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Battle Rewards: digging into the numbers

by War Robots - 29.12.2017

Abridged version:

  • Battle Rewards are coming in one of the closest updates
  • To receive Battle Rewards you need to earn Honor Points
  • Honor points are earned for everything in the battle, especially for capturing beacons
  • If you try hard — you become closer to the rewards, whether you win or you don’t
  • The higher your league is, the better are the prizes
  • The content of Battle Rewards is changed every 1-2 months
  • Battle Rewards + Supply Drops = from 15% to 35% addition to your Silver + components on a regular basis

We've already told you about Supply drops and what’s inside of them. Once again, in a nutshell: they drop every 3 hours, you can store up to 4 Drops and rewards include Silver, keys and components. Now it’s time to talk about Battle Rewards and their numbers. When, how and, most importantly, how much?

Battle Rewards Example
A prototype of Battle Rewards screen

Battle Rewards, why do you need them?

Every match brings you closer to the next bunch of resources. The better you do on the battlefield, the faster you will get the next tier chest. Of course, the content depends on the league you’re in (more about the league-reward dependence below).

On the one hand, we want to reward pilots who are trying hard and playing fair. On the other, we want to constrain the ones who drop down in the league on purpose. Yes, tankers, we’re talking about you here. This is one of our steps towards dealing with this problem; more coming in 2018.

We also want good players to be rewarded no matter what. It’s important to win but your deeds on the battlefield are even more essential. So, whether you win or not, effective play always brings rewards. Moreover, the gap in the quality and quantity is quite small. How so?

Honor points

Your progression to the next Battle Reward depends on the number of Honor points at the end of a match. What are they? Basically, they’re points provided for your engagement in the match, both solo and team-based.

First of all, you get 2 points for participation — if you have ended the match, of course. Then there is 1 point for playing in a squad, 3 points for any place in top-3 capturing beacons and 1 point for being among top-3 damage dealers. And let’s not forget about 1 point for winning, of course.

Achievement - Honor Points dependency
Achievements that can bring you Honor points

Put simply, you can get 7 Honor points max if you lose and 8 Honor points max for winning. Yeah, that’s right, the difference between the best results is in one point. It’s profitable to win, not taking into consideration the joy of winning itself, but trying your best brings appropriate benefit.

League-Content Dependence

All right, we know what you’re thinking right now. How much Honor Points should I earn to acquire next tier chest? And what’s inside?

First things first. The maximum level of the chest available for you depends on the league you’re in. Let’s say we’re new to the game and play in the Private league. Then we’ll get a chest every 30 honor points (or 5-6 games, on average).

Now let us suppose that we’re a little bit more experienced and play in the Silver league. Then we’ll receive the first (Private) chest after 30 honor points earned, the second (Bronze) after 50 more (80 in general) and, finally, Silver after getting 170 more (250 all in all).

Honor points needed
Honor points needed for rewards (for every league)

Thus, you earn not just your league’s chest, but every other reward from the previous leagues. When you reach the final chest, the progress resets and you collect all the previous leagues’ chests again. And so on, and so on.

But what's inside?

Now we’re getting to the best part. In each chest you will find some silver and components. Which components? For the first month or two it will be Tempest and then we’re planning to change components every month or so.

As we’ve said already, the content of the chest depends on the league. For example, in the Private league you will get 15,500 silver and 35 Tempest components; for the Champion chest it’s 6,800,000 (yeah, almost 7 million!) silver and 13,600 Tempest components.

In other words, when you reach your first Champion chest, you will accumulate 14,742,000 silver and 30,565 Tempest components in general. Wait a minute, so if I got the Champion chest, then I have enough components for 3 Tempests? Exactly.

Components in Battle Rewards
Components in each chest (for every league)

Furthemore, each time you reach the final chest (Private for Private league, Bronze for Bronze league and so on) you receive an additional silver reward in addition to the chest content itself. Just because you’ve made it to the top and we think it’s awesome!

So for the Champions it’s 2,215,000 silver more (almost 17 million all in all). And in the Private league players will get the completion reward every time they receive the chest. Therefore it’s not 15,500 but more like 19,500 each time you reach your top.

Silver in Battle Rewards
Silver and limit reward in Battle Rewards (for every league)

Long story short

To sum up, there are several things we aim at with Battle Rewards system. First of all, we want to improve daily bonuses and make them meaningful for players of all levels. The same thing with Supply Drops. We want to reward you more for playing and even just for entering the game.

