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Next in War Robots. How the game feels, plays and looks

by Lanf - 6.04.2018

Last Friday we talked about our top priority directions of development.

Now it’s time to talk about our first milestone.

How the game plays

Game modes rotation

As you’ve definitely noticed, we’ve been experimenting with game modes recently. Different players prefer different modes but where're the majorities? Which game modes attract the most pilots? And how it depends on the league?

That’s why we’re gathering data and analysing it. And there are already some interesting insights to share. For example, low and middle leagues play all modes almost equally, without any drastic preferences, while higher leagues prefer Beacon Rush over TDM. And higher the league — the bigger this difference gets.

Note: Domination weekend is in plans.

A reasonable question is — why not make all modes separate. The main problem is matchmaking time. For example, for bronze or silver leagues waiting time could be 10+ minutes, on average. The higher the league — the longer the wait would become, for Expert league or higher it can grow up to 30 minutes or more. That’s why we experiment searching for the best solution.

New modes

We want to make modes that are fun to play. With 3.8 update two new modes enter the game, Free for All (FFA) and Skirmish.

FFA is no beacons, no teams, every player for himself. Each kill brings a token, multi-kills bring even more of them. Tokens can be used for returning destroyed bots back to the battlefield. Each additional recovery needs more tokens. A perfect mode for pilots who prefer personal skill over teamwork!

Skirmish, a mode with a pre-set hangar. Its main feature — any robots can use any weapons. How about Pattons with four Dragoons? Or a fight between jumping robots only? Or the most fragile robots with most powerful guns? Greet the most reckless mode!

Note: FFA will enter the game with 3.8, Skirmish will come a little bit later.

How the game feels

Fair play

A report system is in our plans so that players could mark abusive behaviour or cheating. The feature is still in development, as we work through different concepts and options but plan to introduce this feature in 2018.

In one of the nearest updates, we implement respawn cooldown. It’s done to motivate pilots to put effort into every robot, not giving up too soon

Supply Drops and Battle Rewards

We want to encourage league climbing — decent play should be awarded properly. That’s one of the reasons why we introduced Supply Drops and Battle Rewards. Update 3.8 will change the type of the rewards. More about it in the upcoming article, but looking ahead — it will be easier to collect latest robots and weapons.

How the game looks

In 3.8 update we add visible capture zones to the beacons. A circle area will appear around the beacon whenever it’s active or being captured (white\blue\red accordingly). This feature will be useful both for new and experienced players.

We also plan to change the hangar look. Being home for every pilot, hangars will be cozier and easier to use at the same time. Information about the robot or its equipment will be accessed fast and simple.

* * *

More of War Robots milestones are coming in next WR Friday. Stay tuned!


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FireffIY24 months ago

It's very cool nice job on the game off the top stallworthwar

Fnatic-2do5 months ago

Waste of a game!!! Moreover money making shit. If we compare it to main stream gaming, this WR is way to expensive. Its not free game.
Moreover, spending dollars not even get you anything. In last 30 days, I've spend, well over $200, just to see, how this works and I realised, its always lose lose scenario. Feeling like cheated. Lets explain:
Unlock boxes (those change every day or two) are not random, and always start with lowest value. Which make, a normal weapon or Robots parts worth well over $144 (AUD). Which is ridiculous, for any game, its like playing BF4 and buying 1 gun MPX or any for $144?????????
I bought premium too (on Facebook account)!! Which is another way of cheating or! What it gives??? and you are paying on monthly basis!! Say, you paid for 1 years premium for say $100, is it practical? Is this WR tittle is bigger then, COD/ BF????

Ridiculous unlock or progression process: to unlock a piece, you need 10,000 parts or tokens. At least $53 to unlock 1 or play atleast 6-8 hours and within 3 months, you may have one, what a joke?

Now this new anniversary event: Big big money making tricks by developers. to open same piece of boxes, 1 box free, 2 for some 100s, and from 3 one onward, with ridiculous number? which makes same shit more expensive!

Worst on top, too frequent introduction of new weapons and robots (almost every month, from my experience, I'm playing from 2 months). which makes unlock process more complicated.

Before this stupid, anniversary events, or last update, if a player kept trying, will at least unlock 1 weapon/ robot by the end of month. As you get 2000-10000 parts, diamond to champion league, and now, combination of 3, which is not in favour of player.

I'm gaming from last 10-12 years, this is the worst game I come across. There's, not even a single thing, that goes in favour of subscriber or players. In other games, if you spend money or pre-order stuff, you get rewarded, but in WR, "make another transaction of same or higher value -- 50 GOLD". what a crap!!

Match making is the worst part! How a player with level 5/6 robot and level 5/6 weapons can compete with MK2 or any high levelled weapons??? Why match making is based on league and not weapons/ robots? high league player can play in lower league by abusing system. But, why can't developers change it??? Say, I'm in silver league with robots/weapons under level 5, if any higher league player want to play against me, he/she can, as long as they have similar level of equipment, in that case, its a fair game!!
Why can't be match making, based on equipment with straight and stick rules? Even if, I have 1 out of 5 robots/ weapons, not suitable for current match making, I'll be playing next level up. It may not be practical for developer, as this is not going to generate any revenue, and its better to develop new robots and weapons!

Everything is so wrong. Time to go back to COD/BF................................................

I'm really disappointed, I wish, if there's an refund process, and I'll get my money back!! If any of WR staff is reading or read this post, Please advice, if there's any refund policy. As all other good title have refund policy for unsatisfactory game experience.

Itamir Antunes da Silva5 months ago

The last update came with Keyboard and mouse input support. That's nice, but because of that I can't use my gamepad anymore. In another update, maybe?

SUPER Yeager5 months ago

I realy enjoy plating this game,
can i come in an clan from someone???

Pyrotech4425 months ago

LoucustMaster117, The ultimate annoyance setup: gekko hydra zenit golem! It can penetrate energy and physical shields while the gekko and zenit give infinite range, the zenit gives indirect fire, and the hydra can't miss. If each bot had only one health left, it would be so op

PilotLazyFrog5 months ago

To Random Game modes Group: let us set preferences in game menu! We could check/uncheck modes we like. The less modes you like, the longer waiting times would be. So individual choice for everyone. More popular modes mean shorter times (not a big change), less popular modes much longer times, so they will naturally dismiss ... Not possible?

William Jacobs5 months ago

How end the ##:$#:@ can u lose 22 points if u lose a battle. But if u win. (#1) u don't get but 8-12 points ....😡

William Jacobs5 months ago

Please let the timer run out before u end the game---'",.had 52 seconds last week and the game ended......another thing thanks for adding more gold to the chest..?

Tumdurgal5 months ago

*SQUATCH*, Yeah, like they say, "it will be easier to collect latest robots and weapons" - this just got a fuck sight harder. Components removed from Supply drops, mix and match ones from Battle Rewards - is the effort really worth 200 components of something crap and unwanted? Yet, silver remains low, Superchest just got much less useful - 1/2 a robot or component, so now we need to do it twice and hope the second time around you get the same thing. Not only that but the "latest and hottest" rewards include: storm, kumiho, gust, hover and a whole barrel of useless gear not forgetting who gives a Flux. This game gets worse with every update.

Mr. Timmons5 months ago

*SQUATCH*, Lets not say anything until the update happens. If all this does come true that will make the game much better.

Mr. Timmons5 months ago

Thankyou I cant wait for this update!

Slayer 11085 months ago

Hey could y’all keep ffa as a separate icon always? It would really suck if I go in a ffa with my zenit noricum Natasha... same with a few other support bots.

Slayer 11085 months ago

There are a few things I would like to suggest. First, I would really like it if the Fujin could regenerate it’s energy shield while it is not deployed, like the bulwark. Second, could y’all add a directional energy shield? Like the bulwark shield crossed with a ecu. Except make it regen and only cover a little more area than the ecu. Third, I would extremely appreciate it if y’all would add more silver and some gold weapons and/or robots to the game. Some weapons like the storm, gust, and, arbalest should not be component weapons and should be silver or gold. Finally, could you buff the stalker since the pursuer renders it obsolete? Same with the griffin when the raven comes out.

Hszyhss OK major5 months ago

Why are all these comments/posts so "all over the place". It's a wind up when you see a comment to an earlier post but then have to struggle through a load of them to find the original to which it was referring.
It is clear that the most talked about points are tanking, costs, game modes and new developments.
TANKING and other associated bad behaviour. It will always be with us, I hate it, don't do it and it pisses me off, but there will always be those who want to progress faster than others. It is a competitive game after all. Paying cash makers a mockery of ability, and must be a really expensive route to the top, which is some people will cheat. So why not remove the incentive to cheat? As far as I can see, the only way is to remove the gains made by cheating. If, and its a huge if, you did manage to stop players cheating, how would you know whether you are battling AGAINST someone who is strong only because of previous nefarious activity. And similarly, if you are battling WITH someone like this and you are possibly not going to get your just rewards because they've beaten your score or beacon capping or kill count. So I say make any punishment retrospective, Last 50 would be the place to start, but if a player's records go back further, happy days for honest players. If this is possible, just the announcement of it should scare the crap out of tankers. And a hard floor - you don't get to play below your uppermost achieved league, maybe + or - 1 league

COSTS. They ARE too high... Or are they. Maybe we are thinking that we should get that new item NOW, before anyone else does. Oh and upgrade it quickly so it fits the hangar. I don't want to pay cash for the latest thing. I want to feel that I've earned it. However, I have spent on discounted gold (yeah, I know, bit hypocritical), but only discounted because I think full price is too much. A fair portion of which has gone on the Royale game (hated dice game), and most of the rest on two Orks. If people want to spend their way to glory, let them. But there is limited opportunity at the top. When you've got there, where do you go next? Maybe some sort of handicap system where you can face players from a lower league? Or expand the leagues. Or a different game mode only for the top echelon.

GAME MODES. I saw a post from someone suggesting a game based on all four current game modes combined. It sounded feasible. If getting enough players together for 6 a side really means a long wait, why not make it 5 a side. Better still would be to deal with the things that have reduced the player pool, like Tanking! And costs .

NEW hardware. Everyone knows the developers have to make money It is a business after all. But new gear seems to be flying out all over the place. Maybe this is just a spell, or maybe it is to get ready for new maps, and battle modes. I mean. Carrier sounds like ideal area for jumping robots, and Vortex/Aphid use. I've said before that some new bots seem like they should be the real mk2 versions, so why not make them so. Raven, son of Griffin. Bulwark = Carnage on steroids, Pursuer, pimped Gepard. Do we really need Flux?

I need sleep.

