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Patch Notes

War Robots 4.4 Update Notes. This Corrosion

by War Robots - 22.10.2018

In a nutshell

  • New mechanic: damage over time
  • New weapons: Sting, Viper and Wasp. Burn your way through the battlefield!
  • New map: Castle. Fight within medieval walls!
  • New paint jobs: Inquisitor, Falcon and Bulwark
  • Tweak: now you can see how much rank points each clan member earned
  • Tweak: Black Market screen now shows what’s inside every chest

New weapons: Wasp, Sting, Viper

Wasp, Sting and Viper all deal additional damage spread over time. Even when you stop shooting, your target continues receiving damage until the effect wears off.

Sting is a light kinetic gun. Sting empties the whole clip of needle-shaped bullets almost immediately and reloads quickly.

Wasp is a massive mid-range kinetic gun firing large shells. Although it is relatively slow, Wasp can dish out tons of damage if used correctly, especially in duel situations.

Viper is a Heavy energy autocannon for sustained fights. Its range and spread make it the most effective on close distances.


New map: Castle

Don't trip over!

Black Market

Clarity Update

Now you can check what can be inside every chest before opening it.

Silver Chest

All 250 component packs are out. This should give you a better chance to fish out complete items

Gold Chest

Chances tweaked to bring you less Royale Token drops, but more Gold drops. Also, we added some 6000 component packs, including components for Wasp, Stinger and Viper.

Super Chest

Here we added a significant chance to receive full pieces of equipment instead of components.

Other changes and bug fixes

  • [QoL] Clan screen now shows how much rank points each clan member earned
  • [QoL] You can skip chest opening animation in Black Market
  • Fixed a bug causing 12-player Free-For-All matches to happen
  • Fixed typos in Rayker info: Suppression description stated 90% damage reduction instead of 75%. Apologies for the misinformation!
  • Fixed a bug causing Spiral to deal abnormal damage in certain cases
  • Fixed a bug causing the game to freeze when opening multiple Supply Drops

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