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Next in War Robots. Modules

Author - WR_Tofsla

Modules are the new kind of secondary equipment we’re currently working on. They provide interesting utility effects for your robots to augment your playstyle in new, often unexpected ways.

What effects Modules have?

It’s not as much about maximizing your strength, as about giving you more options. Want to repair yourself on the go? Or to make agile enemies less jumpy? How about increasing your potential against tougher enemies?

There are modules for almost everything. Choose wisely though, as you cannot have it all.

How Modules are balanced?

There are three types of modules — offensive, defensive and special — with three types of corresponding slots where you can insert them. Every robot has a specific set of slots and while one machine might lack in ability power or raw stats, it can be compensated with high extension potential through modules.

When Modules will arrive?

We plan to release Modules later this year.

Here are some examples of Modules we plan to include in the first batch.

Note: Modules are deep in development. All visuals you see in the article are subject to change.


Energized Ammo

Attack module

  • After every X points of damage dealt, you receive Y% chance to immobilize a damaged enemy for a brief time.

Here’s to you, Kumiho-Haechi-Bulgasari hunters. One of these is waltzing around you without giving you even a slightest chance to hit it?  

Bam. Now it’s nailed to the ground. Enjoy your meal.


Squad Leader

Attack module

  • When you have X allies nearby, your robot activates an energy field making all enemies inside more vulnerable to incoming damage.

This module gives you another incentive to stick closer to your friends (and for them — to stick closer to you). It’s an ultimate brawler strike-team tech that gives you a significant boost in close quarter skirmishes as long as you are grouped together.


Death Mark

Attack module

  • After dealing X damage on a current robot, next attack on the enemy robot makes it extra vulnerable to all incoming damage. Robot’s vulnerability is visible to all your allies.

See that huge mobster? Now he’s marked to death and doesn’t look so scary anymore.

Not only that, Death Mark also telegraphs to your teammates which target they should attack, which makes taking down big targets much easier with even minimal coordination.


Repair Unit

Defense module

  • Restore X HP over Y seconds. All incoming damage interrupts repairing.

We’ve all been there. You had a good run behind the enemy trenches, but now you are all alone with 10 HP left. What to do? Definitely not catapult yourself out to redeploy on a next robot. With Repair Unity you have a solid way to get back in action — activate it, wait for a while and you’re good to go again.

Just don’t forget about that “damage interrupts repairing” part. Repair Unit is not made for mid-combat fixing, you have to be in safety to utilize it successfully.



Defense module

  • Get extra resistance to all damage types for X seconds after deploying.

Beacon rushers, rejoice. Defending a beacon somewhere on the outskirts of the universe should be so much simpler with this module, as whenever you respawn you can take much more damage head-on…

But only for so long. Be fast, be decisive — otherwise your enemies will just wait behind the corner and then continue fighting you on an even field.



Special module

  • If you didn’t receive any damage for X seconds, you can enter the Spy mode. While in this mode, you look like an ally to your enemies. They still can hit you with direct hit weapons, but cannot target you until you receive Y damage or effect of the module wears off.

You can consider it Stealth’s weirdo brother. Instead of turning you invisible to enemy’s radars, Spy module makes you look like an ally to them.

It is extremely unlikely that someone will get fooled by this in a high-level squad play where everyone knows each other by the name. But in public games it opens up a great potential for some fun-to-observe shenanigans.



This should give you a brief idea of what we’re going for with Modules. Not going too crazy just yet (jumping Furies are out of question… for now), but even that should be enough make the game more strategic and thoughtful, without taking the fun out of it.

Now, what do you think?


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UnfixedCrayfish2 months ago

Top secret interview they Pixonic doesn’t want you to know about:

Dorito Danger5 months ago

Plz add this as soon as possible and affordable, for new players like me. I love the idea

DEATHPointforUSvk5 months ago

Nightfury, It stops them ;) but as you may notice there weren't nothing about dashes .. it ll be still able to dash out ;) bullshit

DEATHPointforUSvk5 months ago

Hszyhss OK major, This is definitely not a light bot get real this shit have somewhat more hp then the Griffin 'Heavy' robot .. this is stab in the back from pix ..

{AoW} AzogTheDefiler765 months ago

A teleporting bot will be so cool
As fast as a boa
Teleport every 30 sec

{AoW} AzogTheDefiler765 months ago

Please do something about spectators
They just spawn, get rid of all their bots and watch.
Kinda unfair

Christopher Simpson5 months ago

I have a stalker with 2 ecu shields, that if I were to put a spy module on him, I could keep being the guy who irritates the enemy

Gondoruwo5 months ago

Sound amazing but please do something with AFK player and tanker too. They make this game less fun

Remblie5 months ago

a speed up movement or reload module would be nice, and a weapons slot weight class upgrade/down grade would be nice. Using a module to upgrade a single weapon spot on a fujin to heavy and giving it a tempest would be useful. likewise a module to make my Butch not so slow and lunky would be greatly appreciated.

dayman245 months ago

so good. im glad this looks like it would level shit out quite a bit. i just hope they can make it affordable to all players. at least most. and stop making every cool weapon and bot pay to play. its annoying. ive dumped 80$ into one profile and no its not that much but still for 80 i feel i should get at least 2 new weapons and a dash bot. but over last 6months ive spent 80 and got an inquistor. and a fury. both very happy with. lo l

牙牙5 months ago


Aegis5 months ago

Kind of unsure about this...but the game DOES have to evolve or it's dead...idk...I'm in wait and see more at this point. Still trying to get a freaking dragoon....

Kb5 months ago

Why can't you guys just leave the fucking game alone, your gonna make it so overly complicated it's not even gonna be fun anymore. Have you ever heard the phrase "If it ain't broke, don't fix it"...?

WHEREISTHEEVENT?!?!5 months ago

Secret interview with pixonic developer that they don't want you to see!:

Ryan Slotto5 months ago


SABOTAGE- Turnes target opponent player RED to their own team so their own team shoots at them, they won't be able to target the sabotaged player and there will be no damage due to friendly fire so players will realize that it's a momentary effect.

