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WR Friday. New map: Carrier

Author - War Robots

Once again we caught Mikhail Vovk, our lead level-designer, in the middle of a workday and asked him a couple of questions. Just like the last time, Mikhail told us tons of interesting things about the new map, Carrier (previously called Ship). Why is it so unique? What’s are the best tactics for this map? And how was it invented?

Let’s dig in.

Note: We expect Carrier to enter the game in the 3.8 update. Stay tuned.

So what’s so special about this map?

The key difference of Carrier is in the structure of the map itself, as we call it — “tug of war” principle. Beacons are arranged in one line, coherently, one after another.

Carrier is a rather big map, its playable zone match Yamantau in size, but it doesn’t feel huge. That’s achieved mainly by the locations of covers and beacon. You always know what to do or where to go.

In contrast to Yamantau with lots of open spaces, Carrier has much more shelters and strategic places. Moreover, beacons on Yamantau congregate near the bases, with only one of them in the centre.

Carrier? A totally different story where beacons are spaced evenly. And that brings completely different tactical opportunities.

Speaking about that. What are the main fighting patterns on Carrier?

We wanted to pit team against each other, from the first minutes of the match. The central beacon, for example, is the place where the most intense clashes occur. It’s easy to get there, it has an excellent overview almost from everywhere (oh yeah, snipers, we can feel your vibe) and some covers, too.

There’re also ways to go around the centre, sneaking into the opposing base. Furthermore, you can capture enemy’s home beacons without being hit by the snipers — there’s a special tunnel underneath the main deck where you can hide.

In “Beacon Rush” mode you can use those beacons and tunnels to create a spawn place right behind the enemy lines. Your fellow robots appear in the tunnel, so it’s a great chance for diversions.

What about the appearance? Anything catchy?

Catchy indeed. This map was new for us not only from the perspective of gameplay but also because of the visual innovations. For the first time we use water terrain and we wanted it to look good.

The ship is situated in the middle of an ocean, with a never-ending sunset in the sky. Why sunset? Because it’s one of the most beautiful views that can be and it’s perfect for the sea.

But water isn’t just a visual effect. We didn’t want to surround Carrier with invisible walls that players hit every time there’re near the edge. So we made it possible to fall from the ship. And yes, contact with the water destroys the robots instantly.

Flying or jumping bots, being incautious, can drop overboard almost everywhere, while all the others bots can be pushed from the edge in not very “crowded” areas. So only experienced pilots can use those places for their advantage.

What other interesting map features can good pilots use?

The ship is not just a boat but rather a futuristic carrier with huge propellers on the side. Which are interesting tactical positions for jumping or flying robots. But at the same time they can kill bots standing on the top, so you need to be careful and check your surroundings.

Some robots can run along the edge to the enemy’s base but it can be risky.

There’re also arcs that can be used for hiding from snipers. They don’t protect 100% of the time but can be lifesaving. Snipers, by the way, can shoot even from the base but need to time their shots properly.

Were there any inspirations for the map?

Doubtless. We looked at the big shooters like Battlefield 3 or 4 and maps like “Operation Metro” or “Operation Locker”. The “tug of war” concept looked promising, we never used it before. And the water terrain was absolutely new for us, too.

So all in all this map is quite experimental and calibrated at the same time. Frankly speaking, I’ve got a good feeling about it.



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WHEREISTHEEVENT?!?!10 months ago

Secret interview with pixonic developer that they don't want you to see!:

wolfpack0911 months ago

love the new map sooo much fun sometimes i dont even battle i just explore the map

Achraf chehbi11 months ago

I did not receive the March award. I am very dissatisfied with not being serious about what you are saying

Charlie11 months ago

Charlie, Any energy weapon that touches it should be reflected back to the energy weapon holder and have a chain of damage to the players nearby.

Charlie11 months ago

To counter shocktrains, a new heavy weapon should be invented, called "Energy reflector". Something that can be strapped on a heavy bot such as natasha and leo. What do you say, guys?