Secondly, it’s really important for us to evaluate your performance during the match. It shouldn’t be just the winning-losing factor and we definitely don’t want losing to feel as a punishment. Victory is great but doing your best is essential. So if you play as good as you can, you always will be rewarded.

League-content dependence, another thing. Playing in the higher leagues should be more attractive and dropping down on purpose — less tempting. After all, there is no sense in playing unfair when it doesn’t bring you anything. Besides our condemnation and a label “public enemy” on your forehead.

Last but not least — adding reliable ways of acquiring silver and components on a regular basis. With Supply Drops and Battle Rewards at hand, there will be from 15% to 35% addition to your Silver. Couple that with keys from Supply Drops and components which will change every 1-2 months… think you’re getting the picture.

So what do you think? Here's a quick survey — feel free to fill it, if you have a couple of minutes!


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Pilot FM9CUYlast year

OPTIMUS PRIMEXXX, There probably won't be a conventional chat system anytime soon. Online games can be pretty intense and players would often get very invested, resulting in a stream of profanity and unwanted behaviour that is unacceptable.

However, I can tell you that there are plans afoot to create a system of communication relying on pre-set messages like "follow me!" or "Get the beacon!" or "Get in the robot, Shinji!" that will both serve the purpose and stop any abusive action.

BigXIICowboylast year

Components should be for ANY weapon. Players should be able to pick and choose what weapon we want to apply our components to. What good is a component if it is for a weapon that the player does not want or need?

Donn Schmittlast year

I like this concept, hopefully it forces pilots to really perform up to their potential. Ss

Donn Schmittlast year

I like this concept, hopefully it forces pilots to really perform up to their potential. Ss

xanderpylast year

Matthewthecowboy, what would be better (and they would be more inclined to do) is make it 1M silver be 1 gold. easy way for you to burn that mountain of silver you have, and you can get the trade after every 3 battles, at least in my case. they wont want to do 1m for 200, as 500 gold is 1m silver, and 500 gold is 5 bucks. they would not be inclined to make you less inclined to buy gold with money.

Matthewthecowboylast year


Pyrotech442last year

*SQUATCH*, Completely agree with you. Only 17 days to do the Christmas events weren't even close to enough time to get a bulgasari. The one for halloween I only made it to the orkan and that was it. No shocktrain, No bulgasari. I mainly struggled with the wins, as I either pair with a bunch of recruit league players and tankers or the other team has dash bots. Unless Pixonic nerfs the shocktrain, dashes, ember, spectre no doubt, possibly taran and orkan, AND matchmaking, there will be no point to play against these players. Kicked to low priority queue? No problem! That's why they made a delete app button if they don't fix these balance issues and nerf the items I listed above.

Pyrotech442last year

barry39, I would've got more haechi components, until I realized how much WP I would be wasting. 2k components still isn't even close to a haechi. I'm now saving for something more reasonably priced, namely the hover. I got like almost 9,000 components on that.

*SQUATCH*last year

I have question about this. Do the battle rewards reset. If so i do not see very many people getting to the top prizes even if it resets every month it would very difficult, almost impossible. If it resets every week forget about it. Not going to make it.

Mike Hilllast year

What about throwing in some gold in the suply drops and battle rewards? I know you guys said you were keeping daily tasks but for champion league players its the same as the 30k daily win bonus. Even with completed daily tasks and the gold you get each match it quite slow going to save gold and it requires quite a bit of gold just to speed up upgrades. I really like everything you guys said so far with that exception.

Pyrotech442last year, The main issues of the game aren't really the prices of the new robots, the scarcity of components, how pixonic values gold and components (come on, more than 30,000 gold or 6 lancelots for a single inquisitor?) or even the gambling. These aren't the main problems, though they are big ones. It is the severe imbalance in matchmaking and robots. I often find destriers on either the other team or my team in champion league. They don't know much about the game and I feel bad for them constantly being beaten up by bigger opponents. The dash bots, on the other hand, are insanely unbalanced and op. A haechi at nearly 10% health took out someone else (I think it was a thunder natasha) with more health and reduced my level 9 ancilot to 25% health. That is just plain unfair and it is no fun trying to chase down just to get beaten up again. Going back to the gambling I mentioned above, this is no different than a real casino. They do mathematical calculations and special methods to ensure they walk out with your money. It is your responsibility to decide whether or not to play these games. The scarcity of components issue should hopefully be solved with workshop 2.0, assuming it doesn't generate too little components. The rip-offs of converting gold and workshop to components shouldn't be that big of a problem as you would only need these if there is a good deal or if you are really close to obtaining a new robot.