FLIP FLOP- if a player is in first place on their team and has more than double the damage delt they can flip flop with the other teams 1st place player. Basically a module that allows you to even the playing field.
- Keep in mind you are changing colors on your side by your team so when your color changes they will imediatly start attacking you, and vice versa for the other guy.
- You will also be swapping to a team that you just got done wooping on so it might be a bad option to choose for you to win but at the same time if you were the work horse for your team and they failed you and you are losing, you will be giving them the best player from the winning team so it could turn the tides in unforseen ways.

FRIENDLY FIRE- Exactly what it sounds like. Turn off friendly fire protection for a moment. This one should probably be an effect on both teams at the same time. You still can't target your own team mates but don't get too happy with those Orkans when in groups.

Popcorn67675 months ago

Ok first, if you don't like what pixonic does then don't use those features or don't play the game. I personally am not sure how modules will be implemented so I can't say if I'm a fan or not but even if it's the latter it's not my game to say yes or no, and there will be a good number of people that disagree with you regardless of which side your on. So all and all, it's up to whether pixonic wants them in the game.

DARKHOUSE5 months ago

Trevor Tin, Better to change nothing. I agree that no need any bots and weapons, just think about new tasks in battle field, new challenges like attack the enemy base and defense from attacks. or destroy something. In every new updates the connection to the game servers comes tougher and tougher - better improve such kind of problem :(

Trevor Tin5 months ago

This is a good direction to make this game more fun and enjoyable. We don't need more weapons nor bots (as I think the majority of us are still struggling to get the dashes..), the modules would allow more diversified game-play, rather than pursuing new / hot / expensive stuff that will be boring very soon.

Christopher Wormuth5 months ago

Er Cree, That would terrible. The Raijin would be right next to a person and be taken out by death button before he even activates Sentinel.

Christopher Wormuth5 months ago

Noobcake, That is what they want to avoid: more raw power. They want options and possible strategy. They hope modules will be the solution

Saggaz525 months ago

They want money, they're going to rob a bank, FDP bunch! Have you lost an idea or are they really greedy? Everything costs the eyes of the face! Those chavinhas to open chests, is total deceit! Whenever you fall into something good, there is a sudden stop or simply, jump to a next one, without any nexus! Little trickster, disloyal! To the bugs, you send messages to the support pitomba and the fucking message to not even to destination. Why create this shit, will not you serve customers? WTF?!

Nightfury5 months ago

here is my suggestion for a module:


After a certain amount of damage has been done to a robot, then this ability is activated. The targeted robot can no longer control their robot/weapons to move and fire randomly. Not only would this be a tactical advantage, it would be absolutely hilarious.

Dliver5 months ago

I'm going to wait and see on this one. I've seen too many games ruined by the over complications due to modules. Also what are the prices going to be? 100 or 200 dollars US? With the ridiculous prices you have for weapons and bots it is something that needs to be known.

Nightfury5 months ago

UPDATE: Clarification on Energized Ammo

When a robot is stunned with Energized Ammo, it stuns for a few seconds and then is invulnerable to stun for a few seconds, meaning that punishers will not become stun-machine guns. Also, as a side note, shocktrains will only stun on the first target hit, so you can't stun the whole team in one shot.

Nightfury6 months ago

Pyrotech442, there is no need for balance if you have strategy. A stronger opponent simply means you will have to work harder for your victory. There is only one thing I think needs changing, and that is death squads. When an entire squad tanks and takes out the blues in 10 seconds, then that does need to change. Other than that, everything is simply chance. Whether you have the advantage or not, play your hardest and stop complaining.

{the complaining comment is not for you, but everyone else on this forum}
{you know who you are}

Nightfury6 months ago

LoucustMaster117, if the Bulgasari has punishers, outrange it with a raven death button or use a stalker gust to tear it down. :D

Pyrotech4426 months ago

Byzo, a speed module would be cool, but the rush ability is kind of the same thing

Pyrotech4426 months ago

LoucustMaster117, This very well is needed! If not, and they release 50 more robots/weapons, it will be a one in 100 chance you will get what you want.

Pyrotech4426 months ago

Type-13, even better, nerf the shocktrain by 100% so it does zero damage and it's just as annoying as a gekko but weaker

Pyrotech4426 months ago

Nightfury, Still call the kumiho a medium robot, but nerf the cooldeown to 7 seconds. That way it will be just like the rogatka and the speed issue will help.

Also, what if there was a dash ability rebalance where at the beginning of the round each dash bot only gets one dash? This way kumiho and the others will zip only once at the start and strider won't be able to go to the next beacon in like 2 seconds.

Hszyhss OK major6 months ago

Nightfury, Yep. Point taken, but I what I was thinking of was Kumiho dash speed. Even if it stayed the same, I still think that with only 2 medium weapons it should be a light bot. Are we being led into thinking that the current weapons would make a new light bot pointless unless it has more of a "medium" performance? There hasn't been a new light robot for ages.

Type-136 months ago

And while we're on the topic, why not have a future light bot(Saboteur?) that has the ability to fire off an aoe pulse that disables modules and bot abilities in it's vicinity for a few seconds( not including allies, but including itself).

Type-136 months ago

Another one, for those who hate shocktrain.
Damping Frame: Reduce incoming damage from energy weapons by 20%. If you are hit by a shocktrain, it does not bounce.

Type-136 months ago

Module idea: Enhanced Autoloaders: Weapons without the smart reload or charge property reload 10% faster. Multiple installations of this module stack diminishingly.

Percentage reload speed boost could be adjusted for balance purposes, but it would help reduce the helplessness period of autogun users, guided missiles, and bullet snipers, who already have to deal with every shield blocking them and long reloads, and usually being easy to kill if caught out or out-bursted by any of the autoloading weapons.

Nightfury6 months ago

CADNE , as for an ability that uncloaks robots, I think there needs to be a commando sniper type robot, something light, mobile, but with a good amount of firepower, plus the "uncloak" ability, basically a more powerful scope. Also, there should be an actual scope for snipers, right guys?

Nightfury6 months ago

Hszyhss OK major, slow down kumiho and call it a light robot. ???? light robots are supposed to be FASTER than medium

Nightfury6 months ago

Tumdurgal, Are you kidding??? With energized ammo you could stop a bulgasari shocktrain from moving, keeping it still so everyone else can hammer it down! Punishers are going to be stun weapons now, btw :D they might have to nerf them after modules. It does make sense, though, lock them in place so you can hit them with continuous damage

monster mayhem6 months ago

in my opinion war robots is going a little crazy with this but at the same time kind of cool

Warbozz Rakzar6 months ago

Energized ammo: Return of the Punishers

LoucustMaster1176 months ago


Dear Pixonic,

Considering the massive influx of new items in recent times and with more arriving soon there is seemingly no end to the amount of new gear coming in. To compensate you will either have to increase all rewards (the supply boxes are a good start on your part btw) or reduce the cost of many items that are available now and in future (like the Galahad, Gareth and Stalker gold prices.

