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War Robots Friday. Getting ready for 3.6

by WR_Tofsla - 26.01.2018

It’s been a while since the last time we updated you on the upcoming changes.

Holidays are over. The work is going full-steam ahead — and the update 3.6 is just around the corner.

3.6 — next week

What’s inside:

  • Robots: Spectre and Strider
  • Weapons: Vortex, Dragoon and Arbalest
  • Mode: King of the Hill
  • iPhone X support
  • Lunar New Year event

...and more. A detailed breakdown of the update will go online closer to its release.

Supply drops in 3.6

Confirmed. Starting with 3.6, you’ll be receiving free silver, components and keys every 3 hours (or every 12 hours if you prefer grabbing everything in bulk). Collect your Kumihos! Details here

New Battle Rewards are almost ready too, but we decided to let them brew for a bit longer so they arrive at their strongest.

PSA: deserting is dishonourable

If you leave the match before it’s over, you make your team sad. Don’t make your team sad.

Starting with 3.6, leaving a battle too early will leave you with no reward after the match ends.

To convey this further, a “Leave Match” pop-up now indicates that leaving the game will (probably) ruin everyone’s day. This pop-up is also red — which, we thought, is a big deal, so we’re letting you know.

Hangar X

Another new thing coming with 3.6 is a separate Hangar Deck available to everyone in Custom Games.

Hangar X contents will be changed periodically to include new builds for you to experiment with and decide whether you need a certain robot or gun or not. In the first set we’ll have:

  • Rogatka (2 Orkans)
  • Raijin (2 Thunders)
  • Bulgasari (3 Scourges)
  • Carnage (2 Embers)
  • Galahad (2 Magnums)

All robots and weapons in Hangar X are level 12 (mk1). And of course, you’ll be able to use Hangar X in training sessions. Maybe, even tournaments? Just giving away the idea!

And good news for Gameroom piots: starting with 3.6 Custom Games will be available in your realm too.


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Thu Zarlast year


Thu Zarlast year


•••YoK~EdiCi•••last year

Konu: Lig seviyemi en alt tabakaya düşürmenizi istiyorum.

Bu son ayda çıkardığınız "Tepenin Kralı" bölümünde çok basit bir şekilde hafif robotlarla ele geçirilen Fener'lerde bekleyerek lig seviyesi rahatlıkla yükseltilebiliyor. Bu da olumsuz sonuçlara sebep oluyor. Ben de olduğu gibi. Ben bu şekilde bir aydan kısa bir süre de 7-8 basamak lig seviyemi arttırdım fakat buna çok pişman oldum. Şu an rakiplerim benden çok güçlü. Robot seviyeleri benden çok yüksek. Yani adil bir karşılaşma yapamıyorum artık ne yazık ki. Benim robotlarım rakiplerimin karşısında iki dakika dayanmıyor. Bu da çok kötü bir durum. Haliyle beni oyundan çok soğuttu. Ayrıca lig seviyem yükseldikten sonra savaşa başlamak için en az 5 dk bekliyorum. Bu sebeplerden dolayı oyundan çok soğudum, artık oynayamıyorum. Lütfen rica ediyorum lig seviyemi mümkün olduğu kadar en alt seviyeye düşürün, aksi halde artık oyunu artık oynayamayacağım.
Oyuncu adım: •••YoK~EdiCi•••

<|>ㅅ<|>+last year

Beacons, Domination, even if self-destruction does not enter the enemy kills, why is the team's death to be self-defeating the enemy is reflected in kills? Is not that a bigger door for the rest of the world? If you encourage users to start with -3 ~ -5 and pass on the users who give up the game and continue to play the game, why not do it?

<|>ㅅ<|>+last year

We have just finished the game with Team Deathmatch at 16:14. However, one of the allied troops became suicide twice, 16:16. In the end, we did not win with a draw. Do not you think that the suicide or outgoing user is the enemy's kilo in Team Deathmatch? Why do not you fix it? Why do we have to get time and stress on your foolish policies?

<|>ㅅ<|>+last year

I have to confirm that I'm going to get through to the end of the game, but I am saying that this method of giving a 2/3 reward is no frills and stressing users. It is a game that is already getting. But does ha ha ha laugh?

