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War Robots 3.9 Update Notes. Forts and Talons

by WR_Tofsla - 23.05.2018

In a nutshell:

  • Bulwark: slow, but near indestructible
  • Falcon: sturdy on the ground, deadly in the air
  • Exodus: heavy rocket launcher for Orkan fans
  • Spark: light Scourge — the closer you are the harder it hits
  • Better tools for finding clanmates — recommended clans and minimum requirements for new applicants

New Robot: Bulwark

Bulwark has no jumps, dashes nor speed steroids. This is a machine that brings us back to Lancelot’s heyday — slow, hulking and near indestructible if you use it wisely. Let’s use a trite-yet-illustrative wild nature parallel: if Haechis and Bulgasaris are lions and cheetahs, Bulwark is a freaking elephant. Apex predators can try hunting it down, but good luck chewing through that skin.

By pressing the ability, Bulwark switches between two combat modes. In one it is shielded by a regular physical shield similar to Lancelot’s (although smaller). In another, it activates a special sort of defence — Aegis-class barrier.

Aegis soaks in everything: from rockets and plasma to Ember — and that alone gives you a great edge in close combat. A bunch of Bulwarks can overpower whole squads of Haechis when sent to the right place at the right time.

However, even though Aegis soaks in a lot of fire, it doesn’t regenerate automatically. Managing Bulwark’s Aegis is a huge part of its gameplay: it sure endures a lot, but if you don’t pay attention to remaining capacity you risk going defenseless in no time.

More about Bulwark

New Robot: Falcon

Falcon is an interesting beast. Sturdy assault on the ground, squishy destroyer of worlds in the air — but never both at the same time.

Don’t let Falcon’s relatively low HP fool you: this robot is incredibly tanky because of its innate damage resistance. When on the ground, Falcon’s wings cover its hull, reducing damage from all sources and all directions by three times. In other words, whatever hits you, it’ll be 66% weaker.

In terms of damage potential grounded Falcon is not a huge deal with just one heavy slot — but! When jumping, it temporarily uncovers 2 additional medium weapons by sacrificing damage resistance. In this short timeframe, Falcon becomes an incredible burster. Quite a vulnerable one, though.

That makes Falcon’s playing pattern quite intuitive: you push on land taking damage head on, and wait for the opening to get in the air and unleash your full power.

New weapons: Exodus (H) Spark (L)

Heavy rocket weapon suited for close-quarters combat is pretty much the only niche we didn’t have filled... up until now. Exodus is exactly this, a heavy Orkan if you prefer. Bigger, stronger, but still as fun as ever. It’s a great pick for your Bulwark, Falcon, Inquisitor or even Carnage.

Spark goes in an opposite direction — it brings Scourge to light slots. Similarly, it is an energy weapon that continuously hits a single target with an electric arc. The closer you are to your target, the more damage it deals. Your Pursuer will be happy.

Recommended clans

So here opens our odyssey towards better team experience. We talked about it before — check out these articles, if you still haven’t:

WR 2018: Clans and Socialization

Next in War Robots. Clans

We start with fixing inconveniences related to building and finding clans. Now you can:

If you’re looking for a clan

  1. Filter the list of recommended clans to only include clans from certain countries
  2. Choose to see only clans of your friends

If you’re looking for recruits

  1. Set a minimum rating requirement for new applicants. Pilots not meeting the requirement, won’t see your clan on their recommended list and won’t be able to apply for your clan

These small improvements should improve clans’ quality of life a great deal. For solo players, this will help to find a band of pilots speaking the same tongue and playing on a similar level. Smaller clans receive more opportunities to be seen and get new recruits, while bigger ones will spend less time sifting through the lists of applicants that aren’t strong enough to join their ranks.

More improvements to clans are coming in the next update. Stay tuned!


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zen07last year

I hope that there could be a way to give other clan members without costing real money. Something like donating your components to others who needs it more.

zen07last year

Gaming Stokr, Yeah, that's what I thought. Even if you get good bots and items, but you can't upgrade it to relevant levels. Then it's still better to have old bots and weapons that can be upgraded faster to better levels.

zen07last year

Tmoneyshot , I agree, that's the only thing I can think of. Better profit through gold purchase from users. They should put workshop 2.0 in top priority so that f2p players can gain more ground instead of introducing more and more component bits and weapons.

zen07last year

Swaul, Unfortunately, they increase the upgrade time. Hope they make it so that simultaneous upgrade could be possible.

zen07last year

Swaul, Unfortunately, they increase the upgrade time. Hope they make it so that simultaneous upgrade could be possible.

Tmoneyshot last year

Mr. Timmons, If you change your address to a real Russian one you can download it now. I just use a McD address and then you can change it back.

Tmoneyshot last year

Mr. Timmons, It’s awesome. It’s only in Russian ios App Store right now, so if you change your region to Russia you can download it. US release very soon. It’s in closed beta for Android now. Check out their fb page. I like it better then WWR ever was. It’s a little different but great. I’d call WR an arcade game and BT is more of a simulation but it requires way more skill and strategy then WR. Good luck!

Mr. Timmonslast year

Also, can’t find it on the AppStore. Could u send me a link to check it out?

Jason Greenlast year

Horrible update pixo. You hung controller users out to dry. I have been playing the game since July 2016 and not one update screwed up iOS mifi support like this one. The game is unplayable, who uses the right analog stick up and down to turn right? Wha about the changes to the R1/2 and L1/2 buttons. Such a disappointment, now I have to wait and pray you just return the controller setup to a similar state before the 3.9 update. Until then I will just get owned in champion league and eventually lose interest. Why do you guys just miss the simple things....