Amar11 months ago

make a good and strong robots which can use silver to buy

Amar11 months ago

make a good and strong robots which can use silver to buy

Amar11 months ago

make a good and strong robots which can use silver to buy

Amar11 months ago

make a good and strong robots which can use silver to buy

Amar11 months ago

make a good and strong robots which can use silver to buy

Your Last Wordslast year

There is no way to buy a Schutze! Is that a glitch or another Pixonic Decision? I want a schutze.

Pinky Stiletto last year

The tempest is pretty expensive and not sure it’s worth the money you are asking. Since it’s a heavy weapon, in comparison to shocktrain, why would I buy this? It’s a glorified Molot. This would have been the perfect weapon to make for silver or even gold.

William Diaz Sr.last year

Wow 😲🤭😱🤯🤩🤩🤩

Going back to the battlefield. 🤖🛢👾👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽


ezellast year

I want to play individually. Let us choose who wants to play collectively and who wants to play individually so that we can choose what we like in the last stage and the latest update. Value in front of reports Hiichi, I hope you give the power or feature of the old reports of the balance of power Please take my proposal and my opinion with thanks

MK3last year

Finally, something new that is FREE! Or wait, do we have to buy this map with COMPONENTS?

Stumpy1949last year

Was just looking at the weapons and you say the Nashorn has a 1 round per second rate of fire, but it takes 9 seconds to reload. Sorry but that would mean it has a 10 second rate of fire. Haven't checked the others but you might wanna change a few of these things.

Spask Crondusklast year

Your Last Words, Silver item does a better job then AU items and now components items are better then Au and silver. I do recommend if possible for devs to give players new items for Silver weapons. It's been a long long long time that we haven't seen any new silver weapons and bots in the battlefield then just Au and components. When will we get a chance to receive new silver weapons or bots?

Your Last Wordslast year

I can’t believe That they changed the price of Gareth and Gepard without giving me a refund! They completely deleted the schutze from the game! Stalker is now only available for gold! I can’t believe Pixonic!

Valdus Shadowmasklast year

This game has evolved quite a bit over 3 months, and yet the old robots such as Rogatka, Fujin, Raijin, Carnage still work well. Everyone who has the pay to winners robots underestimate the power of a well devised team. So to those who think paying is all there is to the game, think again.

Your Last Wordslast year

The Big Drop, I worked hard and payed the full amont for my gold bots and weapons! They should not make AU items available for silver! They should make the Au bots much better then the silver bots since silver bots are cheap!

Naval Shanklast year

Hey is there any moderator? I think there's a bug in ember in some phones

Pyrotech442last year

Which is best, haechi, bulgasari, or spectre? What weapons are good on each? (orkan haechi, shocktrain bulgasari, etc.)

Devastator113last year

Pilot FM9CUY, I click install, and the progress bar just spins. And spins. And spins. Ive waited 20 minutes while its "installing" and yet it never installs.

Minimuttlast year

The new map reminds me of the Avengers helicarrier

Spask Crondusklast year

Pilot FM9CUY, They can restrict which weapons is best use for a module slot but to unlock it they need to pay the cost of silver and WSP to use it or gold. Also they can make weak version of the elements so people can have a fair chance of survival of getting to high league and switch to heavy version of it so the real fun starts there.

Kevin Montoyalast year

Me ayudan a como descárgalo es mi sueño

Devastator113last year

Pilot FM9CUY, Can u plz pass along that my test app does not work? I follow all directions to the letter but the test app refuses to install with no reason. I have plenty of space, i have contacted customer support but as per usual have been ignored
Thanks, Devastator113

Pilot FM9CUYlast year

Spask Crondusk, I'll send this to the devs but if you ask me, having modules for weapons themselves defeats the purpose of having specific weapon classes.

