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This year we added two new game modes to War Robots. First one, the Beacon Rush, was a success both in popularity and reception, so we added it to the game on a permanent basis. Team Deathmatch was very popular as well (at least third of our playerbase steadily played it during its availability), but there still was a lot where we could improve and we pulled it back for improvements.

So what's coming next?

At the beginning adding new modes into game was pretty a terra incognita for War Robots — and even now there still a lot of unexplored land. We are eager to keep trying new ideas to see what else our (and your!) robots are capable of.

For now we’re sticking with 2 matchmaking queues: one for new experimental modes and one for proven ones. Once we’re sure that experimental mode “clicked”, we add it to the main rotation.

“Why not adding a separate queue for every mode?” — you might ask. The more queues we add, the more we segregate the player base and, consequently, the worse matchmaking time and quality becomes. Silver and Gold players are unlikely to feel the difference, as most of the player base is currently there. Other groups, however, are much more vulnerable to queue changes — newcomers and Champions especially: newbies haven’t yet reached the most populated leagues, and Champions are already far past them.

So in conclusion, sticking to less queues is vital for matchmaking quality. Either we stop introducing new modes entirely, or we go for a compromise. We went for the second option — at least, for the time being.

Next in the line

Team Deathmatch Overhaul

Update 3.5

Team Deathmatch scratched the same itch for many players: why bothering about beacons if all you need is killing?

In this next revision TDM we want to give more opportunities for people preferring close combat. Initially, they had a hard time keeping up with snipers on larger maps, so we're addressing this.

Spawn zones tweaks

On every map each team will have 3 locations to start from. More to that, everyone will be be able to choose the initial spawn location. If you’re a brawler — go ahead and start closer to the enemy, if you’re a sniper — spawn on the far sides of the map, and so on. We are also highlighting these locations on the map, so you will know where you opponents might appear.

More cover

When there are beacons to capture, vast open spaces make sense. They are dangerous, but you HAVE to cover them in order to reach the beacon and bring your team the points.

In TDM there are no beacons to care about and open fields simply become the places of no-go. So on large and open maps (think: Springfield, Yamantau and Canyon) it becomes very frustrating to play against snipers. To give knife-fighters more opportunities to shine, we added more cover on these maps. At this point — exclusively for TDM.  

King of the Hill (KotH)

Winter 2018

After another TDM run we’ll be introducing King of the Hill. In this mode teams are fighting over one active beacon. As one team controls the beacon, it receives points, but each beacon has a limited amount of points in it. Once its reserves are depleted, this beacon shuts down — and another one becomes active. Match goes until one team has enough points to win or until the timer goes to zero

KotH already creates some very interesting dynamics. The team that grabs the beacon first receives a significant advantage, so fast robots are really useful here.

Once pushing the enemy away, teams have to hold the ground firmly. Long-rangers can help with that, thinning the enemy lines as they approaches — but have in mind that KoTH maps, just as in TDM 2.0, will have more cover overall, and when enemies manage to reach the beacons, snipers will have a very hard time defending. So don’t bank on snipers too much.

Playable on test server!

Sounds interesting? You can already try KotH on the upcoming test session and tell us if you like it! The test server will be open on December 09-10th from 7 to 10 PM in the following timezones: GMT/UTC (Universal Time Coordinated), EST (Eastern Standard Time), PT (Pacific Time)

Here you can learn how to join:

To stay updated on Test server news, follow this group.

Free-for-All (FFA)

Spring 2018

This is the simplest one to explain: everyone on the battlefield fight for themselves. It’s a chance to prove yourself and only yourself, as you don’t have to rely on your teammates in Free-for-All. 

As this mode implies very different gameplay even by its concept, there are many very, very experimental concepts we want to try in it. We'll tell you more about what we have in mind closer to FFA release.


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Winston Linglast year

Please dun lump 3 modes, (TDM, Domination and Beacon Rush) together as Random, its really hard to do beacon tasks if you keep getting TDM as your game mode.

TJlast year

Concom, Lancelot(Mine is Ancilelot)Already has rush......speed increases dude

TJlast year

Plz do FFA

TJlast year

Plz do FFA.