Hszyhss OK major5 months ago

Why are all these comments/posts so "all over the place". It's a wind up when you see a comment to an earlier post but then have to struggle through a load of them to find the original to which it was referring.
It is clear that the most talked about points are tanking, costs, game modes and new developments.
TANKING and other associated bad behaviour. It will always be with us, I hate it, don't do it and it pisses me off, but there will always be those who want to progress faster than others. It is a competitive game after all. Paying cash makers a mockery of ability, and must be a really expensive route to the top, which is some people will cheat. So why not remove the incentive to cheat? As far as I can see, the only way is to remove the gains made by cheating. If, and its a huge if, you did manage to stop players cheating, how would you know whether you are battling AGAINST someone who is strong only because of previous nefarious activity. And similarly, if you are battling WITH someone like this and you are possibly not going to get your just rewards because they've beaten your score or beacon capping or kill count. So I say make any punishment retrospective, Last 50 would be the place to start, but if a player's records go back further, happy days for honest players. If this is possible, just the announcement of it should scare the crap out of tankers. And a hard floor - you don't get to play below your uppermost achieved league, maybe + or - 1 league

COSTS. They ARE too high... Or are they. Maybe we are thinking that we should get that new item NOW, before anyone else does. Oh and upgrade it quickly so it fits the hangar. I don't want to pay cash for the latest thing. I want to feel that I've earned it. However, I have spent on discounted gold (yeah, I know, bit hypocritical), but only discounted because I think full price is too much. A fair portion of which has gone on the Royale game (hated dice game), and most of the rest on two Orks. If people want to spend their way to glory, let them. But there is limited opportunity at the top. When you've got there, where do you go next? Maybe some sort of handicap system where you can face players from a lower league? Or expand the leagues. Or a different game mode only for the top echelon.

GAME MODES. I saw a post from someone suggesting a game based on all four current game modes combined. It sounded feasible. If getting enough players together for 6 a side really means a long wait, why not make it 5 a side. Better still would be to deal with the things that have reduced the player pool, like Tanking! And costs .

NEW hardware. Everyone knows the developers have to make money It is a business after all. But new gear seems to be flying out all over the place. Maybe this is just a spell, or maybe it is to get ready for new maps, and battle modes. I mean. Carrier sounds like ideal area for jumping robots, and Vortex/Aphid use. I've said before that some new bots seem like they should be the real mk2 versions, so why not make them so. Raven, son of Griffin. Bulwark = Carnage on steroids, Pursuer, pimped Gepard. Do we really need Flux?

I need sleep.

J5 months ago

Hi Pixonix

I have been enjoying this games since I started playing.
I have a suggestion with regards to the game mode.
Is it possible for you to combine elements of TDM, BR, DOM, KOTH into a single game mode, where scoring is based on how many enemy robots are destroyed, how long beacons are captured, how many beacons each team hold when game time expired while allowing player to spawn in using beacon their team captured. In this way we will have a large pool of players to form playing team and players with different playing style will be able to work together in a single unifying game mode. It will also make the game fairer and every contribution whether it is in destroying enemy robots, capture beacon, holding beacon all add up toward the final scorey.


Charlie5 months ago

To counter shocktrains, a new heavy weapon should be invented, called "Energy reflector". Something that can be strapped on a heavy bot such as natasha and leo. What do you say, guys?

Charlie5 months ago

Charlie, Am I alreday banned from posting in the most recent news update feedback? How come I can only post here, in the older news? Because I can't help being honest and decent about posting?

Charlie5 months ago

Oh yeah? How about those who are already mercilessly abused by shameless tripple shocktrain dash bot holding tankers? It only makes me and whole lot of other honorable players feel like tanking too. As I can see it, tanking isn't just some personal issue and you can slap it on some tanker's face. It has a lot to do with the game design and matching system. Tanking is killing the fun and honor of this game for sure, but it also reveals the systematic defects of this whole game. As I said before, people can tank in a million ways, there's simply no stopping them. You speech sounds very rude and immature.

Charlie5 months ago

Lets tank! Enough of getting shocktrained in the name of honor!!!

GeometricalTaco5 months ago

Thor, Pixonic are the second devs of war robots. They are the ones who changed the name to war robots. They original creators have made another game which I play. If you play it you will see a lot of similarities between the two games. Also I think that pixonic are running out of ideas. If you watch war robots videos of the test server you can see that they are creating robots that are incredibly similar to ones already in the game.

LoucustMaster1175 months ago

Munky, I have been wanting the Tempest as soon as it came out like about a year ago I think. I am but 90 components away from finally getting my first one. Any chance I could have some of yours?

Hszyhss OK major5 months ago

Another brain fart.
About honour points, surely it would be possible to make the beacon point and kill point and top three damage point count for something more. To have them as some sort of confirmation that benefits the non tanker.
Or how about a bonus for fully completing 50 matches consecutively.
Or some kind of mark against your ID that indicates a consistent performer.
I would love to know how many losses I've had, not just my last 50 stats. Not something on public view. And if that's possible, how about stats on your performance on individual maps.

Hszyhss OK major5 months ago

Another brain fart.
About honour points, surely it would be possible to make the beacon point and kill point and top three damage point count for something more. To have them as some sort of confirmation that benefits the non tanker.
Or how about a bonus for fully completing 50 matches consecutively.
Or some kind of mark against your ID that indicates a consistent performer.
I would love to know how many losses I've had, not just my last 50 stats. Not something on public view. And if that's possible, how about stats on your performance on individual maps.

Charlie5 months ago

Munky, More. Cos I haven't got one yet, lol.

Munky5 months ago

How about changing the Battle Rewards components? I have earned 5 tempests already, and will have 2 more after I earn 380 more honor points. How many tempests do I need?

Pyrotech4425 months ago

Thor, I think because of all these modes, it should be grouped by the following:
(P.S. TDM=team deathmatch, BR=beacon rush, KoTH=king of the kill, FFA=free-for-all)

Domination with beacon rush
TDM with KoTH
FFA with Skirmish
(though third button is needed)


Domination with beacon and KoTH
TDM with FFA and Skirmish


Rotate gamemodes sort of like you're doing currently:
Domination is separate queue on Sunday
BR on Monday
TDM on Tuesday
KoTH on Wednesday
FFA on Thursday
Skirmish on Friday
New game mode on Saturdays


Have two separate queues, but no "random mode"

One day, FFA and domination will ONLY be available
Next, BR and TDM
Next, Skirmishand KoTH
(This way, everyone will get the game they want)

Pyrotech4425 months ago

LoucustMaster117, Yes! thank you for supporting rebalance over new weapons. Trident was always obsolete since the beginning, and maybe a rebalance will bring it back. I just hope the next test server is just a big rebalance update and not introducing 50 new weapons, I already can't win the prizes I want in the black market!

Pyrotech4425 months ago

c1over, I think they fixed the bugs with the reload button, so in the next update

Pyrotech4425 months ago

Charlie, Geez people quit fussing about shocktrain just slap on an ecu upgrade it to level 12 mk2 with the help of $300 worth of gold speeding upgrades and you're nearly unstoppable!

I'm kidding, I get it, shocktrain is op, even after 2 nerfs. Curving around walls is enough, but 150m chain range? That discourages team play! I say that it should be halved to 75m shock range, around the diameter of the ancile to punish players who share an ancile but not much more. One incredibly important rebalance the shocktrain needs is if it hits a physical shield, it deflects of the shield and hits the shocktrain user. This will teach shocktrain haechi a lesson, make more skill out of the weapon, and possibly pull back the long-forgotten ecu shield.

(Wrap-up if you're not willing to read my paragraph above: shocktrain is op. new rebalance: 75m chain range (was 150) and shocktrain deflects off physical shield, dealing 50% damage to the shocktrain owner.)

Charlie5 months ago

To be frank, tripple shocktrain players are a pest to this game. They turn people into tankers or early leavers. I'm not personally against those shocktrain players, I'm just stating a simple fact. I have had too many friends online saying they tank just becos they have to or they just get butchered by the current unfair game setup. I suggest Pix enhance silver weapons and robots so the gap between non-payers and payers, new comers and old timers doesn't have to be annoyingly huge or be blamed on people who lack skills. It's not a problem of skills. When you fight with a bunch of strangers and instant teamwork doesn't happen instantly, unreasonable game setup seems to play a major role in discouraging fair play. There are at least two group of tankers, those who tank to get new bots in special events, and those who are forced to tank just to get a bit of fun out of this game. So Pix, please think about it, or the tanking issue won't be solved by the report system at all, cos there are a million ways to get de-ranked without getting caught. You can't report all players, can you?

c1over5 months ago

reload button? please?

c1over5 months ago


Hszyhss OK major5 months ago

Yeah, I wish the ID tags were a little larger. I only have a small phone, but thick fingers and its often difficult with a lot of the touch controls to get the required results. Copying ID is one area, but the most annoying is trying to avoid target switching, especially on Moon, going under the central beacon, and you want to fire straight ahead, but your bot switches to firing through the ceiling.
Has anybody been experiencing 'flash' from some weapons, especially Pin, Pinata, and Tulumbas. Tried explaining to Pixonic, but they want a video. I've heard that this was an issue before, so I don't see why a video is needed. I don't know how to do it, and I am very low on storage on this device. Can't even update any apps
On another note, I assume somebody must have suggested allowing a larger hangar, say 8 robots but you are only allowed to choose 5 during the game. Should be available as standard, with costs for previous increases in hangar numbers either reduced so that the overall cost adds up to the same, or comes as a special award after having got to 5 bot hangar, qualification for it would come from 200 fully completed consecutive games, allowing only ten games during the course of 200 to be broken off (allows for signal loss and phone calls coming in), and no more two of those ten to be consecutive. Maybe, you would need to have something extra, like your damage must be at least 25% of your team's top score or that you are top 2 beacon taker. Allowances could be made if playing in a squad, or if your MMR is much lower than that of teams top three players.
Just a brain fart.!!