Spask Crondusklast year

When will our old outdated weapons get a module as well (example cryo, pyro weapons, statsis weapons and/or electricity weapons) so it can too compete against higher league players? Having a punisher with cryo element to slow enemies will be awesome/ having pyro element to tear off enemy weapons and burning through their armor will be a killing blow to any mech to mess with the punisher/ using stasis element will do small amount of damage but not enough to kill a bot but to stop it from using it's ability or weapons for a smart am out of time for the other teams to annihilate it where it stands helplessly and lastly the electric element will definitely pierce through shield and slightly slow the bots in a pinch but give enemy time to hide away the punisher electrifying power. Please add this in the bucket list to counter the dash bots and other bots as well to balance the meta out and please add more silver weapons in the game since we don't get enough for silver weapon but just components bots, workshops bots, and gold bots. Please help an old player out for my golem here, also please let my golem mech get a revamp on his looks so he can be a devastating bot as well to beat a Leo up, he ain't called golem for nothing with three light, medium, heavy hard points to dish out the fight. Golem does need to be a solid hard bot to take down, not by the name but power of its strentgh of what he live up to being called the golem.

The Big Droplast year

Pilot FM9CUY, I have had two variations of a WR-based narrative and after learning more about polar/orbital shifts intertwined in an alternative timeline of WW2 that is centeredcaround Operation: High-Jump, a THIRD narrative that Im confident could explain everything that is seen in the WR game with some truly out-there concepts.

Also, in some orbital shift theories the Earth is "locked" into two seasons: Day and Night, which would lead to drastic climate change, humanity being forced to live in underground Warrens and much of the larger surface vegetation to die... Those who would be above ground would need to suppliment their Oxygen by carrying around small air-tanks with them due to the thinning atmosphere.

I think, in this environent, that large-scale governments would splinter into small, feudal states each with armed forces and alliances that only mildly reflect the 'old war.'

The War Robots battles we see are these Feudal States competing for resources, salvage and a way to solve inter-state conflicts or differences.

or something!!!

Pilot FM9CUYlast year

Abdullah Hussain, It's still in Test Server for now. Why not apply as a Tester and gain access to the new content being tested? Lots of fun!

Pilot FM9CUYlast year

I Smell BS, I am using Firefox and that's how it is for me.

Yes, the comments are all kinds of mess right now, probably because the site is still being sorted out. It is a bit difficult to reply to everyone because of that :(

Pilot FM9CUYlast year

The Big Drop, Hmm.
I've always thought that in the battlegrounds, the presence of devastating energy weapons and all have discouraged plant life on large scale. Most tress would have been uprooted and destroyed by both the weapons and the mechs. It fits in why we can only see some low-level, quick growing vegetation like moss or lichen on Dead City walls, or deep jungles beyond the border in valley (The view from a Hover is spectacular)

As for inexistence of WR narratives, I think there are a few very creative ones floating around the internet, albeit unofficial.

I Smell BSlast year

Spask Crondusk, There will be light/medium/heavy versions of every weapon and every robot at some point. Just give it time.... LOL

I Smell BSlast year

Pilot FM9CUY, Huh? That's not how it works in Firefox. New comments show up at the TOP (closest to the article), until there are about 210 comments, and then the order reverses so the oldest comments are at the top and oldest at the bottom.

But wait, there's more.

After about 230 comments there is no chronological order - they are all over the place.

Something is messed up. Look at the order of the comments here and then the order of the comments on

Haywoodja Blomelast year

Why more maps? We only get to play on 3 or 4 any given day, and frequently draw the same map 3 times in a row.

The Big Droplast year

Pilot FM9CUY, There seems to be a general lack of trees within the WR Universe... Like an orbital or polar shift (maybe both) has taken place leading to extreme climate change while a resource crisis takes place simultaneously.

RE: the dry river bed in Tree-less Springfield... the long lasting days and nights in maps... the 'Hidden' Valley refuge... the absence of a sea on Powerplant.

So, a forest of any sorts may be beyond the (inexistent) WR narrative that is fueled by my imagination.

Dsnipelast year

Devastator113, True but the stealth bot have to shoot and have to get out of cover and the stealth only has 5 sec

Origenfirelast year

me parece buena el mapa pero por que a esa arma flux le hacen como lacer no era mejor un realentizador? o es que ya no se les ocurre que mas crear?

PosiodenProxy18last year

they focus on maps yet the games flaws are all on bots and weapons. Wow. Seriously. Nothing has convinced me that this game will come out on top in the future. I reckon It wont last long anymore

supersayin1231last year

Pixonic I am happy about new changes but can you make a long range medium weapon like noricum & Zenit , I know Ion is new wepon but consider it please ...