Pyrotech442last year, Exactly. No matter how good the system is, tankers will always find a way around. The only way to truly get rid of them is to encourage players to do their best, even if it is a 99% chance of loss with dash bots on the other team. Have the top damage players get more rewards and have better rewards for the most beacons, because most games end in beacon domination, not destroying all the bots.

suckit@mail.rulast year

barry39, AND just imagine - over 20 different weapons and robots to select from. It will take me years to win them all.

Or I can just PAY 2 WIN because I'm getting slaughters in the months it takes to win enough components for even 1 DASH bot.


suckit@mail.rulast year

NICKELPLATED, Don't go so hard on the idiots calling the shots at They realize that they aren't getting their return on their $30 million investment in Pixonic they thought they were going to get.

suckit@mail.rulast year

LoucustMaster117, So let me make sure I understand you correctly. Players who do the most to contribute to a team win should get the same rewards as those who do the least? If that's what you mean, I'm guessing you like socialism.

Great idea. Let's just all not try hard because in the end we get the same rewards (rolling eyes).

suckit@mail.rulast year

TeohAllen, BS. People have been complaining about the matchmaking for a year and Pixonic keeps adding these stupid tweaks that will not fix the core issue: Matchmaking logic is flawed.

Using a system based upon amount of damage a robot can inflict favors heavy bots. Before the December 2016 update you could play with an all light or medium hangar and be equally matched with light, medium or heavy bots based up a formula of how much damage you could potentially inflict, not how much you actually inflict. The people who complained about that system were the bad players. This new system was the perfect fit for those players because they can heavy up their hangar and get into battles with medium and light bots.

suckit@mail.rulast year

HEATHEN CAT, Very well said! The new reporting (tattletale) system for tankers will just change the way people go about tanking. I can already see tankers changing their lineup to all light level 1 bots.

Half-heartedly play and those 5 bots will inflict maybe 20,000 damage in a battle. Haha. Tanking achieved.



suckit@mail.rulast year

Pyrotech442, Look at the top 10 players in Masters League It's already completely changed the game.

PAY 2 WIN - Yippee!

suckit@mail.rulast year - Tell me how getting points for beacons doesn't give even more advantage to the PAY2WIN bots like maxed out DASHers. In less than 20 seconds a maxed dash bot can capture 3 beacons and kill any light or medium non-dash bots that tries to stop them. FAIL again. Just wait and see.

Pyrotech442last year

barry39, Though 50 storm components are equivalent in value to 5 inquisitor components, so I'm not sure if there will be a multiplier or what. Second, The amount of components this workshop 2.0 generates must be reasonable, not like one haechi component per hour or something ridiculous like that.

Canal War Robots Brasil last year

Canal War Robots Brasil last year

Fala galera ,aqui é o RIVAS do canal WAR ROBOTS BRASIL aqui para falar do nosso canal o qual possui uma série de dicas tutoriais tanto para jogadores brasileiros quanto para outros jogadores

barry39last year

Killer Bee, In update 3.6, the Workshop and WP will be remove, instead you can choose what compoments to get. Just imagine a system like the workshop but it produce compoments instead, and you can choose what compoments you want to get.

barry39last year

Navid, Or you can save up for a stalker and buy it with WP.... if you have a max level Workshop, it'd take you a few weeks of saving WP to get it

barry39last year

Pyrotech442, You can get more if you grind a lot. I got 2k haechi components from just buying it from the store alone

RYANlast year

It must be update in january. If they don't, lots of people will leave this game..

LoucustMaster117last year

Pixonic we need more ways to acquire want we want, which is a specific type of components and defiantly more ways to get gold. PS if you are going to add more ways to get silver then make something that we can spend it on because some of us have no idea what to do with the few HUNDRED MILLON silver wasting away in our hangers. Buy components with it maybe?

LoucustMaster117last year

Pixonic peeps please get rid of components and use workshop points instead. It would make many people happy because me suck lot less if have good gun ya know.


WWR = fun, competitive, skill, piloting, tactics, availability. = Extortion, LagDashbots, More Lag, Shields... Shields... Shields, Overpowered Bots, huge wallet, liars.