Kind regardes, LoucustMaster117

LoucustMaster1176 months ago

Instead it should be an ability jammer that specifically counters the 'Dash' and 'Stealth jump' abilities for 8 seconds or so.

LoucustMaster1176 months ago

Energized ammo will only be used to stun lock already slow robots such as the Leo, Natasha and Lancelot.

Tumdurgal6 months ago

Oh, and energized ammo? Just, no. Terrible idea (much like the shocktrain was and is a terrible idea) so pretty much guaranteed to get into the game.

Here's the feedback: Energized Ammo - NNNNNnnnnnnOOOOOOOOOooooooo!!!

Are you listening?

Tumdurgal6 months ago

No doubt modules will come out long before Workshop 2.0, meaning that the P2W crowd will advance that much further than the F2P crowd. Not only that, but the BM will be saturated with components as will the 'daily deals' (which have gotten much worse recently) so good luck building the things you want.

Sam 11065#6 months ago

Modules are very much useful for old bots like leo, lancelot, Galahad. The design are nice needs to check how they fit and look with bots

Hszyhss OK major6 months ago

*SQUATCH*, I agree, it doesn't matter which article you read, Carrier, Modules, Next etc, in the comments, the topic of cheaters, tankers, slime, filth, dirtbags, is bound to come up . Aargh! Hate them! Round them up, put them in a field, and
.... crush their devices.
On Modules, don't we have enough to play with at the moment.? If you are cynical, is it just a way of Pixonic trying to get more money?. If you are not cynical, is it a way to try balancing out some of the advantages that new stuff has over the old? In which case, you would have to think that Pixonic didn't do enough research into the new developments, and are trying to, er, balance everything out.

I've seen a couple of ideas floated that seem sensible. I'm being lazy into checking out who said it, but the idea of a hard floor has some merit. You don't drop down through the leagues , so I guess your poor performance would have to be reflected in what you earn from the game. Maybe keep your silver, but the top players would get a higher percentage of Ag and/or Au, WP, Honour points, Supply points. ??
Tankers should be forced to stay in the highest league they achieved, and they have to complete 2000 battles, not leaving, no self destructions, and their damage must never be less than 20% of the teams highest score, unless they are the highest beacon taker. They would be banned from clan activity for the duration, and never allowed to form a clan, and never allowed to transfer anything from their account to any player. I doubt that Pixonic have a record of every match they played, otherwise I would suggest the removal of any benefits accrued before, during and after their misbehaviour. All their equipment should be downrated to level 1 and they can start levelling up again. No speed up of upgrades allowed. And this last point might be something worth looking at for the whole game. Maybe a limit on how much you can speed up, or do it by percentage, the first speed up is 50% of time, the next is 40% etc.
I would like to see some of these new robots called the mark 2 versions of the old ones, so Gepard upgrades to Pursuer, Griffin becomes ?Raven?, GI Patten becomes Spectre, Natasha or Carnage becomes Bulwark. I also think Kumiho should be slowed down and made a light robot, and Bulgasari made a heavy robot.

Please excuse me waffling on. Give it some feedback.

CADNE 6 months ago

Spectre should not have any modules because it was already a perfect bot for any battle and also the most overpowered bot. If you put attack modules on it will be more deadly and devastating. In defense modules, it will be alive for long peroid of time, it will be harder for us to take em down. Absolutely not have special modules as it will make him self spy and it also have decent ability that was worst. It will just sit there wait for its firepower to loadup and........... were all dead.

All new and strong bots in current should at least have 1 or 2 modules. And also consider to balance them so that they will not have the great advantage using these modules.

I will see that in test server and i will know there if these will make the game balance or just make it worst..
I like this game. So im still hoping to see if there are a better improvement in the future updates.

*SQUATCH*6 months ago

OdaySensei, Fair? What is fair about players with 13000 victories with level 12 mk2 hangars playing in silver and below?

*SQUATCH*6 months ago

This will not help. All bots will have 4 moduels. This does nothing but unbalance the game further. And it is the latest cash grab by pixonic. Older bots should be the only bots to receive moduels. From des up to wild west bots. The moduels should be things like hp, speed etc. The special abilities moduela should not be put into the game.

CADNE 6 months ago

Hmm interesting.. This really need alot of work that will be done here because your like reworking the whole game with this additional module thing, balancing the game is really be consider in order for this modules to work well without making something to be more overpowered. It will really ruined the game.

So there are 3 classes as it mentoined here and also have 4 types of it (buff, proc, passive, and active). Example; The death mark could be a passive as it need x damage to mark the enemy. And the energized ammo might be a proc because of chance of rooting the target.

The modules are a seperate slot then its also upgradable. I think you might need to consider to add additional upgrade slot so it will lessen the time needed for upgrading it to max.

The spy mode are really bad for weapons that need lock-on. Thats good as we can hunt down shocktrain user. Dont add a modules that can reveal (visible for targeting system) stealthed enemies it not be fair to them. Instead, put it as a support bot so that only one bot have that unique ability.

Repair unit was good as it allow us to stay alive for a moment. There's must be 4 types of it; stationary healing, mobile healing, grant healing in every kill, and every damage dealt will give healing (lifesteal). However if the healing output of an enemies are too strong, there's should be a mechanics that reduces the healing they will recieve and also a mechanics that can increase healing you will recieved.

So you will also add a new mechanics; the resistance and the damage penetration. They both countering each other. There's alot of mechanics you need to consider as it can add different playstyles such as;
1.Amplify (The death mark effect), weaken (reduce the target's damage)
2.buff (give positive effects), debuff (remove negative effects including the death mark)
3.increase firing rate, reduce the target's firing rate
4.increase move speed, slow enemies
5.push away the enemy (good for mid-range brawler), pulling the enemy in (good for close range brawler.
So whatever mechanics you plan to do, just make it balance and fair to make the game fun to play.
I like this i cant wait to this them out soon.