<|>ㅅ<|>+last year

For the defeated team, even for the members who do not end up till the end, even if they are not all, give the gold rewards from the first place to the third place, or the silver reward is the same as the winner, Rather, it is a question of whether the penalty is the way of playing now. I am not upgrading from Mk2 12, but I upgraded MK2 12 from a regular upgrade to 6 ~ 10 in general, and if I play a game until the end of the game, If you do not balance the game and do not get it until the end, then who will be convinced if you get 2/3 of the reward? I do not think it's going to happen. I thought I used this game for $ 1000, but I found out that I wrote another $ 200. I threw my iPhone into the wall and I cracked the LCD twice and repaired it two times for 100 $ each time.

<|>ㅅ<|>+last year

There are three robots out of five that have not been destroyed while only 10% of beacon's energy is left. Is there any reason to get stressed out of the already defeated game? Even so, if you lose, you get only 2/3 of the winner's prize, and you do not even have goldfarming. Why should I give stress to ordinary users if I catch the prisoners? This game, even though I have spent as much as the maximum amount of money I spent nearly $ 1000 MK2 12 upgraded weapons in the game with low-level users are slaughtering? It's a game that can not win in such a state, even if it is heated until it is destroyed to the end? Is not it a match that only reflects one-sided claims?

Flowerslast year

What do you mean realm?

wangkung lumwaulast year

Y'all need to recognize greatness and know, this ain't vr...go to vr maggots!

Ultimalast year

pix, ive update to 3.6 on gameroom and theres no custom game :/

Whatever last year

I’d settle for the aiming to be resolved. Pretty fucken stupid how the game auto locks onto targets and won’t release. Pull your head out of your ass pixonic

RoyalWRlast year

when will PC get 3.6 update

RoyalWRlast year

When will pc get 3.6 update?

Pavan Kazalast year

Leaving Battle never ruined my day. I have won like 10 games when i had 2 leavers by my side. Your greediness is the only thing that ruins everyone's game.

Hellroachlast year

Pyrotech442, With Pyrotech442’s notation of disagreement on the respawn delay, I’d like to chip in a few cents on the idea. It is true with the current system that being able to immediately drop a light beacon runner such as a Gareth, Stalker, or Gepard to switch out to a heavyweight Haechi or equally heavily armed bot with decent HP is not really useful in advocating strategy, save that now you’ve just irreversibly thrown away a good beacon runner with possibly high level weapons. Perhaps to amend the idea would be a delay for self destructing a certain amount of time after capturing a beacon, like your described 5 seconds, before being able to switch out. This would give the player enough time to re-evaluate the battlefield to see if they should stay and switch, or continue running with their current bot. Your overall ideas are very appetizing, but I don’t think that they are quite polished enough to be put on the shelf just yet.
Just a thought.

Hellroachlast year

winner.winner, For the “Coward Penalty” thing that Pixonic is implementing, or saying they will, in my opinion it’d be better to additionally implement an ejection modifier. By that I mean that if I have a sniper based bot in play, ie a Trebuchet Boa, and then I see that I’d be better served whipping out one of my brawler bots,that time between entering battlefield and ejection, or damage dealt while piloting would affect my reward. That way I can do a quick ejection in Beacon Rush from a Sniper build to a Brawler build to reinforce a contested Beacon out of sight while my Sniper is undamaged, getting bigger rewards per bot damage and kill, or try to tank and lose from my potential rewards what my damage output would be per bot. Of course, to get around that, I or whomever is playing could set out a hangar with nothing but beginner bots with freshly bought MkI LvI weapons, minimizing my losses by my hangar damage levels being so low. To counter such strategy the reward panel would need to take into account Pilot Level and Hangar quality and deduct by either the ENTIRE hangar’s worth of maximum damage dealers, or by measuring based off the 50 previous battle averages and bot usage history. It’d be a lot of work on Pixonic’s part, but they’d likely feel it worth it if it lures the cheaper Pilots back to the fold.

cipowarlast year

Ya se actualizó en androi por que no en game room??????

