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War Robots 3.9 Update Notes. Forts and Talons

by WR_Tofsla - 23.05.2018

In a nutshell:

  • Bulwark: slow, but near indestructible
  • Falcon: sturdy on the ground, deadly in the air
  • Exodus: heavy rocket launcher for Orkan fans
  • Spark: light Scourge — the closer you are the harder it hits
  • Better tools for finding clanmates — recommended clans and minimum requirements for new applicants

New Robot: Bulwark

Bulwark has no jumps, dashes nor speed steroids. This is a machine that brings us back to Lancelot’s heyday — slow, hulking and near indestructible if you use it wisely. Let’s use a trite-yet-illustrative wild nature parallel: if Haechis and Bulgasaris are lions and cheetahs, Bulwark is a freaking elephant. Apex predators can try hunting it down, but good luck chewing through that skin.

By pressing the ability, Bulwark switches between two combat modes. In one it is shielded by a regular physical shield similar to Lancelot’s (although smaller). In another, it activates a special sort of defence — Aegis-class barrier.

Aegis soaks in everything: from rockets and plasma to Ember — and that alone gives you a great edge in close combat. A bunch of Bulwarks can overpower whole squads of Haechis when sent to the right place at the right time.

However, even though Aegis soaks in a lot of fire, it doesn’t regenerate automatically. Managing Bulwark’s Aegis is a huge part of its gameplay: it sure endures a lot, but if you don’t pay attention to remaining capacity you risk going defenseless in no time.

More about Bulwark

New Robot: Falcon

Falcon is an interesting beast. Sturdy assault on the ground, squishy destroyer of worlds in the air — but never both at the same time.

Don’t let Falcon’s relatively low HP fool you: this robot is incredibly tanky because of its innate damage resistance. When on the ground, Falcon’s wings cover its hull, reducing damage from all sources and all directions by three times. In other words, whatever hits you, it’ll be 66% weaker.

In terms of damage potential grounded Falcon is not a huge deal with just one heavy slot — but! When jumping, it temporarily uncovers 2 additional medium weapons by sacrificing damage resistance. In this short timeframe, Falcon becomes an incredible burster. Quite a vulnerable one, though.

That makes Falcon’s playing pattern quite intuitive: you push on land taking damage head on, and wait for the opening to get in the air and unleash your full power.

New weapons: Exodus (H) Spark (L)

Heavy rocket weapon suited for close-quarters combat is pretty much the only niche we didn’t have filled... up until now. Exodus is exactly this, a heavy Orkan if you prefer. Bigger, stronger, but still as fun as ever. It’s a great pick for your Bulwark, Falcon, Inquisitor or even Carnage.

Spark goes in an opposite direction — it brings Scourge to light slots. Similarly, it is an energy weapon that continuously hits a single target with an electric arc. The closer you are to your target, the more damage it deals. Your Pursuer will be happy.

Recommended clans

So here opens our odyssey towards better team experience. We talked about it before — check out these articles, if you still haven’t:

WR 2018: Clans and Socialization

Next in War Robots. Clans

We start with fixing inconveniences related to building and finding clans. Now you can:

If you’re looking for a clan

  1. Filter the list of recommended clans to only include clans from certain countries
  2. Choose to see only clans of your friends

If you’re looking for recruits

  1. Set a minimum rating requirement for new applicants. Pilots not meeting the requirement, won’t see your clan on their recommended list and won’t be able to apply for your clan

These small improvements should improve clans’ quality of life a great deal. For solo players, this will help to find a band of pilots speaking the same tongue and playing on a similar level. Smaller clans receive more opportunities to be seen and get new recruits, while bigger ones will spend less time sifting through the lists of applicants that aren’t strong enough to join their ranks.

More improvements to clans are coming in the next update. Stay tuned!

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