Problemchild19045 months ago

#PIXONIC My id is so small that it's hard to tell if these are fives or S's but it looks like S15OL5 my user name for the game is the same as this one on wr net and its PROBLEMCHILD1904 same email address for The Game & on here.Can you please complete Kumiho so i can fly around the battlefield like the rest of these guys thank you

Problemchild19045 months ago

#PIXONIC ive trying to get an answer but I keep getting referred to all these links of wardrobe and I tried the support help on the game nobody's let me know anything. So when I went to play the game and the latest update was on the screen saying update your phone or your game. At that time I had 7731 Kumiho Components . I then installed the update and the next supply drops had Inquisitor components as you would know. So that doesn't help me complete the Kumiho Robot. You know I'm down here in the lower leagues and I don't get that many components. But I've been playing my tail end off and it's hard when you've got these guys with 2 million damage and 20 Max kills that should be up in buy expert league but obviously they're tanking. So anyways the object behind the robot components in the supply drop is so we can get robot components so we will have the newer Bots anyways it must be an oversight but can I get the other balance of Kumiho components so i can complete my first Dash Bot.If my math is right its 2269 Kumiho Components .All have to go back to the game & get my id number.So there will be a 2nd message behind this one .Also Damon from customer support straightened out an accidental gold to component conversion I did so he switched it back so I got my gold back which was excellent but no one's getting back to me on this component thing so I really hope you guys get me the rest of these components I'd really really really really really appreciate it cuz that's the whole idea behind the supply drops right I don't know why they would change are they going to change again at the next update if that's so you guys should let us know but anyways I'm going to go to the game and get my ID and make another message so many hopefully I can wake up and turn on the game and see there's a little. On that help thing or whatever and go and see that I have my components cuz that's how I did the other gold it was it was reimbursed without me knowing so thank you!!

LoucustMaster1175 months ago

The Exodus looks pretty cool I guess, comparing it to the Orkan it appears to be pretty balanced I suppose.

Still hate the heavy Aphid btw.

+Can't wait for the heavy Hydra
it will be sooooooo annoying.

ZIGGYMAX5 months ago

Geist, Agreed, specially in BR mode, there dropping right away on a beacon to take out the bastard that just killed you is the fun part of that mode. With cool down BR will be so much less fun :(

CADNE 5 months ago

tadiho, i hope so if they only allow which specific weapon or bot. Example: hydra-spiral only with same level. Right now i don't have any ideas of how this works. So i just gonna wait for the next test server.

CADNE 5 months ago

wow i like the idea of the new upcoming game mode, skirmish. i think its better if we use same type of bot or weapon. Or the game depend on what specific type of weapon or bot will be available. Example: Ember-plasma only and you can customize any bot that can be use in-game like when you prefer carnage ember or boa plasma-taran or any bot with heavy slot or if what bot only available. if that so then right now i'm very excited in this game mode. i hope it will be tested soon in the next test server.

tadiho5 months ago

Skirmish would be nice if there won't be campers and tankers again, but all things aside, seem to be fun

Knight5 months ago

Hope in next update they will include total damage assessment of a bot on top or below of the bot.

Devastator1136 months ago

Nerfing the trident??? Are you freaking serious?? The trident is the worst weapon on the game, excluding the molot. Its only a danger if your a low level Ranjin against a maxed out 3 trident. Start Nerfing the shocktrain (and i own one so im not biased like that) and now even the kumiho is falling behind the times. The kumiho is the most balanced dash yet, fast and furious but low HP. No energy shield, no physical shield!!

LoucustMaster1176 months ago

500m range is too low please keep the 600m

LoucustMaster1176 months ago

I looked at the new test server and you are NERFING THE TRIDENT! Like really guys? As if the gap between component and non-component gear wasn’t big enough already. On the bright side though the new Raven is easily the best new thing I have ever seen in War Robots and the reload button could it be?

Vaydor Vortex6 months ago

I like the sound of the Skirmish game mode!

Geist6 months ago

Subject: In one of the nearest updates, we implement respawn cooldown. It’s done to motivate pilots to put effort into every robot, not giving up too soon.

Are you nuts? I'm a aggressive player, my bots go fast at level 6/7 against much higher levels. I might be out of bots fast and still land in the top 3 most times that this happens. respawn cooldown is B.S. It's the crappy Match system you have now that has created the problem of tanking. We never use to experience these problems 2 years ago. Just gepards clubbing noobs. Which was MUCH better than what you have now. Now we have mk2 lvl weapons and bots down in silver league.

I really like some of the changes you have implemented, but certainly not all of them. respawn cooldown is BS

Tostada6 months ago

I'm in diamond with mostly lv 6-7 boots with lv 8 weapons. No fancy component bots either. I fight big spenders with mk2 everything here and there. Those expensive weapons don't compare to skill. I like the game how it is. I like the challenge. I'm 68% win. Average 600k damage.

LoucustMaster1176 months ago

Pyrotech442, I am part of the huge Thunder issue, even out side of beacon rush using the Rajin’s climbing ability to litterly get the drop on opponents with two sheilds and dual Thunders with the bouns 60% damage perk is absolutely hilarious!

LoucustMaster1176 months ago

Pyrotech442, No neeed for the completely new gun just buff the Trident with added damage and plasma shells.

LoucustMaster1176 months ago

Pyrotech442, Okay so maybe my programing skills are a little rusty but no you are right in that it ain’t that easy but it is still way simpler to do than to create an entire new robot to move and interact with the game world accurately, not to metion the varies weapons also need to be in working order

Aman6 months ago

When next update coming

Kidd Ng6 months ago

The last 5 game I played were all TDMs. How random is that? I just want to play what I want to play and it’s NOT TDM.

Bratuha_youtubwr 6 months ago

Dati si mie 10000 keys ca rog ori 10000 au

Charlie6 months ago

Or simply, lets have a cupless mode, lol.

Charlie6 months ago

Wow! Wow! Wow! It's thrilling enough to see so many players love and hate this game this much, lol. Seems to me there is always a outside-of-the-game battle between monetary issues and popular opinions. Pix must be always busy balancing the two. I don't see the big picture so I only offer a small piece of suggestion. How about we have a customerized battle mode where we players get to hand-pick our own opponents and get rewarded for our performances after the battle? Clan members are banned from fighting against clan members though, only people from outside the clan. No cups losing or gaining, just gold, silver and keys. Tankers? No, it won't be worth their time. lol

Pyrotech4426 months ago

AnarchoDom, (if you were playing war robots years ago) then instead of dominating tankers there will be seal clubbers with gepard magnums or something like that.

Pyrotech4426 months ago

AQUI£S, Si! Ellos nececitan un nuevo modo sin conexion a internet porue yo viajo mucho.
Yes! they need a new gamemode that works offline because I travel a lot.

Pyrotech4426 months ago

Your Last Words, They already have rebalanced gareth and stalker. They are now much cheaper with the gepard nearly 5x cheaper than before, starting at 250 gold.

Pyrotech4426 months ago

Mech Marauder , I agree. Dash are worse than hackers. If my device was rooted, there is no doubt I would try to find a way to get unlimited gold.

Pyrotech4426 months ago

Brown Miller, If you are complaining about this game so much along with hundreds of other players, why not stop playing overall?

P.S. If pixonic gave away a total 1 million gold to chosen players that would be really nice!

Pyrotech4426 months ago

Nafis 99k, NO!!! thunder is perfect where it's at. If it's buffed, then new players will dominate the battlefield until they reach higher leagues. When beacon rush was released, the thunder was a huge issue as someone could spawn right next to an enemy at point-blank range, and it's fine where it's at not.

Secondly, the thunder is a SHOTGUN! The accuracy is going to be bad. If you want a thunder-like weapon with better accuracy, use punishers. It's powerful at point-blank range, yet it works fine at 400 meters safe from orkans and tarans.

The thunder is also a silver weapon, so if it gets buffed in any way, it should be converted to a component item like storm and gust, though I don't want that to happen.

Pyrotech4426 months ago

Bob Bush, whoa, seriously?
Gold for upgrades is expensive enough. They sould just raise the price for those using real money so people aren't tempted to pay $100 worth of gold and using that gold on the card and dice games to instantly win a dash bot. $200 for 14,000 gold is a bit more reasonable and if anyone complains about how expensive it is, you should be thankful because some games can charge up to a million bucks for a simple item, like if Pixonic had a new "disruptor" weapon that can penetrate anergy and physical, one-shot-kill at 600 meters but it was only available for ONE USER, an extremely rare item worth $10,000. Simply put gold and components should not be available for sale all the time so that people with big wallets don't flood the game with op dash and shocktrain.
P.S. thumbs up for the heavy disruptor weapon idea?

Pyrotech4426 months ago

Jovz Castillones, True that. I can't even think of a player that would even think about saving up for an inquisitor or tempest. Their mind is set on the most powerful stuff: dash bots, shocktrain, and spectre.

Pyrotech4426 months ago

LoucustMaster117, What programming language is that? I don't think it's that simple to put in a reload button. Having to customize it to work for specific weapons and complex bugs must be the reason why it came out so late. I'ts not quite as simple as you think.

Pyrotech4426 months ago

Thor, I see your point, but once new gamemodes are introduced, this struggle will become even harder. If every single of the 6 game modes (domination, beacon rush, TDM, KoTH, FFA, and skirmish) had its own button, even though almost everyone likes beacon rush, there will be quite a few people that will want to play different game modes. Few might even like to play TDM, but waitinf 10 minutes is not worth it. Others will want to play FFA or skirmish. I personally like the good old domination. While there are around 2 million players that downloaded the game, thousands of themquitted or stopped playing, while others are kicked to LPQ, don't play often, or are even in a different time zone. Plus, you usually play with your league, and if you're in champion, that narrows the population of players active to 500 at most, and different players play throughout the day. divide that by the 6 gamemodes, and it would make it so hard to join a single battle, especially if you like an unpopular gamemode. My suggestion is to group similar modes. Domination with BR and KoTH, and TDM with FFA and skirmish, separating quicker beacon modes with fight to the death modes.

Pyrotech4426 months ago

Elai(india), I believe LPQ should be like this:
1. 1 day LPQ
2. a week LPQ
3. the entire season LPQ
The Tanking detectors should be more strict to catch hardcore tankers easier and give them a warning of what it is like to be in it.

Pyrotech4426 months ago

Unbalance and tanking will never be 100% fixed. If new robots come out, there is always a chance of misbalance that affects everything. Look at the dash bots, once they were introduced and the balancing ecosystem went haywire! Tanking will always be here. Even if there is the best reporting and matchmaking, there will always be a reason to tank: gold. The most hardcore "professional" tankers (like me) know how to bypass security and tank without being thrown into LPQ. Matchmaking will never be perfect. Back then gepard magnums were the devilish monters of doom. Now it's tankers with level 12 equipment.

