Dressed for Success: Top 5 Fashion Looks for the Battlefield

Author - Ol’ Pappy

So the other day, Ol’ Pappy was out in the woodshed, hiding from the kids… er, I mean, contemplating ways to improve my parenting skills, when my hand accidentally slipped and pressed the “To Battle” button on my favorite bot-blasting app.

It wasn’t my fault, I swear.

I was just trying to check the weather… but these newfangled phone contraptions are complicated!

Anyways, there I was, innocently Shocktraining every red in sight, when suddenly, I felt THE STARE.

You fellas know what I mean… the tender gaze of your beloved, about to raise holy hell over you wasting your life playing video games, instead doing something useful, like, um…. well, actually, video games are pretty useful, honey… they uh, improve hand-eye-coordination. That’s it!

But back to my tragic tale….

Ol’ Pappy was caught. He had to think fast.

“Hey honey, thank tarnation you’re here,” I said.  “I was just about to call for you.”

“You were?” she said, sceptically.

“Yes ma'am, I was. You see, I’m in a bit of a bind,” I said. “I have all these robots here, and I can dress them up — but I’m not sure what skins to dress them in.”

“Move over,” said the Missus.

Taking my phone, she began scrolling through the options.

And at that moment, I knew she was hooked. Because, as the ZZ Top tune goes, “ladies go crazy for a sharp-dressed mech.”

So, without further ado, here’s Mrs. Pappy’s Top 5 Fashion Looks for the Battlefield.


No. 5 — Dragon Scale Bulgasari

The latest entry in the world of robotic fashion, the new Dragon Scale skin sets a high bar. Its blazing-red undertone is perfectly accented by exotic golden ornamental markings. Best matched with Tarans — the plasma bursts are a perfect compliment to the color scheme.


No. 4 — Raven Griffin

When Edgar Allen Poe, the master of the macabre, wrote his chilling masterpiece, The Raven, he likely didn’t know that his namesake would one day be soaring over futuristic battlefields, striking fear into the hearts of pilots worldwide. One of the earliest skins to enter the game, the tonal balance in the color scheme enhances the Raven’s fearsome features. Best matched with the new Vortex weapon — the colors match well, and the Vortex’s death-circles look like fireworks as Raven glides over the battlefield.


No. 3 — Death Knight Gareth

This was a close one, because the Oathbreaker Galahad could easily be switched in here. With both Camelot bots sporting skull motifs, the deciding factor came down to the Death Knight Gareth’s freaky vampire teeth. Skulls are scary enough. But vampire skulls?!? Are you kidding? Perfectly matched with double Gust + Storm. You’ll likely die quickly, but it will be a glorious death.


No. 2 — Black Widow Rajin

It’s black, has twelve beady red eyes, and looks like a freaking spider. Do I really need to say more? This skin, introduced during a Halloween event, is an instant classic. Best paired with a two Embers, so you can watch your enemies literally melt before your dozen hellish spider eyes.


No. 1 — Blaze Natasha

What’s bigger than a 10-storey building, and looks like an enforcer for a biker gang? Blaze Natasha, of course! For too long, Natasha was the frumpy cat lady of the mech world. Most players had her in their hangars but rarely took her out for a date. But, the recent influx of new weapon options has breathed new life in the old girl. So what’s stopping you? Grab your Blaze skin and start stomping across the battlefield. With its demonic skulls, and raging flames, Blaze will set even the most hardened pilot’s heart afire. Best matched with a switchblade, a barfight, and a bottle of malt liquor.



So there you have it — Mrs. Pappy has weighed in with her selections. Follow her list, and you’ll be dressed for success in no time.

Now, if only I could convince her to stop playing the game, and hand over my phone….!


Do you agree with these picks? If not — there's nothing stange in that! Visuals are often all about personal preference. What are your favourite paint jobs? Tell us in the comments!