TJlast year

Please do FFA

Type-13last year, I think the standard league system is good, but a point cap for the power of your hangar based on robots and their gear for each league tier would help deal with seal clubbing and encourage people to choose between running top-tier bots and being forced to only use one or two or running a weaker four-five spread of bots. If you want to run the best hangars, play custom games or get to a higher rank.

Rpm17last year

I think that ffa would be a nice gamemode beacuse in the other game modes have a lot of strategy and ffa no.

The_reaper1982last year

PY1TE, I disagree the three spawn points makes it more of a challenge and if you are being spawn camped (like me constantly) you can spawn in with a ally on the other side to increase your chances of survival

PY1TElast year

Experiencing another major issue with TDM where it is taking 10-15 minutes for a game to begin. As a result, I am stuck playing Random Mode only :(

PY1TElast year

The "new" TDM is nothing more than team camper. The main challenge in my experience is that all reds seems to "hide" and congregate behind cover in a single home spawn. When blues attempt to move in they are overwhelmed with firepower and quickly seated making solo play almost impossible. IMO the last version of TDM without all the cover plates spread across the map and having only 1 spawn point per team was way more fun.

Pilot 244466666last year

I think that there should be some sort of net cannon. would fire like a Zenit until above target, then drop an energy net over them. maybe 700m range, and does 5k damage on contact.

suckit@mail.rulast year

AND the additional cover should be exclusively for TDM. Putting the cover in place takes away the benefit of long-range, line-of-sight weapons.

suckit@mail.rulast year

Pyrotech442, No joke. Before dash bots you would only see the classic heavy bots in Masters League Top 10 - Natasha, Leo, Lancelot and Griffin. Now in the only classic bots is 1 Griffin and 1 Lancelot.

I'd like to know who can defend against the claim that the game has not turned to Pay2Win.

suckit@mail.rulast year

HEATHEN CAT, This is a problem on phones and on tablets. I play on tablets as big at 10" to phones as small as 5" and it's the same issue. Like you say, it's a damn easy fix!

I have emailed and replied in their online form that if they moved the jump/shield/cloak action button to just below the menu button at the top right hand corner this issue could be fixed. For whatever reason they refuse.

suckit@mail.rulast year

WWR, the reason most the players at silver and gold level is because you ( fuc-ed up matchmaking after you took over the game with your December 2016 update. Now there is incentive to tank games to keep at a lower levels (bronze 1 to Gold 1). This drop "scheme" will be just another attempt to get the matchmaking to work.

It will fail just like leagues. Why?

Because even with the incentive to get better gear, the actual game experience will still suck! There will still be players with level 9+ heavy bot hangars in silver and gold league beating the crap out of hangars will light, medium or lower strength heavy bots.

The guys at Pixonic who originally developed the game had it right. You need to match based upon the potential of a hangar lineup and not the actual damage inflicted. Your approach to do matchmaking is, to be blunt, stupid.

Example for illustration - HOW MATCHMAKING SHOULD WORK: A one on one battle of a light bot at level 12 with 2 level 12 weapons VS a heavy bot at 6 with 4 level 3 weapons.

Light Bot Damage Absorption - 80,000
Light Bot Damage Infliction - 140,000

Heavy Bot Damage Absorption - 140,000
Heavy Bot Damage Infliction - 80,000

The damage infliction is the total amount of damage the robots weapons can discharge during the entire 8 minute match. This needs to be an assumption you make for matchmaking purpose: that a single robot can last the entire match. Maybe it will, maybe it won't. But that is where player skill comes into play and who you team up with in the match. NEITHER of these (player skill or who you team up with) should be part of the matchmaking formula. This is why the current system of using the amount of damage a player inflicted in the last 50 matches is wrong and why Pixonic (pre acquisition) didn't implement it.

