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Battle Rewards: more silver more often

Author - Lanf

Abridged version:

  • Big economy changes coming to WR. Equipment much more affordable but longer to upgrade.
  • To help you with upgrading we change Battle Rewards.
  • Twice as much silver in Battle Rewards.
  • You need fewer Honor Points to receive Battle Rewards = you get resources faster.
  • We rebalance Royal Tokens so that league climbing is valuable. The higher your league is, the faster you get resources and can improve gear you like.

Big economy changes are coming to War Robots. Once again, in a nutshell: equipment will be much easier to get but longer to upgrade. With that in mind, we want to help you with upgrading and change Battle Rewards.

First of all, Battle Rewards will bring twice as much silver. Silver doubled for everyone, in any league. Private chests will contain 31,000 silver, Bronze — 143,000 and so on, up to 13,600,000 silver in Champion chests.

Besides the additional silver, you will also get Battle Rewards more often as fewer Honor Points will be needed to receive them. This will boost your progression — you will acquire resources faster.

Moreover, we rebalance Royal Tokens rewards so that going up in leagues will be even more profitable. Playing in the highest leagues should be more attractive so they will get a 40-50% increase in Royal Tokens.

As usual, the content of the crates depends on the league. Bronze chests will contain Spark components, Silver — Spark and Falcon components, in Gold you can find Exodus components as well and Champion chests can bring you Bulwark besides everything else. 

With these changes we help players with upgrading their favourite gear and encourage league ascending. Battle Rewards will change in one of the closest updates.


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Hitman4 months ago


3ddy4 months ago

me duele ver como la gente juega con kumihos y no saben usarlos...y es que son nivel 20 !! claro con dinero! y yo a punto de juego nunca los tendre, x favor no alimenteis mas a esa gente igual ganaran dinero se los aseguro pero no les des tanta ventaja

yo tambien quiero probar buenas armas y robots y ganarlos jugando! no quiero ganar 20 m si la mejora valdra 50 y me llevara 1 semana x vez...q esperas? que entre una vez a la semana? o.O

mejorad el asunto de las armas a largo alcanse estan ultrabaloradas es demaciado bajadle la pegada que ni tyson pegaba tanto.

PREMIAD A LA GENTE QUE PROGRESA JUGANDO! ya no me quiero encontrar con chicos nivel 20 con STRIDER o con gente que lleva años en nivel 30 con humildes griffin...pero xq entrad con griffin? ps xq los costes son muy altos! 230 dolares un kumiho? primero me consigo uno a escala 1:50 me hago un tatto de un kumijo o me compro una computadora cori7 con 16 RAM 3.6 ghz antes de 4 robots... simplemente no estan al alcanse, OJALA SEAN COMPRENSIVOS Y ALIENTEN A LA GENTE A JUGAR NO SOLO A PAGAR

Byzo5 months ago

War royal token is shit

Byzo5 months ago

Royal token is shit

00075 months ago

enemy سلام در جدول آمار پایانی هر مبارزه یه عنوان جدید امده به اسم
نمیدونم چیه وچرا برای همه عدد میزنه ولی من نه

TÆMBØ5 months ago

Takes 4 days and 14.4 million silver to upgrade an ion to level 11 MK 1.....btw I have a MK2 Cossack w/ ion id: AMIRBX platform: Ios

Burningarrow5 months ago

To all new players getting into the game, DONT BOTHER. Dont pay any money because it will be impossible to keep up. You need thousands and thousands just to be able to compete in champion league and its only getting harder with every update.

Burningarrow5 months ago

What good will an extra 6m silver do when upgrades now cost 77m for level 12, 3 times as much as before? Pixonic tries to make it look like theyre giving when theyre actually taking away a lot more. Done playing if the upgrade times and costs are implemented, i just cant keep up. No way in hell

Kubster19815 months ago

Hi, I did not get reward for reaching the champion crate after the changes. I had about 1700 before then it has been reset due to changes but I did not get the reward. Can anyone have a look on that, please

Punkah5 months ago

Distorted information and healines, like the worst politicians. This is a shameful schem to try to sell more gold to make upgrades faster. Everyone knows that. The whole community is talking about it,or giving up. Just got 5.000 spectres component on the superchest and you know what i’ll do with it? Nothing. Imagine the time it will take to upgrade 4 new medium weapons and a robot? My kids will probably be in college by then, and im still a virgin. So i’ll stick to what ive already bought and have, till its all maxed abd adiis WR. Wont buy my weeekly gold no more, its uselles. It can barely do a single upgrade to a ridiculous level 6 weapon.