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Vandana Arora7 months ago

Ithink t.hat the roboti isvery strong and very
Powerful in the world

i..boss7 months ago

I think best painted bot is Phoenix Golem. Its flames looks so good and it will look good with magnum taran ember build

༺εмεяรσห яε¡¡ร༻7 months ago

Bulgasari was perfect with this red and gold painting with 3x Taran or 3x orkan gets excellent combinations, "intimidating the enemies" ID: G6XTD5. Player: ༺εмεяรσห яε¡¡ร༻ Platform: Android.

Pilot FM9CUY7 months ago

Б/У-шный гроб..., Я не говорю по-русски, поэтому я должен использовать переводчика. Я заранее извиняюсь за любую ошибку.

Вы не получили награды, потому что не выиграли. Мне очень понравилось стихотворение, но мы получили так много хороших ответов, было трудно выбрать победителей. Извините.

Тем не менее, мы будем иметь больше конкурсов в будущем, поэтому, пожалуйста, держать отправки записей, я уверен, что вы победите в ближайшее время!

Б/У-шный гроб...7 months ago

Дорогие разработчики, 14-го февраля в фейсбуке был опубликован результат победителей Хаечи и 2500 голды, дело в том что я опубликовал свой ответ буквально за 30минут до опубликования результата, а ответил я долго потому что 2 дня писал стих, думал, вклал душу.Я писал в фейсбук, но мне не отвечают. Посмотрите на мой стишок, я ведь старался, а то обидно.
Жил на свете Булгасари,
Быстрый и неистовый.
И на нем мы рассекали,
На вражеские приступы.

Вот однажды помню я,
В битве при Каньоне,
Психанул и прыгнул я,
К Ланцу и Грифону...

И двоих я снёс за раз,
С Булкой на орканах.
И тогда влюбился я,
Сильно и надолго.

Бульгасари всем хорош,
Окраской и дизайном.
Но Dragon skale подчекрнёт,
"Шоктейнового комбайна".

Он ведь-тигр, он ведь-буйвол, он-медведь в конце концов.
Если враг за сомневался,на секунду испугался.
Быстро встретит праотцов.

Берегитесь супостаты!
Лонцелоты, Галахады. "Пожирающий железо"
Мало знает о пощаде!!!
Мой id:
Буду признателен за быстрый ответ)

Hellroach7 months ago

I kinda disagree with calling Natasha “the frumpy cat lady of the mech world.” Even with the default paint job, Natasha always had in (my) mind with her particular design the old WW2 big bombers like the American Boeing’s B-17, B-29, Consolidated’s B-24, and Britain’s Avro Lancaster. With such imagery in mind while piloting, aye, the Blaze scheme does seem appropriate, especially with the thought of literally blazing a path across the battlefield with the introduction of the Ember, or keeping the bomber mindset with Trident explosions and either Molots or Punishers keeping the pesky flies away. She might not be fast, might not be nimble enough to keep everyone away or avoid incoming fire, but Natasha always demands attention like the later stage Allied bomber fleets.

Hellroach7 months ago

blazegamer, I too enjoy running around in my Fury with the Lava job, backing and backed by twin Thunders and a Trebuchet. Really emphasized to me the raging-demon-of-death aspect the paint job and weapons brought to mind, especially when I’d spawn it at the last, often surrounded by unassuming enemies that thought the incoming wounds were over. Ghost Flames on the Rogatka also helped emphaiseze the speediness the versatile bot had, along with its spectral death bringery-ness the bot delivered with the usual set up. If weapons mounted on the bots acquired complimentary paint jobs, THAT would be AWESOME. Especially for the Widow skin Raijin with twin Tempests. REALLY give the image of a pissed off Spider of DOOOOOOMM!!!! Well, “if wishes were fishes” and all that.

☆BushDr☆7 months ago

I love the Spider Raijin and most of the "creepy" skin's. I wish you would make more of them and more easily accessible through components, competitions or just have them as prizes in the chests.

blazegamer7 months ago

For me the favorite paintjob is Fury lava .Nicest paintjob ever. Fury is such a powerhouse with that triple heavy slot. Fury Triple zeus or tempest ismonster among bots.Gimme the haechi

Fabrice FeyNow7 months ago

Griffin, car comme le rapace il fend sur sa proie.
Cette peinture, et celle qui représente le mieux la fonction spécial du griffin.

