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War Robots 3.7 Update Notes. Weapon rebalance and Battle Rewards!

by Lanf - 13.03.2018

The update is live on Android but its changes will become available on subsequent day. Stay tuned for the news.

Spring has come along with the 3.7 update. Welcome Battle Rewards and find out about weapon rebalance and new weapons and robots.

Battle Rewards

We’ve already spoken a lot about them, so let’s cover it quickly. Battle Rewards is another source of free components and silver. To receive them you need Honor Points, which you collect for pretty everything in the match. Moreover, if you try hard and lose you still get almost as many Honor Points as in case of winning (7 max instead of 8 max).

Just like with Supply Drops, Battle Rewards bring you more value in higher leagues. We plan to change the contents every 1-2 months, starting from Tempest.

Weapon Rebalance

Another important topic to cover, weapon rebalance hits the game. We explained it before, too, but without exact numbers. Time to dig into them.


Damage scales more the closer you are to the target, yet also decays faster on longer distances

  • 400m — damage unchanged (100%)
  • Closer than 400m — maximum damage multiplier increased from 170% to 250%
  • Further than 400m — minimum damage multiplier decreased from 50% to 25%

Just as before, Scourge deals more damage the closer you are to the enemy, but the scaling never ramped quickly enough to truly feel the difference. To re-emphasize that, we cut some of Scourge's long range power but made it significantly stronger in CQC.

In other words, being closer to Scourge will be more painful for you, while running far enough will get you safe (well, more or less). Be sure to tell us how it feels!


Deals the same amount of damage but takes significantly longer to fully charge

  • Maximum charges: 5 7
  • Damage per charge: 3100 → 2215

Fully charged Shocktrain deals the same damage as before but needs couple more seconds to fully charge.  If you're fighting Shocktrain, you can use this time gap to find a cover, run away from your teammate or rush in. The choice is yours.


6.5% more DPS is all you need (perhaps)

  • Delay between shots 2 → 1.5
  • Damage per shot (level 12) 9770 → 8500
  • Ammo capacity 10 → 12

Redeemer had two issues at release. First, in terms of damage, it underperformed compared to similar guns. Second, many noticed that pauses between Redeemer shots take – too – freaking – long. So we tuned its parameters with both these points in mind, which resulted in bigger DPS and, hopefully, more satisfying shooting cadence.

Molot, Gust, Storm

Damage increased by 10%

It’s time to dust off those old Molots of yours. And shotguns. Don't forget shotguns.

New robots


Hellburner is a saboteur bot. Wherever there is a battle, it rushes in and literally blows the place up. You can dread it. You can run from it. Destiny still arrives.

With Overload, its main ability, accelerated Hellburner can rush into a group of enemies (or catch a single fleeing opponent) and blow up, dealing damage in an area around. Sure, the explosion damages Hellburner too — so be careful.

When Hellburner is destroyed it also explodes, so the enemy team should think twice before firing at you.


Pursuer is another robot to fear but in a different manner. He hunts down unsuspecting targets, whether it’s a lonely sniper or a low-hp bot trying to catch its breath, jumps out of nowhere, gets a kill and disappears in the shadows.

Three light slots give Pursuer enough firepower and Hunt ability brings stealth and increases speed as well, making Pursuer a real hunter. Pick your prey carefully and pursuit till the end.


Mercury is a massive, paladin-style robot bearing two light weapons, plus one heavy slot right on top.

Helldive ability allows Mercury to jump, dive while in the air and land, damaging enemies around. Upon jumping, stealth activates and persists for 3 seconds after landing, so you can run away or focus the weakest target.

New weapons


With Aphid in light slots and Vortex in medium ones, Thermite completes the “Aphids family” being a heavy-slot weapon. Needless to say, you can use the same Aphid tactical patterns with Thermite, including classic high-arc trajectories.


A powerful blaster rifle, Ion is a little brother of Zeus used in medium slots. Electric arcs will fry your enemies in no time — just get close enough.

Bug fixes

  • Raijin cannot climb the mountains on Valley anymore
  • Fury, on the other hand, should have less collision issues with heights on Moon
  • You shouldn't receive task duplicates anymore
  • Various UI fixes
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