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Update 3.8 Preview #1. Supply Drop, Battle Rewards and Black Market changes

by WR_Tofsla - 17.04.2018

This year started with the release of Supply Drops and Battle Rewards, which allowed everyone to get free equipment faster and easier — but that was only the first step at overhauling War Robots economics.

What’s next? First, we bring you fresher rewards and rehash older systems to clean things up and make everything click together better. Both these goals come along nicely with changes we already had planned for WR Royale and Black Market before.

Let’s go through everything we have prepared for 3.8


Influence Points

Due to technical issues, we had to switch Dream Squad system off (along with Influence-related tasks). We have a couple of ideas on what to do with them in the future, but for now we’re making Jesse, Doc and Butch available for Gold without any hassle and for a lower price.


WR Royale

  • Starting from 3.8 WR Royale will be using special tokens instead of Gold

We’re adding WR Royale tokens so you could use them instead of gold for all actions there. That allows you to buy out whole boards without worrying about gold that you could use somewhere else.

You receive tokens from many sources — mainly, from Black Market and Battle Rewards. Speaking of which...


Black Market

In 3.8:

  • Bronze chests contain basic equipment, gold, silver, WR Royale tokens, and keys;
  • Silver chests give you gold, silver, WR Royale tokens and keys + equipment available for gold, WSP, and components;
  • Gold chests and Superchest have top-tier equipment components in large quantities, but also small chance to receive currency or WR Royale Tokens;
  • Superchest now contains latest and hottest stuff (Haechi and onwards) with very small chance to get gold.

We’re rearranging the Black Market assortment to give you better control over what you get. Bronze chests are focused on basic equipment (ye olde Griffins and Leos), Silver bring you mid-to-high tier items (Lancelot-Hover level) and Gold and Superchest are almost exclusively about latest and hottest stuff (Haechi and onwards). Keys can be found in Bronze and Silver chests only.

Note: WR Royale tokens will be available in chests right after the start of the event on May.

With that in mind, you might want to get more Silver- and Gold-level chests on higher levels — and we’ve got that covered too. Starting with 3.8 you’ll be receiving more keys from all sources (more below).

We’ll update the Black Market article with relevant drop rates as soon as they’re ready.

Updated: due to the greater value of Superchest, reaching it will take slightly more resources than before. Increased amounts of Keys in Supply Drops (see below) should compensate for that.


Supply Drops

In 3.8 Supply Drops will be bringing you:

  • same amounts of silver
  • roughly 4 times more Black Market keys (about 4 free Silver chests for Champions daily) instead of components

As we make Black Market more predictable, Supply Drops seemed like the best way to give you more keys so you could take full advantage of the changes.


Battle Rewards

3.8 Battle Rewards include:

  • same amounts of silver
  • Ballista, Flux and Raven components distributed in different proportions
  • tokens to spend in WR Royale

In the first round of Battle Rewards we gave away Tempest. It is a strong weapon by itself… but is it fun enough to fight for it over the course of the whole month? Wouldn’t it be better if Battle Rewards had something more… fresh?

Sounds reasonable. But how far into “fresh” we can go?

Right answer: as fresh as it gets. Once 3.8 hits, you’ll start receiving pieces of brand new Ballista, Flux, and Raven from your Battle Rewards along with significant amounts of WR Royale tokens.


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sonixchoi5 months ago

when the final date of war robots royal token end?....

Vj7855 months ago


Vj7855 months ago


Pyrotech4425 months ago

Hold on, there is silver in the gold chest SILVER! Do you know how angry players will get? I'm not sure what is worse, losing 500 keys for nothing or losing 1000 keys for some useless silver.

Nightfury5 months ago

You guys probably should have explained why you made the black market worse. I guess it makes sense, because you made it a lot easier to get keys since you get them from supply drops. But, the keys were supposed to replace the components you used to get from them. Now you don't really get much from supply drops, they are almost useless now. At my level, I used to get around 400 inquisitor components per 4 supply drops. Now I get 100 keys. I can assure you, 100 keys gives you a lot less than 400 components. I usually get something like 60 gold from 100 keys. Basically, you just nerfed supply drops into oblivion. Yeah, everyone was getting inquisitors very fast, but this is too much.