Crimson_Raider7 months ago

Well. Whoever did the paints. Just wanna say... awesome job bro. Keep up the good work. I think the Gareth death knight skin is the best because it simbolizes that you are pro and not fooling around. When the opponents see the Death Knight Gareth, the know to steer clear cause you're not playing around.

Phenomenal7 months ago

I think Galahad skin should be there in the list still then the list is good haechi skin looks nice pixonic try a new skin spectre bot it will look nice

Б/У-шный гроб...7 months ago

Жил на свете Булгасари,
Быстрый и неистовый.
И на нем мы рассекали,
На вражеские приступы.

Вот однажды помню я,
В битве при Каньоне,
Психанул и прыгнул я,
К Ланцу и Грифону...

И двоих я снёс за раз,
С Булкой на орканах.
И тогда влюбился я,
Сильно и надолго.

Бульгасари всем хорош,
Окраской и дизайном.
Но Dragon skale подчекрнёт,
"Шоктейнового комбайна".

Он ведь-тигр, он ведь-буйвол, он-медведь в конце концов.
Если враг за сомневался,на секунду испугался.
Быстро встретит праотцов.

Берегитесь супостаты!
Лонцелоты, Галахады.
"Пожирающий железо"
Мало знает о пощаде!!!
Мой id:

[.SK]Sokar.svk7 months ago

The noise of bullets hitting metal suddenly stopped and the punishers slowly stopped spinning. For a moment, peace and quiet seemed to return to the dried savannah. A loud thud broke the brief silence, a trident Butch with armor plating reminiscent of swiss cheese has hit the ground, creating a cloud of dust. Beside it lay the carcasses of other robots, lifeless. Quiet again. Several sparks jump out as a ball of tumbleweed hits a large energy shield. The shield turns of. Squeeking hinges. 4 legs start moving forward in a coordinated, spider-like fashion. On this robot, a paintjob once glamorous, now rusty. Traces of bullets left like scars and bearing one message. Do not mess with the Red Dragon Fujin.
ID OG9FY4, platform FB Gameroom.

BigXIICowboy7 months ago

I like the bloody mummy paint job for the Leo that came out in the Halloween event.

Mark Perez7 months ago

Black widow Raijin : the most attractive and dangerous colour, like real spider, which says, don't come closer or I will kill you. It says I am full of poison, I will catch you and destroy you !!! Really gorgeous.

أحمد سميح7 months ago

The latest paint job is the most beautiful and it fits both Haechi and Bulgasari but not Kumiho because Kumiho itself has a matching color. It's a little darker which makes it hard to see it's a kind of robot. but it is expensive therefore hope I can get a Haechi with the new paint job .
ID: 4BG3A9

AlbertPujols Paulino7 months ago

La pintura Blak Widow es la que mas me gusta, pues se ve tenebrosa y da miedo al instante, todos esos ojos disparando jejejeje


Wolverine 7 months ago

Hey guys, an here to share a small story regarding WWR game ... and it's a bit funny so i thought i would share withyou guys.. Actually it's not just a story, it really happened a few months back. The story is about my elder sister's daughter who is 13 by now... She used to watch me play war robots and other game,she once asked me to download war robots on my sister's tablet so she can play, i thought it would be nice so i installed the game for her... She always loved Kumiho, she said it was like a cutelittle rabbit. she wanted to have it but her mom never gaveher money to spend on video games. Then came the Halloween event, she was very excited as the final prize was kumiho, she started doing tasks like crazy. and i was also busy with my task. Later i came to know that she skipped school just to complete the tasks and get her little rabbit. Every morning she put on her school uniform until her mother went to work. As soon as her mother left, she would change out of it and started playing. her mother would return home after she was supposed to have come home from school. To cover for herself at school, she had informed the school that she was having a surgery. Her parents finally caught on to her ruse when the school contacted them to check up on her.Lol and now she also has dragon paint job on kumiho... thanks forreading hope you enjoyed... My fav paint job is no. 5 BulgasariAndroid :-1987RA

Aegis7 months ago

Gareth has 1gust 1storm...not 2 As in ghallad...