I'm really thinking about quitting this game overall. Don't get me wrong, I love this game, but It's not worth working your rear off trying to get the one robot you longed to obtain. When I first had the lancelot, I had to TANK to get it. Without tanking, I wouldn't have the equipment I have now: level 12 orkans, a level 9 ember, an ancilot, hover with level 8-12 punishers and a kumiho all in half a year! But without some loot chests where you can get nearly 500 kumiho components a day, It's literally impossible to get it. I'm trying to save for a bulgasari and playing the "gambling" games, only to find out to lose 700 gold for little to no components. It takes 5 months to save up for a component robot free2play, yet within that time frame, 6 more robots and weapons come out, making it literally impossible to obtain every robot up to date without spending $2000. The balance is sickening as I use my (currently) level 9 kumiho with level 12 orkans obliterate the field and get all 5 beacons in 4 minutes. It only gets worse. Rocket class weapons are easily obsolete as dash bots can dodge them with ease. Haechi caught between 2 redeemer carnage? Double dash covers around 150 meters leaving it out of trouble. My greatest fear is that these monsters creep their way into lower leagues as I saw a full-out kumiho and a hover when I started my first round playing with my destrier. The ember makes the once-powerful ancilots obsolete and are easily outperformed by dash. And don't get me started on shocktrain. A triple mk2 shocktrain can one-hit-kill any light robot and despite the two nerfs to chain damage and reload time, the core damage and chain range (2 main issues) are still the same. I tested this on a shocktrain kumiho vs ancilot and even with the physical shield the kumiho is just too fast and killed me in a few shots. This game just ate up too much time and I decided to play moderately. Right after, I was kicked from my clan the second time (first time was for tanking into expert league, but I needed that ancilot to compete). For any of you spending hours looking for the latest stuff on war robots, don't do it. I doubt anything drastic will change in WR until version 4.0. Better off collecting rewards, saving workshop for the next new robot in town. And to be honest, It's best if I quit overall. Playing 13 hours a day but not getting the robot of my dreams really sucks out a lot of my life. I quit excessive war robots playing and guess what? My grades went up, I've been feeling better, and don't feel quite as tired all the time! Plus, I can do educational things I enjoy doing like coding, researching the latest tech and building robots. With played for 340 hours (plus more on previous accounts and WR test servers) within the past 6 months sucking that much time of the approximate 500,000 hours remaining of my life. My point is not to play war robots at all, but this is a game of fun, not to try to get every single robot in the game. Play it moderately. If you enjoy it, play it in your freetime, but don't spend hundreds of hours (or dollars) on that one robot you longed to use. Do some beneficial things in your life and think of your future. Unless you're a great youtuber like adrian, manni-gaming, and all the others out there, the future holds nothing by playing these games excessively. I hope my speech inspired you, and have a great day!

Hszyhss OK major6 months ago

I don't follow much of media outlets to know what other people think. Reading some of the comments here makes me realise how angry some people are about the way changes are being tossed out. Since this is a free forum for speech, it looks so bad that there are no informed positive inputs. Take note Pixonic. You need to instill confidence in those of us honest players if the game is to continue and improve.
Much of what you are doing seems little different to some other games, like grand theft auto. Make a game with a limit, extend the limit, encourage purchase of a full mark 2 version, with a limit, make mk 3 etc etc. It is commendable that you are doing this within one game, but the balance between new items and cost is wrong. Take a look at the cost of the original robots against that of the new ones. How long does it take to EARN a Spectre, or Raven ( is it to be Marauder?), or Inquisitor? Is that comparable to a Rhino, or Raijin, or Lancelot? It doesn't feel like it.
I'm not sure what the answer is. Maybe monthly achievements based on efficiency of damage/kills/beacons. As this is such a competitive game, it is human nature to try to beat the system, therefore a monthly system of benefits based on efficiency might rule out the winning by those who play hundreds of games per week, and allow those who manage to be successful with a more modest number of games to feel that their effort is rewarded.
Just a brain fart.

Elai(india)6 months ago

Stuck in lpq forever plzz solve lpq bug why is pixonic not solving it

Dsnipe6 months ago

I like the secound battle mode it souneds like a good idea

CHARLIE656 months ago

Thor I agree completely. Come join the new clan TANKERS UNITED. Most say tank i prefer cycling for gold and silver. Like a lot of other games i played you climb so high and the profits drop .... so cycle away everyone and earn those upgrades and bots. BRING DEATH AND HAPPY HUNTING

LoucustMaster1176 months ago

Thor, Ahhhh so very true. Like I said before a simple code to fix a simple problem not a bunch of OP Pay to win bullsh*t. With the money needed to buy a Shocktrain Spectre I could purchase a brand new X-box one, two controllers, the Master Chief Collection and have a few hundred dollars left over to spend on smiths chips.

Wisdom7776 months ago

What a load of rubbish. 30min wait. We used to have domination and rush together....and there so no extra wait time. just have domination on its own the rest is a waist of time.

Thor6 months ago

Pyrotech442, On what basis does PIXONIC give us these numbers? Every poll taken shows two favorite modes by a huge margin. Domination and Beacon Rush. Fewer than 5% choose TDM or KotH. Why must 95%+ not enjoy playing in game modes they were not allowed to choose just to satisfy less than 5% of the players? If you want to see these polls for yourselves then go search the War Robots Freeforums.
Read some of the innumerable threads and posts concerning all of these unpopular game modes and player experiences. I'm not lying about it and I don't enjoy the blitherings of liars and other chickenshits.
I recognize your name in the forums, Pyrotech442, so I know you are fully aware of exactly what I state unless you have been deliberately blind to it.

I dump any game mode that I do not wish to play every single time they come up. And I don't give half a gnat's fart about the other players I leave behind in those shitty game modes to do it either. I'm playing for my own enjoyment and nobody else's. I can do this with impunity on the Amazon servers. Because the player pool is so incredibly shallow(and growing smaller by the day) that there is no Low-Priority Queue to throw me into as a punishment for not liking or enjoying game modes I did not choose for myself. I cannot do this on the Android servers with my more developed profile though because of the LPQ.

What does it say about a gaming company that it must institute a punishment queue and deprive players of rewards? What's more what does it say about the game itself that PIXONIC actually believes it is necessary to do this to force players to participate in game modes that they quite simply do not want to play?
To me it clearly states that players do not like or enjoy something in my game. And as a businessman of a great many years with tons of experience in customer relations I know that this is a business model designed to fail right out of the gates. You cannot force your player/customers to like or enjoy what they do not and you cannot make them play game modes that they do not like or enjoy either. It's sheer stupidity to think that way.

If game modes are unpopular they should be removed. Satisfying less than 5% of players by attempting to force the other 95%+ to participate is just stupid. They might participate but they will not do so to satisfy the mode objectives. Nor will they do so with any enthusiasm. Instead they will try their hardest to get killed off quickly to get out of these undesirable game modes as quickly as possible or they will do their best to do nothing at all and/or be disruptive instead.

Thor6 months ago

You people are certainly consistent about NOT listening to the players. It seems you go to great lengths to purposely ignore the player community each time a new update is implemented.

More modes?? Who are these morons and fools who keep giving you people a false impression that we actually desire yet more of this Random mode f*ckery?? Are your revenues not showing you just how unhappy the player community is with you right now over this issue? Are not the player mode participation numbers not reflecting the displeasure we are feeling in growing numbers so that many game modes are nearly impossible to even play because we are so fed up with your current Random f*ckery?

Is PIXONIC deliberately trying to kill this game off? Because these new modes are certainly doing the job. There are currently 4 modes and that is way too many. By your own admission you cannot fill matches in a timely manner if they are separated so that should be telling you emphatically that we do not want or need multiple game modes. You are only continuing to further dilute the player matching pools so that very soon there will not be enough players left to even keep the game operational on any platform. Amazon is nearly empty. FBGR is the same. Android and iOS are seeing unprecedented matchups by leagues and rank tanking in both of these platforms remains a huge issue.
So either someone in your company has a vendetta against War Robots and is feeding the directors' board false information(unlikely) or PIXONIC is purposely driving the game into the dirt to be rid of it.

We know PIXONIC has invited Adrian the WR gamer and YouTube videographer to PIXONIC HQ for a meeting. Our hope in the unofficial War Robots Freeforums is that he will dissuade PIXONIC from its present course and convince PIXONIC to get the game back on track as the pvp combat and strategy game that was once extremely fun and enjoyable to play. But we have tremendous doubts as to whether this will occur or if PIXONIC will even be open to such.
And to be honest we no longer trust or believe ANYTHING that PIXONIC's representatives tell us anymore. PIXONIC has stated one thing and done the opposite so often it has become accepted that PIXONIC will just do as it pleases without regard for player enjoyment or interaction. In PIXONIC's eyes we are nothing more than the sheep your Ilya Smirnov described us as in his monetization presentation to be fleeced of our wallets and discarded.
Player loyalty means nothing to PIXONIC. And so we are ignored and kicked to the side in the hopes that we just give up and quit the game so that we aren't polluting the minds of new recruits with what was and should be. But even if all of the older players do quit the newer players are not going to keep playing this trash for very long. And soon you will run out of players to fleece altogether. Is that the real plan? To fleece the game for all that can be gained from it and then just move on? Be honest with us for once.

Lenin Guarquila6 months ago

Please give more maps, lately you are focussed only in weapons.

LoucustMaster1176 months ago

Pyrotech442, I remember back in the day when clans would do a Stalker/Gepard Magnum rush right at the start of a match. It only happened to me three times and I was lucky to be on the right side during one of them but were you on the wrong side you were in for one hell of a @$$ whooping.

Pyrotech4426 months ago

phantom, I remember back in the day when I was obliterated by gepard magnums. The hangar strength matchmaking setup did not work and counted the gepard magnum as a low level player, yet it took out medium and heavy robots. Now, the gepard is so useless it can barely even defend against a Patton.

Pyrotech4426 months ago

HEATHEN CAT, I think you would rather have the modes jumbled into a random mode than having to wait 30 minutes for the mode you want. I can't even wait 5 minutes.

Pyrotech4426 months ago

Hszyhss OK major, I think it would be cool to upgrade a griffin to a raven as the mk2 version, and the pursuer the mk2 of the gepard.

Pyrotech4426 months ago

The prize chests that give loot based on your ranking and the report system will nearly get rid of tankers for sure.

Warren Dixon6 months ago

A second thought - when will the 3.8 update hit?

Imasandwich 6 months ago

I think that the respawn cooldown is a bad idea, I'd rather ye deal with tankers. I simply cant fight mk2 shocktrain bulgasaris with my mostly lvl 7 and 8 stuff.

LoucustMaster1176 months ago


LoucustMaster1176 months ago

It`s no wonder you haven`t made the reload button yet because every time you type in the programing it deletes itself!

LoucustMaster1176 months ago

Okay so the first part about the button being selected will not appear at all for... some... reason... WTF?

LoucustMaster1176 months ago

was supposed to be a the beginning of the line there pixonic so you may also want to look into the *random parts of comments suddenly disappearing* glitch.

LoucustMaster1176 months ago

Pixonic look, I know that you are a professional game development company and all but I can see you are clearly struggling to make a reload button and need help making a simple line of code so I`ll give you a quick run down of what the programing looks like.