Ramin5 months ago

I'm in the expert league and i like take raven puzzle but now i can't take Robot

Arvin Rohani5 months ago

what happened to honor point? its just the same and much as before? 2000 for champion crate!!!

DEATHPointforUSvk5 months ago

Accel, U re right in case of encounter DB haechi etc. his shield can t regenerate this means that Carnage ll be toast after the bulwark :D. .. great bot

Leon5 months ago

Wildboy, Exact same mess here!! In addition, after a battle i get just over 80, get the bronze crate, log out, log in again and i am back to 77 again...
I think Pixonic guys should just cool a bit down with all these new re balance things, numerous new weapons/robots/special abilities etc. Its wearing people down...

Type-135 months ago

PixelPower6, Silver needs to be out of gold and super chest, those are for components, not booby prizes.

Tumdurgal5 months ago

Twice as much silver to pay for upgrades that cost 5-7 times as much. Well, fuck you very much.

Wildboy5 months ago

Wildboy, Correction, bumped down to 80+ points. Basically 860+ minus 790

Wildboy5 months ago

What happened to my honour points?
I was at 860+ (just short of my expert crate) now with the update I was bumped back down to 60+ (less then a silver crate). I didn't get the expert crate content I was due or the completion bonus for expert level.
Please credit the missed crate and completion bonus back to me. I shouldn't be penalised by your rebalancing

Jim Lin5 months ago

Id:V4E4QA Android

Accel5 months ago

Pilot6ppoer, I dont think so and bulwark is vulnerable to specter , haechi , bulgasari etc … so eventhough we get it we will still be utterly defeated .

DEATHPointforUSvk5 months ago

Nightfury, This is funny your silver income comes from battles in general if u think that 4 mil of silver is enough then u re crazy mk2 player in silver gain way more silver by playing vs old school bots
this 'great changes' re meaningful if they want to stop tanking if reward ll be at least 30mil silver then it will be end of tanking .. another thing is that u won't receive rewards so easily and also u can t get what you want so there s no reason for majority of players that want haechi or Spectre to stay in master for bulwark..
Nobody give a fuck this update makes robots affordable but it looks like whales already got everything and greedy developers need money so they give us access Because they want from us to buy not so ridiculously over priced gold for upgrades .. disgusting

Scene Smith5 months ago

winner.winner, I been trying since august, check out this video I edited for ever and see if you think this is the que we need!

Scene Smith5 months ago

Mike Hill, I been putting the que idea out since August of last year, so good luck bud. Check out the video of the que I made and see if you like it.

Scene Smith5 months ago

Ucan8me, Yeah, not to mention you see silver players already fighting inquisitors and Haechis with mk2 equipment all the way to diamond and up. I am in masters with lvl 10 equipment some things lvl 11 and I have to be bashed by all mk2 everything every day. And it is only because when my team loses I had a tad better equipment to stay in the top after the loss. I should not be put in the masters I should barely be in diamond 1 after seeing all the newest equipment being obtained and MK2 on the day of release. Either they are spending out of pocket or gold loading but either way Pixonic is not correcting it. Even with images of all MK2 SHIT and bots in silver has not encouraged them to do anything.

Scene Smith5 months ago

Kamikaze, Man, I like the falcon more, especially if you time the opening of the shield and then jump out of combat before the timer runs down. It's too good man and I want one right now! HAHA

Nightfury5 months ago

Berry16, :D lol but it makes sense, we don't want people with bulwarks in silver or diamond

Nightfury5 months ago

Kamikaze, good idea, energy weapons seem to be the best against the energy shield... which kinda seems weird now that I think about it. :P

Dsnipe5 months ago

I really think that it is is good idea but also a bad idea. Good cause the double silver and coins and components. The bad idea is with the bulwark cause you can get it in only one league at least put it in Masters too. Other then that good job.

