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Economy changes: robots and weapons more affordable

Author - Lanf


We want all new robots and weapons as some of the existing ones to be more affordable. It will be easier to acquire robots you really like and start playing them as soon as you want. At the same time upgrades will be harder to produce and pilots will invest in gear they really want to play. In a nutshell: equipment will be much easier to get but longer to upgrade.

For example, you will get Mercury 3 times faster, on average. The same goes for Pursuer, Spectre, Inquisitor and other fresh robots. Ember’s or Dragoon’s acquiring time will be reduced by third and Redeemer’s will be cut in half.

We rebalance economy of some of the old robots as well. For example, Destrier will take twice longer to upgrade, while Rogatka upgrades will be faster. Mind that all upgrade changes will affect only the new-acquired equipment. So upgrade time for robots or weapons you already have won’t change.

In order to help you upgrade your favourite gear Battle Rewards will bring twice as much silver. The exact amount will depend on your league. But for any league silver rewards will be doubled.

All these changes will appear in one of the closest updates. With them we want to support one of War Robots core concepts: customize gameplay the way you want and choose the robots and weapons that suit you the most.

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