/ _search for equipped weapons_ >Punisherbegin 10 second delay until weapon at max capacity

Hszyhss OK major6 months ago

Bacon Lord, Bacon Lord. I don't have a pocket full of money. Yes I have spent to buy gold, but only when its at 300% profit or more. (Why don't they just stick to how much discount it is?) But I'm Diamond II, have a Bulgasari and Kumiho, won a Strider recently with a master chest. I earned those playing fair, oh, and moaning about those who don't along the way. I get up and get knocked down. I get peed off with tankers messing up my game. I like to know that if we win, there isn't a tanker as top scorer who might have won the match for us, or that the reds didn't have tankers dropping out that made a blue win a dead cert.
Having said that, I agree cost is a big part of the problem. But its not the only part. Greed will make some people want to be take short cuts to success, its true whatever you're involved in. Some people will always cheat to get what they want. Even if it is just for the kudos of being seen as a top player. Removing all the reasons for cheating would be impossible, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be tried. Punishing tankers is another way, but the punishment has to count for something. I don't know how much Pixonic can look back at players achievements but if they can, they should remove the I'll gotten gains. Neither do I know whether they can tell if someone fails to score because of a lost connection or phone call, but these should only be odd games.
Its supposed to be fun, and it is, as long as someone isn't messing it up.

Bacon Lord6 months ago

Mech Marauder , Not everyone has a pocket filled with money, I'm not afraid to say I'm a tanker, but I don't abuse it. Withoutdoing it, I wouldn't have haechi, and I wouldn't of been able to get to diamond 2 without it, tanking isnt the big problem, the price is. When I go and look how close I am to getting a new robot or weapon, I'm dismayed how far I am. The component idea is great, but the action of it is absolutely terrible. Tanking is a solution to this, not a good solution, but one nonetheless. I honestly hope either they balance out the price for skins, robots, and weapons, or make it easier to get gold. If you want to see if I'm an actual player, my ID is 4B6Q0Q

Sam 11065#6 months ago

Thanks for the clarification about matchmaking issue's. When will we get 3.8 update.

Hszyhss OK major6 months ago

Mech Marauder , Mech, I agree with a lot of what you've said. I've tried to read all the comments (117 when I started reading) and so much of what I see is good sense.
There must be a hundred ways of stopping tankers, I hope the solution is found that removes the need to tank. Then does something about penalising those who have used this mode of play. If they are still around, that includes the player with 935 series wins, the one with 29 kills in one game, and a load of gits with 0,0, 0 last 50 stats. Why do they bother? Yeah don't bother answering that.
Brain farts can be useful in dealing with shit! Like the idea of not dropping down leagues, so why not also reduce the rewards a tanker gets in next 20 battles. Or if they drop a league, reduce the availability of weapons and robots to those they had when they were first in that league, then they have to re-earn those things again, no purchases allowed.
Endless new weapons and robots. When so many of these are getting to be like something that's gone before. Is it the new Mercury that is like a Gepard on steroids? Or Raven just a pimped Griffin, and now comes the hyper version of Natasha? Bulwark. So why not just have these as the real mk2 versions, and change the current mk2s to levels 13,14 etc
Spread the leagues out. Can't remember who suggested this, but a good idea? Maybe. Could be that the top players have no where else to go now, so give them another ceiling. If not, the question is, "is Champions league the last thing to do? "

I think I remember somewhere reading that Pixonic wanted to avoid adverts interrupting things. Well we've got them now (reduce 20 mins upgrade etc) I don't think I would mind giving my fingers a little rest for the sake of an ad. Especially if it keeps the costs down. Something needs to. I don't mind a little spend when its a special offer, but I don't want to buy at full price, too expensive.

I've been playing for about one year, gone through levels, almost got to Diamond I, currently slipped down, still want to go back up. I try to do best I can on a tiny phone, and I wonder how someone with only 200 victories can be on Diamond I. Money, possibly, but there is another way.

I see comments about "just get on with it" and I wonder if these come from players who are just excited, as I was when I started. I've played on my son's tablet and seen players I've played at diamond level pretending to be Private level. I don't remember seeing it this bad when I started. So when I see something new come out, I know that this is just another spur to those who tank to get the gold to upgrade as quickly as possible to fit their hangar. And, yes I know of clans who seem to depend on their clanmates doing the same, sometimes as a squad. Even came across 'Tankers Team' . A lot of the top clans, are affected, or should it be infected. Sort them out.

You've got to love the honest players, why not by a special reward for 100 consecutive completed battles.

Simplify the ways of getting a new item. I never understood the point of Influence points, is that why the numbers of Butch etc seem low? Dash bots are all over the place, so are Butch etc not up to scratch? Or is it because they have their own peculiar cost. Maybe its both.

Is it fair that when you lose, you get heavily penalised for anything less than second place when the damage levels for all players is fairly close. Minus 17 or 22 when your damage is within 20% of top place seems bit harsh, especially when you can't get +22 for first place.

I love the game, when its working well, and I don't just mean when I'm winning .

HEATHEN CAT6 months ago

"Separate game modes would create long match making times" is a complete and total lie and everyone out here is very well aware of this fact. Stop lying to our faces all of the time and making up shitty excuses!

We've seen the Ilya Smirnov monetization presentation. We've been re-posting it to make sure the word gets spread. No one is being fooled by your feeble attempts to hide what you are doing anymore. Give it up already before the game is utterly destroyed by your unmitigated stubborn stupidity. Yes, this is PIXONIC's game. But it is the PLAYERS that make or break the games based on whether WE like what it is or not. And right now there is a whole lot more not than like going on.

HEATHEN CAT6 months ago

Wow, would you look at the numbers of negative comments about your proposals. And this is in every single media outlet that PIXONIC uses that has a response capability. How can PIXONIC keep claiming that their numbers show that "this is what players want" when all of the visual evidence screams otherwise?? Is PIXONIC just imagining these positive feedback numbers?? If so I want some of whatever drug is being used to induce these hallucinations. It just might let me fantasize about actually having fun again in the game.

Pilot Corvus6 months ago

"The problem is long match finding times" Hm... You sure its not your "spend 7k gold for extra hangars with customized loadouts for whichever map/mode you're thrown into"?

Galib6 months ago

Keep going and one time you will reach your goal

HEATHEN CAT6 months ago

We do not want any more gods damned Random!! Why do you people not understand that Random is why the player pool just keeps getting smaller and smaller?? Very few want to play a game where they cannot directly choose what game mode they actually want to play and enjoy themselves EVERY SINGLE TIME THAT THEY OPEN THE GAME! And NO ONE wants to have to specifically schedule exactly when they can play in the game mode/s that they actually want to play. And PIXONIC cannot actually believe that punishing players in the LPQ for not liking or wanting to play in these game modes that we do not like or want is conducive to creating a further desire to play or spend any money on the game? That is an utterly fucktarded idea in every sense. Who is the complete and total moron who is directing this cock and bull stupidity?? Someone should take them out the front door and beat their stupid ass before firing them.

This game is now completely impossible to play or enjoy because of Random and the threat of being placed in the LPQ. I'm waiting for if or until PIXONIC opens its eyes and ears to the players desires and removes Random for good so that I can get back into playing the strategy and combat game this was meant to be by the original developers. I will NOT play in ANY game mode that I do not enjoy playing. That is precisely the point in playing a game, to actually enjoy it. It is most certainly not to endure and suffer through game modes that WE DO NOT LIKE!



Hung Nguyen6 months ago

Sau toi thua du lam .nhung toi da nang cap vu khi 8.9roi ma van thua .khong len kim cuong ?

Jesse Black6 months ago

How about a Barter network? So for instance one of these rich kids that have 6 Bulgasari and 8 Kumiho can trade with someone that won something that they already have. Or you want two Orkins that are not upgraded but you have a Trebuchet that is. It can completely volunteer and you have to list what you are willing to trade before searching. It would give someone the opportunity to use a robot that they can't afford, but still keeping them playing. So they don't quit playing, and eventually spend to arm that new robot! Or Pixonic can charge a small fee to join the Barter network.

Alexis Ascherman6 months ago

Consejo, se que no me van a dar bola pero tengo que decirlo de todos modos este juego es muy fácil de hackear y cada ves hay mas hackers. Se les ocurrió lo que van a pensar los jugadores que donan y hacen que los diseñadores del juego pongan mas entusiasmo al progreso del juego vean que ay un robot invisible que captura banderas o otro con hack speed ? En Resumen promuevan el reporte de dichas conductas con un pequeño incentivo ya sea oro o plata no es difícil pensar algo tan obvio. Creen una lista de jugadores baneados para desalentar esas conductas tanto para el que lo hacen como los que están en su escuadrón. no es nada nuevo esto no hay uno solo que no conosca cosas tan básicas.

Valkyrja6 months ago

Regarding respawn cooldown, it's not practical in Beacon Rush mode. When enemies are near your beacon the robot you send could be fried in just a few seconds after you have sent it, and you near to send another one before the beacon is taken. With respawn cooldown, Beacon Rush mode would lose its meaning. Also, please remove confirm button when switching robots, it delays a lot of valuable time. That a one or two seconds of delay could cost a beacon and the battle in Beacon Rush mode.

Manuel Shain Halabi6 months ago

Well well i'm happy and i hope ther is no problem in 3.8 so go pa more.

MSCGrizzly6 months ago

Brown Miller, For PIXONIC to respond is for them to admit responsibility. As soon as they did that it would amount to them saying that they do not care about the public and will only do what they want regardless of what the players want.

phantom6 months ago

Samuel Eborall, It was actually like that when they first introduced matchmaking. It was based on bots and weapons level so there were no tankers. But later they changed it to league system and now we have what we have :/

Dave Dave Crook6 months ago

'' A report system is in our plans so that players could mark abusive behaviour or cheating. The feature is still in development, as we work through different concepts and options but plan to introduce this feature in 2018.'' your tankig report form failed miserable and now your going implement another anti tanking system and this will stop tankers? Aha who they kidding “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.”

DataMeister6 months ago

Just to kick off the reporting system look into 2QFLF1. I don't know how he could be down in Expert III sporting two full hangars of L12 and some MK2 weapons. (4 Bulgasari, 3 Hachai, 2 Inquistors, and a Carnage).

The only reason I noticed was because in the Domination game I played just minutes ago the Red team ran all over us, grabbing 5 beacons early and not giving them back. The game obviously ended quickly, but this 2QFLF1 guy scored double what almost everyone else scored.