Byzo6 months ago

Need modules dash or more speed to lancelot

Creepergomoo6 months ago

This could be a good idea. The article said different bots have more or less options, meaning dash bots could have less options than, say, a leo. Hope this all gets balanced and is affordable!

Mr. Timmons6 months ago

Pyrotech442, Its not helping its just making the problem worse. Why are you making dash bots MORE powerful

Mr. Timmons6 months ago

sirduke, I agree very much. This game is turning into a pay to win and I don't like that!

(~RDC) Pilot Mg-16 months ago

pixonic should keep the op bots but make more powerful robots available for silver.
they should also give out loyalty rewards of 2500 components every month.

Dude6 months ago

Pyrotech442, Of course it's rigged. The only time you will see any progress towards gaining components, is when you begin to spend any significant amount of money. If you spend a little, in the tasks section, they will reward you a little extra gold to spend the same amount of money or greater, and it continues from there. I have done that a couple of times, and just after, it seemed that the components that I was trying to gather all of a sudden started hitting in the lottery, and on they were showing more often where I could spend ws points on them. It's all monitored and rigged. If you spend, you are part of the accepted class for them. If you don't, or spend very little, then your chances for fortune in anything in the game's component casino, drop to the floor. They may deny this, but is too coincidental for that to happen for me more than once, because it has. I have money to spend, I just refuse to join the big spender's club for a purposely flawed product that is mismanaged as badly as this is.

Dude6 months ago

sirduke, It will. That is what they are designed to do. No free, frugal, or budget player will be considered in the development of things like this. They seem to have a mental block that doesn't allow them to see that they have a shortage of honest players at this point, and just about every new battle mode or overpriced, unbalanced piece of equipment that they release, makes that number dwindle even more. They are the creators of their own demise.

Willm24136 months ago

Finally something that heals hopefully the healing bots come out around or before these do

BlustertroN6 months ago

I'm really looking forward to this advancement in the game. I really like all the new changes you have brought, but for me the hold back is that the gameplay hasn't changed all that much. That is to say, that even with new game modes there aren’t really any new dimensions to the battlefield - you still just point and shoot.
I would really like to see some passive attacks and defenses in these modules: mines (timed and proximity) or remote but you can’t use weapons until you set it off, or perhaps a "punch" ability in close quarters. I guess that's just two of many possibilities for passive gaming that I one day hope to see implemented as it encourages smart play, not just strong play.
My other suggestion for adding dimensions is to use physical actions in order to use some weapons and abilities. Maybe you have to charge a laser by winding the screen with a finger. Maybe you can steer a Stinger style missile with the accelerometer, or need to pinch zoom and manual aim for some sniping weapons.
In any case, I'm a big fan! No, I don't pay to play so I’m in it for the long game and look forward to all things new – especially maps and FFA!
Peace and Love

sirduke6 months ago

I fear these modules will cause even bigger inequality between hardcore and casual players (or rather between pay-to-play and free-to-play ones).

Lecygne6 months ago

The War Robots game suffers from its conception of a lack of fairness between players. The behavior problem of the Tankers reinforces this injustice. Since 4 years nothing has been done to solve the tanker problem. Frankly to do blow up himself during battle by Tankers this is not fun at all.
After Pixonic has released new robots with enhanced capabilities for example Dash, Stealth, other capabilities that will benefit the Tankers. As long as Pixonic has not solved the problem Tankers any modernization of the game will be worthless except for more complaints and injustices. First make the game more fair after we could talk about evolution of the game but not before.

Slayer 11086 months ago

I don’t like it. It will make the game more complicated. It is already hard enough to get the stuff I want. And i’m Pretty sure i’m Gonna want these modules when they come out. Please don’t make it ridiculously difficult to acquire the good ones.

heartbroker19226 months ago

Really making game even more unbalanced, I can't accept this thing that pixonic is not aware that these modules will create even more difference between free warriors and wallet warrior. It will take the game one step closer to the paytowin tag.

backtothefront6 months ago

Pyrotech442, You better believe it's rigged. And the intended results of that rigging aren't hard to figure out. At least not for me, and from what I read, a number of others.

However, as said before, it's pretty obvious that Pix is 'banking' on those that can't see 'the forest for the trees', those with little self-discipline, those with more money than smarts, or so little smarts that they are separated easily from their little money.

Obviously, tankers fall under at least the little self-discipline descriptor. While they profess being so smart that they out smart the system, they can't see how they are cheating themselves in a general sense. Always taking the easy way out, and becoming weaker by the day. In life in general.

Mimikyu946 months ago

I'm totally gonna try hard to get the Spy module if it gets implemented in WR.

(W)Worrior6 months ago

YES! finally! the time of evolution has come!
gonna go tell some friends about this...

Pyrotech4426 months ago

Please buff the ecu shield. Most low-league players use kinetic weapons and rockets, the main weaknesses to this shield. Doubling This shield's hitpoints wouldn't matter because it's not a frontal shield and it needs to be brought to higher levels.
Plus, could there be a medium physical shield? The ecu on medium hardpoints is pointless as it's like using a light weapon on a medium slot.

Pyrotech4426 months ago

YouTube-WarBots, Imagine if dash bots get their hands on these. The stun module on shocktrain will give the shocktrain users a chance them to shot them a second time, while the heal module will let them HEAL! I think balance should be fixed or a new higher league should be created to prevent dash bots adding onto their dominance.

Shaaark!6 months ago

Pyrotech442, Yes! Its been a month and i need 300 kumiho components but there are no deals and i’ve never gotten any from chests

Pyrotech4426 months ago

Redman4547, You should appreciate that the robots are really expensive. I they were cheap like the $50 hover, there would be so many dash and stealth-jump robots on the field and there are plenty already. Literally every payer could have a dash bot and that would lead to such obsoletion that anything that isn't gold or components they will be wiped out instantly.

The problem isn't how expensive these $300 robots are, it's how scarce components are. I only had 2,000 haechi components a few months ago until I realized it wasn't worth saving for and the discounts stopped giving me good deals for haechi components. I'm saving for bulgasari, at 9,000 components, but I haven't found any deals on these, making me wonder if the deal-giving code is rigged. I hope Pixonic will fix this in future updates.

backtothefront6 months ago

Hellroach, So well said Hellroach.

Pixonic is clearly going off the rails.