Meks10K6 months ago

Pix, you said that, in the gold chest, there would be top tier equipment In LARGE quantities, but you can only get 2,000 components
Please put the black market where it was before, you continuously Rob us of the chance to get better prizes and CLAIM that it’s better. I mean, sure the black market is free stuff, but the black market is one of the only “reliable” ways to get components. Please fix this!

Keith Tuazon6 months ago

Pix, tokens are missing from the silver chests.

Pyrotech4426 months ago

Kirby Kirbyton, No, the concept is that the tankers that already tanked will jump back in the league they are supposed to be in, so there will be less matches with level 12 mk2 dash bot hangars in silver league.

Dzianis6 months ago

Battle Reward is just a joke. Didn't receive any reward once I reached Diamond and Expert crate. No Raven, no other weapon components. Support keeps silence for a few days so far. WTF is going on?

Dave Dave Crook6 months ago

Battle Ride, who cares let this game die naturally on its own. They saturated the chance of getting components in 3.8 further just to compel the players to spend their real money into this game. We can draw the line how greedy these guys are.. it must be their culture or their ethnicity ,or even both. as a top tanking clan, we found a way around it.
The only reason MM is never going to be fixed is because they want the premium the player's to take the full edge over the non player's, it's the game design chance over choice. I don't know why they choosed this path but it definitely a toxic one.

Battle Ride6 months ago

Pyrotech442, They doubled the Super chest from 8000 to 16000 keys and no more good components in Gold chests, only silver, gold, storm and gust. Watch Big JJ YouTube video.

Battle Ride6 months ago

Did you guys think players wouldn't notice that the Super chest went from 8000 to 15,000 keys, and no more components are in the gold chests, only gold and silver? There's already YouTube videos showing the changes for tue worse. Look, if you can't see that you're doing the EXACT same thing Electronic Arts did to Battlefront with this black market crap and change it within 1 week, you will have a lot of attrition. The black market mechanism is bad enough, don't start being stingy with the prizes. It pisses players off and we'll just abandon WR for Battle of Titans or Battlegrounds Mobile. You're being stingy and Greedy. In Capitalism we vote by leaving.

Python6 months ago

Tumdurgal, Not to mention the addition of silver, that you’d get it 20% of the time

Python6 months ago

Hey pixo can you please take off silver from gold chests? It’s annoying to see 2m silver specially if you have 167(X2) million silver. So this is your plan for a “refined chest system” well... might aswell not.

Pyrotech4426 months ago

Lecygne, It's not that. Most players in the Low Priority Queue (LPQ) stopped playing for good with how bad the matchmaking is in there. The tankers you see in the battlefield are NOT in the LPQ. While I don't think they should be punished forever, the tanking-sensing algorithm should be more sensitive to catch players that are more sneaky about their tanking but punish them temporarily so they know what it's like to be in the LPQ.

LPQ should work like this:

1st time tanking/leaving too much: 1 day LPQ
2nd time tanking: 3 days LPQ
3rd time tanking: entire season LPQ
The LPQ setup will be more strict on the players to catch more tankers but at the same time they don't get punished for as long so they don't just quit the game overall

Tumdurgal6 months ago

Updated: due to the greater value of Superchest, reaching it will take slightly more resources than before.

Double the number of keys is not 'slight'. I'd hate to live in Russia if Pixonic did the weather reports. "It's slightly cold today." People would freeze to death.

Tumdurgal6 months ago

Gold and Superchest are almost exclusively about latest and hottest stuff (Haechi and onwards)

Storm and Gust are NOT the 'latest and hottest' stuff. It's trash that no one wants.

Snapdragon™6 months ago

no wr tokens for me, even I am on 3.8.0 version. So my question is : Why?

Abhishek Bhartiya6 months ago

1250 gold for doc great
10k components for raven useless
10k components for flux useless
20 keys for gold league players. it measn 8 boxes in a day, 8*20=160, it means 4800 kesy in a month (but no more components only silver and keys) ummm good :( :( :(
free for all great
new map gooood

Wildboy6 months ago

I had 8 to 9000 influence points (enough for butch) while saving up for a Doc and now it is all gone. pls convert this to an equivalent amt of gold so we don't lose out.