The example above would be the perfect matching scenario, assuming a 100% hit rate for each player, the match would end in a draw. This is as fair as it comes without taking player skill into consideration (and it shouldn't be taken into consideration). You have a heavy bot competing equally with a light bot. If you used this system with leagues today, you would see Masters Leagues Hangars with all light or medium lineups. Today you don't (more on that - as it's another example of how you,, have fuc-ed up the game). So for each player, we have a total of 220,000 ( 80,000 + 140,000) points. Let's call this the cumulative damage score.

So now you have as evenly matched 1-on-1 battle as you can get. What about other players to make up the team of six? Well, to your point and credit, there probably aren't enough players with a cumulative battle score of exactly 220,000. So you would need to do a bit of analysis of all the current hangars out there to get an idea on the +/- percentage you need to get a match together. I think 10% is probably a bit much (198,000 to 242,000) but 5% might not give enough range to quickly fill a match with players. You need to do some homework to come up with the right equation. Note I say 10% is probably a bit much because the higher amount of variance you allow the more you negate player skill.

Using the baseline of 220,000, you can now find 12 players within the range of variation for the battle. The last step of course is once you have the 12 players, teaming them up so that the cumulative battle score of each team has as little variance as possible.

The above is far superior to your current broken system. It will multiple benefits that will remove the need for the current assortments of schemes needed to address it's flaws.
1. A player will get ZERO benefit to tanking games. They can tank 50 games to get their average battle damage score to zero but they will continue to be matched up against hangars of similar strength.
2. You will have better top to bottom balance on each team. No more 1 player causing 50% (or more) damage to the enemy and carrying the team.
3. You will have better balance to enemy team you are facing. Unless the players are all duds, no more matches being decided in the first minute.
4. League will see more diversity.

Item 4 is directed at my comment on Leagues being biased and why in Masters League you don't see any all light or all medium bot hangars. In fact, looking at the Top 10 players in Masters League, there are only 2 light bots and they are all dashers. In fact, ALL THE ROBOTS EXCEPT 2 ARE DASH BOTS! There is 1 Giffin and 1 Lancelot. Before the dash bots were introduced, the hangars of the top 10 were almost exclusively heavy bots.

Is that the balance you were looking for when you introduced Leagues, Pixonic ( (Oh, and by the way, the current points awarded/deducted in battles going toward leagues is also terrible - I'll explain why you guys missed the boat on this one in another comment). I don't know if you guys are pretending you want to fix the problem or actually want to fix it. Given that the prior system worked better and you refuse to trash your current system to go back to it, I am inclined to believe you are pretenders, using the imbalance created by the matchmaking system and the DASH bots to increase your revenue. In other words: PAY 2 WIN.

If more people enjoyed the game more people would play. If more people sensed the game was fair more people would invest in the game and pay for upgrades.

Pyrotech442last year

folken3000, Agreed with the covers; they don't blend with the maps well
What if there were unique barriers for each map?
I would like to buff the lancelot's speed, but like the dash bots, it would be overpowered. Try to focus on uprading your lancelot to level 9 (max speed).

Pyrotech442last year

V4L3N71N3, Maybe include a game mode where all dash bots component equipment, and mk2 items are restricted. At least it will leave the players without the latest tech free from the tyranny of the cheater (dash) bots.

Pyrotech442last year

*SQUATCH*, That's not the worst part. Unless they fix the matchmaking, champions with level 12 mk2 dash bots will spawn at the last minute and wipe the helpless recruit league destriers and cossacks instantaneously.


And I think victory in FFA game mode would be dependent on damage not amount of robots left.


I think it would be great if a 'Capture the Flag' game mode is added.
In this mode, each team would have a flag at their home base, and each team tries get the opponent's flag to their own home base.
The flag is carried just by approaching it and if a robot is killed while carrying the flag, the flag is dropped for the opponent to carry back to their home base or for a teammate to continue the journey.
Flags can be passed from one teammate to another if they are within a 20m range (with the aid of a special button).
It might be okay if there were more than one flags to make the game longer, and once an opponent has carried one of your flags to their homebase, there's NO bringing it back.
If time runs out before a team can carry all of the opponent's flags, the team with the most number of captured flags wins, and when there's an equal number of captured flags, the team with more players left in the game wins.


