Avengers assemble! Best machine guns builds

by Ol’ Pappy - 17.07.2018

This article is written by Ol' Pappy, a frequent WarRobots.Net contributor and also a pilot with years of combat experience behind. Enjoy!

On May 15, 1718, a pudgy British inventor entered the patent office in London, England, with plans for a revolutionary device: a musket that could fire multiple lead balls without the need for reloading after each shot.

James Puckle’s gun, known both as the “Puckle Gun” and as the “machine gun,” was largely meant to be a defensive weapon. At the time, the British Navy ruled the seas, and was always looking for a technological advantage over its foes.

The Puckle Gun was designed to stop enemies from boarding navy ships. Standing on a tripod, the weapon could in quick succession fire up to eleven shots from its three-foot-long barrel — more than enough firepower to take down several invaders trying to clamber aboard your vessel.

Patent in hand, Puckle eagerly set about trying to promote his machine gun. He pitched its deadly effectiveness to investor after investor — but to no avail. In 1722, he even held a public display, during which he was able to shoot his gun sixty-three times in seven minutes — roughly nine shots per minute, an amazing rate of fire compared to a typical musket, which could be fired only about two to four times in 60 seconds, depending on the skill of the user.

Alas, for poor Puckle, the military men of his day were set in their ways. They scoffed at Puckle’s “machine gun” and, in the end, he only managed to make two working prototypes. One newspaper snickered that the only people the guns ever wounded were the investors who were foolish enough to invest in Puckle’s scheme.

Fast forward to the late 1890s. At the time, an inventor named Hiram Maxim was on a European tour, showing off his latest invention — a machine gun that used smokeless powder, and that could fire 666 bullets per minute. At an exhibition in Switzerland, Maxim’s weapon shocked observers with its deadly killing power.

“No gun has ever been made in the world that could kill so many men and horses in so short a time,” one officer said in horror. “It is the most dreadful instrument that I have ever seen or imagined!”

Within two decades, machine guns — along with other killing technologies like heavy artillery, poison gas, tanks, and even rockets — would slaughter millions of men during the First World War (a conflict that ended one hundred years ago this year). Advancements in weaponry have occurred exponentially since the world wars. The same can be said for War Robots.

Machine guns in War Robots

In the game’s early days, machine guns, like the Molot/Molot-T and the Punisher/Punisher-T were quite simply the deadliest weapons on option. The Molot’s 800-metre range allowed users to lay down supressing fire from far distances, while the Punisher, at close range, was a buzz saw that chewed up the opposition.

This was prior to the invention and introduction of the Taran — the game’s first plasma-based weapon. The coming of plasma weapons opened the floodgates for a host of energy-based weapons, including Shocktrains and Zeus and Scourge, with incredible damage potential — so much so that they seemed to have made ballistics weapons obsolete — both at long and mid-range, as well as up close, where machine guns struggle to compete with Tarans and Orkans.

However, for machine-gun fans, not all is lost. The introduction of Avenger — the new heavy machine gun — has added a new spark to the game. Here’s the best options now for fans of old-school ballistic weapons:

Inquisitor with Avenger and Punisher-Ts

Great for knocking down energy shields from distance, and deadly up close, the Inquisitor with Avenger and Punisher-Ts lays down a storm of bullets starting at 500 metres. Inquisitor’s stealth jump is a crucial necessity for its effectiveness. Without it, you would be basically a sitting duck for devastating counterfire from a host of weapons. But with it, you can knock down an energy shield and then safely leap in for the kill.

Strider with Avenger and Punishers

Strider’s ability to store multiple dashes pairs nicely with the Avenger/Punisher’s usefulness as a support weapon. Used smartly, a ballistics Strider can work effectively with teammates more common weapons such as Orkans or Tarans. The Strider can stand back around 400 to 500 metres and lay down a continuous hail of bullets, drawing enemy fire as its teammates dash-in to finish the job. The constant fire of bullets helps deplete energy shields, and keeps most Shocktrain users hiding behind cover, allowing your teammates to advance across the battlefield. When cornered, Strider’s multiple dashes allow it either to escape to safety, or dash in to point blank range, where the Avenger and Punishers truly shine.

Lancelot with Avengers and Punishers

With Dash bots and Spectres ruling the battlefield these days, it’s easy to believe that Lancelots have become obsolete. While the days of Lance ruling the roost are long gone, the build can still be effective with Avengers and Punisher-Ts. Thanks to the Lance’s shield, it can absorb plenty of punishment as you rumble ever closer to your enemies. The key is to stay around the 360 to 400 metre distance, out of range of Orkans and Tarans. As played smartly as part of a coordinated team push, the ballistics Lancelot can be the battering ram that breaks the enemy’s defenses, allowing teammates to push through to victory.


Now, it must be said that ballistics weapons aren’t for everyone — at least, not as they are currently designed in the game. Running them effectively is extremely challenging due to the lengthy firing times and reload rates.

In fact, if I could snap my finger, Thanos-like, and make changes to the weapons, I would immediately:
• reduce the reload for machine guns to five seconds;
• speed up the firing rate;
• improve the accuracy at max distance by at least 15 to 20 percent.

Still, the new Avenger offers a great new option for lovers of old-school weapons. So, pilots, if you aren’t a fan of the easy road… if you still believe skill matters… if you aren’t a fan of insta-kill weapons… then Avenger/Punishers, are for you. Avenger is certainly a fun addition to any War Robots fan’s arsenal. As they say: “When shooting in the dark, it is best to use a machine gun.”


