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War Robots 4.1 Update Notes: Lock-down

by WR_Tofsla - 23.07.2018

In a nutshell

  • New weapons: Shredder and Pulsar
  • Kang Dae rebalance
  • Leo visual update
  • Updated Black Market chances
  • Bugfixes for Magnum, Taran, Redeemer, Weyland and others

New weapons: Shredder and Pulsar

Root them to the ground!

Shredder is an auto-cannon that shoots in short wide bursts, which makes it best for “knife fights” at the extremely close range. Also, unlike other automatic weapons, Shredder deals energy damage, bypassing all energy barriers.

Pulsar is on the opposite end of the spectrum. You might call it “energy Molot” if you'd like: it has longer range, reliable spread and works great for suppressing enemies from safer distances.

The twist? Every bullet you shoot has a certain chance to immobilize (or, how we call it, lock-down) a target for a few seconds.

First, we address the elephant in the room: yes, this is a great way to counter agile enemies! Haechis and Spectres are first coming to the mind — now you have a proper tool to lock them down, making their mobility a much less intimidating factor.

More: Shredder & Pulsar Reveal

Rebalance: Kang Dae

Shorter distance, faster reload

  • Damage per shot: 14465  9800
  • Maximum distance: 1100m 800m
  • Reload time: 14 sec 6 sec

Kang Dae always was too similar to Nashorn in every regard. We push them apart by giving Kang Dae a shorter range, but much quicker reload.

Black Market Chances

Boosters now drop from Black Market. Same for Shredder and Pulsar components

We removed some low-tier rewards from Black Market and replaced them with boosters. In short-term, these should be much more helpful.

Bronze Chest

  • Out: 15000 Ag, Tulumbas
  • In: Black Market Keys Booster (15 min), Robot Speed Booster (1 day)

Silver Chest

  • Out: 150000 Ag, 50 Au
  • In: 75% Honor Points Booster (30 min), HP Booster (2 hrs), 250 Pulsar Components, 250 Shredder Components

Gold Chest

  • Out: 75000 Royale Tokens, 600 Au
  • In: 60% Ag Booster (1 hrs), Damage Booster (5 days), 2000 Pulsar Components, 2000 Shredder Components

Super Chest

  • In: 5000 Pulsar Components, 5000 Shredder Components

Visual update: Leo

Leo's got a fresh new look

Bug fixes

  • Fixed: Plasma (and plasma-ish) weapons like Taran and Redeemer should hit their targets more reliably
  • Fixed: Weylands don't become invincible at 0 HP anymore.
  • Various optimization tweaks


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Herb5 months ago

I just want to keep the complaining about Kang Dae going. It's now a worthless piece of crap sitting in my inventory. Kinetic weapons are just becoming more useless. Seriously, GIVE US MORE KINETIC.

Chris Watson7 months ago

Sooo how does making the KD a SHORT range sniper weapon make any sense at all??? Aren't ALL sniper weapons by definition supposed to be long range? Do the people who come up with this nerf crap even play this game?? Apparently not..

Chris Watson7 months ago

KD is a worthless weapon now. Thanks for wasting my time and gold building it to mkII-12 only to have it nerfed down to a light weapon. Tell me why i should continue to spend a dime on this game?

Timo Seitz7 months ago


Brian Crusher7 months ago

endyu, Well I got 600 gold in the gold chest last week so that's B.S.!!

Jota Ele8 months ago

Forgot..... LAGGGGGGG with the latest upgrade...

Jota Ele8 months ago

New Leo is awful
Kang Dae with less damage and range?? You ruined it...
You took out the time reducer for upgrades & misions???You r ruining it again...
More time for upgrades??? Really digging your grave...
Chests with ridicolous prices....
Black market = GREED market.... Need millions of coins to get something
Oh Men... U r really out of control... U turned something great into garbage.... Pay per win players Will not Last forever...

MachineChase8 months ago

Why did you increase the upgrades of robots and weapons? So it became difficult to play.

Chip Seraphine8 months ago

I'm pretty unhappy with what you did to the King Dae. It was the only true sniper weapon in the game (low rate of fire, long range, heavy damage) and now it's basically a Molot crossed with a Nashorn.

When you do a radical rebalance like this, it'd be good if you could give players an opportunity to exchange their weapons for another. I spent a lot of upgrade time getting my Kings up to a respectable level and now they are far less useful.

