Message from WR Team: Workshop Changes

Author - War Robots


During the last couple of months, we were changing War Robots based on your feedback. We opened the new Workshop, separated the modes and rebalanced controversial robots and weapons.

Unfortunately, not everything went smoothly. We underestimated the impact of the new Workshop on the game economy. Next week, we're introducing the following changes:

  1. The new equipment will appear in the Workshop not in a month (as we promised), but in two months after its release.
  2. Starting October 2, time of components production will increase (full sheet bellow)

These changes ARE NOT linked to the 4.3 balance update. However, we have to make them now to stabilize the economy.  

The Workshop will retain the old numbers for a few more days. The changes will take effect on October 2, 9 AM UTC. (if you launch the production right before this happens, it will be finished under old conditions)

Change list

We apologize for letting you down. We make what is possible to avoid such mistakes in the future and work on fixing the main issues currently discussed in the community.

Our plans for the upcoming months

  • summarize the results of separating game modes. Soon after the experiment's conclusion on October 1 we will learn if modes will stay separated
  • improve matchmaking system to lower the number of uneven matches
  • make an unfair play ("tanking") harder, while sufficiently promoting honorable pilots
  • run a detailed research of how upgrading times influence the economy and find the right approach to it. Update 4.4 will include a first substantial change tied to equipment upgrading pace

- War Robots Team

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