Aegis7 months ago

You gave it to the Gareth...then misquoted it’s armaments.. 1mag,1 taran...(or gust,storm) w.e.....

KUNCEN。MもエKム®イム7 months ago

I think griffin has a good paint but bulgasari is the best but bulgasari has a fairly expensive paint price

Halaku7 months ago

@ pixonic, this guy Mõ Tŷgå is stupid enough to plagiarise my comment with pilot name still there at the bottom.

CyoN RW7 months ago

It's The OathBreaker Galahad

It was remind me the tale of Knight from the ancient kingdom who forced to choose between his oath and his duty. Galahad that is formed like a knight was perfect with the paint job. Made a pilot who drove it like a real knight in a battlefield.

All hail the Oath!!! ⚔️🛡⚔️

ID: 89AKX8
Platform: IOS

Vin7 months ago

It’s black, has twelve beady red eyes, Waiting for the guard to not see him in his enormous armor, but slow as the spider 🕷 impenetrable on the front but weak on his back.
Black Widow Raijin

Ayoub Benamar7 months ago

Bulgasari dragon red strong and dangerous reminds me of the fairy tales of dragons
It is a mythical robot especially with a strong dragon and dangerous fiery!. I hope win this bulgasari dragon strong

RedBaronet7 months ago

Predator Carnage, so cool, and Kio Leo
ID: A3YG7E please heaich

Mostafa Mamdouh7 months ago

Dragon Scale Bulgasari..

It reminds me of the ancient Chinese empire
It had the same artistic design
I also think they fit into battles as it gives you the bouncer to play and tarnish the beauty of game maps
Ancient China was also known for its battles and strength
I also like the consistency of colors in it
Good work pixonic

id ... SCG84Q

joker7 months ago

Raven griffin is the best paint job, it's my favorite paint in the game.
it just look like a monster in the battle

Papajofixit7 months ago

Obviously you guys have more money than brains to buy anything extra from these people why would you want to influence them in charging even more I think everybody needs to lower their star rating to bring them back down to earth their prices are like totally out of this world this is a totally awesome game in the used to be a lot of fun to play before they came out with all these Bots that are ridiculously priced and that when they come onto the battlefield you have no chance of survival against them so if you're poor and disabled like me a really fun game that used to be awesome to play has turned into a shitstorm it is no longer fun to play they force you to play a game that you don't want to play they tell you to collect beacons and then they only allow you to play in Deathmatch so how are you supposed to collect beacons you guys say that the reason why you have that random crap is because it would take too long for battles well it seems to me with 10 million downloads you have plenty of people for battles oh that's right you guys are so greedy you've chased off almost all of your players and you only have maybe 20 players on the server at a time you guys do know that there's an easy fix for this problem right it's called not being so freaking greedy and be honest with your games quit trying to lie and cheat people what kind of sense is that for smart people you are the stupidest people I've ever seen but I hear the greed does that to people it takes all common sense away I'll be really happy when Mars colony is finally finished developing I hope they don't turn into asses like you guys

The Big Drop7 months ago

The best paint-job in the entire game is clearly Natashas Monstro.

Not only does those beautiful Monstro eyes make my heart skip a beat but due to reminding me of my first Homecoming Dance date where, under the stadium bleachers there was LOTS of exploration (but not so much discovery), but those same beautiful eyes prowl for love on the battlefield and speak with WANT and unmatched DESIRE!

Dont run away pilots! Gives the Natashas a Smoochy!

Happy Valentines Day pilots.

Monstro Natasha -hearts- you. Fellow WR pilots! Happy Valentines Day

Seriously though, here are my favs
5 Marine Fury
4 Mummy Leo
3 Black Widow Fujin
2 Geurilla Rhino
1 Sandstorm Stalker

Susovick 7 months ago

1 shark griffin
2 royal fujin
3 monstro natasha
4 ghostflame rogatka
5 blue dragon fujin.

