Mercenary Training Camp. Year 2132

Author - War Robots

"We got the beacon. Where next Rogers?"

As other cadets were busy blowing up their first real robots, Kyle Rogers stopped paying attention for a moment. That was the first time he saw the Martian wasteland as it is, without any signs of the new civilization. Rocky slopes, bright red sands — nothing else, for many miles around. Just...

"Kyle, wake up! Mick and Arona are taking B!"

Rogers flinched and checked the map for the first time. Opponents did a great job securing the flanks, the time was short. A couple minutes more, and they'll have to rely on a wonder to win.

Get a grip Rogers. "Ragna! Center!"

That was all Ragna needed to hear. Flashing neon, her training Bolt dashed towards the beacon.

"Keep pushing!" — Ragna blew a weapon off a Golem that was corner-shooting ecstatically. Its pilot didn't even notice them, so Rogers landed nearby and bursted it down. Dust settled, the cabin got lit bright blue.

They made it! Kyle exhaled and shot the rest of the mag into a wall. Just as he was taught.

Once all weapons went on reload, a shadow went over Rogers. Arona noticed their little maneuver a while ago, but only now her lumbering Natasha crawled up to the hill above.

Heavy hull, four guns, five layers of patchy armor (all training robots were rebuilt from the wreckage over and over, the process is well optimized at the training facilities). Explosion, ejection — Rogers got pushed heavy into the seat. Even here, with Martian gravity and practice equipment, for most cadets it takes a while to recover from catapulting.

...Sharp whistle. Engine roar? Or… eagle? There are no eagles on Mars, but Rogers saw them on library recordings. "Nice, someone's got a bird!" — Rogers grinned, despite almost passing out.

The next he saw on the dashboard was a Griffin diving in front of Arona and pushing her away. Rogers never knew Griffin's pilot personally, but heard of their achievements quite often. "Gotta meet him after training… or "her"?" — Rogers made a mental check and looked at the map again.

As always, there was nothing to worry about. The team had everything under control.


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Ookamihrdz2 months ago

I'm concerned... as no reload trigger is now portrayed as part of the wr universe...
Something pilots had to "struggle" with...
They were taught to misuse ammo because of the inability of reloading manually...
Why...? Just...
Does that mean reload button is not coming...?

吃了 Xi Jping3 months ago

I see Spectre still play FFA!? Why play in Spectre, no chance to win! Girl bots - Invader & Ares, Ao Jun kill Spectre in few second. (no offence to girl player, Ares have pretty blue magic wands, all girl like magic wand. Invader is spider bot - you know spiders have no penissssss! for nice boys with 2-inch punisher ha ha ha).

FFA no good for Spectre, Haechi, Inquisitor. To old now. No skill player kill them easy. Pix stop them playing in FFA please. it only disappoint them - game over in 2 minute. all skill player left game now, only easy kill bots play FFA. some in my clan complain, leave game upset, disappoint game finish in 2 minute. i tell them, get good bot, no skill need, easy kill.

i see many negative comment. don't take game serious. game in China toilet now. old player just stay low, under 5000 cup. leave FFA to new champ in girl bots ha ha ha. so many girl player now - very good.

pix nothing to resolve, game ok. just old spectre in ffa - sorry for him. can you fix game and stop old bot in ffa?

吃了 Xi Jping3 months ago

Ahh, no training required!!! Too many negative comment. Ha Ha Ha, this good game now, easy kill with magic wands! Ares, easy, killllll everything, no skill! no training camp like China. Hmmm, too many spider bot (ha ha ha). Spiders have no penisssss, ha ha ha...all girl playing game now. Spider (girls) everywhere. Maybe nice boy with 2 inch punisher ha ha ha. really, girl bot - no ball in hand bag ha ha ha.

ok, Ares (airhead) bot no skill either, ok, but easy. no like hard game, stop negative comment. it easy now. just kill everyone with magic wand now. Oh, flying rice burner - noone can win when flying flame thrower (Ao Jun) arrive ha ha ha more easy (no skill) kill :-)

Old bot with big ball in bag finish now. get new easy kill bot, you be happy, laughing. No 'rebalance' by Pix-my-nose, just killer bots.

tank you Pix for easy job, no years of play for skill, no training camp, just fly and kill, nobody touch, easy, predicable game now.