I think it would be great if a 'Capture the Flag' game mode is added.
In this mode, each team would have a flag at their home base, and each team tries get the opponent's flag to their own home base.
The flag is carried just by approaching it and if a robot is killed while carrying the flag, the flag is dropped for the opponent to carry back to their home base or for a teammate to continue the journey.
Flags can be passed from one teammate to another if they are within a 20m range (with the aid of a special button).
It might be okay if there were more than one flags to make the game longer, and once an opponent has carried one of your flags to their homebase, there's NO bringing it back.
If time runs out before a team can carry all of the opponent's flags, the team with the most number of captured flags wins, and when there's an equal number of captured flags, the team with more players left in the game wins.

BarneE2 years ago

It will be fantastic if developers could add a room for teams to communicate and organize their strategies before they make a move, something like showing few buttons on the screen where the teams can call for immediate distress signals on his position. Or the team leader chosed at intervals once one is killed and another becomes team leader. And also we will need each robots to be able to carry land mines that could be placed at a beacon once taken against enemies

anujm2 years ago

I think haechi and kumiho are imbalance in the game.

69 Chevelle2 years ago

I hate that you can't choose between beacon rush, and domination.

69 Chevelle2 years ago

I think free for all sounds awesome. I wish you would come up with something better than getting the pieces of robots. Takes forever, and costs way to much. I have already spent thousands of dollars on this game.

تẪňΰβĬşت2 years ago

То что ввели режим на выживание это хорошо,но объединения режима маяков и превосходство в одно окно, сильно мешает для прохождения ивентов ,так как те же маяки брать проще в превосходстве, поскольку при устранении вражеского робота,не появляется новый,чем усложняет задачу...Таким образом придется лишний раз выходить из боя до его начала,что найти подходящий режим для ивентов.прошу взять в заметку дорогие разработчики

Scene Smith2 years ago

I do not mind most of what has been going on, how ever I am currently deciding what will happen. Especially with the new game modes.
Example: On beacon rush people waiting over 20 seconds to spawn in on a point. Like if I see a player is missing I wait to see where they spawn before heading to liberate a beacon. How ever they have already selected to spawn there so once It is already liberated they spawn in killing me and then re capture the beacon.

So if the opposing pilot has not selected a robot in 15-20 seconds I think the system should automatically chose their next robot in line and spawn it to the furthest point (home point) available. Because no one likes the be the last robot alive on their team in a near victory just to see 3-4 more reds spawn in 2 minutes later.

And I fear with the FFA mode this will happen way too often.

Also, good job on the previous article where workshop will be able to generate more than just the WSP but I would have still liked the option to use workshop to Que weapon and robot upgrades. For those of us who work or have school and were not able to get on every 3-7 hours to upgrade the weapon. I feel we lose a lot of weapon upgrade time doing this. Such as this

That one guy2 years ago

First off, I have to agree that the fake covers are pretty ugly, except in urban maps like dead city, power plant and shenzhen, but they would look better with some crater looking textures under them as if they were dropped from an interstellar Battlecruiser for tactical purposes, as it stands it looks like they just teleported there. For other more rural maps I'd love to see more natural looking covers than the giant metal slabs.

Also, my thoughts on the game modes. My personal favorites are Domination, Team Deathmatch and FFA. Perhaps by lumping Domination/Beacon Rush and TDM/FFA you can create 2 main ques for anyone not using custom match. If I was you I'd scrap king of the hill for now, but that's me. Additionally, as much as I enjoy the fast paced gameplay of Beacon Rush, I find it completely killed the effectiveness of light bots(which will lead into my last thoughts.) In Domination I can still somewhat effectively capture beacons with them.

I've put this idea in the play store review already, but I'll drop it here too. Next time you release new bots please consider creating some legless hovering bots, treaded tank bots, wheeled bots, and six-legged bots. The uniqueness of those bots would be EPIC.

