leave please send message that whoever can't pay much just leave. Because I am even paid player. But what you people are asking to pay is too much. Please understand.

Barry Young8 months ago

ForSaken Pubg, No need they just nerfed the crap out them today. First lock down halo was op. Now I can fire like 10 rounds before it works. Thats they're m.o....bring out op new content....wait till everyone has worked they're ass off for it then nerf it so its weak and we have to move on to more new content. Round and round in a never ending greed circle dixonic created 🚮

Alacrity88 months ago

I like the idea of the modules, but give us more time.
Give us at least 4 months between updates.
The economy and upgrade changes are a huge aggravation.
It's now harder to get Gold equipment than Component equipment.
We were not ready for that.
All of Valkyrja's comments are perfect.

Sparky8 months ago

Cheater pixonic

Sparky8 months ago

4.5 have been lost since the upgrade. there is no pleasure in the game. 68% of my winnings are now only 30%.

상국 진8 months ago

기존의 플레이어들에게 과한 과금유도 보다 새로운 플레이어를 어떻게 찾아야 하는지가 먼저인것 같고 쓸만한 기체나 무기를 얻기 위해 1년이라는 시간이 걸렸는데 계속적으로 가질수도 없는 업데이트는 나와는 상관없는 얘기일뿐...욕심부리는건 이해하겠는데 이런식이면 재미없어짐

Eagle188 months ago

Please lower the costs for workshop components and conversion
With the current update 4.5 they became too high!

Wisdom7778 months ago

You have wrecked the game is too complicated.
WHEN ever i write something on this platform its always the samething the majority of what other have found. NO MORE NEW THINGS...Too many weapons too many robots. It becomes a boring game when you cannot remember what every robot and weapon does. And i am in master league.

ForSaken Pubg8 months ago

Hopefully, they will sell an Anti-Lock module. 😏

El Rey Del Cielo8 months ago

Yo si quiero que cambien algo para más dificultad en el juego

K4B2NA8 months ago

rockasaurusbone, Hi read the comment it's not about the gaming or the battles in champ league
It's about the changes being introduced rapidly to the game
Fyi I have never tanked and am proud to have got where I am through 3 years gameplay and upgrades

rockasaurusbone8 months ago

Antwain Taylor, Sorry, sounds to me like this comment was made by one of those players who doesnt like to, or cant really FIGHT. This is something someone says when they like to be able to go seal clubbing without having any skills to apply to gameplay. Those of us who actually have confidence in our hangars and our ability to pilot our bots, dont mind who wants to fight. Seal clubbing is no fun to anyone but bullies who finally got that punch in the nose and look to the virtual world to avoid a second trip to the nurse.
Let the lower level bots compete with whoever. What are you scared of?.... (dont answer that.. i forgot I already mentioned the second trip to the nurse)

K4B2NA8 months ago

Please please dont introduce anything more to the game.
We need time (months) to absorb all the changes, get the latest gear use and upgrade it
The game is becoming to complex and you need to slow down with change.

K4B2NA8 months ago

Please please dont introduce any new changes for at least 4 to 5 months we need time to absorb all the latest changes get and upgrade the latest gear and most importantly play lots of games with the gear.
Maybe spend the time building some new maps and pause on the changes

rockasaurusbone8 months ago

Valkyrja, @ 'Remember, gaming addiction.....hope...leave the game...'... YEAH! What they said!

rockasaurusbone8 months ago

Sounds more complicated to me. A number of people I talk to in the forums are talking about at least adding a 'classic' game mode where all these extra features are not a part of the game. Finding myself missing the starting levels of play, I can agree with those who wish to return to a less complicated game environment. Many of the new features like the 'lock down' feature is starting to make the game annoying and less fun. Some of us are starting to branch out to other games.

Al8 months ago

Sort out all other problems first please

Epicteen2138 months ago

Love the new hud for upgrade but as others say it is so hard to keep up with new content when you can’t afford anything yet

Valkyrja8 months ago

I'm going to save all my criticizes and leave only suggestions.

Passive modules: buy it with gold at a reasonable price is fine, but when it comes to upgrade cost, it shouldn't be more expensive than weapons and robots.

Active modules: the idea of Power cells source isn't good enough. You can keep the current idea of "getting Power cells from Battle Rewards and buy it with gold (again, at a reasonable price)", but you need to give at least 1 free Power cell to each module when players go into battle. Even I don't have any Power cell in my inventory, all active module must be usable at least once during the battle.

Additional suggestions: with so many items to upgrade, you need to 1) make at least 3 slots for upgrade, 1 for module, 1 for weapon, and 1 for robot, all at the same time; 2) you need to increase silver income if you want to have every price so high.

Remember, gaming addiction only happens when players see the hope. When you take away all the hope players possibly have, that's the moment they leave the game.

☆BushDr☆8 months ago

I really don't understand what the thinking is behind the indoctrination .....sorry introduction of these Modules so soon. Especially when you consider the speed that other features and robots, have been rammed down our throats recently.
It's extremely difficult to get èxited about yet another new feature comming to an already over complicated game, from the one I initially fell in love with around 3 years ago. Please just stop or at least slow down on adding new features, weapons and robots and let your player base get used to what's already been added. At least for a while to see how things balance out for the time being.
Thankyou for your time!
1KS☆BushDr☆ FXGDCA Android

Big Monkey Boss8 months ago

I just read this three times and still have no idea what it's talking about . . .

Antwain Taylor8 months ago

SN7D15...I hope that the modules dont make lower level bots equal to higher bn level bots which would make everyone be on the same playing field because some of us put lots of time and resources into the game just to have a beginner pilot to compete with you just because of modules.

AnarchoDom8 months ago

We are drowned in new content without getting the resources to really afford it.

I can't care less about any of the new stuff you introduce. It just makes the game more complicated.

Iván78 months ago

Son unos hijos de re mil puta!

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