Halaku7 months ago

He had asked for it at the hanger. Specifically this scheme, the blazing colours. He wanted to stand out from the rest, he wanted the enemy to know it was him. The fight had finally reached what was left of his city. There were just two survivors from his previous squad, then he was assigned to this one. Most in his new squad were rookies. He wanted to protect them as best he could but more than that he wanted to be in the enemies face. This was his city, his home. Here is where he would make his last stand.

"Shocktrains?" the engineers had asked, "something to fight tactically?" "No," was his reply. He wanted the orkans on his bulgasari, that's why he had asked for the dragon scales, he wanted to breathe fire!

Pilot: Halaku

Ahmed Mohamed7 months ago

Glowing red eyes in the dark jungle looking for a bad luck pilot. Usually monsters breath air like every creature in earth; however he breathes dead robots souls.
Even though your phone is off; you still can feel his desire to walk out of your hangar to search for his next pride.
People say the gurilla rhino and rhinos in general have extincted against new dash and stealth incoming generations; but believe when i'll told you that the last thing you want when you GET stucked between the shrubbery's valley or GET lost in the dead city; is to FIND yourself face to face with that dinosaure.
ID: 5HSDNE hope you guys give me haechi

Løbø7 months ago


AcMe7 months ago

AcMe LDHFNQ Android samsung7
I have say No. 2 Rakin.

A little bit before Halloween, how's it looking for a new app from Google Play Store. There was on the recommendations War robots, I started laughing I used to play this on my old book down tablet. Since my old flip phone. Decided to poop out on me. You know kind of the kind of phone that you had to touch each function buttons three times to get a single letter. Well anyway this fancy phone the Samsung, can do things like my tablet did and even better. Anyway I told the wife about it she even got a giggle out of it. Before I can download my weather app for my new phone. I had to do some weatherization to my vehicle. I let the wife have the phone told her what the what weather app I wanted. But two hours later after being done with what I need to do to my vehicle for winter. I told me I had two or three messages on my phone. The messages were from my game on war robots which used to be walking War robots. My wife downloaded the game, well truthfully I got curious. I opened up the app for looking around. Come to find out I didn't lose nothing on the account however, however I did have enough to buy a new robot paint job and snow weaponry so I did just that. I bought a rajin, a tempest and Zues. Ever since then I've been blasting, bashing and smashing other pilot robots that would have a red upside down triangle on them

Ryo Saeba7 months ago

It was a cold and rainy night on Halloween in DeadCity , the first time i saw her . her beautifull Trebuchets glowing from the distance with a warm yellow light . she stood there on the sniper bridge of Deadcity ,she was like a Light House and i was like a boat in troubled water , her Treabuchets guided me ,drew me in closer and closer to her i aproached in my Galahad i was her Knight in Glowing armor , glowing from all the trebuchet shots she hit me with ,i could feel her love melting my body and heart ..
I finaly reached her and climbed up the bridge to her . Her magestic beauty was overwhelming . Her beautiful slimy green skin , her large angry eyes captured my soul , her big nose her teeth ! oh what beauty ! Oh Natasha ! This was her name ! But such beauty did not last for long as my galahad malfunctioned and shredded her to pieces with lvl12 tarans and magnums ..and i was left forever with her vision in my mind , the vision of lovely Natasha , that girl i once met . 😢
Android iD : D6S4II

Karlenco Borus7 months ago

No. 4 — Raven Griffin es mi favorita

YANYEH7 months ago

No. 5 Dragon Scale Bulgasari is the best out of all, the pure red color with gold shows this beast how deadly he is in its look with his perfect body shape and agile movement and fire power this great beast is one of the best in battle field and in the eye of all

AnarchoDom7 months ago

Can't agree more on the top pick! That Natasha sure is something! Same with little Gary! I'm surprised to see the Ghost Flame Rogatka isn't there. I really like the green shades on that one.

GioVanny KmPos7 months ago

because the griffin has survived massive extinctions of robots and in high leagues still prevails and nothing better than RAVEN, it looks great and without discussing anything else ... Raven the best.

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