Dhiraj Ghodkelast year

Supply Line: collect FREE Drops with Components, Silver and Keys every day!
King of the Hill mode: top priority — beacons.
Hangar X: Custom Games addition.
WR team will provide all pilots with a fully equipped hangar deck! Compete on equal ground and prove your skill!
Lunar NY is coming! Complete tasks to collect Components for Storm, Gust AND Redeemer! Final prize — Haechi! More on
New paint jobs for Dash robots
Robots: Spectre & Strider
Weapons: Vortex, Dragoon & Arbalest

AMARlast year

you know guys, pixonic doesn't care about any complain because all they want is "DOLLARS$$" and they are getting.Game lags so much that you can't even see who fired at you. They becoming greeder & selfie and nothing is free on this game. But don't worry every throne has to fall due their own actions.


THIS GAME SUCKS. No amount of supply drops is going to save it.
How STUPID can u be at Pixonic, typical gameplay now:
HIDE behind cover... dash... destroy robot, while being saved by the lag dash effect creates.. HIDE AGAIN
HIDE behind cover... shoot hydras... shoot spirals... HIDE AGAIN
HIDE behind cover... dash... shocktrain all... HIDE AGAIN


Mont27Plast year

shadow gunner, The update is coming soon, possibly this week, and the 50 supply drops will be rewarded and given out when the update comes out.

shadow gunnerlast year

So when is the update and when is the free 50 supply drops for a random 2500 players?

Pyrotech442last year

@#$&!?%, A feature to temporarily blind disable the radars of an opponent would be nice to have, and light robots, as well as heavier but older robots, may come back once modules are released. I don't agree with the 5-10 sec delay of respawning, as you only have a limited supply of robots to use. If there was a free-for-all gamemode with unlimited lives or robots then a 5-10 second delay would work nicely. Those EMP/smoke screen/flare abilities may be available in modules.

Pklast year

Hi pixionic , plz donate me 1 treb need no other reward FF4ATU andriod help plz 😄


Pyrotech442, Oh don't worry I will be getting may 3 or 4 dragoon even if I have buy them then mk2 them like my tulumbas are,I over 600 million silver so that want be a problem but what it all boils down to is skill and military precision,I will be to take out anyone with dragoons just like I take other 600m plus robot weaponry,I am in the master league 2 and I don't belong to any clan.

SKILLTIMElast year

i really want to try hangar X, it will be so fun, it will be kind of like the test server.
I am only silver 2 lvl 24 in the game so i am not that good, but now I will be able to use dash bots and other ones that I would otherwise not get to use. I am happy about Pix's new update!!!

Robert Deskinslast year

And fuck all the newest new stuff cause I still ain't got the old new shit!

Robert Deskinslast year

But are they are making Beacon Rush a separate option again? Cause fuck the rest of the modes

cipowarlast year

BV3LGL me olvidaba de mandarlo arreglen el entablador de batalla dejense de joder no puede ser que siendo que tengo bots level 7 la mayoria y armas level 8 y 9 me pongan de adversarios con bots y armas level 12 mk2 al maximo es una joda o que , no me digan que es por que pierdo o abandono por que no abandono nunca ,y perder como no perder es una tomada de pelo espero que alguien de los que manejan el juego lea esto y tomen cartas en el asunto y hagan mejor el entablador de batallas o matchmekin como quieran

cipowarlast year

y siguen beneficiando a los pay to win con mas cosas son unos hijos de puta mal 7 batallas consecutivas en escuadron con mi clan todas pero todas las batallas adversarios con 20000 pts de liga nos toman por estupidos o que es un falta de respeto el matchmeking , que mierda van a nivelar las batallas si benefician solo a los pay to win , no estoy caliente estoy re caliente ya no se puede seguir asi como la cagaron ,una batalla duro solo 30 segundos expliquen eso soretes de mierda mal paridos de mierda se merecen lo peor de lo peor

@#$&!?%last year

Game suggestion;
1) Add a second feature to the light, medium and heavy hard-points. Something similar to circle, square and triangle sockets. The sockets add a benefit to the game, they allow Pix to control the socket types for each robot. Example; "Dash" bots have 3 medium hard-points each of these can be defined as circle, square or triangle (C, S, T respectively). A "Shocktrain" can fit 1 or 2 of these sockets but not all 3. A similar configuration can be defined for all robots, as with "Fury". "Fury" defines 3 Heavy hard-points, and for this scenario the "Trebuchet" is a circle socket. Pix could define it to have (CST, CCT, CCS, SSC, SST, TTC, TTS) if it deemed 3 "Trebuchets" as overpowered. A feature like this can; (A) control the amount of burst damage (B) introduce more skillful play and break the cookie-cutter configurations.