Kirby Kirbyton6 months ago

Pyrotech442, Horrible idea... tanking is THE cancer of this game. This league system is an utter joke. On facebook gameroom they might as well not have it because there are bronze thru champions on same squad.
Tanking ruins everything because inevitably about a 1/3rd of the time your "star" player, although usually equally matched on Reds, is tanking, climbing, or battling. This results in VERY lopsided play. Even if they're on sync and battling, your outmatched and your rewards are next to nothing. I see 12MK2 hangers in Gold 3 league way more than occasionally.

SomBRa Fantasma6 months ago

we need a weekly mean negative for those who do not play seriously.

LoucustMaster1176 months ago

Mr. Timmons, "We have a couple of ideas on what to do with them in the future, but for now we’re making Jesse, Doc and Butch available for Gold..."

Meaning that at this point the gold price tag is temporary so get them while you can.

Mr. Timmons6 months ago

FINALLY!!!! BLACK MARKET IS GETTING FIXED!!! Also its great that they are fixing the Butch, Doc, and Jesse they were totally overpriced. I'm very excited for this update.

Piper Pruiksma6 months ago

when you already have 6 lancelots, I dont need an easier way to get more lancelots

BlustertroN6 months ago

For me, the problem isn't the amount of equipment and bots available - I like it. It's that, even with this new update, collecting this stuff is way too passive. I'm not interested in FLUX for example; it doesn't suit my play style... (I guess that's kinda why it feels like Pokémon. You have no choice but to start collecting what's in front of you). I want to work towards stuff I actually want.
I get that it keeps us in the game longer, but it also stops me from playing as frequently as I would because there is so much wasted effort going towards things i'll never use, or would rather not have at this time.
I know you guys are working on it, but I feel like there is more you could do in this aspect to make it more active. Maybe options to double, then triple your winnings on the black market when it lands on something you want? Or passively collect generic components that you then use to build what you want. The 'offers' works well though.

KHW26 months ago

Capt.Buzzkill, All component, gold and currently WS stuff will be available there

LoucustMaster1176 months ago

Pyrotech442, At the rate which they add new weapons/bots you would never be able to acquire them all (except of course unless you paid for them).

Pyrotech4426 months ago

Master Night, Yes, discounts for current equipent on holidays is needed! Many players don't play on holidays to celebrate and this could bring more players into playing on holidays. FOor example, haechi could be only 7500 components, or lancelot could be 2500 gold, or even give out stuff for free, but they have to claim it within that 24 hours.

Pyrotech4426 months ago

LoucustMaster117, "gotta catch 'em all" haha, no, this is not some pokemon game (I don't even play pokemon) but it would take at least 4 or so years to collect one of every single component item with how hard it is to find components

Pyrotech4426 months ago

New solution for matchmaking and tanking! What if the points you receive or lose are doubled? This means at most 13*2 or 26 max if you win and lose 44 at most if you lose. This way tankers will tank faster (yes, I know) but this might mean that their tanking will harm less players as it takes less round for them to tank. Also, for other players, you will be matched with your ideal league more quickly. Constantly losing of dash bots? doubled league points means your score will drop down twice as fast, meaning you can get down to your ideal league in less time.

Capt.Buzzkill6 months ago

OH come on! I've been on grind for several weeks now and i need a second tempest for my rajin and need like 9000 more components and this is literarily my primary source of materials for it, now you going to change it???? Workshop 2.0 better have tempest and as well as the ability to research more than one item.

Shaaark!6 months ago

I dont actually like the front facing appearance of the raven..... the “hooked beak” cockpit thing is weird...

TERMINATOR. 18266 months ago

WWR see that's good idea you gotta set limit on droids can use one type of drone in one battle & every battle free or else hackers will buy 100000 droids & become immortal & we die

backtothefront6 months ago

*SQUATCH*, Exactly.

Seems quite a few are drinking the Kool-Aid if they think that Pix's giving us more one thing doesnt invariably equal them taking something else away ( or worse).

backtothefront6 months ago

Revere, This.

I domt understand why people apparently don't see this after a couple times of getting burned.

