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WR 2018: Economics

by War Robots - 22.12.2017

Abridged version

  • We introduce Supply Drops and new Battle Rewards so trophies get better the better you become at the game
  • Gold daily tasks will remain in place for now
  • New Workshop is the place where you can obtain components of your choice (just as you do with workshop points currently)
  • New forms of premium are planned. The existing one is to become better
  • We plan to gradually reduce prices for some older robots
  • Some classic robots might receive full gameplay reworks in 2018


In War Robots all equipment has to available for everyone. Overhauling the economy to allow you getting anything through a multitude of ways is one of the first challenges we will face in 2018. We already unveiled Supply Drops and Battle Rewards — both features aimed at rewarding pilots with things that scale much better with their progress.

(And by the way, seeing your reaction we decided not to remove gold daily tasks. Numbers for Battle Rewards will be published next week — stay tuned!)

However, there’s one more major thing we haven’t spoken about yet. Meet...

Workshop 2.0

In 2018 we plan to make all equipment available through Components, including gold and WP goods. That allows us to rework the Workshop from the ground up.

In the new Workshop, you will be able to produce components just as you did with Workshop Points before. You choose what you need, spend some resources and soon you’ll receive a fresh pack of parts. That’s it!

Concept art for Arbalest

We want to give you a reliable way to create components you want, receiving them at a steady pace just as any other currency. There will be more components and more ways to spend their surpluses — for example, turning one type of components into another.

Currently, with currencies we have the next picture in mind:

  • Silver — for upgrades and starter equipment
  • Gold — for speeding up upgrades, vanity items (paint jobs) and additional conveniences like Hangar Decks
  • Components — for acquiring equipment

And all of these currencies have to be available through usual means of playing.

Better premium

The existing premium subscription will be bringing more benefits, affecting not just Silver/Experience income, but Battle Rewards too. We are also looking into adding more sorts of premiums, with better or different bonuses.


Concept art for Leo

Outdated robots are to make a comeback

We plan to start lowering prices of older equipment — making some Gold robots available for Silver and so on.

Does that mean that we don’t care about them anymore? Not at all. On contrary, we want to give classic content a proper treatment to make it more viable at different levels. Some robots are set to be redone from the ground up to make playing them more exciting and allow to transfer into high-level meta more easily.

How so? We'll give you more details on that next year. In the next article, we'll cover what to expect from 2018 robots and will take a glimpse at what we have planned for their customization.

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