Chip Seraphine8 months ago

TERM1NATOR 5000, I think your definition of "sniper" is different than mine. They dramatically reduced the range and damage. Yes, it fires more often, but the essence of sniping is that you fire for heavy damage at extreme range and then retreat to cover until you can fire again. Now it is like a cross between a Molot and a Nashorn. It's no longer a "wait for the right shot, then BOOM" sort of weapon, and that's a shame since I really enjoyed using it as a sniper weapon.

Rusty8 months ago

Congrats on the latest update. Since upgrade 4.0 this game has become laggy and even unplayable on my iphone 6 plus. Very frustrating. Also with the addition of boosters and the way it's matching the battles, it feels as if you're moving the goal posts so players need to fork out more gold to win. Anyway overall playing experience has dropped significantly. This game used to be fun and challenging, now it's just plain frustrating.

A Customer8 months ago

I have to say, there is no war robots comments / community support. You never answer comments.
Tonight, server wait times are pretty long wait times.
In the past 3 days, I have earned 2 million silver. I run ALL heavy robots single squading all level 12 ... half weapons MK2 lvl 12.
WAiting for days to upgrade things, now I can't even afford to MK2 lvl 10 an Orkin to MK2 lvl 11 .

This game is NOT fun.!!
It is just not fun.
You guys fuckin killed this game.

kevin8 months ago

pixo, why you not hear me.. please back upgrade time. this imposible... dont destroy this game...

A Customer8 months ago

A Customer, + Why do Weyland and Mender robots take ONE HUNDRED TWENTY NINE days to update from 1 to MK2 12?

A Customer8 months ago

karate, I don't agree with your statement.
-You don't know why players play the game.
-Every game that makes changes end up loosing all there player base when it is changes in the wrong direction.
-You mentioned 'be patient, they are working on it' 'hang in give them time'?
ahh, ever since MailRU bought 100% of the shares for $35 million about 2 years ago, we have been waiting for things to happen. If you haven't figured out by now, they want there $35 million+ back.. who do you think is going to pay it?
One thing I have been waiting on, how come we can not invite anyone into a squad? oh sure, clan or facebook.. but why not everyone?
Voice comms when playing?
Why is there a robot that uses 4 medium weapon slots?
Why is there a weapon ( that the 4 medium robot can use ) that shoots chain lightning 1/2 way across the map?
Why is the Bulgasari a 500 k hp robot?
Why is it Aphid type weapons can't hit any moving target anymore?
Why does the weapons and robots looks keep changing wasting resources when we could use fixes instead?
Why does my CPU run hotter the last few patches?
Why is the same team still working in there position when they fuck up?
why do these comments never get a reply from Pixonic?

A Customer8 months ago

TERM1NATOR 5000, What I said was, Pixonic ignores customer feedback in test server when Dash bots were being tested. Customers didn't want them in the game.
Now that they are in the game, players spent $300 each dashbot to fill 5 hangars full with them..
Again, during customer feedback in Test Server, Pixonic is ignoring customer feedback about the very weapon that will ruin Dash bots.
What is the value for $1.00 spent ?
I never complained about dash bots NOW.. I complained about them when they were in Test Server because I was using a tablet and it as too hard to turn fast to kill them using normal hangar bots. We spend a lot of time and money building our hangars just to have another robot destroy that.
Now that players pay to play have spent $10,000 on a hangar ( yes they do )... after players all have 1 of the 5 'root' weapons, those players are going to be pissed off and feel there purchase was of no value.

Kiwi50008 months ago

Please don’t change the kang. Not necessarily!

TERM1NATOR 50008 months ago

Distructor, They didn’t reduce damage on the Kang Dae, they reduced reload time making it better for kinetic loving snipers like myself, and by the sounds of it you as well. But kinetic weapons need a serious buff, especially Punishers. I love the Punisher Fujin, but it's almost unusable in Diamond League.

Distructor8 months ago

Nice shit balance reducing kang dae' s damage, Shitxonic hates cinetic weapons

Distructor8 months ago

Nice shit balance reducing kang dae' s damage, Shitxonic hates cinetic weapons

TERM1NATOR 50008 months ago

A Customer, I don't understand, people complained about Dash Bots being too powerful to handle, so Pix made weapons to counter Dash Bots, and you complain about that. Make up your mind! It's one thing saying it's too much to handle, and in a lot of cases that can be true, but don't complain when they make something that could benefit you when going up against the very thing you were just complaining about.