2) Add utility to lighter robots. It seems older and lighter robots are becoming antiquated in higher leagues. If lighter/older robots provided some sort of "special" feature as do the newer robots (Dash, Quickdraw, Jump/Stealth) this might make them more viable in the game. Additions such as;
Flares vs Missiles (limited 5-10 per game)
EMP vs Energy weapons (350 meter range; 5 sec effect; 30 sec recharge)
N seconds of burst DMG (5 sec effect; 15 recharge)
Energy Shields that block 50% Kinetic and 50% Energy weapons (smaller dmg absorption than existing bots)
Radar Jammer (similar to stealth but causes targeting to flicker)
Laser Targeting (350 meters range; teammates that are out of range of the target can now hit the target with missiles)
Smoke Screen, teammates drop from screen, no square or diamond (last 10-20 seconds; closer than 400 meters can be seen 2-3 per game)

3) Beacon Rush, change the game dynamic to require a 5-10 sec wait time after death. It shouldn't benefit a player to capture a beacon, die and immediately re-enter the game. It should benefit the player which captures a beacon using skill.

Pyrotech442last year

Blaster Shelby, Gepard magnum is still a problem, as they are qualified as silver league and take out weaker problems. How about they be classified as a higher league to prevent seal clubbing from gepards. I'm also not sure if running 5 kumiho's would match them with weaker players, it's but worth a shot.

Pyrotech442last year

SKELETON MAKER , Tulumbas will be obsolete when the dragoon is out. That thing deals more damage at a longer range, and anciles won't be a problem. Physical shields are destroyed in seconds, so they aren't any problem either.

Lyteswitchlast year

PSA: deserting is dishonorable (fixed spelling) ... if I see people bail right at the start ... and/or ... it's clearly turning into a BLOW OUT ... I'm gone! I'm not going to lose AND take damage. If I were on a team ... that would be different ... I'm there till the end! Fix it so more people can be in teams and then you'd see less people bailing.

Mont27Plast year

Pilot 244466666, Got a second storm to, Woking towards a gust and also a redeemer, since their in the same deal, I don't spend money when it comes to components, way too expensive, although I will admit I do occasionally spent some money, although that's only for the special gold deals, and that's still rarely, and like only a couple dollars, and really that money was earned by completing surveys, so it's not a loss of my money for me, although still surveys take time to complete.


I have level up my tulumbas to mk2 because of the new update plus I have been saving silver for about 9 months and I have over half a billion silver,level up because as you go up in leagues it gets harder to earn silver.


Echo Alpha 94, Well it's going to get worse because I'm in the master league and it is tough getting silver and doing damage.

Echo Alpha 94last year

Echo Alpha 94, I have newly entered Diamond league and I'm seeing shocktrain dash bots too frequently. I have no way but leave battles and make my team lose to get back to lower leagues.

Echo Alpha 94last year

Shocktrain is heavily imbalanced and requires a real nerf. Dash bots equipped with Shocktrain have ruined the teamwork nature of the game.

Kein Ruckzuglast year

Should not punish players dropping until they fix matchmaking...just got destroyed in < than a minute by a squadding Clan...all champion leave...all Dashbots / inquisitors and all max mk2 Weapons....with multiple hangars - one player had 5 hangars (all but one fully maxed out). You need to fix matchmaking before adding any other feature to this game. Has anyone played BoT yet? Does it play ok on a phone?

Pilot 244466666last year

Mont27P, I have recently gotten my second storm weapon. i have not put a penny into this game so far.

Pyrotech442last year

Speaking of the new weapons, the arbalest I can see being a nuisance, but really doesn't deal much damage at all; please make it silver, or slightly buff its reload speed to make it viable for high level players. The dragoon is still way too powerful. It deals nearly twice the damage of zeus on a single clip and has an insane amount of range. The damage definitely needs to be nerfed. The vortex is fine, but I have a concern with it being mounted on dash. Being to double dash making it impossible to catch

Kein Ruckzuglast year

Casual-Observer, Agreed...same level of skill now as rock, paper, scissors...but, where scissors (aka Dashbots, Ancelots, and Shocktrains) beat everything.