I started this game about four months ago. It's an awesome platform. But these greedy baffoons just can't leave well enough alone.

This module idea is so entirely moronic that if it were a part of the game a few months ago, my son and I would not have even played. Up to this point, the headaches involved in the game were just that...irritations. The strength of the game withstood.

But these 'ideas' that they are presenting are just so insipid, so on par with the dumb games that you see in the commercials (if you have Android) that you'd never download in one million years. I've used the phrase ' jumping the shark' to describe their ideas, and I think it sums Pixonic very accurately. They're grasping at straws here. And that's because their greed driven business model MUST have quarterly gains. Gains at any cost. Gains that may just drive the wheels off the cart.

Honestly, I don't think it's ths developers that are responsible for this. I think its their greedy 'handlers' that are driving this bottomless stupidity. I think their hands are tied, and they are forced to come up with 'new ideas' or else. No one in their right mind would wreck a game like this, and then CONTINUE to add insult to injury, as is being done...unless they were so removed from the game, so out of touch, that they didn't care.

And that has the owners written all over it.

I'll bet this SHIT pains the developers. After all, they developed this awesome game.

Type-136 months ago

Still, aside from repair and battleborn, it really feels like the modules should just add abilities that already exist with extended cooltimes. If they need to exist, modules should not provide a game-breaker on their own.

Type-136 months ago

I like most of the modules. Of those I dislike, spy and energized ammo need fixing desperately. Spy should be stealth's weirdo brother, yes, but it should just be something like not showing up as a HUD icon if you can't actually see the bot. Make it light and non-energy shielded medium bots, and suddenly light flankers like Gareth or Gepard are more viable as things other than pure beacon runner. Energized ammo, instead of the immobilize, should force abilities off by adding seconds of cooldown or putting them into cooldown cycles.

backtothefront6 months ago

Dzianis, Perfect post. Not worry at all. Gets right to the point.

And I completely agree. I think this idea of modules is beyond stupid. Top to bottom stupid.

Lecygne6 months ago

I think that if the players are refractory to the modernization of the game it's because they fear that the Tankers will become even stronger. As long as you have not put an end to the bad behavior of a minority of players all your proposals will be rejected.

DIΔPΣRΣD☆SΠIPΣR™6 months ago

1. I think that “Modules” will over-power robots and they are way— too complicated.
2. It might as well be mk-3.
3. The amount of time and effort that it would be required to properly balance Modules with their robots would be extremely large. Think about it... every Modul would need to have the proper “X” and “Y” to be tailored to its robot. I am sure that would take alot of work and money, or you can release it as OP and expensive like you did with ST and just nerf the Modules overtime.

Lecygne6 months ago

How does the Pixonic’s company create problems or how his game becomes a gas factory / a time bomb?
First I want to congratulate his team of developers for transforming a simple game of shooting (sniper / shooter) into a time bomb.
I specify my thought. After creating the Tankers problem that is primarily a problem of societal behavior and that is currently unresolved for 9 years, this developer team has realized that it has proposed far too many new robots with special abilities that are Dash, Stealth and other abilities.
In the Leagues, there will be robots in Dash and Stealh mode and necessarily to target and to shoot (shooter) on the enemy, it will not be easy and not at all fun.
So to solve this problem, he offers us modules called "Offensive, Defensive and Special".
I think that instead of us have proposed these new robots with their capacity enhanced, it would have been better to focus on conventional robots by working on endurance and / or speed and compensate their weakness of start by a capacity.
For example a robot with a weak endurance he would have obtained the mode "Stealth" to survive longer, or a robot with a slow movement he would have obtained the mode "Dash" to move faster. It's the opposite that has been proposed and the players will have monstrous robots with special abilities and armaments. The fun will not be there anymore.
War Robots must remain a simple shooting game (shooter), sniper.
I suggest you transform the new robots that came out into simple robots by focusing on their endurance and speed. Any other option will make the game unplayable and to critical.
Also you should think about solving the little problem of Tankers which is above all a ranking problem in the Top 100. As I said before this is a societal behavior problem where the player to continue to be ranked, he will choose the least restrictive and easy solution. To solve this problem, it would be necessary to change the mode of classification which is calculated on the points of activity of the week. Maybe a psychology consultant could find a solution?
Take a break from the evolution of the game and think how to make this game both simple and fun. The path you follow is not the right one. Sorry to tell you.

eli_the_epic6 months ago

gonna be honest not a fan of this idea, alot of people here have already said what im thinking so im just gonna leave it at that.

《☆JA☆JA☆JA☆》6 months ago

Esta muy bien..pero caro el hangar..lo podrian bajar algo..buen juego ..sigan asi 💪👍🇪🇸

BigXIICowboy6 months ago

I some of my test server comments I have asked for the ability to retrofit older bots (silver) so they can remain competitive. Maybe my voice has been heard. However, the the example modules just given to us do nothing for me. I want to retrofit dash ability to my Leo. I want to retrofit my xxxx with stealth. etc..etc.. Right now Modules in their current form is a Non Starter for me. Thank You

Tesla2209046 months ago

I think his is an amazing idea that brings in next level strategy. The only thing I’m concerned is of lower leagues and new players will be able to understand this. I think this should only be available at expert or diamond leagues or level 30

Redman45476 months ago

Yall gonna add some robots that dont cost $300 ?

YouTube-WarBots6 months ago

I believe modules are a bad idea, the game it already intercut as it is (especially with the new game mode skirmish where any bot can have any weapon) but to then add the ability to be stunned and have enemies masking themselves as allies will change the game forever (most likely not in a good way). I have spent a lot of money and time getting my hangers where they are and I am continuing to do so. But if all my time and money spent on the game getting the best bots and weapons (3 spectres, dragoon furys, bulgasaris, haechis, and kumihos just to name a few), is for nothing! Then that is not a good change. Because now the bot standing next to me could be an enemy and stun me then take me out over and over again. Don’t get me wrong I think maybe energy shield modules and added resistance is an ok idea, but attack and special modules will make the game take a turn for the worse.

Sree Tej6 months ago

I think the game is perfectly stretching our brains.....i personally think the game is complex the way it is.....there are many factors we have to be aware of.... introduction of modules seems like fun but might not be appropriate to the game right now

Charlie6 months ago

The Big Drop, The module idea is awesome, right? It's making this game more complicated and tactic-oriented than ever. Players will have to relearn lots of stuff before they get bored with everything. I'm excited, but not worried at all, lol.