As my final suggestion, PLEASE increase the hit points and speed of the light bots, give people a reason to use them. Personally, I love my idea of making them very fast/hard to hit harassers, that could take out a close ranged Leo in one on one combat by simply closing the gap and dancing around it unloading it's salvo. Which is something I used to be able to accomplish before all this extra damage hit the battlefield. I feel Destrier should have the hit points of the current Gepard, and the Gepard should be powered up accordingly, as with the rest of the light bots. I also think that the Cossack should gain much better speed. Looking at him, he should be able to run at about 64km/h at level 8. When you consider his big brother Rogatka can outrun him it's just wrong.

I know I said that was my final suggestion but...

Some cool thoughts for new weapons and abilities I recently had. Abilities: Orbital link canon, mine drop(which persist even after your bot is destroyed) , cruise missile, repair drones, attack drones, emp blast, anti-smart/dumb missile laser, overcharge(divert all power to weapons to increase fire rate, while stopping the bot temporarily)... As for weapon ideas: Shock rifles(which temporarily lower energy shields), microwave beams(that temporarily slow enemy bots), cluster grenades(which damage a large area, magnetic rail guns(which punch holes through robots, damaging any caught behind), etc...

As a fun thought I have been thinking about actual melee weapons joining the game some day. Like a large chainsaw, hydraulic spear, giant ginsu blade, etc. It might be difficult to implement melee weapons but I figured I'd let you know my thoughts.

Remember Devs, these are just my ideas on how to keep everyone happy and make this already amazing game into a better game.

Keep up the good work, and please remember, keep the game pay to advance quicker and have more unique bots, not pay to win. =}

Concom2 years ago

I think you should add capture the flag
And could you give Lancelot a speed buff

L1NKSYS2 years ago

How about “Invoker”?

Maverick2 years ago

Any plans on introducing test server to Facebook Gameroom? Or ads? I want free stuff like mobile users get lol

Pilot MEGA_21rel2 years ago

All I want is a better way of celebrating Christmas here on war robots and team death match back

AnarchoDom2 years ago

Yes, please fruther divide the already too small players population of Champions league across multiple game modes. That sure won’t increase wait times to insane levels...

HEATHEN CAT2 years ago

You will destroy the illusion of a realistic battlefield with those ridiculous looking "covers".

You want to destroy the classic look of our beloved silver bots. You have already taken my mean looking Schutze from me. Now you want to turn my Armored Turtle(Boa) into an ugly squashed turd or Mr.Potatohead.
Instead of screwing over the original design how about creating a separate model 2 for the bots with a whole different weapons package? That way you can easily add new bots to the game without taking away our beloved classics.

When will you address the placement of the ability button issue? Do you realize how difficult you have made easy maneuvering and targeting by placing that damn button in such close proximity to the Fire buttons? A quick fix would be greatly appreciated by most. Noone enjoys accidently initiating their abilities or firing their weapons when all they want to do is just turn their bots torso or turn.

And the most exasperating issue of all, the matchmaking algorithm. When is this going to be addressed?? A full year now and nothing. It has become common knowledge now that Pixonic actually endorses and encourages tanking(the deliberate dropping of rankings) because of how that algorithm in combination with those ridiculous "league" ranking points allows rank tanking to occur. Worse, you have initiated an even easier way for tankers to accomplish their goals of reaching lower ranks by giving them multiple hangers. Hangers that do not require but one robot to occupy it.

Baubles and boxes are not permanent fixes and will not stop those with deliberate intentions of dropping their ranking to find easier matchings. Only a hanger based mm can do that. Do not make claims that it cannot be done. That is a flat out lie. Even if it takes a little longer to create matches it would be far better than the tanking and clubbing going on all year now.

Your events are actually promoting the tanking and poor playing behaviour. Players witjout multiple hangers are self destructing until their last bot and then running to grab one or two beacons and then deliberately getting themselves destroyed so they do not have to spend an entire match period just wasting time. How about doing 96 beacons in an hour and a half or less instead of possibly hours? Because that is exactly how many are accomplishing those too long tasks you set out. It is no longer about winning matches, it's now about completing the tasks to get the prizes and nothing else. It has completely destroyed game integrity and made poor playing behaviour the new normal. And it is all your fault.