Pyrotech442last year

HEATHEN CAT, Currently, I'm assuming there aren't enough players in the matchmaking pool to match players to similar leagues. This is why
common silver or gold players are matched with champions at times. If there are more players, then it wouldn't be as much of an issue.

R.E. Hartanto last year

I've been screen-capturing and reporting tankers for months, I believe other players too, but things are going normally as they have ever been: tankers prevail. Pixonic replies with copy-pasted text whenever I report. They always said they will investigate the tanker and take necessary action, but nothing changed. It's all lip service.

R.E. Hartanto last year

Jovz Castillones, No, you don't have to wait till the game is over. If all your bots are destroyed, you're free to leave anytime but you'll only get your rewards when the battle is over.

Jovz Castilloneslast year

If all my bot are destroyed, do I have to wait until the game ends to get the rewards? This is such a waste of my time. I dont want to spectate.

ScrapCollector42last year

Hi guys, I love the avatars here :) that being said, I'd like to pop a hypothetical question regarding your new policy on leaving the match. I'm currently playing in diamond, I like to have all-around hangar, meaning I often use a light bot and a long range beside a couple of brawlers. So consider a match on DC, with current MM, 2 or 3 of my brawlers gets annihilated in matter of minutes by the mighty hands of lvl 12 mk2 whales ranked in silver or gold leauges. So if I decide to put myself out of misery and leave the match without dropping a lvl 9 Nashorn Tasha or lvl 9 mag stalker, I'd be punished and penalized for it? Seriously? Some of us are now forced to be canon fodder for thick wallet? And you're announced this news dead serious.... Well, thank you!
Sincerely yours, Scrapy

Blaster Shelbylast year

Casual-Observer, Thanks! I'll take a look.

I would love to be able to run a Hangar with my beloved Gepard, trusty ol' Destrier, my first medium, my workhorse Vityaz, etc. I'm almost contemplating starting a new account just to be able to play *for old times sake* type battles.

Active Hangar Level with modifiers for 'bot sizes would make WR so awesomeness. But, apparently, that type of MM doesn't do the company coffers much good...

Blaster was here... & yeah, I know there's custom matches, but without the results counting it doesn't make for any fun!

Mont27Plast year

Duyern, Although most these weapons are fine, dragoon was just recently nerfed, before it was way too powerful, still a bit but it's better, arbalest and vortex aren't as powerful. Although I haven't tested vortex that much. Spectre I think still needs a HP nerf though, still rather powerful, even if it didn't have the decent ability along with 4 mediums.

Mont27Plast year

Duyern, Completely agree with you, yeah components can definitely be hard to obtain, but they can still be over time, and with new things like supply drops, and also battle rewards later on, they will help, obviously with theses you don't get to choose which component type you want, but with workshop 2.0 coming, which is what I can't wait for, then you will be able to produce what you want which is cool, although we don't know how much of each we would be able to produce. I too do like a lot of the new bots and weapons too, I like the designs and ideas for them, but I don't like that most are overpowered, or expensive, or both for most. And let's not forget the matchmaking, needs work on, but I doubt they'll change it.

Duyernlast year

Components are that bad, but if the vortex or one of the new cool things is components that are super expensive then I’m going to lose it! It so hard to get components for the good stuff and I understand that that’s the whole point, but at least make it reasonably hard to get it. It so hard to get dash bot components and I don’t want another item that’s also almost impossible to get. Just like most people, I too believe that the shocktrain needs a lil nerf. I can’t wait for the vortex to come out, I’m loving all of the new stuff! Getting this game is the best decision I have ever made.

HEATHEN CATlast year

How about the Matchtanking algorithm?!? Will you EVER fix your tanking system and those crappy "leagues" or not?? Or is it exactly what many players now believe it to be? PIXONIC's allowed and endorsed method of tanking one's ranking to get matched against easier opponents and gain far easier rewards? These boxes and baubles are not going to have any affect on player tanking of ranks. For that you need a new MM or a rank lock that prevents players from deliberately lowering their rankings. Nothing else will do.