Natzylast year

Good new robots but i mean its nearly inpossible to get a robot from part unless you spend money or you have godly luck

Natzylast year

Good new robots but i mean its nearly inpossible to get a robot from part unless you spend money or you have godly luck

Swaullast year

Screw this pos. Ive been playing 5months now, and am currently in champ. But the only meta bot I got so far is the inquisitor. So to get a competetiv hanger I need atleast 4 new bots, wich means 8-10months of upgrading. To LV12. I will still be 20% below everyone with mkII. THIS IS NOT MAKING THE GAME BETTER.
Ill give this change a few weeks, if Pix dont decrease the upgrade time Im done with this game.

Igor Klimlast year

когда будет русскоязычная версия новостей?

Tmoneyshot last year

They increased upgrade times because they did research and found that people are more likely to spend gold to speed up upgrades. It’s all about them trying to fleece morons as much as possible.
I just started getting back into this game (I’ve been around since near the beginning) but with these new op bots looks like it’s time to focus on Battle Titans again. Greedy, greedy, greedy...

Tmoneyshot last year

Mike Hill, You should just play Battle Titans, no upgrade times and it’s actually balanced. Made the people that ORIGINALLY made WWR (you know, the game bought out and destroyed).

Tumdurgallast year

Clair RH, Yes, it was. This is why Pix changed it. They want it to be much more difficult to get a complete item so that, out of frustration, you'll pay to complete it.

Clair RHlast year

correct me if i'm wrong but was au not allot more affordable for card flipping than the new token system? i'm a noob who has only been playing for a month now and i'm only able to reach gold rank after much gameplay which gets me barely enough tokens to do anything with. I was at least able to earn about 100 au a day from daily missions and battles which i would then save up for the robot or weapon i wanted from card flip and i was quite satisfied with that.

Type-13last year

Now here's an idea= weapons/bots in use gain some upgrade progress passively, so even non-queued items can level slowly from general use(100000*10^(current rank) damage for each level up for weapons, base 1000000 for robots(adjusted for Mass of bot/weapon slot and sheer power)), then you just pay the silver for instant rank ups. The upgrade queue can boost unfavored gear to usability or speed up and prepay the process. Even if queue takes longer, the gear people use will actually get better faster, reducing rather than increasing rage levels.

Mike Hilllast year

So at first I was excited about the update until you guys updated the web site to day. Some quick math shows that it takes almost 2 months to upgrade an exodus to level 12. How on earth could you guys think that that is ok? In a single hangar you will have 20 plus items to upgrade. Spending 2 months to get a single item to level 12 makes us feel like it's not worth playing any more. I've been playing since 2015 and I just now have 1 hangar mk2 level 12. I got 2 others hoping to get some nice set ups but in champion league your gear has to be at least level 11 or 12 mk1 just to keep up and at this rate I will die of old age be fore I have 2 to 3 hangars maxed. If any thing the introduction of up to five hangars should have reduced wait times for upgrades. And I'm glad we are getting more silver but it kind of defeats the pion when a new light weapon is 45 million to upgrade from level 11 to 12. THE LAST FEW UPDATES SEEMED TO BE GOING IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION BUT THIS ONE WAS FILLED WITH COOL NEW GEAR AND HORIBLE ECONEMY CHANGES. PLEAS RETHINK THIS FOR THE NEXT UPDATE. Or come up with ways to drastically deacreas wait times like the more hangars you have the less the wait time or the higher league you are in the less wait time for level 1 to 10 because we can't even play with gear less than 10 and still compete. Sorry for the long rant but after seeing the wait times I'm not sure this game is even worth trying to play any more

(W)Worriorlast year

yay the moment i updated WR and open Super Chest i got 5000 spark components... yay...

Andrei Tomalast year

From all comments I wrote, 98% are pure hate! Learn from those Pixo! It's the first time when I think to quit this game even though I invested time and some money in it! You took from us the joy this game had before components and the hope that one day you can have an OK hangar! This is all gone! Waiting so many days to lvl up? Sorry, I'm not immortal! I have better things to do than waiting for an item to update. It seems that you're protecting your tankers in the end....

Tumdurgallast year

Good Job tofsla, just completely ignore the biggest change with the update. Trying to hide the economy disaster?

Happy 4th anniversary, at this rate, there won't be a 5th.

Punkahlast year

That (upgrade times) is the most absurd decision ever. It tops a lot of other equally counter intuictive decisions made in the ladt few months. If tbere is one thing that makes people even more pissed that Shocktrains or Spectres ir Tankera, its waiting for upgrades. Cancel that while you can. Few People from my iOS clan are already quitting the game just because of the news, even if there is no iOs update yet. New guys that were battling hard to build an hangar and now would (cause they wont) face YEARS to have decent leveled weapons. The ones with cool hangars, like myself, would definetly stick to the weapons we already have. Ive been spending money on gold and other stuff, monthly, but there is no way inwould spend a cent to make upgrade tines go faster. This is a joke, i hope

Gaming Stokrlast year

The upgrade times were already way, way too long for a mobile game. With this change they're absurd. At 2 months per item, or longer, and having to do 3 to 5 items to level a single bot with weapons we're looking at what...advancing less than 2 new bots per year? At that rate, for many once their current hangar is no longer competitive they're pretty much done. There's just no way most will sit around for months to advance a single bot into their hangar. It's simply not a reasonable method of moving forward. This is not an improvement in the game, or the experience playing it. This only serves one purpose, the monatization of power within the game. P2W...nothing more, nothing less.

Thomas Notyourconcernlast year

So now we have ridiculous upgrade time and costs. Guess we "dolphins" who paid only hundrets of dollars were too close to catching up to the whales. Time to uninstall.

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