A Customer8 months ago

Root weapons
lets consider your hangar full of dash bots,
Strider for example:

Strider: 2 Light Weapons, 1 Heavy (5 dash ability) Price $225 NOW $75. Faster walk speed. Less HP
Vityaz: 2 Light Weapons, 1 Heavy ( no dashes ) Price 500 Ag (silver). Slower walk speed. More HP

If, and it WILL, root lands.. you have more chance of survival with a Vityaz because of more HP.
Was it worth buying Dash bots?

What is the value you get for spending $ in War Robots?

And there is going to be a total of 5 root weapons introduced in the game?!

A Customer8 months ago

Dagowood1904, You think that is bad? Try upgrading the new heal robots. 1 Weyland and or 1 Mender is lvl 1 - mk2 lvl 12..
4 + MONTHS!!!

Dagowood19048 months ago

TO PIXONIC: Well after the economic changes or should we call it upgrade in a big way. Although I don’t want any new bots or weapons because I’m not going to upgrade them with the astronomical waiting time. But new weapons and bots were supposed to be easy to get and we would be able to try them out right away. Something like that In your words. It takes a month just to get one to level nine it’s fastest walking speed. And then it goes what is it 10 days that 11 after that 21 days crazy. Anyways one of the ways to get new robots at a lower price because they’re going to be cut like 2/3 was it at least a third right. So why is thef it takes a month just to get one to level nine it’s fastest walking speed. And then it goes what is it 10 days and 11 after that 21 days crazy. Anyways one of the ways to get new robots at a lower price because they’re going to be cut like 2/3 was it at least a third right. So why is the BULGASARI IN W.R.ROYAL RIGHT NOW! AND THE FIRST CARD/BOX IS 4000 TOKENS. that’s what it started out before you guys twisted everything up you know I can’t believe you people it’s sad is it because everybody’s talking crap that you guys do the stuff like this you don’t announce boosters and you put them out in the game just thought I’d ask so yeah 4000 tokens that’s crazy. Yeah of course you realize unless you’re paying to upgrade speed up your upgrades a robot like the raven is what eight months to upgrade. And like it says in the Griffin to Tutorial. Where it talks about weapons it says experiment. So that means there’s possibilities of multiple different weapons right. Just like all the other robots anyways you guys know all this but my guess is this. You guys will come back down on the time to upgrade but she won’t come nowhere near what it was before and that will be acceptable right. Just like the free pics in war robots royale soon there will be no free pics right and no one will notice . Oh I’m a try to go to your main page and post this for thousand tokens to start on the first card and you know that first cards going to be 20 it always is or 15 keys

TERM1NATOR 50008 months ago

Problemchild1904, The point of the Kumiho isn't it's durability though, it's their speed much like Rogatka. What I was saying is that it can pretty much dodge anything EXCEPT guided weapons (Scourges, Hydras, Spirals, etc.).

TERM1NATOR 50008 months ago

Garunix999, You make a good point. And I do agree that the Spectre is a little much, all I'm saying is that with the right weapons they’re not as hard as you’d think. I thought they were "OP" at first until I killed Haechi with a Gareth.

Enrique Graffgonzalez8 months ago

el juego esta muy bien desarrollado salvo por el desvalance que uvo desde un comineso entre ligas , asi y todo se a jugado de igual manera como se pudo y se siguio superando todos los desafia , muy buen juego

Garunix9998 months ago

TERM1NATOR 5000, There's a difference between calling something OP because you don't have it, and a bot actually outclassing every other bot in the game. There is a reason I retired my brawling galahads, rhinos, griffins, and rogatkas to swap them out for dash bots. Spectre is so much more powerful than anything else in this game, and the haechi and bulgasari with their massive mobility and huge firepower make them so much more deadly. If the dash & descend bots aren't OP, why is everyone in champion league using only D/D bots and not anything else? Sure you may see the occasional bulwark, griffin, fury (fury is part of a whole different meta), or raven, but that doesn't make them any better, or the dash bots any weaker. In the end, it all comes down to their maximum performance, and the dash/descend bots are clearly the best to those who can see