Pyrotech442last year

Robbie Rundat, Better premium should come later in 2018. Sorry to spoil this for you, but it probably won't be in this update.

Pyrotech442last year

Will there be one of those special tasks where you can win magnum, trebuchet, raijin, storm, hover, etc in this update?

Robbie Rundatlast year

When will the new and improved premium packages come online...?

KlawiaturaPROlast year

The best update ever i seen thx Pixonic

Free2Play (_Y_)last year

Good job Pixonic for stopping the Leavers. You really hate Leavers, don't you?

Now, how about doing something to prevent / stop Tankers. Tankers are the ones who fuck the game up.

Let me make it simple for you. Me go battle. Me change bot. Me change bot. Me change bot. Me change bot. Me suicide bot. Me leave.

Yet more evidence that Pixonic DO NOT want to prevent or stop Tanking.

Tmoneyshot last year

I like how you ban people from Facebook that point out why they left the game. Nice. If you can ban all negative comments then your game will become better (sarcasm).
I’m glad that other bot game is finally out becuae this update is beyond disgusting. You will have officially ruined the game with this op af garbage.
I was thinking about still playing a little, but you guys are total morons that destroyed a once awesome game with your greed. What you going to do when the other bot game is live everywhere and you lose 3/4 of your player base?
I played one game today for the heck of it and it’s so laughable, people destroying bots with full hp in 3 seconds, no skill needed at all, what a shame that you have desicrated what was once a great game. Absolutely disgusting.

Casual-Observerlast year

I expect to address the >suicide all but your last robot< strategy< that if not ALREADY addressed in 3.6, patch 3.7 will introduce similar penalties for players who play their last robot after suiciding the others.

Casual-Observerlast year

Blaster Shelby, Good points. Read the comments in this post about matchmaking a performance

One of the long comments details how matchmaking should go back to the old system using the combination of how much potential damage the active hangar can dish out in combination with how much damage each robot can absorb before destroyed.

I am resigned to the reality that does not want to change the matchmaking system because it will have a negative impact on their pay-2-win revenue stream.

Casual-Observerlast year

*SQUATCH*, It's a shame what has happened to this game. When I started playing about it 2 1/2 years ago I could switch up my lineup at will and be matched with other players of equal strength lineups. Back then the game was 80% skill and 20% on weapon and robot choice. I would always be in the top 2 in battles, without exception.

Since the change it seems the game is now 80% dependent on robots and weapons. I can't progress above a certain league depending upon my lineup. If I go with my all heavy lineup I progress to masters league and am always in the top two - before dash bots were introduced. If I change to an all light lineup I eventually go back to gold league and seldom make it outside of the bottom 3 for my team.

Has my skill using the light robots changed? No, because under the old matchmaking system I would always be in the top 2.

The basic principal and logic determining the outcomes for this game, the matchmaking, has changed. Skill is no longer the primary factor in determining the outcome. So if you want to win, pay-2-win. Buy the strongest weapons and robots, pay to max them out and even mediocre players will be in the top league with impressive statistics. The sad thing is wants it this way.

Blaster Shelbylast year

*PSA: deserting is dishonourable*

What about the ever popular pop 4 of your own 'bots go kamikaze with your 5th? In the end, it looks kinda sorta like the tried & weren't Tanking. But we all know the deal.

Also, what about the pilots with high level 'bots & weapons but go into battle with 5 level 1 Cossacks? We all know the deal there, too!

Really, you guys need to redo the Matchmaker. It should match by Active Hangar Level, including modifiers for weight class. [As in Light is modified by .75, Heavy by 1.25.] Not only would that put level 1 Cossack Tankers in low level games, it'd completely get rid of Seal Clubbers.

Also, it'd really be cool to grab my Lights &/or Mediums & be matched up with similarly leveled 'bots & pilots. We'd have so much more variety with an Active Hangar Level MM!

Blaster was here...

Norman Lizottelast year

On the leaver thing not getting rewards. You should also not award positive or negative legue points. Most are doing it to tank their legue points so they play in levels that are much lower then they should be playing. Taking the legue point lose out of purposely leaving will stop it.