🔻▛▪▜ ▋▜▛ ██🔻3 months ago

Android 🙋
Pixonic I am struggling to win the solo matches (everything goes) and in the platoon I am always who does less damage, my weapons and robots are all level 8 and I am in league champions.. Wanted a Help War-robots (pixonic).

TheMiQRap3 months ago

Luck.....yhhh.... I'm.... I'm Gryffin Pilot
You are the ruler of dragons!
Pixo, I need more Dragons 😜

SavageSanta3 months ago

BMD, All these acts hold riddles, and then entire thing is combined to add up to something. Person who figures it out might get rewarded.

backtothefront4 months ago

Problemchild1904, That's exactly why they put it there. It is the reason why you see teammates at the very beginning of a battle with the green light band showing they've accidentally hit it. That it can be activated when you are completely powered up is beyond suspect.

They could have moved it, and the ability drive buttons higher up. But of course they won't.

Rocco 4 months ago

No viene al tema::::
Hola podrian ver la opcion de integrar criptomonedas para ...poder hacer compras de Au (oro) Ag (plata) y bots :ejemplo BTC (bitcoin ) ó crear una moneda virtual propio ?

EzekielCrow4 months ago

Its been a while since I beheld literary talent of this caliber....No, really...

Vizmo4 months ago

Everyone is running Last Stand in Champions. Gameplay is turning into everyone gets reduced to 10% per encounter, regardless who surprises whom. Can you create a passive module that nullifies enemy Last Stand?

deathpri4 months ago

Platform: android

I do not know what you think, but I think a War Robots movie would be great.

Gotcha4 months ago

I like this. A cool way to explain some strategy and provide some depth. This made me think of an idea, no so well thought out, but an idea...

What would you say to satellite drones? Like animal themed mini-bots that had minor benefits. There could be a bird (eagle) that adds proximity benefits where within 50M it could dive bomb on command. There could be a tortoise that adds protective measures say when a Red gets within 50-100M it could blockade their ability to approach for 5 seconds. The possibilities are endless: a wolf, tiger, arachnids, Komodo dragons, rhinos, etc. But the catch is that they would be organic to the bot itself. Say Falcon can only acquire the eagle. Rhino can only have the tiger. Lancelot can only have the lion. So on and so on. But this upgrade can only be “achieved” and not purchased. That way it is more a right of passage, or meritorious, and shows more merit once you’ve earned it rather than just a meaningless purchase that anyone could have.

Just an idea that this story made me think of.

Best Regards,
Pilot: Gotcha

BMD4 months ago

What's the point of these things

F0XTRAUT4 months ago

Platform: IOS
Give me a Dragon Robot, anyone.

Nice story, I'd like to be in the story though.

apiot4 months ago

ID: Z915P5
Platform: Android

Odie Barracudagm4 months ago

I will wait for the next story ... more curious about how they can be saved

Problemchild19044 months ago

If you hold an andriod while playing this game that you swipe the screen to turn. What 2 buttons are lined up with your thumb. The first is the weapons firing button & the second is the module activation button. Why is it in the center of the swipe path for turning the Robot. Why is it not on the left side of the screen above the joystick. Is it so we accidentally activate it. To use up power cells. To me , that is the only explanation that I can come up with. Because it gets accidentally all the time. Just by driving the F--KING Robot. Again why would you not put it on the left side of the screen.

YAHE19 4 months ago


Don Dennis4 months ago


Brs374 months ago


Adam Carmack4 months ago

I still think we getting new maps.

Zinger184 months ago


Bear4 months ago


Great Story! Thank you!

Loldongs4 months ago


Professor4 months ago

Nice one !


Noctaire4 months ago



So...you guys working on a short story here to put behind the game...?

Az Raptor4 months ago

I struggled at first with this one, then I was like duh. I over complicated it.
U8IGN5 Android

Redsteal4 months ago

Well ,I got here as well , so just in case QZND8U Android :) happy hunting

Takezo4 months ago

I like these.
iOS YS498X

DESTROYER4 months ago

Great Article 😃

Jim Delfin4 months ago

Dragon blaze please

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