Pyrotech442last year

Free2Play (_Y_), Second, I believe they are listening, but they put us to their last priority and the developers and top supporters first. It's like dumping us to the low priority queue. We can find a match there (similar to one of our requests accepted) but it is so unlikely that if feels like forever. Luckily, we considerably outnumber them, so if we all take a stand, we can save this game.

Pyrotech442last year

Free2Play (_Y_), If you have a fury or even a natty and your tempest are at least level 6, a tempest setup would make a pretty overpowered support bot.

Pyrotech442last year

If the dash bots will be easier to obtain then the fields will be pure dash bots. Anyone who doesn't have one will be left in the dust. They need more nerfs to come their way. The kumiho is WAY too fast and too much health for what hardpoints it has. The haechi is somewhat better now, but it still needs a nerf in health. Plasma is NOT a weakness to the haechi, it is just a vulnerability. The bulgasari doesn't need much, but its shield might be a little strong. Shocktrain nearly does the damage of a trebuchet, but reloads almost three times as fast. Plus it unfairly ricochets off to other players hiding in corners to reload or something else. The most threatening are the exorcist and strider. The exorcist, or spectre, can jump, has FOUR medium hardpoins, has stealth, is "hackerly" fast (I don't even know if that's a word) and will likely have an hp buff once it hits live servers. The strider, on the other hand, can dash five times. The only way to fix this is to let them along with the other dash bots start with only one dash so some robots aren't at the beacons in like five seconds. Or maybe have a 2 second cooldown between each dash, as this will prevent the haechi dashing in, unloading its shocktrain, and dashing out. These nerfs are just not enough to call "good".

Pyrotech442last year

I have been spending long and hard for a haechi without spending a single penny on this game, yet I only have 1243 components. In the article it claimed that this new method of obtaining components would boost your component income by 15%-30%, so that would be like me having 1678 haechi components at most. I really hope it would be more than just this.

Navidlast year

U guys aint giving shit.i have to capture 23+23=46 beacon to get a stalker .and how am i supposed to capture 46 beacon without dash bots.its like i have to sell organs to buy a haechi or bulgasari . totally pay4win game

Killer Beelast year

Add a way to exchange experience with components since it's really useless right now

Killer Beelast year

The only improvment that needs to be done is for us to choose witch component we want the chests to drop from the beggining or add the ability to exgange components already, it better to be in control of getting what we need and want instead of getting useless components.
Just do this and im sure all of us will be happy with these additions

Joey Staceylast year

Free2Play (_Y_), That wouldn't work. Say you're the last man standing on your team, you've still got 4 bots unused, and the opposing team is ready for you to drop them? Minute markers wouldn't work and you'd get thrown into the Low Priority Que because you died to fast.

LoucustMaster117last year

What do you mean I can't get gust till next Christmas?

The Ladymanlast year

PIXONIC make WR for sell and profit . The more high quality graphic game the more expensive ....

Mikk Nigollast year

And why are so many people who trying to destroy War Robots? Agein its players fault? This game has most angry based community not because people who play that game are bad, but because they have scammed or they dont feel that they are treated as they scould be. Its normal human reactions, that bad feedback i meen, if human get scammed they warn others too that they dont make same mistakes. Like i said before i havent spend money in here because i have before bad experience with Slav made Free to play games and i was right agein. If you play that free, you are lower than dog in battlefield, you pay money you can sealhunt 6 month "dogs" and then you become self "dog" if you dont pay more. In good position are players who dont care about money and im saying thousens of euros spending or you are maniac who plays every day more than 8 hours. No i want know how many are these players who Pixonic supports, tell me % ?

HEATHEN CATlast year

I actually think you people are trying real hard to destroy War Robots. The fix is simple yet you continue to ignore the biggest reason tanking/clubbing is even possible. That damn matchtanking algorithm. As long as you keep it then tanking/clubbing will alway be a part of the game. Or was that what you intended all along? It's been over a year now and you've done diddly-squat to alleviate the problem. Make no mistake, these ridiculously convoluted rewards you're proposing will make liytle to no difference to those who just enjoy stomping on the weaker players for their own personal benefit and enjoyment. As long as they are taking away all of the Au and most of the Ag and scoring those incredibly high damage scores they are just going to keep doing it. And if you don't fix that algorithm you are going to be complicit in allowing them to do so.

Eternus1917last year

How about gold(au) ?..not included in the box?

