Best Lock-Down builds

by Ol' Pappy - 14.08.2018

Back in 1990 — way back, when Ol’ Pappy was still a Young Pappy — a new rap song hit the airwaves in America, with lyrics that cut like knives.

All right stop
Collaborate and listen
Ice is back with my
 brand-new invention

Something grabs a hold of me tightly
Then I flow that harpoon daily and nightly

Will it ever stop?
Yo, I don't know
Turn off the lights and I'll glow

To the extreme, I rock a mic like a vandal
Light up a stage and wax a chump like a candle

The song was Ice, Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice. Even though this tune was written nearly thirty years ago, Vanilla Ice must have been psychic, because he was clearly rapping about the new Pulsar and Shredder weapons that were recently introduced into War Robots.

Surely, when he rhymed, “Ice is back with my brand-new invention … Something grabs a hold of me tightly,” he was referring to the deadly lock down effects that are unique to these weapons. And, since every pilot dreams of waxing a chump like a candle, here’s the best Shredder and Pulsar builds to ensure that you rock a mic like a vandal.

Triple Shredder Pursuer

This build, quite simply, is a no-brainer. Since each energy pulse has a small percentage chance of locking down an opponent, using three Shredders virtually guarantees your enemy will be frozen. Pursuer’s speed and stealth ability then allows you to rush in for the kill.

That said, extreme caution is needed with this build. If your enemies are maxed MKII, and have full health, you likely won’t be able to kill them without having to reload. And, if your enemy has stealth abilities, he can simply go stealth mode and wait for your own stealth to end, and then unleash a hellish counter attack.

Double Shredder + Ember Mercury

By far my favourite build, the double Shredder + Ember combo helps to solve one of the biggest drawbacks of using a Mercury — the fact that opponents can easily evade your jump-detonation ability by simply leaping or running away from the blast zone once you take to the air.

Shredder’s 500-metre range helps to lock your enemy in place long enough for you to close distance and jump on them. As soon as you are in range, you can take to the air while unleashing your Ember. Ember’s flames slice through all shields (except Bulwark’s, which stops everything). If your jump is timed right, you should be able to land, detonate, and still have enough flames in your Ember to finish off your opponent. By this time, your Shredders will have reloaded as well.

Quad Pulsar Spectre

Pulsars and Spectres go together like hip hop and diamond teeth grills. Four Pulsars fired at the same time virtually guarantees that your enemy will be locked down before your clips are empty. The 600 metre distance also puts you out of range of Shocktrains. And Pulsar packs a punch! In most cases, you will be able to deplete at least two-thirds of your enemy’s health in a single clip.

But be careful — nothing prevents a locked down enemy from firing back at you. And, if the red is rocking Scourges, you could quickly find yourself turned from the hunter into the prey.

Effectively Using Single Shredders or Pulsars

But wait, what if you don’t have multiple Shredders or Pulsars? Well, then things get a bit tricky.

A single Pulsar or Shredder might lock down your opponent — but then again, it might not. If you only have one or two of these weapons equipped, then avoid simply rushing headlong at your enemies. If your lock down fails, then you might find yourself on the wrong end of an assault from Orkans or Tarans.

If you only have one or two of these weapons, its best to pair Shredder or Pulsar with weapons that most benefit from immobilized enemies. For instance, with Orkans or Tarans, they deal damage so quickly, the lock down effect is usually unnecessary — the enemies are dead before they can be locked in place.

However, machine guns and shotguns take time to unload. Locking an enemy in place greatly enhances your ability to deal maximum damage with these weapons.

Imagine an Inquisitor with Pulsar, Storm, and Thunder. Lock down your enemy, leap in stealth mode toward him, and then finish him off at close range as he’s frozen in place. Or, take a Strider and equip it with Punisher, Shredder and Avenger. Now you have a beacon capper that can also lock enemies down in game modes that require beacon capping to win, such as King of the Hill modes. For a true juggernaut of a build, add a Shredder to a Leo, and finish it off with Punishers or Gusts, along with either Avenger, Thunder, or Ancile. Imagine two Shredders and two Storm on a Griffin or Raven. The options are endless.