But obviously Pix is banking on people with low IQ's.

backtothefront6 months ago

BigXIICowboy, Agreed on the appearance of it being up to chance. But it's not. It is 100% rigged.

Next time you do the card shuffle, pick off your three things, make your pick...what you get will be invariably the worst, lowest valued card that can be chosen at that point.

This isn't coincidence. It is designed by Pixonic to fleece the gullible out of their gold.

But a player says, " but its just virtual gold"...

However a player is more likely to be compelled to spend real money if they've depleted whatever gold they've amassed, in order to get what they are just dying to get...what they 'think' they need.

This game is filled with subtle manipulations and 'slight of hand' trickery, of which are designed to exploit the stupid for the revenue they can be separated from.

Remember that and don't fall for their BS. Especially when they unveil something 'new'.

Pcbentley Biz6 months ago

BigXIICowboy, Nice post, I dont even bother with this stuff anymore, No spins for me The games are rigged I learnt the hard way,

Pcbentley Biz6 months ago

We need the ability to shoot teamates as you suggested earlier pixo Well if you thought shockfags (bulgasari Shocktrain rigs) were the rhesus monkeys of WR, shackfags can be identified by the camping on the right flank, we have a competitor for the title of low IQ game play, Enter the SCOURGETARD! Yes an even stupider player has arrived, The scourgetard (haechi scourge rig) can be identified by its camping in position where they can not take fire and the weapon is useless, The scourgetard will dash into places where it becomes totally useless in gameplay. The scourge tard will also bring the game to a total standoff where no one moves for 9:52 seconds, Great work again pixo

BigXIICowboy6 months ago

Gambling. That is a term that Pixonic needs to get to know (if they have not already). The black market, & royal are nothing more then gambling or games of chance. EA got the spotlight on this industry with it's last Starwars game release. War Robots seems to be going down the same road. There are a number of American legislators and State's Attorney Generals looking at this industry. Certain EU government bodies are looking into this as well. Rather then giving us more ways to gamble, how about making a real effort to fix the over-powered weapons in the game. Just a thought.....

Revere6 months ago

I think you guys are missing the boat. Remember:

"If your currency Is no longer relevant, just add new currencies and build on them other monetization scenarios"
-Ilya Smirnov

Here we have another currency. I get 4 times as many keys. Big whoop. Now my ability to use the black market to earn the things I want IS EVEN MORE HEAVILY DILUTED by another form of currency.

Can't everyone see they're giving you more keys to give you a chance to take a roll to earn tokens to earn a chance to take a different roll in the Royale system? "I get to keep my gold" big one in their rght mind wasted gold on the gambling systems anyway. Just like that they've built an entire other currency into the games economy and opened up a myriad of future opportunities for themselves to monetize it, while simultaneously further diluting the value of the current currencies.

For the regular player this means
1.) More rolls of chance
2.) Less direct ways to try and grind for the gear you want.

Their obvious strategy is to push people towards purchasing components directly. Trust me...they will not willingly make things easier or more enjoyeable for the player base. They would not have done this unless they had a plan for monetizing it directly or indirectly. Good luck with this new system everyone. You're going to need twice as much as before...

LoucustMaster1176 months ago

The Reworked chest rewards are looking good too.

You aren't going to increase the price of them though... right?

Type-136 months ago

My anti-tanking suggestion. While your rank can fall as hard as ever, your MM queue is locked at no lower than one tier below your best. Champs can't drop below Masters, Masters below Expert, Expert below Diamond, Diamond below Gold, and so forth. On the other hand, your rewards are still based on your MMR. Instant tanking punishment from no longer having advantages on weaker players and being stuck at s*** rank so they can't get rewards. Lpq can still exist, but the vital part is that tankers can't drop very far, and legit players at higher ranks now have more opponents.

Type-136 months ago

Jfc orks are in bronze chests as a mildly common drop? That is amazing, and I like the Royale change. On the other hand, the better gear is going to get considerably less accessable because of the chest prices to get good stuff. Silver drops will need to increase, though, if ws 2.0 is going to be as expensive as it looks like it will be for good gear.