Free2Play (_Y_)last year

Something simple, like, Players have to be in battle for at least 3 minutes before they can start to switch robots. Then, after the 3 minute mark, they have to wait at least 1 minute between robots. This would slow down and make tanking an arduous task. I would think this would be simple enough to implement.

Free2Play (_Y_)last year

This will do little to nothing about tanking. Once again, rather than taking direct action, Pix decides to go with yet another flawed system. It's just a show to try to convince players they're 'listening'.

People have given many variants of methods to prevent tanking. And, once again, Pix fucks it up.

Encouraging people to move up the leagues with things like...tempest?!?! Really, fucking Tempests, that's such a great prize to start it off with, is doomed to failure. The players know it, Pix knows it, and yet they bull ahead with it anyway. Why? It's just for show. "Look! We really are listening!"

Mikk Nigollast year

But i see Pixonic view point too. If they dont scam and make game atictive (i dont say good) they just dont get money, because this game is overall shit lets be honest...skills doesent matter really (then i started game it needed because players bots and weapons was more equal) but right now no, this game graphics are shit and dont have game modes then player gets bored.

Mikk Nigollast year

Pixonic dont want to improve, they dont want that players leave game. If they wanted to improve they would listen players that they want exiting matches not new OP Bots , Weapons ... Pixonic are made this game so far so better they make nuclear bombs for moneyplayers so can end battle at the would be massive time save.,.. Im dont even kidding,'. This game is so bad my all friends are quit this game at level 10-15. Pixonic only hope is that players just shut the fuck up and let scam themselves, because they make changes what really doesent improve game for most player. They make feel that they give free away things, but it doesent happend. You must play this game 12 h per day or just buy better bots to get award componets.

Amarlast year

I think jagurnut is the best name

Amarlast year

I think jagurnut is best name


What a real $chitt-$how this game has become. on holidays and vacation time i could drop 8hrs a day on this game, not have one broken game of someone leaving, have 90% of those games competitive and ya drop real cash and enjoy every second.

Dimitris Milast year

Python, Thats exactly what i wanted to write! You are so right pixonic i destoying the game....

LoucustMaster117last year

Matthew Sampson on the War Robots home screen press the menu button (bottom left) from there tick the box and now during combat the lock on target button will appear just bellow the big red fire button.

LoucustMaster117last year

Also I seem to have received about 150 gold from absolutely out of the blue. I was at 600 and after a battle I was at 750. Does this mean that I'm getting paid for my advice???????

LoucustMaster117last year

There is a button where you can watch an ad to take 20 mins of off a ONE WEEK upgrade! Like, just why take time to put it there if it isn't going to do anything? Just why? I understand making a bunch of super powerful stuff that people have to pay hundreds of dollars for, that kind of thing gets you profits. But if you are going to do things like making that button then at least make them useable to someone. -20% per ad is a way better deal so I suggest you use it.

Matthew Sampsonlast year

How about an aim system that allow me to lock onto a specific target vs bouncing across the screen every time another mech comes into range

TeohAllenlast year

Guys,guys calm down pixonic is just trying to improve the game for you guys and while they are trying to improve the game for US ,we didn’t even try to appreciate them which is wrong.Lets stop this madness together.

Pythonlast year

YOU are the ones (pixonic) who made tanking, I mean, who would do it if you didn’t punish free2play people in the first place.
Great, now you’ve managed to put the blame on us?
*Who’s the one who pits us up against $300 bots and maybe... $300 weapons too...
*Who’s the one who made the events tasks SOOO GRUELINGLY HARD?
*Who’s the one who made imbalances that made it difficult for free players in the first place
*Who’s the one who made this game a pay2win game?
(Not saying I’m tanking but you better fix yourselves before you point a finger)
========naughty finger for you, Pixonic========

LoucustMaster117last year

Tankers work for gold, if everyone at the end of the battle got even rewards then the only tankes in existence would be the ones who do not wish to be slaughtered by invisible Griffins/teleporter bots.

•>Wøódkįd<•last year

Remember when matchmaking was determined by hanger weight?

LoucustMaster117last year

Tankers? Ahem I think you mean smart people, drop legues because A they don't want to be slautered by invisable Griffins/teleporter bots and B because to get Gold without paying you have to destroy noobs to be able to get the most damage as well as a victory. So if I were you I wouldn't go accusing War Robots Free2Play fanbase you guys are just here to look after our game so if you ruin it there will be repercussions.