Dave Dave Crook6 months ago

'' That’s why we’re gathering data and analysing it. And there are already some interesting insights to share. For example, low and middle leagues play all modes almost equally, without any drastic preferences, while higher leagues prefer Beacon Rush over TDM. And higher the league — the bigger this difference gets.'' load of more bullshit. Reading this boggle my mind. First of all, how can you claim that low and middle league players choose to play all modes equally when actually the modes are actually ' random' and not by choice . Yeah.... pixconic more full of shit trying to make themselves look good toward the naive players.

Charlie6 months ago

Charlie, By the way, a big shout out to Alex and William! Where are you two? Reply me if possible!!!

Charlie6 months ago

Just one note: Report system is awesome, but respawn cooldown?! Seriously?! That might not prove strategically wise for Beacon Rush. I can't bear seeing my enemy taking away my blue beacon and his smirking about my goddamn cooldown lol

DataMeister6 months ago

Would respawn cool down be like if you eject early then you get a cool down of 5 seconds, but if you get killed then no cool down required? A universal respawn cool down might work for most modes except beacon rush. It would probably kill that mode.

Regardless, if you were ambitious and wanted a fancy way to present the cool down, it would be awesome if you animated the pilot ejecting up into the sky, seeing the battle from above, then dropping down in whichever bot he chooses.

On a different note, I think with King of the Hill you need to reduce the reward points slightly for sitting on beacons. I keep seeing these guys running around in dash bots with almost no damage points getting the top gold. Maybe you could come up with a way to balance the damage and beacon sitting so someone with mid range totals on both would actually rate as high or higher than an exclusive beacon sitter.

キャベべ6 months ago

There is no need to propose new modes and new aircraft as soon as possible. We want everyone to play and have fun games.

DataMeister6 months ago

Krypton Bot, I'm for the graphics improvement on Android. When I first started playing the game I remember some of the maps had sunshine (instead of all clouds) and the bots would cast shadows on the ground. It added a nice dimensional effect. Then they removed it and made everything look overcast and more bland. So here we are after 2 years of mobile phone improvements and the game still looks worse than it did when I first played it. Crazy.

CHARLIE656 months ago

Krypton Bot, Last i heard it will only be released for ios. That is nice but that leaves all the Android users out

Krypton Bot6 months ago

We need graphics improvements, and please go to utube and watch the vids of the new bot game battle of titans it has better graphics and how the robots move is awesome if u dont do something people will start to play this game once they release it

CHARLIE656 months ago


Kein Ruckzug6 months ago

Garunix999, Can’t be done as players have spent money. Better matchmaking taking into account hangar strength is the answer IMO.

Kein Ruckzug6 months ago

Naaman, Hard to argue with these observations...I wonder if Pixonic will respond?

Kein Ruckzug6 months ago

Why more game modes? You state in this article why there cannot be separate buttons (forcing us to play modes like TDM and KOH) now we will have more? Makes ZERO sense unless these will be custom modes only? As you continue to lose players (resulting in longer waits and poorer matchmaking) why punish those of us that stick with you? Has Pixonic moved on and this game is now being used to fund other that the real reason for the ridiculous pace of new bots and weapons (not to mention the whole wildly expensive component system)? PLEASE STOP!

Ch@r@n6 months ago

Try adding a new mid sized ECU for medium weapons place like in place of Tulumbas

Jovz Castillones6 months ago

I think supply drops and rewards is not enough to encourge players to climb up the league. There are too many rich brat players who bought premium bots with maxed weapons and I don't think they need your rewards. They go down the league and bullied weak players. Thousands of players are complaining on this. Why did you not do something about it?

Sadik Hossain6 months ago

Which country have no support in google payment" Gpay "..if you any extra way to payment my war id.?
It's my request the war game Development manager "create a payment app,,as like war payment which app can support All country.only mobile sim card pay

This is best for or not .that is best for my country

Naaman6 months ago

Your matchmaking excuse is a complete load of BS; if there was anywhere near the number of players that you claim to be playing, matchmaking would be BETTER, if you split modes separately. Plus, as it stands, matchmaking is a terrible joke now, anyway. Sorry, pixo/, you’ve ruined the game beyond repair, and it looks like you have no interest in fixing it, anyway. When you truly WANT to end the cheating, tanking, loading, and discontent, instead of encouraging them, you’ll be on the right road to at least appear to be attempting to make the game tolerable. While greed still guides your business model, however, you’re obviously going to continue to make poor development decisions.

Garunix9996 months ago

And still nothing about game balancing? I thought the return of Philipp Gladkov was a great thing. You really need to step up your game and nerf all the OP bots and weapons. The haechi, bulgasari, spectre, shocktrain, orkan, and dragoon all need to be nerfed drastically.

Samuel Eborall6 months ago

Does anyone else feel that players should be matched base on the lv of their bots and weapons. I went on my alt account which is down in silver and was extremely surprised to see that there are always 2 players on the enemy team with mk2 robots and weapons.

It would make the game fair if you were matched with player who had the same lv mechs and weapons as you.

And shocktrain should be nerfed, it does way to much damage and it destroys the idea of teamwork as it makes teams afraid to stick together.

Thx play well
Be a good teammate
And have fun.

Sihle Vilakazi6 months ago

Why am inot getting any experience points and honor points after I win a match?.. I'm also not getting any keys and gold when I'm at the top 3. Here's my ID 24Q2EM

Samuel Eborall6 months ago

Luca Marcelli, I hear you loud and clear. It's is such a pain when noob push you into the fray or use you for cover. It's a pain, it's not good teamwork and as Luca said, In free for all we will say "Pow Pow Bitches."
Have fun but play good

Luca Marcelli6 months ago

Vote for FFA. I am tired of the beginners who uses me as a shield, who push me out of the shelter, who doesn't know what is distance and space for backup, who still do not know what is different between the beacon and KOTH way of playing, incompetent trolls that break the game with Zenit / Noricum and other BS nooby weapon, and people who like to be in shelter an hour or more... In FFA mode campers will not be protected by whole team and that mom's sons *of the beep* will have to worry about themselves. I'm sick of all them and thanks God for having heard me. Hello for strong veterans, good people who like to learn, team players and my team. Long live all of you. For all other I feel pain in my stick. All of them will be neutralized. Quick and easy.... Pow pow bitches.... C ya.

Bob Bush6 months ago

Getting new stuff too quickly ruins the fun of working towards upgrades. Allowing a cash arms race is probably why so many quit, you should up the gold price for instant upgrades or put cool down time between, to ensure long term sustainability. I realize there's no way I can win every match, goes with the territory. I tend to be a nickel and dime spender with real cash, use a card from department store. Might think of buying cheap paint jobs for a couple bucks...

Bob Bush6 months ago

Mech Marauder , Seems like there is a learning curve when you get a new robot or weapons, I've dropped a league without trying, just in figuring out how to play my new stuff, or if I'm at home sick, or haven't played for a bit. Hate to be stuck where I get massacred every game forever because I got lucky a few times. The spawn cool down should address your concerns, but will stink in a spawn point massacre situation lol! I hope they separate becon games and killfest games so we can do our daily tasks. I also hate if I accidentally tap the wrong bot for a situation, but suppose they could eliminate the change robot button in the menu, to keep from using it for a teleport to spawn point.

MakinaSatanica6 months ago

If you have problems with the waiting time for a battle, why you dont put together all the platforms in one. Imagine playing andriod vs ios players that would be really cool. I have some friends and i cant play with them.

Mourad Mokhtar6 months ago

All these stuffs are good, but we wish if we can upgrade a bot and a weapon in the same time, that will be so nice.

Mourad Mokhtar6 months ago

All these stuffs are good, but we wish if we can upgrade a bot and a weapon in the same time, that will be so nice.

Mourad Mokhtar6 months ago

All these stuffs are good, but we wish if we can upgrade a bot and a weapon in the same time, that will be so nice.

Sky Woman6 months ago

I think there are enough changes mentioned to get everyone talking, in every forum. People are already freaking out. The resentful people are still raging, but that stays the same no matter what you announce.

Personally I like change, so I'm looking forward to trying everything when it comes out. Free For All just might be my thing since I all too often run off by myself anyway. But Skirmish...ooh! That sounds downright scary but fun! Yikes, any weapon on any bot???

I know I'm not the only one willing to give things a chance and go with the flow, even if things don't quite work out.

Nafis 99k6 months ago

Pls, buff thunder. U might have seen that a lot of pilots wants a buff in thunder, in the war robots community. So, pls buff thunder, but if not, at least make the distance damage higher. Thank u for ur time to read this comment🙂😊

Brown Miller6 months ago

This game is SOOO expensive! These are VIRTUAL CURRENCIES and GAME ASSETS that you can easily LOSE by switching platforms or Play accounts. They cost Pix anything. They could give EVERY clan 200k gold and they would spend it in no time, and if they fixed some issues and responded to some comments and support tickets they would get massive referrals to new players.

Over and over it is stated in these comments and on Facebook that the game is too expensive, unfair, and unmoderated and THAT is why players are LEAVING and the game is getting a BAD REP! THAT is why you have trouble MATCHMAKING, you fools! Because NO ONE IS PLAYING!

See, it's all interconnected. Have any of the developers or managers every actually PLAYED any other MMOs? I could swear it's like they don't even know the most basic things about managing an online community!

Again, I feel like we are all in an echo chamber here....

Is anyone LISTENING?

Mech Marauder 6 months ago

A Customer, I couldn't have said it better myself and I applaud you for pointing out absolutely everything that they seem to look the other way at. If they stop the cheating and fix the game and make the robots more affordable people will come back they will spend money and they will have a huge surge in the player base especially from new players who might actually stand a chance of surviving rather than facing the cheating scum they allowed to play the game. I hope they read what you wrote and let it sink in for a couple of minutes because if they were able to police the game and punish the players adequately the tanking issue would slow down and eventually stop. They are criminals in the game and get everything while the honest player gets screwed.

Bharath Varma6 months ago

Waiting for the new update as if it's my new girlfriend.

Mech Marauder 6 months ago

Mike, I hate to tell you this but most of us do play the best we can with the gear we have but that doesn't mean we have to sit idly by while they allow cheating in the game. If you want something fixed you have to be able to put a little bit of effort into it like reporting the bad behavior. After you've had enough games ruined by cheating tanking players it starts to get old when you can't get through a match because of them or you can't win because of them in the wrong League or the only time you win is because there are too many of them on the opposing team it really gets old and it starts to not be all that much fun. I love the game I have money invested in it and I won't give up on it which is why I keep pressing them to do more to fix the issues. Besides if I want to complain that's my right and why should the cheaters get everything they want?

Bharath Varma6 months ago

Eagerly waiting for the new update it's like a new girlfriend to me.