Stoqn Todorov5 months ago

Get some union studies, attack, speed, life ...
Make it possible to transfer gold and ag, so better players will be able to help the weaker ones;)

Nightfury5 months ago

Tumdurgal, ughh why don't you guys understand???? there is more silver required for upgrades. Silver rewards greatly increase for each league after this update. So, tankers will be getting way less silver, and tokens, (that alone is ridiculous, there is an 80,000 difference in tokens between bronze and diamond alone, greater if tankers could have been at expert or champion, which is like an entire specter or haechi) which means they will be getting way less rewards for each battle. Thus, they will either get nowhere in the game or fight their way ALL the way back up.

EzekielCrow5 months ago

Same as most announcements. One step forward.
On implementation, two steps back.

Parakorn Phokka5 months ago


A Freakus Llama5 months ago

Yeah... have your done anything to stop tankers? Well I don’t think so

Pilot6ppoer5 months ago

Hey . I think that bulwark should be a little easier to get . Otherwise people in the champion league will win every match easily

Mimikyu945 months ago

I think that the amount of components that are to be given should be a bit higher in bronze-diamond crates. It doesn't seem fair to give just 7-10 components per crate.

Tumdurgal5 months ago

All I see is talk, "Equipment will be much easier to get" How? "Equipment will take longer to upgrade" - does that have any relation to the Silver cost, or does the silver cost stay the same?

If Silver is increased 3 fold or more, the Double Silver we get is meaningless.

"Encourage league ascending" - doubtful, Tankers find it much easier to stay in Bronze, get wins every 3 minutes or so and over a million damage every game. They have silver flooding towards them. Once again the stupidity of 'encouraging' tankers to not tank. It's been tried before and failed before. The definition of stupidity is to repeat the same action and expect a different result.

LQ - no effect on tanking. LPQ - no effect on tanking, Supply Drops - no effect on tanking, Honour Rewards - no effect on tanking, Changes to the economy, - no effect on tanking. How about actively doing something about it, like Bans.

Dude5 months ago

Why do you hate your players? Why won't you spend as much effort on making the game more fair and competitive, as you do all these schemes that don't have a thing to do with actual battling? I'm tired of either battling way OP players in master and champion leagues, or players from gold and diamond, that are either much stronger than me because they are tanking to drop into these low leagues or they are rising too fast n leagues and their battle skills are not up to battling much stronger players yet. You claim there aren't enough players to fill battles like that, well wonder why. You add more battle modes and then tell us we can't choose our modes because there aren't enough players to do that. It seems to me like you are sabotaging your own game. First you fail to effectively punish chronic tankers, so they are roaming the low leagues skewing the league player numbers for the high leagues, then you force players to accept battle mode they don't want to be a part of, so you created a whole new set of tankers. Thanks, you're welcome. Of course these aren't the malicious type of tankers that only want to do some baby smashing, they hist want their choices back, but you treat them just like the bad ones. Great, move, wonder how many players have quit the game, just because of these two situations? New and weaker players that get abused by the malicious tankers feel as if they will never be able to compete, so they stop playing. The others are just plain ol oilseed of because you take their choice, then treat them like they are thugs and put them n your little tanker's jail, well you just created another batch of players that either slow down their play or quit. Congrats, there are probably enough players from those two scenarios to effectively deal with then numbers issues. Problem is there, that you are too blind to see it or will ignore it because it exposes your ineptitude at administering this game or exposes your own malicious intent to manipulate players into spending more money through coercion of their emotions. If that phrase works, I don't know, sounded good. So, again I ask, why do you hate your players?

Tesla2209045 months ago

josuefpsantos, Boa idea, também seria lequal se vc podia ver quanto pontos de dano você deu com cada robô!