". Yes, tankers, we’re talking about you here. This is one of our steps towards dealing with this problem;"

Again, you dumb russians mustve grown up with the attitude 'nothing is my fault', because you fail to ever own up to anything. EVER.
And i dont blame players for leaving this crap-mess Pissonic has made with their GREED. You jerks went $20 for a new bot to $35 to $50 to...... get this... $300 WTF?! IS that? and you have the nerve to get mad at people leaving games because theyre not stupid enough to max out their credit cards on your dumb company. lol.
you guys are a real piece of work...

Mikk Nigollast year

Mark, New, weapons, new bots +5 X hangars...weapons-, bots nerfs and buffs! If you are money player you need alwaya Ag because here this is called "balancing". 6 month ago Galahad was very good fast bot, now this is worthless, need to buy another OP, after year another and this cycle never ends. Maybe in future comes out extra Heavy slots and weapons and bots with it and if you want to be best you must agein spend for upgrades...

Marklast year

sounds good but to little to late, all maxed out players with best bots dont need silver, thats why they in lower levels to scam the gold, pix shd of made more lvls so maybe dash bots was available at say lvl 50 and not to be used in lower league only for champion or next tier down. lower leagues dont stand a chance with mk2 bots and weapons,

Mikk Nigollast year

SomeDude, Good idea, players who dont spend money can make disent interesting battles and moneyplayers who dont respect intence game values can clash with AI level 6 Ag bots :) And i think this scam isnt too hard for Pixonic ;)

SomeDudelast year

The reason people tank is to avoid playing kids with their mums fat credit card, walking straight at you with an OP bot.
This sux for the remaining players so why not replace the tanker with an AI bot? At least everyone else can still have a fair game.

Mikk Nigollast year

Last game was 4 squad vs 4 squad, after 2 minutes play i realised that im alone with other player, because opponent squad was HELL Dash arsenal and our side squad just all quit. If Pixonic wants to ban quiters it doesen solve problem because half of them just quit middle of game. Make 100k dmg or so and if they die throw 3sec DASH death they shut down battle and i dont blame them. Im clan leader sadly i cant act same way because reputatsion. I dont play this game much anymore, its like Top Eleven game for me, i log in, make time upgrate and maybe play 2-3 battles. Just cant much more because this game pisses me off :D haha. I spend my money for Starcraft 2 what is free to play but im gladly give money sometimes because there are equal vs battles for everyone and you can just buy some extra missions for improving your personal playing skills. Slavic games are all same purpose how to steel much money as possible. Before i played World of Tanks and that system was similar like here...made every month more OP tanks what prices was 15-50 eur + Premium accounts and stuff. Now they are more reasonible but they lost lots of customers including me, i spended 500 euros to support that game and they just finally my bought Tanks wasnt worth anything. I dont ever suggest that kind of games anyone, even not to play free, because this is time waste and if someone spends money they are just stupid donkeys :D

HELL FIRE ||last year

But what about people already in the champions league do they still get previous league chests?

nightdevilYon last year

Pilot AGA, That's exactly what I mentioned to Pixonic in the survey. This is utterly stupid from Pixonic. We would be getting all the useless weapon components which we don't really need and will keep continuing after each month. In a nutshell Pixonic is making players work for something which they really don't need. I hope players will start a movement where it will let each player choose what components they want to work towards. #freetochoose
P.S In the very first place Pixonic did a big mess up by introducing Dash Robots and OP Weapons which resulted in all these components stuff. They should have kept the game simple and in which everything could be acquired either by Silver,WP and AU. Since they know they messed the game now and is beyond repairment we are seeing all these battle rewards, supply drops stuffs.

El Negrito Munyalalast year

Yeah making it more easy for people who pay money for it but how bout us who aint paying we play tge game wothout wasting money because we dont have money i like the game but dam i havent got abything good i waste like 100 keys and all i got is coins smh and it took me like a month to get all those keys

Steve McQueenlast year

The current system is designed to make you spend money or you quit out of frustration and boredom.

So many of my game friends, clan mates and WR WIKI forum members already quit or plan to leave the game. It's just not fun anymore for a lot of players.

P.S. Those "BATTLE REWARDS" and "SUPPLY DROPS" look like a joke. You can wrap them in nice images and words in those articles.