Pyrotech4426 months ago

How about we VOTE on what we want from the reward chests, instead of something most people likely won't want.
For instance, there will be a google form (king of like with how we choose new hangar X setups) and decide what robot we want for the next supply drop.

Also, very important, PLEASE add a new source or way to get gold. If we don't get components in supply drops, then we should at least get some gold in the chests. Both new and experienced players have a hard time keeping up with all the new ways to use gold. 10 gold or even 15 gold is quite reasonable because that leaves the player with 120 gold per day or 840 gold per week, which when you compare to 7500 gold hangars 5000 gold furies and 500 gold component deals it really isn't much.

Lecygne6 months ago

I thank the developer team at Pixonic for these improvements and these new robots and weapons but when you are going to finish with the Tankers. The Low Priority Queue (LPQ) league does not discourage bad behavior. The Tankers continue their bad fairplay. Many Tankers are in Clans ranked in the Top 100. I think that by suppressing their activity points many will change their behavior because that is what interests them. The Tankers want to be ranked in the Top 100. So by removing their points of activity many will move their ass to join their real league to continue to be classified and to be in their Clan otherwise they will be dismissed by their Chief who will replace them by other players cleaner. What do you think of this improvement of punishment?

Your Last Words6 months ago

Hate: Almost all of this! Updates used to make me happy! Now they make me sad! Like The supply drop idea though!

Foolish Orang6 months ago

Pyrotech442, You say it like money is generated for free everytime facebook collects your personal data

Ruben Cb' Rivas6 months ago

Yo tengo 10.000 puntos de influencia. Son varios meses de trabajo y constancia... que pasara con eso? Como nos retribuiran? Solo los eliminaran y ya?

LoucustMaster1176 months ago

Good ideas:
Wild bunch
Supply drops

Bad ideas:
WR Royale (it could be very painful)
Just thinking about making Wild bunch available for anything other than silver or gold.

Pyrotech4426 months ago

Thank you pixonic for addressing our complaints! The multi-currency issue has helped by removing the influence and making the wild bunch more affordable. And 4x black market keys?!? WOW! The Black market is even better than ever. I have never in my entire life won a super chest and this may be my opportunity! I was annoyed to spend 1000 components for storms. Silver in workshop 2.0 is a nice way to grind that excess 200k silver sitting in my hangar doing nothing. It's very nice as well to grind away excess currencies like workshop or influence. This is a good call because I think the butch vs fury are kind of the same in firepower. Once thing I would like to add is that grinding 300 gold for 170 bulgasari components and somethings else you don't want is pointless. Please make it something more reasonable like 50 or 100 gold, or maybe make silver deals? As well, because of all the current uses of gold (speeding upgrades, trading for components, buying premium equipment, trade for silver/workshop, use on WR royale, spending on hangars and hangar sets, and increase clan power, etc) the scarcity of gold is a huge issue for both new and experienced players, because there is always something to spend it on. Please increase daily rewards to something like 50 gold and make the special 40 gold challenges 75 or 100 gold. 150 workshop specials are a rip-off and because of the removal of the currancy, what if it was a special currency like tokens, keys, or even rare components.

Lastly, this idea may sound stupid, but what if there was an extremely rare robot with a special ability that can counter dash bots but can only be found in specific places at very low quantities and can't be bought with real money?

Pyrotech4426 months ago

Fito 555, No, they won't remove it, they will just modify it so instead of trading silver for workshop and then trading that for components, you're simply trading silver for whatever components you want (and that can be a bulgasari).

Pyrotech4426 months ago

CHRaider720, Please We have plenty of robots already! If you guys really want new robots, combine ideas. So if some people want a new spider robot and others want a stationary healer robot, then make a healing spider robot! If you want a new 'special' energy shield but you want a drone to be added to a robot and have a robot with a unique weapon setup like two heavies and a medium, combine it! That way you won't have a ton of robots all over the place. This isn't Minecraft with 1000's of items...and if it was then at least make a search bar/filter/modified hangar/etc. with all the robots coming out.

Pyrotech4426 months ago

Megadado, Umm...yes it does. Quadrupling the keys and improving chest openings means better chances for free2play players to get dash bots and new equipment!