A Caution About Tactics

Vanilla Ice offers a cautionary tale for all of us mech warriors who feel our reign will last forever. At the height of his fame, Vanilla Ice was “Rollin’ in his 5.0, with my ragtop down so my hair can blow.” He even dated Madonna for a time. But soon, the limelight dimmed, and Vanilla’s reign at the top of the charts was over.

The lesson? Once you put the world on lock-down, you think it will last forever — but it doesn’t. For pilots, you have to be aware of the fleeting nature of the lock-down effect. You have literally only a few seconds to make your shots count, and, once enemies come out of lock down, they can’t be frozen again for several seconds — they literally become immune to the effect.

That’s why Shredder and Pulsar are really best used in team situations, where you can lock down enemies and then finish them off with the help of your teammates.

As well, remember that ranges of the weapons. You don’t need to be up close and personal for the lock down effect to work.

So, grab your gear and hit the battlefield. As another famous hip hop star, Maestro Fresh Wes, once rapped back in the day, in his song Let Your Backbone Slide:

This is a throw-down, a showdown
Hell no, I can't slow down

This ain't a game, I'm on a mission
Call me a hip-hop, tip-tac-


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PY1TE4 months ago

I did like the lockdown weps before. Now they are useless.

Typhoon _hunter6 months ago

vanilla ice is a very annoying word.
I do not know why such words can be crowded.

Herb7 months ago

backtothefront, I can't tell which you hate more: Vanilla Ice or Lock down weapons.

Tumdurgal8 months ago

backtothefront, It's worse than that. With the new bots you can now suppress your enemy. So not only are there lag guns, but now also nerf bots. Combine the two and you've got a real big barrel of no fun.

Vizmo8 months ago

+1 on Shredder Ember Mercury. Always nice to make ppl "feel the burn."
I really like adding a Pulsar to 2 Scourges on Bulgasari. It's not a huge burden of damage reduction, and that occasional lock-down can really make a difference.

Problemchild19048 months ago


backtothefront9 months ago

Soulja44, Thanks bud. I agree, you just have to wait the cloaking cowards out. Doesn't work every time, but quite often it does, and you can either rip them apart for the kill, or get them close enough that a teammate finishes the job.

I think about this often. None of my bots have special defence. They can jump. Thats it. Well, my Natty can't even do that. Yet, I'm able to hang with bots that can cloak, or have shields and or can dash and have more heavy/medium mounts than me most times.

It can't feel good when you have bots that have every possible upperhand on every other bot in the game, Spectre, Heachi, Inquisitor etc, and you get taken out by a Griffin with Punishers and Aphids, or even come close to getting taken out. Especially if you spent Real Money or cheated (tanked/faded) to get them. Kinda pathetic really.

All this said, and back to our point about lock down weapons...I will never use them. There is something so unspeakably pathetic and prancer about the mentality it takes to want to hold an opponent still so that 'then' you can hit them. It's just pathetic. Folks should find something else to do if they need that. But as I said these chump weapons will also be mounted on Spectres etc. and leveled up to MK12, by tankers that have 7000 wins, 1 million average damage, but somehow are in Diamond League. Don't forget the evil sounding, badass clan names and affiliations to go along with it.

Soulja449 months ago

Backtothefront.. That's some dope artist you called out fam... I agree with sentiment if the game flooded with puss weapons..I'm an old carnage pilot who had to move on from that, so I know how to creep up on shocktrain spectre cowards..Like one my favs said "if any maf**ka want pain/ I brought the full take you 2 of these and call me in the mornin/ 3 times point blank range wit no warning -scarface

Propularguy9 months ago

The arguments are just amusing

backtothefront9 months ago

General Ryandam, What you call overextending, I call being thorough in making my point.

These weapons, and the reasons for using them are flawed. And while I have a Kumiho, I have never used it. My hangar is 4 Griffins and 1 Natasha. So I'm not concerned because I feel like my dash bot will be frozen. I'm concerned because it is just one more cluster of weapons that are going to be an abused method of replacing being able to actually play the game through skill with buying your way into success with Pixonic's version of 'everyone gets a medal' regardless of being worthy of one.