Problemchild19048 months ago

To PIXONIC Development Team
Madger problem with Leo he does not stear right.when you turn him its to light & he over shoots / or goes past the target. And when you bring it back to target it goes past again. No matter how light you are in the motion. I noticed this on the test sever,but thought it was because of the test sever! And wouldn't be like that in the update. And heres why i know this true. Im in the lower leagues & because all these sissys or cowards sit way in the back with Zenits & Hydras i Run 4 Leos ,the first 2 with Anciles. So after running leo in test & the mine on live sever. Mine were stable. Now its like a speed wobble. I guess its gonna be like that for awhile or indefinitely. Besides Leo this game is loosing the fun. You are not listing to the players. Ever what is it now 6 weeks you change it. Those new weapons are so not needed. There needed as much as the new upgrade times. The game is getting to were theres SO MANY OF THESE DIFFERT CRAZY TYPES OF WEAPONS AND BOTS THAT NO MATTER WHAT YOU HAVE . THAT YOU STILL GET BLOWN TO BITS ......AND THATS NO........FUN . WHEN I STARTED PLAYING A LITTLE OVER YEAR AGO IT WAS FUN.....ITS LOOSING THAT .WAR ROBOTS IS DIEING

Problemchild19048 months ago

TERM1NATOR 5000, Kumiho is week to all weapons. No ifs ,ands,or buts about it. Get it right. The 1 with the energy shield is hard ,very hard to take down .Lets not try & bullshit, Come on now!!!

TERM1NATOR 50008 months ago

Cool update! You see Dash Bots aren’t "OP" people are just angry because they filled their hangars with RDB Griffins and now it's not the most powerfull build in the game, and they refuse to retire it already. Just because you don't know how to kill the Dash Bots doesn't mean they’re overpowered. The Haechi is weak to energy weapons, the Bulgasari is weak to rockets, and the Kumiho is weak guided weapons.

TERM1NATOR 50008 months ago

karate, I agree! Programming video games is harder than most people think. These guys have to make profit off of this game, if it was a PS4 or Xbox game no one would bat an eye, it's the fact that it's mobile. Besides the game's not "pay to play" because you don't have to pay to play it, I have a Kumiho, a Hover, an Inquisitor, and I almost have a Haechi and I spent nothing on it! If I got that for free WITHOUT winning any contests, how is this game "pay to play". Also good luck with your account, I haven’t experienced it because I play on IOS but hopefully Pixonic fixes the problem!

MR CROCK8 months ago

En desacuerdo con la distancia de Kang Dae!!

A Customer8 months ago

Hi, thank you for the continuing updates on the game. During Test Server, you announce here about these Root weapons. Players give feedback. There were a lot of feedback saying do not put these ' root weapons ' into the game. Today you did.
I just saw on youtube announce that you have 3 more 'root weapons' that are going to come into the game.
One thing to mention, the value for the dollar spent on ones account. What do I get out of spending $ in this game. What value? What guarantee that it is WORTH spending money in the game?
Lets go back to when Dash robots were being Tested in Test Server. A lot of feedback both good and bad. The bad was the Dash robots will be a huge unfair advantage over current robots players spent a lot of time and MONEY on.
Dash robots were put in to Live servers, you ignored the players.
Now, you put in these 'root weapons' that will literally NERF the dash bots.
Now then, back to MONEY spent. It cost $99-$299 for a dash robot up until about a month ago. A Strider (5 dash ability robot ) was $225. Now, it is . You look at high end clan players where they have unlocked 5 hangar slots and filled them with mostly dash robots. Those players also made them MK2's and the weapons on the 5 hangar robots are MK2's.
Would you say that is a LOT OF MONEY and TIME spent???
Now you nerf that.

So, my question is, what is the guarantee that spending $1 in this game gives good value?
The amount of entertainment (as you may say that is the 'value') is not worth it when it takes soooooo long to build, soooooo much money to spend, to have just a few months of good entertainment.

The money mechanics for this game is too greedy.

Therefore, I believe there needs to be a change in staff. IF you think Shocktrains were bad, wait until after tomorrow when these 'root weapons' will be available to buy, all the top end players are going to MK2 them NOW. You will then see how unbalanced the game will be.

You will lose players quick.
There are other things to deal with. Shocktrain chain reaction needs to be reduced. The ability to invite ANY player into a squad would be nice, instead of forcing players to join Facebook.