Devastator113last year

Also i think that specre is way too powerful. Its a tuned up inquisitor. The inquisitor is bad enough but this is utterly ridiculous. Until the old bots get overhauled people with deep pockets will win this game

Devastator113last year

This map sound pretty cool. My only concern is that stealth bots and dash bots, primarily strider, will own this map, Being able to make the most of moving to cover quickly.

Pilot FM9CUYlast year

Spask Crondusk, I'll ask them.

And I've taken care of the spam problem for you. So, handy to remember: new comments added by you show up in bottom of the comment section. It gets sorted to its appropriate position when you next refresh the page.

Inglorious 1last year

How about the ship going up and down like they do at sea? This would keep bots from standing idile as they could find themselves slideing iff the deck by not paying attention. Just a 💡

Stumpy1949last year

"In contrast to Yamantau with lots of open spaces, Carrier has much more shelters and strategic places." So this will be a great map for shock train. Wonderful. (sarcasm)

Dsnipelast year

Its very open

Iamrobotlast year

There where a lot of promises made back in 2017.. they have yet to deliver. Instead of fixing the old maps/bots/weapons. Their focus seems to always have been on releasing a new meta..

Spask Crondusklast year

Sorry for the spam, my phone is laggy today.

Spask Crondusklast year

Can someone ask the devs team when there will be a silver light/heavy bot version of the hover? Also when will we get a light/heavy version of the scourge?

Pilot FM9CUYlast year

That one guy, Yeah, the old bots will most probably be given some rework in form of modules that will add special abilities to them.

Pilot FM9CUYlast year

Jasmeet, Hello!

No news of that as of yet, but we'll let you know as soon as we have a date!

Pilot FM9CUYlast year

The Big Drop, That would be cool if Fujiyama is a new map! I'll definitely ask the devs if they'll make it so.

I wish Aokigahara forest is a part of the map if it happens!

I'm gay (I'm happy)last year

Don't we already have this concept on Springfield?

That one guylast year

If you guys are going to be showing off all kinds of new ability robots in the test server, I'd like to see abilities being added to ALL bots. Old bots should be acquiring their own abilities. Make the game 'pay to have unique weapons and bots' not 'pay to have the most powerful weapons and bots'. I'm a free player and the direction this game is going ensures I rarely even play it, let alone spend my hard earned money on it.

The Big Droplast year

Imasandwich , Im not a Pixonic represenative at all but I have completely given up ever seeing new silver/Ag weapons


A bit ago there were plans in the works for some Gold/Au items being purchaseable for Silver!

And who knows, perhaps with a WSP 2.0 rework, maybe some of that equipment will be available for Silver too. But we are just have to wait and see...

The Big Droplast year

Jasmeet, Thats wayyyyy above my pay grade!

Like you, Im a slave to Pixonics decisions.

Imasandwich last year

I can't wait for it. But 1 question, will there ever be more silver weapons?

Josue Jungolast year

You should make a test server accounting for the new mode you guys had in mind, the free-for-all (FFA) battle mode, i hope it will be good.

Airfootlast year

Looking forward to this one. Being a former Surface Warfare Specialist, stationed aboard Aircraft Carriers and Destoyers in combat zone, I will get payback on some Whalers.

Old age and treachery, will always overcome youth and skill, and big bankrolls. Welcome to King Nepunes lair all you polywogs.

Fair Winds & Full Sails mates, meet you on the high seas!

Orange Ninga121last year

Try this map on the test server, it's probably the best map you've made so far or at least as good as valley and dreadnought

Louis Meierlast year

sounds REALY great looking forward to push some coward shocktrain-noobs overboard 😎😂😁

The Big Droplast year

This map looks great! Beautiful textures... I really like the addition of hazards too! Something to definitely look forward to in 3.8!

I cant wait to set up a Custom Game to just walk around and explore.

I see that there is what appears to be an elevator of the same types that the Meks in our hangar stand upon... This leads ne to beliefe that Meks are stored below deck...

Also, as part of the background I see a huge mountain that sort of resembles Mt. Fuji in Japan? Could we perhaps see that as a new location for a map?

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