The only people that are going to like these weapons are the type that will use them to take advantage of slower bots, like the pilot that I illustrated in a previous post, or those that dont have skill and would rather use shortcuts and handouts to gain success, which is absolutely pathetic. Both are pathetic.

General Ryandam9 months ago

backtothefront, C’mon, stop hating. I like these weapons. Can we please keep the hate to ourselves so those who feature positivity of the game? Please, just spare us. You make a valid point, but do you have to overextend it? (Wait, did I just overextend this? What a hypocrite I am!)

AnarchoDom9 months ago

Another enjoyable piece to read. If it weren't for the economy changes, I could be interested in trying some of that.

backtothefront9 months ago

First dealing with a pulsar on the battle field...a clan member by the name of 'ooooops' rolling with the Dark Nights.

These were mounted on a Level 10 Spectre, and flanked with Level 12 Scourges. Not only did this opportunist coward have them on a top predator bot, but he also pulled the classic 'fade' and moments after he locked me down, let himself get taken out of the battle, never to respawn. Was the lowest ranked at the end with adound 50,000 damage.
Tanking, fading, cheating clans with maxed bots in maxed hangars???

This is what you had in mind Pixonic???

Unless your heads are up your asses, I don't know how you couldn't see it the moment you drew up these stupid weapons on paper.

backtothefront9 months ago

I've got to say this as well, every bot in this game has some sort of ability. It's the pilots job to figure out how to best use that a ability.

This game is like a game of chess. You need to understand so many dynamics of the game to do well...the characteristics of each map, the abilities and shortcomings of your bot AND the chosen weapons, and also how to read the battle field and figure out those exact abilities and shortcomings of the red opponents.

All of those things are possible with whatever bot you have. You have to use your head to succeed in this game. That's what makes it fun. That's what makes it interesting and skill developing.

But on the other hand, you can just choose the cop-out coward way, and choose weapons that are the equivelant of paying someone to write your term paper, or an even more harsh but true comparison...paying someone else to sire your own child.

Honestly, every time I go to battle against guys that have maxed out hangars of Spectres and Haechis and Inquisitors etc, and they absolutely suck, I just lose so much respect for them as the person operating the device to play. Anyone that is going to use these weapons, let's call them Milli Vinilli weapons (as Milli Vinilli was on par with how LAME Vanilla Ice was, is going to be with almost 100% surety, a pretty pathetic individual. The only reason that you will be successful is because of the weapons you have, NOT the intelligence you possess. Go take a hard look in the mirror and try to hide from that fact.

And again, Vanilla Ice??? You could have picked a myriad of hip-hop artists from the eighties and nineties...Public Enemy, Eric B and Rakim, Guru for God sakes. The list goes on and on...

You pick Vanilla Ice.

Total facepalm. I'm shaking my head.

backtothefront9 months ago

I,m sorry old pappy, but two things come to mind.

One, being that Vanilla Ice was somewhat of a walking joke.

Two, these lock down weapons strike me as being some of, if not the lamest weapons that Pixonic has come up with to date.

Can't play the game well, and getting your ass chewed up in battle after battle despite buying all the latest and greatest? Here's a few weapons for you so you don't have to develop the skill of anticipating movements, and leading with your fire when you're trying to hit a fast moving bot. Just lock 'em down. It'll be like in school when you and your chump buddies hold the one kid that stands up to you so you can punch him without him dodging and kicking your ass...making you look like the chump that you are.

These cop-out turd weapons will be used on bots that already have an upper hand on all other bots in some way or another. GUARANTEED. But there is no way you care about that. These are the next major upset weapons to come in after your other buffoon OP weapon, the Shocktrain.

Good move Pixonic. Every time I think you can't possibly do something more insipid, you go and prove me wrong.

Good God, comparing these weapons to the tool, Vanilla Ice. Fitting, and pathetic.

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