Facebook was hacked by people trying to take advantage of people.


AnarchoDom8 months ago

karate, Just because Pixonic is a business that needs to make money doesn't mean we should throw our wallets at them for every new crap they come up with.

We have no obligations to maintain this game alive. If they want us to pay, they need to give us a genuinely good product. Before you ask, I used to spend something like 50$ a month on WR for almost 3 years. I'm no whale or wallet warrior, but I definitely was a lucrative player for them.

They messed up big time since the release of the dash bots and for every step forwards after that, they took 2 steps backwards.

Sorry, but my money is going elsewhere. As is my play time.

karate8 months ago

Oh man, also, sorry guys was in a hurry, didn't seen the typo's.

My suggestion would be to also add in an option for a specifically priced pain job that either add's steal capabilities or reduces damage by 5 0r 10%.

I meant A paint job that allowed for either increase stealth capabilities or reduces damage by 5 or 10%

karate8 months ago

Ok guys, first off Privet to all those it applies to. Ok look guys, you wouldn't be playing War Robot unless you thought it was a great game. Yeah, every game company makes changes from time to time, you will get through it. You need to remember that Pixonic also has to be run like a business because, oh yeah it is (Not to be sarcastic). Look, the number of hours of coding, programming, service reps in East uk and in USA even cost money. Its not a cheap venture. A company has to bring in $ or there can be NO WAR ROBOTS. Every game the has in app purchases must market and have a way to bring in funding.

So hey, I lost, for example my War Robot profile, came detached from my device completely. In less then 24 hours a rep had restored it to my device. There marketing and Mathematical algorisms or excellent.

My suggestion would be to also add in an option for a specifically priced pain job that either add's steal capabilities or reduces damage by 5 0r 10%.

The big problem now since VERY last update is well know to all players, in all clans. Its getting kicked mostly while in squad mode with your clan, I get kicked every other battle now, when it goes to search mode, it will instantly flash you back to your home screen on your Amazon kindle device so you have to start the game back up from scratch. Same problem on all three devices with different profiles. It also happens more now in solo mode by myself. The clans that I am in all report same thing, I mean hundreds of people from different clans have told me this. I know all our devices are not broken. I told them I had alerted Pixonic and they are figuring out. It started since the very last update and something there is the problem.

So my fellow bot guys, be patient, they are working on it. I have also heard many of you are or have quit the game, hang in give them time. Thanks Pixonic for a great game guys and your unseen hard work.

endyu8 months ago

So, you guys replaced the 600Au prize with boosters worth less than 600Au.

Also, you're telling us that Boosters are here to stay with this move. On Reddit, Tofsla was saying that you guys knew about the "Boosters" issue and that it would be addressed. This is your answer? To take away prizes that we actually need to COPE with this new economy (Au to speed up upgrades) and force boosters down our throats?

You tell us that Components are going to be three times easier to obtain with the new economy, yet they might actually be harder to obtain now. We rarely get tokens from black market chests anymore, and you're taking more tokens out of the prize pool.

Basically, you guys assume we are generally idiots and won't be able to tell the difference.

Do you guys even care about the game anymore? Do you notice that in all the comments for every media platform you're on are playing clearly unhappy with the direction you're taking the game or players saying nice things and then BEGGING for free stuff.

My clan is leaving the game at an unprecedented rate and even though I love the game, I'm finding it very hard to find reason to stay.

Antipirate8 months ago

So let me get this right you're taking GOLD and tokens out of GOLD chests and putting in SILVER (boosters). I normally take a wait and see stance on changes but this is just... no

Tumdurgal8 months ago

"First, we address the elephant in the room: yes, this is a great way to counter agile enemies! Haechis and Spectres are first coming to the mind — now you have a proper tool to lock them down, making their mobility a much less intimidating factor."

This is how poorly Pixonic understand their own game. Spectre + Shocktrain sits behind a wall. Jumps up and fires. Lands back behind the wall. Spectre with Orkans, jumps out - invis again and too short for most bots to hit from open level fire, annihilates you and pops around the wall and back into cover. How the flying fuck are you supposed to hit it. Stun guns do nothing about the OPness of Spectres.

Tumdurgal8 months ago

Pixonic still trying to be a crack dealer, give away free boosters to get players hooked and looking for more.

Flat out refuse to use them.

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