Pyrotech4426 months ago

*SQUATCH*, Dude, cheer up! Pixonic's going to quadruple your key earnings which will let you increase your chances to get a super chest and possibly win $100 worth of components! Plus, the superchest rewards will be even better, and not a bunch of crappy arbalest or ion junk (or at least I hope) and more components can be won. While they are introducing new currencies, the battle tokens appear to be less confusing than the influence. When I started the game, influence looked like a foreign chinese currency I can't even read.

Master Night6 months ago

Hear reduce the price of the chest as for example that can cost as follows: Bronze Chest 5 keys.
Silver Chest 50 keys
Gold Chest 500 KeysAnd that its cost is 1500 keys Also when it is the 4th of July, the Jesse, Doc and Butch are cheaper here are the following prices. Jesse: 250 gold Doc: 625 gold Butch: 2500 gold I hope you take it into account, Goodbye.

PosiodenProxy186 months ago

Thane Ne, Right, everyone with the those bots could say the same exact thing. I don't hate the game or anything. I honestly don't blame them for charging a lot for that stuff. Where they live it's shitty. But hate is a strong word. It's more like obsessing over getting bots by protesting online. But I agree with you. These features sound nice. More things to spend silver on and stuff. Sweet Jesus 💜

*SQUATCH*6 months ago

No influence points, great. But add another currency for robot royale. WTF stupid. No componets in supply drop, horrible idea. My biggest question is how much will the silver payout be reduced. Pix has a long history of this type of behavior. Never have they given the players somthing that does not have a hidden price. And usually it the reduction of silver payouts per match. Battle rewards are a joke. For the ammount of resources you get compared to thw amount of time needed to get them it is a drop in the bucket.

Foolish Orang6 months ago

Thane Ne, Just because you are lucky and got a free haechi, doesnt mean matchmaking is fixed you twat

Blocky_4006 months ago

Spask, now of course I want the hover as silver, but the hover is OP! It can literally fly!

Spask Crondusk6 months ago

Can you put the hover bot with the silver bots please, the price should be the same price as the Griffin, please?

Jay Tee6 months ago

For those worried about not enough silver now, wait until WS 2.0 rolls out. The cost we are going to pay for being able make components we want is going to be huge mounts of silver. Draining the vast stores long time players have, and forcing everyone into a choice of upgrades or components. They will overhaul the premium offers and hope that more money comes in from premium purchases, because otherwise it is an even worse grind. Silver is the one currency that has been largely left alone for a long time. Mark my words, they have made these changes not to benefit any player, but to pad the nest box of their Golden Goose. They found a way to squeeze more money out of it, and we are going to feel the pinch. Think about it. When has a major change been what we hoped or thought it would be? They always come with a way (or three) to screw us.

The Wild Bunch news is great. Dumping the bastard IP currency is great. There was no mention about any honor crate changes, so perhaps that will remain a vehicle for reliably acquiring components. Can't say I am pleased that Supply Drops will lose components and gain keys. I am not a gambler by nature so the Royal, Dice, Keys/Chests hold no appeal to me. I use the keys and take the free first spin/flip only to not waste them. I've built a small fortune from 12K silver 'rewards' and sold off Molots/Golems/Pattons.

We need an event! WR Birthday event with 3.8? Pretty please?

Thane Ne6 months ago

I feel that even with all the constant hate from (people who are bad at the game), these are all mostly positive steps in the right direction. keep up with the free stuff, keep droppin' bot prices. I actually like watching my component storage slowly grow these items, AND (for 10 dollars to finish it) I was actually able to open a gold chest last month (haechi💕💕)
Hugs and kissiles,
This game's gettin' better!

Meks10K6 months ago

Gaming CBP, Absolutely. We need the components in the supply drops. So taking away components from them literally means they are calling off the “reliable ways to get components” from the MOST RELIABLE SOURCE....SUPPLY DROPS

Meks10K6 months ago

Gaming CBP, Absolutely. We need the components in the supply drops. So taking away components from them literally means they are calling off the “reliable ways to get components” from the MOST RELIABLE SOURCE....SUPPLY DROPS

Mat Velish6 months ago

Im surprised no one commented yet the titles on subsections Supply Drops and Battle Rewards are wrong. Maybe nobody reads and you just complain about it lol

Autobot Dc6 months ago

we need supply drop with components

Epic Prince 6 months ago


Sam 11065#6 months ago

Please add workshop 2.0 and reload option in 3.8 update.