Just like the "LUCKY SPIN" and now ROYALE card games that really are a huge SCAM where players are being tricked and exploited by Pixonic to waste their gold.

barry39last year

Killer Bee, In update 3.6, the Workshop and WP will be remove, instead you can choose what compoments to get. Just imagine a system like the workshop but it produce compoments instead, and you can choose what compoments you want to get.

barry39last year

Killer Bee, In update 3.6, the Workshop and WP will be remove, instead you can choose what compoments to get. Just imagine a system like the workshop but it produce compoments instead, and you can choose what compoments you want to get.

Mikk Nigollast year

Steve McQueen, If i compare this game some US games what is baseing too free to play system...In some US. games player pays for extra missions what teaching player to be more skilled but in vs. mode all players are equal, in Russian game like this player pays money to be less skilled to win. "zombie walk" system.

Steve McQueenlast year

Few facts for TOFSLA and company:

TANKERS drop leagues to run from the Wallet warriors with MK2 Shocktrain Haechi hangars and other OP stuff in higher leagues.

PIXONIC created unbalanced game system where the skilled are being clubbed by the rich players.

Most of the time TANKERS are Free to Play guys that can't afford to spend hundreds of dollars to be the best in their league.

Pixonic made it almost impossible for free2play players with legacy meta hangars level 9 to compete in higher leagues.

It's impossible to complete the event tasks in higher leagues. Maybe if you play 16 hours per day.

It's extremely hard and time consuming to generate resources (Gold, Silver or Components) in higher leagues.

Dropping leagues and playing in Silver and Gold it's much more fun because you can play with light bots there your skills matter and most important you are not feeling miserable, frustrated or stressed just like in higher leagues!

AnRKeYlast year

Game is no fun if you are consistently killed as soon as you re-spawn. Yes good on the team that can quickly surround your home spawn position well played etc etc

Game is no fun when you cannot even get a shot off when re-spawning I am this close
|| to giving up this game for good, which is why I have not spent a dollar since the introduction of the new bots and weapons (the few dollars I was spending each month) what is the use of spending anything on a game that is no longer enjoyable?

Mikk Nigollast year

Mikk Nigol, 95% players dont want new OP weapons and bots, because you make game worse with it. What that game needs really is bugfix and challange boost (not new overpowered bots or weapons but close fights what needs skills both sides). This is fucking dreadful every game 1-6 players press quit button, 6 month ago wasnt that thing problem. You fucking Pixonic donkeys dont realise that players know clans where are creditcard players and what happens if they juse money..exactly they get 2-10 times powerfull bots. Who wants to play game if you see result start of battle?

Luusifeerlast year

U guys r taking away ur ongenius system. I rlly dont think things shuld be takon out just make it a bit easier for free to play players. Boy i hope i can still earn gold for my 5th slot or im done with this game. And in sure along with alot of other ppl.

Mikk Nigollast year

Buy gold and you get free gold this is Pixonic moto. Soon players realise that they need OP fast powerfull bots to get these honor point otherelse they must play 8 hours per day or suck fingers for 2 years. And you are lucky, next patch you have oppurtunity to buy more powerfull OP bots :) And if players still dont buy them lets make new maps what makes need to buy them or weapons what suits good with them.

The Big Droplast year

It's not entirely clear to me... Are HONOR REWARDS actually replacing how a pilots position in the league is determined? Will the inception of the HONOR REWARDS bring a reset to the League system?

I am NOT a TANKER... I detest them. However, I fail to see how the HONOR REWARDS along with the SUPPLY DROPS will remedy the crooked use of Tanking or Fading to establish rank and status of individual players or entire clans... Incentive to lower in Leagues to find a spot where players can score Top Damage and in turn, top Honor points which will get them better SUPPLY DROPS!

The number one problem in WR remains TANKING/FADING and the Honor Point System does not offer a solution. HONOR REWARDS appears to be another currency, like Black Market Keys, to collect and use based on performance... Performance that will ge dictated by thosebof upper Leagues choosing how much they want to use Tanking and Fading to get getter supplies.

WR needs to step up and utilize the pkans once expressed such as League Points Freezing, Lower Priority Cue and MORE to solve one problem before installing a new system that is conceptually flawed.

Stumpy1949last year

Matt Galvin, pretty sure that's gonna happen, just like the keys. You'll have to grind it out and hope you make it.

[.SK]Sokar.svklast year

I like this concept. I see why gold is not included, smart marketing move, I don't mind it.