Charlie6 months ago

By the way, Pix is already 9 years ole?! Gee! One year senior to my retiring pet dog Jody!

The Big Drop6 months ago

After sleeping on the MODULE idea overnight and reading the swell of anti-module post on the WR Forum and Reddit, I have additional commentary.

Cncerning the specific availability of modules; i.e. which Robots they will be available for... Lets say that the three slot Mods appear on every Robot that is currently available for Ag purchasing...

Not only would it shake-up the upper leagues and add an additional, strategy to squad building but also, there would be a pissibility to then release a new 3-Robot series of Ag units!

How cool would that be?!?!

Imagine, after all of the "Pixonic are greedy" topics, then, suddenly, there are three new Ag Robots available that would not only be available to everyone, but would perhaps do much to repair some of the toxic public opinion.

Three new Ag Robots could be a great opportunity for the debut of a five-weapon hardpoint design...

I feel as though WR is at a major, crucial (3.0 type) turning point is upon us (players and developers both) and this article serves as a 'litmus test' for the community. Im really excited to see how Mods debut and work and dont mean to be so overly specific concerning how I envisioned the end result being.

Im just excited, hopeful and worried

Lecygne6 months ago

Charlie, @Charlie
Hello. I think there is a solution to channel / manage the bad behavior of some players. I am convinced that they are a minority that rots / ruins the life of a majority of honest players.
The tankers problem is a societal behavior where people look for the least effort to gain benefits. Perhaps a behavioral psychologist would have a solution. I think Pixonic has the means to have this behavioral consultant.

Nook Jusst6 months ago

Just reading all this makes me tired and frustraited. Playing this game against MK2 gear with lvl 10 items has already taken its fun out of it. Now I ll be eliminated twice as fast with things like Immobility. Why Pixonic, why..

You have a solid platform to build long term relationship with your player-base. Why making this game so complex? It’s no longer skill based, it’s gear based. With these ‘hot-fixes’ to fix game balance you are making it even more overwhelming. Ever thought about making the MM and lag from Dash bots fixed first? Sigh.

Fyi, I am not spending a dime until you start respecting and listen to your community. Check FB once in a while to see what your audience is saying. Even your Round Table reps were ignored and silenced, come on... Majority of players leave never even getting to Expert league. I know, cuz I run clans. So until then, no soup for you.

Lecygne6 months ago

I come back to my previous message. To rethink the mode of ranking, it may be necessary to ask the question that what motivate players to have a good behavior and taste of effort. This game reflects our way of thinking through cheating and the taste of the least effort to gain benefits.
Maybe set up a system of "Carrot" as to advance a donkey that refuses to move. But which one? Maybe a psychologist would have the solution?

Charlie6 months ago

Er Cree, Jumping Rajin? Creepy scary, kills the enemy by its sheer machine weight. Oops! Enemy squashed!

Charlie6 months ago

Lecygne, There's no solution I'm afraid. The economics of this game definitely encourages tanking behavior. In fact, I've been winning many battles, with tankers around or not. I don't care or whine about quitting teammates making zero contribution any more. And with the mode of Free for All coming soon, tanking will sure become a personal choice that affects none. Most of the time I only worry about having shocktrain users as my enemies. They are the real threat to my silver bot performance. Bam and another bam, half my teammates are out of the game, and bam, I'm out too. lol

Lecygne6 months ago

To date, Pixonic is 9 years old and has a workforce of 150 employees. The tankers problem has remained unresolved for 9 years. Tankers are interested in the ranking. The Tankers want to be ranked in the Top 100. Perhaps to solve this problem as quickly as possible, you could rethink the calculation mode of the classification by something more honest that will drive players to have a behavior fair and the taste of the effort.
I had thought to delete activity points and replace them with honor points for the calculation of the ranking but I think this is not the right solution. We will fall back into the original defect of the game. There I can only hope that the team of developers will find a solution because I have no clear solution to offer.

Charlie6 months ago

Oh, C'mon! I'm all for jumping Furies!!! How about just one jump per battle? People sure love to see them fall like fatty ballet dancers!!! LOL

Lecygne6 months ago

Tankers are interested in the ranking. The Tankers want to be ranked in the Top 100. I propose you to change the calculation mode of the classification / operating mode of the classification. Instead of calculating the ranking on the activity points of the week replace it with the points of honor. I think it will be easier and faster to change the behavior of players. What do you think of this solution?
At best you should rethink how the ranking is calculated by something that will motivate the player to play honestly to be ranked. What is certain, the activity points are not the solution to improve the ranking.

Lecygne6 months ago

I think the priority is to attack the Tankers who ruin the lives of many honest players. This game is not fair. The game was created in 2009. We are in 2018. It's been nine years since the tanker problem remains unresolved.
The Low Priority Queue (LPQ) league does not discourage bad behavior. The Tankers continue their bad fairplay. Many Tankers are in Clans ranked in the Top 100. I think that by suppressing their activity points many will change their behavior because that is what interests them. The Tankers want to be ranked in the Top 100. So by removing their points of activity many will move their ass to join their real league to continue to be classified and to be in their Clan otherwise they will be dismissed by their Chief who will replace them by other players cleaner. What do you think of this improvement of punishment?

Arindom6 months ago

Jedediah Johnson, I have already dropped playing this. This game is wasting my money since last 2 years. I cant believe older ppl here.

MNX6 months ago

Не надо модуль,игру хуже делать будите.вообще как это в голову пришло,нет слов

Er Cree6 months ago

How about a jumping Raijin

Hszyhss OK major6 months ago

Too much. While honest players and those who do not splash cash to be flash, are still trying to build a new arsenal of Arbalest, Redeemer, Ion, Pursuer, Mercury etc, we don't need yet another thing that is unattainable for most, only to get wiped out by something new that we can't get.
Why not downscale some of the weapons and robots costs by making workshop points go up to a higher level and changing the purchase of these by a combination of Ag,Wp,and components, change the speed upgrade to Ag, make some of the existing toys only available to use in certain leagues and above, increase the span of the leagues, stop the dropping down in leagues and reduce the silver reward based on percentage of last 50 wins, introduce a new robot with a core ability that can vary according to the weapon load, I.e, light weapons-faster speed, heavier weapons- slower speed higher HP.
But I say no to modules.