Sam 11065#6 months ago

Nice updates but please increase silver rewards it is very hard to get silver rewards

Gaming CBP6 months ago

More keys instead of components in Supply Drops? Are you kidding Pixonic? I was waiting for Bulgasari components in Supply drops!
But it's a relief that American Robots' cost changed to golds.

Sheban6 months ago

Please increase amounts of silver for Battle Rewards. I am very glad that you got rid of influence points :)

AS44076 months ago

Do we know accurate date of update?

Megadado6 months ago

None of this helps the free player even remotely keep up with anyone who pays hundreds to win this app. I can barely make enough silver to make everything level 10, much less beyond and certainly not MK2 anything. The supply drops are pretty dumb as well, a few crumbs to build one bot every what, 8 months? A handful of keys for rigged spins in the market? I know, how about more ways to award 12k in silver as a guise that you got a prize.

Meanwhile, I await making another 7 or 8 million in silver so I can sit 3.5 days upgrading some under powered junk to level 10... oh wow... can't wait until I get to see prices on going to 11 for everything.



what will happen with the points of influence that I have, can change it to gold?

CHRaider7206 months ago

hello pixonic I would like to know if they will add more spider-like robots ?

Shawn Scribner6 months ago

Thank you it's about time can you say complete makeover plz make raven easy to get

Terry Adrian6 months ago

What happens to the Influence Points we have saved? As far as the plans it all sounds good on paper but the proof is in the pudding. We'll just have to wait and see how it all pans out. There's too much in there to judge now but there are some good moves in the right direction, other moves I'm not so sure about. I eagerly await the update!

Cryomancer_Ashe6 months ago

It’s pretty sweet that the Wild Bunch prices got lowered, but is there going to be any compensation for players who had them prior to this update? Like, their bots value just plunged by more than 60%. Also, I don’t see why the Butch and the Fury is the same price, Butch is obviously better than Fury.

Red Copias6 months ago

Everything was great until you mentioned that supply drops wouldnt have components anymore...well that sucks...having fixed number of components in the supply drops were really great...gave us a more sure way to acquire bots that could make us more competitive...coz even in reality man...if what you have is obsolete, you can't compete as much as you want to. But the other things that you mentioned was great...thanks for wr pixo. More power!

Red Copias6 months ago

Everything was great until you mentioned that supply drops wouldnt have components anymore...well that sucks...having fixed number of components in the supply drops were really great...gave us a more sure way to acquire bots that could make us more competitive...coz even in reality man...if what you have is obsolete, you can't compete as much as you want to. But the other things that you mentioned was great...thanks for wr pixo. More power!

Jiji896 months ago

Would gold be eliminated?
If not, what is the usage in future? Speed up upgrading time and buy fancy dress for our bot?
If yes, how about the gold we having right now? Would it be converted to royale point or any compensation?

Fito 5556 months ago

Please do not remove the workshop points I'm about to get my bulgasari.

Cfunk6 months ago

What happens to our influence points (IP)?
Thanks, CFunk

Cfunk6 months ago

What happens to our influence points (IP)?
Thanks, CFunk

Garunix9996 months ago

This seems interesting to say the least

Blocky_4006 months ago

Honestly, New content and updates always gets m e motivated to play WR. New bots, and weapons are always being added. But not spending money on the game kind of alienates you from being able to collect all the cool new bots and weapons. I have saved up for a Kumiho, tempest, 2 gusts and 2 storms, but there are still bots and weapons that you can never really aquire, like 4 spectre components in the bronze black market chest. Or even 2500 WP for 300 components. Pixonic, great game, just how about a little more accessability? I would focus on bots for silver. It more give players more variety. Like, "I play a Leecher," or " I play a Beserker, " then even weapons, "I equipped it with Alvanats," Thx again for reading. (PS, soz for the bad names:))

The Big Drop6 months ago

Really dig that I could possibly get a Raven or be close to getting a Raven by time 3.9 rolls around.

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