Unknown last year

Do you think it would be better to balance things out? For example, we already have so much gear to choose from, and now you can get 3 tempest? Isn't that a bit extreme?
Please answer.

Unknown last year

Do you think it would be better to balance things out? For example, we already have so much gear to choose from, and now you can get 3 tempest? Isn't that a bit extreme?
Please answer.

Indylast year

Hi, honestly it looks quite complicated and I put random answers...

About people dropping their league ranking...

With all the respect, have really think why people drop down their league ranking on purpose? Do you even really care?
Last event I got a Bulgasari as a reward, cool thanks...
But now, do you have the slightest idea how many hours it takes if you’re in your best league to earn it?? I’ll be honest with you... it’s like impossible!!!
When you’re in your best possible league, you frequently play with people why à way higher ranking than yours...
My best league is like expert 2 mostly level 9-10 stuffs and therefore I have to play frequently with champions with like full level 12 stuffs... at that level I hardly win, kill robots or take easily beacons and to get that Bulgasari I should get hundreds of each of them...
Come on guys, forget my simple direct English because this is not my first langage, but let’s be honest you and me...
I made a lot of things in my life, that’s what I do, a lot of different things, like you have no idea... from travelling, to buid houses, studying for years, playing games too...
On purpose I let myself dive into this game, an experience, maybe I needed it at this point of my life... who knows. It’s crazy, it’s useless, it’s stupid and it’s kinda cool...
I even spend some money to see how it is...
Sometimes I forgot that it should be fun... it’s a game isn’t it?
As I said, let’s be honest! Don’t pretend you care, the only purpose of this game like many others, well yes it’s to entertain, but YOU made it as addictive as possible!
And very, very expensive! So expensive! It’s like 300 USD to get the last cool and VIRTUAL robot!
I spent more in a few months than in years playing WOW!!!
Among the many things I’ve done in my life, I’m a medical doctor, and among the scariest things I fear in my life, it’s to imagine my child playing a game like this!
Every single thing in this game is made to make it as addictive as possible, and as expensive as possible!
And yes it is addictive, and I know a lot about it! I used to study it...
So thanks, that was an expensive, time consuming experience, and I’ll play again I guess, but try to be honest, you’re the only responsible of the fact that people drop their league, the tankers as you call them, trying to make them ashamed!
The only possibility to enjoy and play with people with the same stuffs than me is to drop my best possible league...
And think a second about your lousy rewards, your lottery, who many games, how many hours to get enough gold, to get enough key to open chests and finally get something interesting!!!
This game could be much more fun but you just made it expensive and addictive!!!
Just a last example, about 30% of the times I open a gold 1000 keys chest I got an amazing reward!! And you know perfectly what it is, 500 keys!!!!! 1000 keys to get half of it, I’m sure you thought of it for weeks to get this great idea! I’m sorry but you’re mocking players...
How many time I earn silver, I’ve 500 millions silver I don’t know what the f to do with it?
Be honest, don’t pretend anything, your only aim is to make people addicted and spend their money...
Congratulations, you made an incredibly smart machine to earn a lot of dollars!!!
I respect that... honestly! I do respect intelligence a lot.

A last thought about this game as many others...
I’m not sure it’s fun... it’s hard to describe... it’s like a drug, it makes you spend the most valuable thing, your time...
And the more time you spend on it, the less you can leave it...
People sure are not obliged to stay, but you made sure they don’t leave...

Happy Christmas!

Pilot AGAlast year

Let me choose the components in the battle crate, I don't want some tempests,
then 1 or 2 month's later is another item I don't want to have.

Its seems now silver will comming out of our ears, gold is what we need and nothing has been spoken about that in any crates so far.

Give me something I NEED, not something YOU want me to have.

Karl Hungus last year

Too much new gear means I need gold. Not silver, not components. Gold (or a way to level stuff faster without gold). I'm earning 500m Ag a month at least and no I'm not a tanker I'm in CL. I really don't need another 3 tempests lol, what I need is to mk2 the equipment I have which is too slow to do atm without gold.

Matt Galvinlast year

As you say: "When you reach the final chest, the progress resets"... Is there any time limit that can also reset (i.e. take away) progress toward the highest possible chest for a player's league?

For example, if I am a Champion league player and I have only acquired the master league chest; will you say it is time to change the components and I end up back trying to earn a private league chest?

Crazy[geo]last year

talking is easy, make something, we will wait...

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