Dzianis6 months ago

Stupid idea. You kill simplicity. But your move is clear, you need more cash lol.

Hiếu Nguyễn6 months ago

Good ideas, they make gameplay more strategic!
You should do it for long time ago instead of release a OP bot which has the best ability to attack or run away and ridiculous fast speed when carry 4 medium weapons (much faster than the bot which can only carry 3 medium weapons, really?) when you already release an OP weapon that destroys teamwork. And now that OP setup is going to have more skill! You know which i am talking about, don't you?
If you want us to quit playing, just say it! Stop ruining the game!
Please concern rebalance! i won't say it if i don't love this game so much.

Noobneeder6 months ago


varun6 months ago

i want to see carnage in champion league these modules/prototype can help old bots or not

진규 김6 months ago

골드10000개 주시면 감사

Last Guardian6 months ago

Slim, Slim, you’re completely retarded. They have made a version of this game on steam so as far as the consoles go a low end pc is all you need. The game should be expanded. Improvement is a good thing. I say no to idiots like you complaining that they’re improving the game.

EmeraldGamer3236 months ago

I'm the one to give them the idea, your welcome.

Blocky_4006 months ago

I also believe bots worth Ag, should d definitely have more MODULE spots than a Bulgasari, or Haechi. Like, could a Golem rock the high leagues even more than just LVL 12?

Blocky_4006 months ago

I think this module thing is a great idea. I'd say as long as I don't turn a corner in a battle and and jumping Bulgasari, with a force field, and boosted shocktrains destroys me in 2 seconds. I think little fun boosts and minor powers can really make gameplay even more strategic. Thx again Pixonic!

Slim6 months ago

Your doing to much with the game that players can not keep up. I sure can’t! And most of the new crap your copying old stuff ex. Thunder storm gust etc. this is just a gam on your phone. No need to go as big as your making it it’s already a big enough game that it kills the battery faster than you can get a couple games in. And loading time has increased dramatically. You need to make this for game consoles Xbox PlayStation etc if you keep going at this pase. Or just chill the heck out. I say no to modules. Horrible idea.

Bruse6 months ago

Btw they will never add any new content that is not stupid blue puzzle pieces.

Bruse6 months ago

When we that survey about a year and a ago you said you would listen to us. You do not listen to us all you do is add op things no matter what are opinion is. You do not care about us if you did you would balance things and scrap this new op content

EzekielCrow6 months ago

I think its great! You should implement all your ideas AND come out with a walking war robots classic app so you can watch players switch to that in droves.

Jedediah Johnson6 months ago

Modules modules everywhere, spend more money if you care. Either use the module idea to bring back the old bots or risk losing all your old players holding on to their last bit of hope as we look to the dreaded future. Money is a great thing, but greed will be your downfall. So hard to find a gaming company that actually returns the favor to loyal gamers. Just my two cents... No one that wants to get better in the game and play it more looks forward to your $300 changes. Why haven't you combined Android and iOS servers with some of that money? Game time waits would be in the negatives.

Beeboobeeboo6 months ago

1. Squad leader module seems to promote clustering of bots again. Hello shock train again.
2. How to define x damage? Seen orkan spectre in action? One click one kill.
3. Immobilise seems like a nice idea. Will be nice if it can stop abilities of bots. Too many stealth n dash these days.
4. Will there be modules to speed up firing rate n reloads. Or increase health and speed of bots?
5. If there is a need to have modules. Please make different grade of them. So lower leagues or newcomers can enjoy them too.
6. Too much new content. Everyone is breathless catching up. Hope the new reward system can cater enough supply.

Michaelcv636 months ago

Garunix999, I agree !
Worst idea ever, not to better the game but to exploit on the cash grab opportunities, I dont support the : more money spent more winnings you will have type of trend.

Pixonic, how about concentrate on making the game crashes less during / after watching your advertisement and reimburse points lost for that ? Make the game more stable.

Ghost0146 months ago

And don't use compents for it make it WP,or gold even Sivler

Ghost0146 months ago

Thnx plus I don't have to be in danger and kill on low health.XD

Niko Santos6 months ago

This is dumb. Im soŕry pixonic.
However, i would suggest making all bots have only one ability slot. Bots that have already have abilities can trade away their abilities to another. (Except the swap weapons of the american bots and sentry of the spiders because their animations are limited to their abilities). Bots that have no abilities can have abilities now. A jumping fury? Or a charging boa? Or a descend patton? Or maybe a dash griffin, or a hunt haechi?
Having these modules without compensations smells imbalance. Death mark would be the most op module yet. Then energized ammo is op on continuous damage like scourges.

XxMAGSHOTxX6 months ago

I like those ideas though you should add more bots and weapons that costs at least 5 million silver. That would be a reasonable price. These also need better naming though. :P

XxMAGSHOTxX6 months ago

Garunix999, not necessarily. i think falcon would have lower health than fury but still good

XxMAGSHOTxX6 months ago

Garunix999, not necessarily. i think falcon would have lower health than fury but still good

Garunix9996 months ago

Worst idea yet. I had high hopes for this to bring back the old bots, but it turns out this is just another cash grab to make the already OP premium bots even more OP. In the %0.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 chance that you actually read this, just know this. MODULES ARE A SHITTY IDEA THAT SHOULD BE SCRAPPED

Mont27P6 months ago

Terry Adrian, Every bot will have these slots and they are different slots to the weapons, so no need to worry about that.

Doomsday6 months ago

All I got to say is, this idea is dumb and so is the person (s) who came up with it. You guys are really doing a good job at ruining the game. Keep up the good work

Your Last Words6 months ago

No SPY! That is the worst idea ever!!! All of these ideas are garbage!!!

Garunix9996 months ago

Jumping furies are out of the question? So no more falcon?

Terry Adrian6 months ago

I don't like the sound of this one bit. It's still not clear as to which bots will have these "slots" and will those slots take the place of one of the weapon slots? It just doesn't sound like the right direction to me but hey, you've continually ignored us up to this point anyway so.....