Bharath Varma6 months ago

Eagerly waiting for the new update (girlfriend).😍

Mech Marauder 6 months ago

A Customer, You're welcome and I'm sure you will find many people feel the same way. We police the game for them and if they give some of us the authority and the power they can be sure to trust that I will put tankers in a corner where they belong every time I see one. There are some honest people out here who want to help make the game better and I'm one of them but they have to let us help instead of just report where we never see any action taken. I stand a better chance of getting a wish granted by blowing out a birthday candle than I do having them banish of chronic tanker let alone the Clans that are made up mostly of them, LOL. If they asked for help they would get it as long as they didn't assign this task to somebody who is a chronic cheater. I bet you don't find many tankers reporting each other because why would they I've seen them on Facebook bragging about how they do it. Deplorable that's what they are.

Brown Miller6 months ago

Why doesn't anyone from Pixonic ever RESPOND to these comments???? What is the point of having comments if it's just players talking to each other. Helloooo? IS THIS THING ON?

Mech Marauder 6 months ago

*SQUATCH*, Abusing the in-game reporting system has been something I have been complaining to them about since they first announced it. You know the only people that are going to get punished with this endgame reporting system will be the honest player because the cheater will always be able to cheat. This is the same reason why new players are getting thrown in low priority queue when most of the top cheating clients should be in there and for quite a bit of time. They're the ones that are ruining the game and chasing away the new players and even some veteran players.

Inca6 months ago

__Mehrad_Pro__, Done. Now you can respawn for gold in ANY mode.
It's all about sustainability afterall...

Mech Marauder 6 months ago

Mark, Well said. There are whole lot of great Solutions but they have to be willing to listen to them and attempt to implement them. I hope the developers are reading this and taking notice

Mech Marauder 6 months ago

A Customer, According to them if you want to work for them you have to live in Russia, LOL. Really? Look I turn in tankers almost every match and sometimes it's three and four of them to the point that their tanker reporting form won't allow enough screenshots to cover the madness. I want them to add to that form so we can include as many screenshots as necessary but more than that I want to know what's happening with those forms. I'm sure they could prevent the tanking and they have some reason that they won't that they feel they don't need to relate to us because honestly we don't matter only our money does and if they're reading this and would like to speak up and comment to the contrary I would love to hear it. The fact that there are whole squads that time drop or mass tank that ruined my games and I see the same players over and over again and I report them every single time and yet I still see them playing the game. I have told them if you make it public what kind of punishment you have dished out to some of the worst offenders the word would get out and maybe it might slow it down but because it's all behind the scenes and behind closed doors where you only see punishment when somebody goes on Facebook and comments on it it's hard to believe any things being done at all. I have suggested and many others that they put a hard floor in So when you hit a certain League you cannot no matter what happens drop into the lower league. Or how about this no matter what they do they end up in a match against players at the highest League they have attained no matter when it was. I wonder how many of these tanking cheaters would continue playing the game if they could no longer play it their way. We can't seem to play the game the way we want against fair matches and it gets players who should be in the league we are in. When I see a guy in gold league with 46,000 victories and according to his stats he has zero kills 0 wins and zero damage and I report them it shouldn't matter what league they're in they are a tanker and a chronic one and should be banned from the game especially when they take others with them. All they have to do is have a hard floor so when you hit a certain League you cannot drop to the lower league below you no matter what. Seems like a simple fix but they make it sound really complicated and I'm waiting for them to actually be forthcoming and explain why it's so difficult and be honest about it because the playerbase will respect honesty and action not that they haven't made some steps in the right direction and I commend them for that but rather than build new maps robots and weapons further diluting the game they need to fix the problems first. How can you fix a problem if you continue to add new issues by releasing new content faster than anybody could obtain it except for the cheaters and the player who has Deep Pockets. Someone explain it to me!

Karl Hungus 6 months ago

You are so full of [poo poo]

We have told you a million times to add check boxes for game modes to the menu and then we the players, not you WeNeedToSellMoreHangarsOnic, can decide between waiting longer to play the modes WE want or playing any mode with a shorter wait.

You're gathering data to figure out how to screw us for more money because you are mentally retarded and would destroy a good game for a few dollars more.

Nocluevok6 months ago

AnarchoDom, PIX has proven the old adage, "better to be thought an idiot, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt," is still relevant. The battle button should be renamed to WTF! Perhaps the devs are too busy curing their munchies to worry about having a rational thought.

Brain Mcracken6 months ago

Maybe the reason why their are so many tankers is the problem not policing it . I have lvl 9 bots & lvl 10 weapons & often am fighting full teams with mk2

Brain Mcracken6 months ago

Maybe the reason why their are so many tankers is the problem not policing it . I have lvl 9 bots & lvl 10 weapons & often am fighting full teams with mk2

A Customer6 months ago

Pixonic, you have to understand... there are things in the game that should not happen. If proper Moderators of the game would step in and sort out these issues like any other MMO, things would be better.
When I am in battle and I see a certain clan that i KNOW Tanked there way to the top, or the recent gold buyer clan, I quit battle.. BUT you punish me by placing me in a system to be triggering 'leavers queue'.
This is madness!

The lack of professionalism in this games management / moderators is mind blowing.

And it is the most expensive MMO out there!?


OH look at the new ideas for the Game..

as you can see in the comments, players care more about policing the game!

A Customer6 months ago

AnarchoDom, " AnarchoDom
1 hour ago
Mech Marauder , Besides, how come it falls on the players to police the game? Couldn’t they design a MM system that makes tanking impossible, instead?"

Exactly, Why are the players policing the game.. YET we players don't have the power to Police enforce it.
Pixonic does and they don't.

Mike6 months ago

Great game! Can’t believe all the whining and complaints. Just do the best with what you’ve got.

Mike6 months ago

Best game I’ve ever played. Can’t believe all the whining and complaining. Just play to the best of your ability with what you’ve got.

__Mehrad_Pro__6 months ago

Nice! Looking forward fpr big changes😀💛
Please whatever you do don't let players respawn their bots with gold in ffa game mode!

A Customer6 months ago

"The main problem is matchmaking time."

This is due to population.
This is due to a drop in population.
This is due to Pixonic support not hearing issues with the game and making changes soon enough from those customers 'feedback' support tickets. It takes a WEEK to give a hot-key answer on support tickets.
By the time a week is over, there are 5 issues in that ticket.. when the ticket is answered, 1 issue has been answered, 4 remaining.
Some of those feed backs are complaints why players are punished for leaving Game Modes because the Game Mode choice has changed. The punishment is "Leavers Queue". Even if a customer drops a Game Mode soon as they know it is not one they want ( no other robots drops in so soon, yet still punishment)
Leavers queue can result in 45+mins to start a battle! Serious??

Players see tankers and report it. Pixonic does not suspend players.
Players also report players cheating the game.
On that note, Pixonic allows players to cheat the game and still play.
Players find out about the lack of punishment for the players cheating and end up quiting.

This is why servers are going to be less populated.

Pixonic does not have proper management for the game.
Unless you change your staffs responsibilities,( Get new management ) this game will continue to fall.
I am not suggesting you FIRE people, simply change there responsibilities.

When a player reads on Facebook about TOP END Clan players (Android Player ID RV3VLA ) cheating the game, and Pixonic still allowing the players to play after such extreme cheating like buying 200,000 3rd party gold! causes a lot of players to quit the game.
Such players stir up extreme threads on Facebook about it, Pixonic is told about it, yet the player still plays.
THAT players clan members, that bought the gold, then seek and HUNT players Facebook profiles to dig for info to stop those exposing posts. Players Facebook accounts get suspended for threats, fake names, etc.
The player still plays, AND streams taking donations.
A scumbag (AND HIS CLAN because to "Gift Gold" you have to be IN a clan ) cheating the game and Pixonic allows it!
In the end, War Robots is not a fun way to spend time when the company Pixonic doesn't enforce rules in the first place, or be fair to every player.

THIS IS REAL CASH! Pixonic allows a player to get better deals and still play when everyone else pays out the pocket?!
His stream was removed from YouTube because he admitted in doing it!

Pissed off, oh ya I'm pissed off. I pay for my stuff even within this week I have bought items in the game with a Google Play Card I bought at a drug store. The only deal I get is '' Make a payment, get 500 gold " Deal from Pixonic.
I have no idea how much 200,000 gold cost or what kid of deal HE got!

This is why you lose customers.
This game is very expensive.. one of the most expensive games on the market. Just to buy 1 robot is a good portion of cost for an XBox or Playstation! But you allow players to cheat. To be unfair to normal players for leaving matches soon as they see the Game Mode is not 'Becon Rush' etc. To be unfair to normal players that aren't buying gold in a devious way.

Pixonic needs to change management.

Your ideas mean nothing when you allow this to continue.

What is next for War Robots? How about thinking about those players that lost there Facebook account sticking up for what is right and wrong. How about you thinking about customer service support tickets and getting a better team to manage them correctly and on time. How about you start to be fair to players.. When you do that, we will be interested in what is next for the game.

Cannondale8666 months ago

And put all the platforms (IOS, Android, gameroom) together. That will resolve the matchmaking time problem.

KamaelElohim 6 months ago

Amazing ideas .. i cant wait for skirmish and free for all . I have to agree that reporting people will do little good and a lot of bad for fair players as I see problems with people have "short fuses". Even though the intent is on fair play.. Domination mode is outdated... I can't wait for a reload button!! Thanks for all the new content I know not everyone will be pleased..but there are always "haters". Oh one more thing..can you bring out some more things to to do with silver currency.. it's almost useless once you've played for a month.. it's nice to see all that stored silver until I remember I make it faster then I could ever spend it. Thanks again..glhf

Cannondale8666 months ago

Hello, please put a reload button for next update. And HP bar for allied players. The hangar (not used bots) should be organized as I will, not randomly. For more separation of premium bots for higher leagues, make more than 30 levels for players. That will separate the premium bots from lower leagues. I agree with others, that there should be more bots for gold or silver. For example an one year old bot should be removed from components to gold and a two years old bot to silver or WP. That means the wild bunch will be availeble for gold now etc. The restoring of bots should be available only in FTA mode, not for other modes.

*SQUATCH*6 months ago

Warren Dixon, You dont need to bring a bot to a hangar to uodate it. Just find the bot tap on it then tap upgrade

Mark6 months ago

game modes:...... when we just had beacon rush and domination we never had to wait 30+ minutes to play a game i think thats just B.s

Eduardo Hernandez Avila6 months ago

Existe mucho lag en el juego,aun utilizando un dispositivo mas potente sigue dando lag. Lo cual es molesto ya que en batalla teniendo al enemigo enfrente, la pantalla se detiene y después aparezco destruido, esto me ha ocasionado muchos problemas para subir de liga. Además de que Cada inicio de evento muchos pilotos de ligas altas pierden a propósito, destruyen todos sus robots a propósito a fin de obtener la menor cantidad de puntos, cada vez que esto sucede bajan de liga demasiado rápido. Tomen en cuenta el nivel, la cantidad de victorias y daño máximo para el match making. Tomen en cuenta las denuncias a pilotos .