Kamikaze5 months ago

Berry16, Have you tried out bulwark? I have, and lemme tell you, this thing could be more premium than spectre, and more annoying and overpowered than shocktrain. It has two shields, a physical one and an energy on that can BLOCK OUT ALL DAMAGE, INCLUDING PLASMA/ENERGY. I tried this robot out in test server, and found it irritating to go up against, but fun to play with. This things gonna be hard to go up against when it airs on live server. Other than that, spark and exodus are really balanced weapons, and are easy to use. Get ready for scourge/spark ravens/griffins/rhinos, etc. Also, a good counter aganst bulwark is a fast robot. Try a taran/orkan doc, use tarans to eat away the energy shield, and when its gone or they put it down, use orkans against physical shield (since it splashes). This is a really long comment, i really got off track.... i talk too much :/

Kamikaze5 months ago

Hows about a slight boost on components for battle rewards, and at least bring back a small amut of components for supply drops. Other than that, this sounds awesome.

H.P.5 months ago

I think player can select which components to earn. Also, the components must not random giving like current rewards.

Ucan8me5 months ago

Ok,Cool, it's good from the moment the lower league players do not find themselves playing against champions league play. and this is the problem how many times I have faced a complete team of champion in MK2 and me with my bot lvl 7, how can we evolve and earn points if there is not a real matchmakink in function of the leagues. the champions should only be in front of champions, they are quite numerous and prevent others from going into the league.

Rupong5 months ago

Thank you pixonic that will be helpfull

josuefpsantos5 months ago

A minha ideia seria: Ao final das a batalhas poder rever, em vários ângulos de câmera, os robôs que eu destruí, igual em jogo de futebol quando marcamos um gol!

josuefpsantos5 months ago

A minha ideia seria: Ao final de cada batalha poder rever, em divesos ângulos da camera, os robôs que eu destrui, semelhante aos jogos de futebol em video games quando marcamos um gol!

Mike Hill5 months ago

Mike Hill, Or add some gold to the supply drops and BR so that every once in a while if we save we can speed up that level 12 upgrade that takes so long. Thanks WR

Mike Hill5 months ago

Mike Hill, Also being able to pick the components we want out of the 4 you provide would be great so we can focus on the ones we want more. Thanks for listening and keep up the great work

Mike Hill5 months ago

Can't wait for the new update WR THANKS. I also believe as another already mention 2 upgrade ques would Also be appreciated and would help with the speed of upgrading.

James Frank5 months ago

How do you help the players upgrading their favorite gear you vodka soaked kolkhozniki (*Pixonic devs)???

Upgrade cost will be higher and upgrade times will be also higher. On what planet are you living???

winner.winner5 months ago

Could you please make two upgrade queues, one for the weapons and one for the bots? This gives players more incentives to acquire new bots and weapons. My current upgrade queue lasts to 2020. I won't get anything until then.

Berry165 months ago

I'm in expert and I didn't like that you put bulwark in champion league only 😑

Robodance5 months ago

Again advantage for highest league . Cool move for champions who can progress easily with keys, tokens , COMPONENTS of latest bots and weapons

camander teku 25 months ago

plz do not just put bulwark in champion it will be unfair and will be hard to get. I hope bulwark is not pay to win it should be spread out through out leagues just make it harder to get in lower leagues

☆BushDr☆5 months ago

I'm pleased to see a link between the amount of silver you earn and the league you're in. A very welcome and much needed improvement!

♰ βΔŦŦŁ€ ΔŇG€Ł ♰5 months ago

I wish we could pick the components we want for the rewards. I mean, I'm happy that we do get these rewards and that the system is in place. Thank you. But I'd like to be able to pick and choose what components I'm working towards earning.

Rohith 5 months ago

Silver isn't really enough, not even enough for one upgrade to level 10. Tokens not even enough to do 4 flips in a row. Honor points reduced? But still takes a hell a lot of games to achieve that.

PixelPower65 months ago

Can silver be removed from chests higher than bronze chests unless it is in the 10 billions?

Otherwise it is just a rip-off if you get it in a chest that is not a bronze chest.

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