I used to play this game for hours upon end daily. Then you introduced Mk2, one of the most blatant pay to win concepts I've ever seen in ANY game app, and now I barely play a couple of times a week if that. Do you guys realise how difficult it is trying to fight against rich kids that have mk2 level 12 EVERYTHING?!! It's a joke. That was the final straw for me. After over two years of grinding daily, I even invested quite a bit of money to get keys and upgrades etc, I've had enough. Mk2 has made the game so unbalanced it's ridiculous, and there's no way back from that, not that I can see.

So we'll done on ruining one of the best games I ever played. Seems like you're about to ruin it a little bit more. :/

Sonny Thompson6 months ago

Interesting but I think there is better.
Say you make an extra slot (or two)(or 3) for each bot or select bots have more or less slots to allow for different special module attachments and make the modules enhance your bot or give it a special ability.
Say one module is a physical shield that can be upgraded in two ways. First it's strength can be increased and second additional pieces of shielding that can be added in place of other modules to make it like a 3 piece shield for more protection around the bot. Say the first piece is just a frontal shield then another is the left side and another the right.

Another module could be a slow down module where anybot within say 100-200m when activated it's movement speed and fire rate is reduced to half allowing for the advantage.

The opposite of the slow down module is the speed up one. Activate it and gain 5-40% more speed and firing rate over any enemy bot.

How about a camo module? Activate it and bam invisible for 5 seconds like the predator.

Or a power module that when activated gives you 5-40% more damage output depending on how upgraded it is.

Or a resistance module that reduces damage by 5-40% depending on how upgraded it is.

All modules could be able to be upgraded so that maybe they start at 5% and go up to 30 0r 40%

How about a scramble module that when activated gives every team bot within 100m of you stealth ability.

What about a side kick module? Like a module that's a mini drone that follows along side you and can provide extra fire an anciel shield, stealth, healing ect depending on which drone used.

Hellroach6 months ago

OdaySensei, If this came out during the 2017/2018 holiday season with the sudden influx of already modded bots, I might still be a player. As it is, I achieved Diamond league 2 with minimal purchases and sheer grind power. Even with the new dash bots it was pay for perks. When the Inquisitor arrived it’d become pay-to-play. Now it’s pay-to-compete. Without handing off ludicrous amounts of cash for a relatively stupid cause that’d be better spent on real issues, like bills and life, players have no hope of playing without dropping and staying low in the “Leagues” to stay relatively competitive. Unless I am willing to spend thousands of dollars on a few minutes of competitive play, there’s no point.
Sorry Pixonic, but this former enthusiast has washed his hands of the business. Now, there’s no fun in the so called “game”. If I want similar levels of “fun” why not spend it in a casino? At least they’re honest about fleecing me.

Moses6 months ago

Congratulations - your worst ideas yet!!! We all thought you had hit the bottom of the barrel already, but here you go again

Punkah6 months ago

Tbh, didnt like it. They dont make sense at all, too fictional. Too complex. I dont see the game getting better with those. Maybe two of those, on old robots

Warren Dixon6 months ago

I'm guessing "future bots" will have a component/module slot, or at least I hope so. While some bots are limited in firepower and maneuverability, taking a weapon slot away for a module may not be that advantageous in many cases. This is the reason many pilots may not agree with this new concept. I guessing your Stalker may have to have MK2 weaponry to survive with a module in one of it's only two weapon slots. Interesting..........

Cristián Ortiz Guzman6 months ago

It is ok... but please put on silver, the premium clients hv all weapons and bots if you put on money game it is over

Dave Moore6 months ago

So... a scourge bulgasari or aphid patton would never be able to damage a bot in spy mode? Even after it begins shooting them?

What a ridiculous bunch of ideas. Modules should add something, to be sure, but these cartoony concepts really need to be reeled in. Modules should enhance a bot, not be the most important feature of a bot. Battleborn would be the defining characteristic of any bot in beacon rush, determining how it was deployed. Spy is even more dangerous than stealth (and stealth is the defining characteristic of every bot that has it), and Squad Leader is an invitation to every shocktrain bot on the field to feast.

Game balance pretty much ignored with every new weapon, bot and now module release.
Shame, because this game had a lot of long term potential before the race to grab cash started...

The Big Drop6 months ago

The proposition of MODULES are interesting for sure and will bring a new element to the game. Without being too knitpicky, my greatest concern remains WHO/WHICH Robots will be available to receive modules?

In modern WR play, most of the Robots now feature a number of different abilities with some featuring what would be considered two (or more) abilities. Under the new 3-slot module system would Robots that currently "hold their own" on the field of Battle (Galahad,Lancelot, Fury) and others like Haechi, Pursuer and Spectre receive the forementioned 3-slot Module space to make each that much more powerful?

Modules, if released in a limited way, i.e. forSilver (Ag) Robots like Destrier, Schutze, Cossack, Boa, Vityaz, Golem and Patton (maybe Ag heavies too?) could be beneficial and even shake-up the game in upper leagues by providing a level of strategy when it comes to building squads.

Would one of those Haechi's or Bulgasari's be benched in favor of a Vityaz with a Command Module or a Schutze with a Repair Module? Possibly so...

Or, as has been the case, MODULES will be like the Mk2 program and ultimately lead to an exodus of players and "I quit" goodbye post on social media pages.

OdaySensei6 months ago

no, keep the game as is. now it's fair simple and fun. please keep it that way

Rabbit6 months ago

It think there should be more module slots for bots without special abilities, for balancing and the cost for modules should be in Gold.

Rabbit6 months ago

It think there should be more module slots for bots without special abilities, for balancing and the cost for modules should be in Gold.

Noobcake6 months ago

Please don't implement any of these. Stupid effects that will likely make the game no fun.

Instead, may I suggest modules with small passive effects: a small boost to hp, speed, weapon range, resistance to a damage type etc.

DESTROYER6 months ago

Sounds tooo much...😑
there was glory days in 2016

Berry166 months ago

mortaniuss, Yeah pay to win players will always win and those who are hard workers will not get anything 😑

Pilot Raptor-6 months ago

I was excited for moduals but im not really a fan of how some of these sound. Death mark and squad leader dont seem to make any sense in the universe youve created 😭

Berry166 months ago

That would be boring to use and no fun 😑

Berry166 months ago

And I didn't like that spy Idea 😑

Berry166 months ago

Cool but don't make it expensive or only for pay to win players 😒

mortaniuss6 months ago

if with the MK2 the game is very unbalanced now with this will be even more

Nightfury6 months ago

yes!!! this looks amazing!

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