Casual-Observerlast year

JuanPeron, I think that you are a new player that doesn't know how well the old matchmaking system worked. All the problems you mentioned are a result of the new matchmaking system and what variables it uses to determine player matching.

In the old system you could change from an all light speed lineup to an all heavy power lineup and be matched with other lineup of equal strength. It worked very well. There was little to no tanking because there was no reason to tank games.

What you are proposing is another patch upon a patch that doesn't work. Your suggestion, like the current matchmaking system, will punish players who like to run all light or medium robot lineups. So we will have patch upon leagues upon patch upon patch to try to address all the problems that have been created by the core flaw in the system. That is the current matchmaking logic does not work.

Here is the simple truth of the matter. paid over 30 million US dollars to buy out Pixonic. They want to maximize their return on the purchase price. By changing the matchmaking logic they have intentionally created unbalanced matches. They have also introduced a bunch of overpowered robots and weapons. You have two choices. You can either grind it out to get the best weapons or take a shortcut and PAY2WIN. Pixonic ( wants this matchmaking system AS IS to maximize profits.

I expect patch 3.6 to do nothing to fix the tanking issue and to create even more imbalance in the game with these new robots and weapons.

JuanPeronlast year

Dear developers:

There are too many people changing their bots 4 times (4 suicides) immediately upon game start. This is outsmarting the system to think they are dropping their league unwillingly, but they are doing so purposefully, damaging the integrity of the game. They do play their fifth bot for a minute until they are destroyed.

Moreover, there are players in masters and champions league running 5 level 1 cossaks with level 1 molots. This is another way to outsmart the system. Why don’t you have a team rating system post-game? All the players on blue and red teams know who are the cheaters that are ruining thr game. For instance, consider League of Legends. Post-game reporting is possible by clicking on the player and reporting thr player. If there are more than 2 players reporting the player, you know something is wrong.

Jack Abernathylast year

Re: tankers.

Place 1st minute wait to destroy another bot, after destruction.
I've ditched bots before, bad match up etc, but never 2 in under a minute.

Thus, forcing them to wait it out, or at least suicide their cossacks ( all 5 of them) in a timely fashion.

Mont27Plast year

Anakin, It stated in this that you can only use the hangar X in the custom battles, which is still handy, but not the public public battles. And the answer to your first question was back in the supply drops articles, the component type drop in supply drops will change every month or two.

*SQUATCH*last year

Hate to burst any ones bubble but this will not stop tanking. Player that suicide their bots or the guy that runs 5 cossacks in champion league will still force their team to lise the match, still get rewards and lower their league scores to go seal club weaker players. This really will do nothing except punish legit players that may have gotten disconnected or something along those lines.
Get ready for tankers in the event as they encourage people to tank.

PY1TElast year

Thank you for the iPhone X support. Looked great on test server and happy for the live server implementation.

The Big Droplast year

"Starting with 3.6, leaving a battle too early will leave you with no reward after the match ends."

THIS!!! This is great news--FINALLY!!!

I hope this featire has a direct effect to the multitudes of pilots that use Tanking to attain status and/or rank as it should but, still, this is just a start, right? Because you must realize, the solution to Tanking still does nothing for those FADING or being AFK. Tanking, along with Fading/AFK, remains connected, tethered, in their use, outcomes and effect.

winner.winnerlast year

How about those tankers eject 4 bots and only use 1 bot in battle? They should be penalized too.
Also, tankers should not get any reward after watching Ads.

Juanxitop Goolast year

Es muy bueno el juego , hay muchas quejas , pero lo importante es darle la solución, mi recomendación es que por cada jugador máximo puedan tener 2 robots por categoría y 1 robot los de categoría ALTA ejemplo Haechi,bulgasari,fury por ejemplo: sólo tener como máximo 1 haechi en mi hangar , 1 bulgasary , 2 Grifin y Natacha, así limitarán las batallas aburridas en ligas mayores.

Anakinlast year

I like the Hangar X feature BUT, i have a few questions:
1) How often will it change to diferrent robots and weapons?
2) This hangar X can be used in Custom Matchs or public matchs?

Shahid Ali Alilast year

Hanger x will be a good decesion and give this hanger on both fights costum and live fight then it will be more fun

Gamerhand last year

Are there patch notes we'll be able to see soon?

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