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Kill switch16 days ago

Hey I’ve been using the carnage with 2 avengers recently. It absolutely destroys in game I highly recommend this build.

Oh no not another spectre27 days ago

TEK 2.0, Just been experimenting with it, it has more firepower than a spectre with 4 punisher t's, leveled up it lasts a little while and destroys loads of robots, until someone with organs jumps you.

TEK 2.02 months ago

Is the raijin with double avengers good and beastly?

Pyrotech4422 months ago

Stay close at 360 to 400 meters with the Lancelot build? But then a haechi orkan can just double dash into range and take you out easy

A_L17772 months ago

iDawg, having played a good bit with the final Avenger update on the WR Test server, I know how effective it is at churning enemies to dust, from range of 300-200 meters. I’ve had instances where I’ve surprised people using Orkans, Tarans, and more, and came out on top, ready to take on another one.
Truly, the Avenger is a scary weapon to play against, and a great weapon to use.
Though I may have not been with War Robots to the days where it was called ‘Walking War Robots’, I still know the prime day when I started out, and used Punishers to the prime. Nowadays, I wish to see a buff on not just Punisher, but all ballistic weapons, as when one gets farther into the game, the general use seems to die down, league by league, until it becomes obsolete, due to everyone’s use of shields, whether it be physical, or energy based.
I still love ballistic weapons, but I just can’t find a good point to use it.

Brian Crusher2 months ago

Nice article by the way, thanks. Nice to have a history lesson! Just got Avenger via 6k components in a Gold chest so muat check it on Lancelot in 3yrs time when it's upgraded enough ;-)

Nocluevok2 months ago

Creepergomoo, Creepergomoo
I use to run an all Mk2/12 Thunder/Pun Leo. Before the Dash bots arrived, it was an absolute beast. Popped Ancilots like an annoying pimple. In Masters League, it's just a slow moving bag of Ag for the Red Team.

iDawg2 months ago

This brings memories. I used to be great fan of Punisher/Punisher-T in War Robots and mix them with Thunders on my good old Boa. That was before I acquired the Taran and Orkan.

Fast forward few years, I'm now between Diamond 1 and 2 and I still trying to see whether the Punishers are still relevant today. I tried few combos: Rhino/PunisherT/Gust, Galahad/PunisherT/Gust all level 8, Lancelot/PunisherT/Thunder. But the Punishers seem to be raining on the Reds like peas... ping! ping! ping! even at 300 - 400 meters. Maybe it's not leveled up enough, I don't know, but my dilemma now is whether to invest time and silver to upgrade and then only to find them not entirely effective.

I'm also eyeing the Avenger although I have second thoughts on its damage potential. I think it would be and look cool on Lancelot/Scourge/Avenger, where I can hear the rattling of the Avenger complementing the buzzing sound of the Scourge.

Talking about old school weapons, I often pondered about those fun times. I can say that Pixonic did a great thing by giving us Skirmish with various modes and robots. It showcases the newest robots and weapons. It's so cool.

But I was thinking it would also be great if Pixonic could give us 1 weekend of old school weapons and robots in Skirmish, just for old times sake.

Ol' Pappy3 months ago

Creepergomoo, Good point about the Leo, but I didn't include it because — unlike the other builds I suggest — it doesn't have any special abilities that help to make the machine guns more effective.
At lower levels, Leo with Punishers and Avenger is still viable, but where I play, in Champions league, having an ability like stealth (ie, Inquisitor); shields (ie, Lancelot); or dashes (Strider etc) is crucial to success. If the Leo in Champions tried to just stand there firing a full clip of ballistics at the enemy, then it would be quickly and likely instantly annihilated by Spectres or Dash bots with Orks, Tarans, Sourge, or Shocktrains etc etc.

Ol' Pappy3 months ago

I Am Pacifist, Hey there, it wasn't a mistake — the Gatling gun wasn't technically a machine gun. It required a person to manually crank it to fire. Maxim's gun, meanwhile, was the first truly automatic weapon — it used the force of the recoil to reload the gun.

I Am Pacifist3 months ago

Ol' Pappy didn't even mention Richard Jordan Gatling who invented Gatling gun in 1861 and patented it on 2 November 1862 in America. What a mistake writing about machine guns and forget the Gatling.

Pyrotech4423 months ago

propularguy , Which is where the punisher haechi comes into play. It has good base hp as well as an energy shield, lots of firepower, yet is faster and can double dash

Sakeeroboo3 months ago

I have Lancelot with Avengers and Punishers build in my main hanger - There are instances where this setup works really well.
This setup is best against Scourge - Bulgasari build.

Rynox3 months ago

Does it mean that there are changes in the way for ballistic weapons? (Punisher and Punisher T)

Charlie3 months ago

Reload button? Is it scrapped?

Creepergomoo3 months ago

The best machine gun build should have tons of hp to be able to survive until the guns have time to do their job- frankly, I am surprised the leo is not on this list for that exact reason, having the biggest base health pool in the game along with lots of firepower. A leo deployed at the right time can instantly change the tide of the battle, being able to push forward with very few bots being much of a threat. In some cases, a leo can even out-brawl an ancilot at equal level!

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