*SQUATCH*6 months ago

These promises pix made are hollow words. These promises always come with a consequenc. Example battle rewards and supply drops. Have come at the cost of lesa silver payout after matches. Workshop 2.0 as been promised since before the first of the year and nothing. Reload button has been delayed for about a years now. So my advice for the players is to never get excited about anything pix says until it is in game and the consequences of the change us fully understood.

Ravvinous6 months ago

Ravvinous, Correction to #1 - I am referring specifically to what's called "Seal Clubbing", rather than all tanking. Sorry for being unclear in what I meant.

Mark6 months ago

why dont you expand the levels and link the leagues to the levels, there should always be progression in game and never backwards or down grading of leagues, expand the levels to 100+, :- bronze from 0 to 30 silver 31 to 60, expert 61 to 90.... or something like that..... then you can release the buy bots at certain lvls so you have to get to lvl 91 to be able to get spectre or lvl 61 for dash bots, that way it keeps new people coming to community out of harms way of these powerful bots, and once you cross the threshold you cant come back down, keep the components coming to encourage people to keep playing and lvling up. you cant at the moment stop people from going down as they are already maxed out and nothing you can do can stop them by taking away rewards.

Orange Ninga1216 months ago

Free for all should have all equipment at a fixed level so players don't max out one bot and use it for the rest of the game.

*SQUATCH*6 months ago

A way to report other players for chearing. This initially sounds good but i can see how it will be abused to report players who are not cheating. And besides what is the point of reporting a player when really pix does notging to punish them. 1st time a player should face a 3 day suspension. 2nd time a week suspension. 3rd time delete their account.
Game modes are simply stupid. You continue to find more ways to take the choice away from the players. And a lot of players have stopped playing this game because of the shift away from skill and choice. So what do you do. More game modes. WTH ?
New over priced and over powered robots and weapons continue to flood the game. But there mutiple issues in the game that are ignored month after month and some times for over a year. Tanking, match making, leagues, hackers, loaders and game balance are only a few issues that if corrected would improve the game for everyone.

Frost hydra6 months ago

Skirmish sound amazing

Monchis Bra6 months ago

Hola PIXONIC buenas tardes tengo algunas sugerencias que me gustaria muchisimo arreglaran lo siguiente darle un poco mas de espacio al limite del techo por que rebota el robot HOVER. lo siguiente quitarle el paso lateral que hace los robots no sirve de nada y quita tiempo de recuperacion. Lo siguiente quitarle la sentadilla que hace el robot cuando baja un pequeño escalonsito y cuando cae de un salto. Lo siguiente mejorar la mira esta mal calibrada por que al precionar cambio de objetivo no cambia al objetivo apuntado. Lo siguiente quitarle el tiempo de fijado de objetivo para equilibrar algunas armas que tardan mas de 10 segundos en cargar. Lo siguiente el tiempo de jiro de piernas o sintura del robot es lento tarda de 2 a 3 segundos para dirijirlo para un lado

wartyOne6 months ago

Respawn Cool down will neither encourage fair play nor discourage tanking. What it will do is annoy and frustrate your players. How exactly does that look on beacon rush when one of the selling points on that mode was being able to spawn on top of a beacon that was under red fire.

•>Wøódkįd<•6 months ago

The only problem I have is with the power to revive destroyed bots, because of Spectres and ShockTrain bots. In my opinion bots that are Brawlers (>350) should be the cheapest to restore, “Support” (350-600) should cost some more, and Sniper setups (600-1100) should be the most expensive, with Support And Sniper Fire being able to easily steal a kill, as that’s all that really matters, and Brawlers being the cheapest for being able to deal catastrophic damage but take some time to deal a full output on one person, so a sniper can be watching and get an easy point without doing anything. Also I believe the point system of kills should be changed to Damage instead of kills so that Kill Stealers don’t overrun the game mode and have the points go to the rightful owner/the person that did the damage.

Your Last Words6 months ago

Pixonic is messing up this great game. They are putting out so much garbage, Robots and weapons that don’t even make sense. Shocktrain, Spectre, Mercury, Hellburner, Inquisitor and so much others( mostly Shocktrain is the problem though ). You need to stop giving out Free Stuff, it makes the stuff you worked hard for useless. Please buff the gold bots, they are hard to get. Please bring Gareth, Gepard and stalker back to normal price. My ID is JF973X.

Last King6 months ago

Pixonic should add robot with silver and gold not components. It's too difficult to play as you have old bot and some players have new bots. Am in silver league and already facing lancelot,bulgasary,kumiho,haechi,
Inquisitor and sprectre. I mean Pixonic should block the bot and if a player get in champion league he may unlock dash bot. Should prevent people from getting out of their bot.

Shaun Finnegan6 months ago

Um yes hello, who will foot the bill for my trip to the emergency room? Seems my fingers don’t work anymore from all the impact to them left by hitting the sell components button a million times. Can’t you install a “Sell All” button?

Warren Dixon6 months ago

This is awesome. I may be a kindred spirit because I've only been playing for three months. I cannot wait to play the new games modes especially the FFA. I hope in the new hangar layout and functions allow me to view/update weapons without having to select a Mech with the appropriate weapon weight load-out . That would be a terrific and welcomed change to the hangar user interface. I am not as seasoned as most of the pilots currently playing this game, but I am not new to the genre. I welcome the new changes with open arms.

AnarchoDom6 months ago

Creepergomoo, 3 and 3 isn’t really better. It’s stupid that adding “options” to the game is in fact removing freedom of choice from players.

Itaskisato6 months ago

May i say something... Ive been playing war robots sence version1.2 ever sence that turny that had people tour the office things has gotten worse.... The multiple currency to buy bots confuses the heck out of me .. Influence. Points... Frecken puzzle pieces... Gold ....silver and workshop points. It would be easier. If the puzzle pieces would just be workshop points andyou guys raise the level cap of the thing thats already tbere than to add more and ineffective and unfair ways.. I like the workshop 1.0 way of doing things you pay silver to wait for your workshop points to buy part you want instead of playing a friggen lottery and hope you got the part pieces you need to get the part the way you guys are going about things is kinda tedious on the newer and older players and most of them are getting tired of "new this new that" optimize war robots please or you will see a huge decline of revenue if this pattern keeps up you guys are on the path of loosing dedicated people..over half of my unit has left war robots cause of the implemented systems sence the brit bots and about champion tier... What happens after somebody maxes out everything you have to offer. .. Are those the tankers you see in matches preventing people from suffering the same fate they did?.please step up your game and listen to your player base.. Or you guys will lose us all just alttle at a time...

Hszyhss OK major6 months ago

I agree about lag. I might not have the best phone, but I always have strong internet, won't play otherwise, but I sometimes get "reconnecting" mssg and sometimes get returned to hangar. Does this put me at risk of being called a tanker?

Inca6 months ago

Why do you keep adding modes? Majority of people wants beacon rush and domination. Polls have been made and results are clear. About 10% of players prefer new modes. And you "collect data"...
You say there is not enough population to fill the modes(and thats a whole another story), and yet you keep adding modes. I get that you want people to get specialized hangars and to pay up, but no honest way to do so unless you throw stupid amounts of cash in. And from that we get new( actually old) problems.
Risky things you do...

Mike Hill6 months ago

I like what you have planned so far and don't listen to the people complaining all the time. The game has issues that need to be addressed (primarily cost of new gear is crazy guys), but overal i think you guys are stepping in a good direction. I have an idea for all the modes. Only have 3 on random and 1 by itself at a time. You can always cycle through what's in random like you are doing on the weekends and then the one by itself will be the latest mode. Thanks for a great game guys and I hope you are listening to the players that really enjoy your hard work.

Paul Trueman6 months ago

Where are the components for the new weapons & bots in the Black Market for PC users?? Last AGAIN.........

#WUT6 months ago

A good way to go !

mauricio6 months ago

pls give me bulgasari my ID is PH3XTO. i love this game

Hszyhss OK major6 months ago

Any chance that the iron library can be made easier and more comprehensive to extract full information about weapons and robots? At the moment, unless I've not gone to the right section, not all weapons info include the number of "particles" for each weapon, e.g. Redeemer - only 2 blobs? - unless you look at the weapons ? when you are in hangar.

Gangster6 months ago

What is the update day?

DevilWr Azhar6 months ago

Do something about wsp as soon as possible wild giveaway is best but the live giveaway is not I have done everything every time but didn't got any robot I have watched live completely and done the subscription and much more at the right time when it starts but still got nothing it's not good other things are great and good we appreciate your always development in the game love WR (VYMRYQ) android.

AQUI£S6 months ago

Deberían poner un modo que se use sin conexión a internet

Ravvinous6 months ago

I have 3 requests - (1) Please, penalize those players that 'Tank' (deliberately lose, so they end up playing in a lower league with higher mechs), (2) Please add the ability to equip and upgrade all mechs and weapons, while the mech is still sitting in inventory (instead of having to bring it into the hangar to do so), (3) Last, please add a mini map in battle mode (be able to see beacons and players while battling). Thanks.

Creepergomoo6 months ago

Anarchodom, we won't have 5 modes in one que- we will most likely have a 3 and 3 modes que, probably beacon modes in one and the deathmaches in the other. I would also like to see more robots and weapons that cost silver, as it seems like there are more items in the game that use components and gold than the primary currency.

Mech Marauder 6 months ago

Fairplay? With all of the cheaters in the game and the players who have bought resources illegally and the Clans full of tankers that actually encourage their members to tank how is this actually going to stop this Behavior unless you actually announced where you've punished certain players or Clans for this Behavior. Reporting bad behavior is great but if nobody sees there's any action from their efforts how is this going to solve anything?

AnarchoDom6 months ago

Mech Marauder , Besides, how come it falls on the players to police the game? Couldn’t they design a MM system that makes tanking impossible, instead?

Mech Marauder 6 months ago

So how are you exactly going to prevent your new in-game reporting system from being abused? Somebody doesn't like how you're playing the game so they report you? I can understand if it's used for cheaters or tankers but if you don't like somebody's play style or they got in your way in the game and upset you and you report them on this how is that fair to anybody? It only works if you can only report truly bad behavior and cheating. I see this as potentially something good but I'm sure it's going to open up a can of worms creating even more problems than it solves.

Oan Zia6 months ago

What about game optimization? It keep getting laggy and laggy....even with powerfull device and really strong network it lag....optimize game! and battery usage!