All of this bad gaming behaviour, the tanking, the clubbing. All of it. It is entirely the responsiblity of the developers that the game has become a huge mess. What was once a decent strategy and tactics game has become a brawlers paradise where no strategy or tactics are needed. Even some of the new weaponry has contributed to destroying teamwork, made rest and recovery impossible and made any cover on the maps completely useless. When your own teammates become your enemy due to ricochets from physics defying weaponry there is little point in working together to accomplish diddly. Why squad? Why bother with clans? Unless you are all working together to tank or club it is pretty pointless. All fingers point at you, Pixonic, because only you have the power to fix it. But with it being over a year without a single thing being done about the mm very few players actually believe that Pixonic actually has anything to do with "fair gameplay" anymore. We are ignored when we report the tankers/clubbers/self destructors.

We are ignored when we give legitimate and balanced opinions on the betas. Worse, the beta questions are pre-formed by the developers. We're forced to choose an answer that the developers want to hear just to get to a comments box where we are forced to contradict our forced choices. Ridiculous. That right there is the biggest indication that the testers are not actually listened to. Pre-made canned responses made by Pixonic's own developers.
And no rewards for wasting our time unless we can provide a video? Ever heard of lag? Ever watched a laggy video? Not everyone testing your crap can make a video worth watching. But we are still putting in the effort when we could be getting rewards in the game. Fair?

Yo2 years ago

Myself and most people I know through clans or social media who play this game hate nearly every change you’ve made so far this year. This game was so much fun at the beginning of the year... absolutely enjoyed it.. and didn’t mind paying for upgrades. You’ve truely wrecked a cool game. With the introduction of the shock train I suggest you should move to another planet and look for new players? As it’s alien to this world. If you were trying to make friends in the gaming world you’ve gone the wrong way about it... so many friends and great players have left this game because you continually to make it as stupid as possible.

Josue Jungo2 years ago

Free For All might the most challenging mode to be eventually released.
(I also hope this mode "king of the hill" will be available for ALL maps)

OVERLORD2 years ago

The custom match option should allow us to invite pilots to a match by entering their gamer tag instead of only pilots on the clan or friends list! And please increase speed of lancelot or hitpoints cuz it not enought anymore.

Dhiraj Ghodke2 years ago

its nice to have the tdm back again with fixes loves the tdm but dont mix rush and domination

Garunix9992 years ago

Free for all against a bunch of orkans, OH HELL NO!!!!!

Alpha Ceph2 years ago

Both are very good modes but it differ from player to player. The one which are below the diamond league, they are not gonna like the FFA because they are not that much upgraded yet. But for the players above diamond will love it as it can be a platform to prove themselves.
Talking about king of the hill it is good for the lower league players. this mode will not get that much liked by the champs and master leagued players.
In my opinion i like FFA more than King of hill because i am An expert leagued player and i will like to prove myself solo.
So better to implement FFA first because it will be more loved than King of the hill

NinoBosss2 years ago

Wow great new modes! Can’t wait to play! I’d have to say the free for all will be difficult to achieve but I know you’ll figure it out, make good prizes maybe for the best ranked players. Make it have something to do with your profile so when other people are going to accept a clan invite or accept one that definitely will show through of how good the player is. Another thing I’d hope to see in future updates is gun skins, that will make the game seem more customizable and show how long the player has been playing. The King of the Hill is definitely going to be fun to do, perfect for squad battles. Oh another update I’d like to see is to do more with the clans, like make it where clans can compete with each other where you can get great rewards if you win, so like the clan that start that clan war would choose either getting most kills, most beacons captured, most battles won, or most points gained from king of the hill. That update I’m sure would be a great hit and make a better clan interaction.

Emperor's Hammer2 years ago

I'm definitely interested to see what FFA and King of the Hill will bring to the table!

*SQUATCH*2 years ago

Hate the fact that we will be forced to play game modes we do not like to play. Free for all i dont think is a good idea. What will happen is players will not spawn immediately and wait for the last couple minutes and then start spawning their brawlers they will have six fresh brawlers while some player have fought the entire match and are down to a couple bots. Much like what was being done on the test server with TDM

Sal Peralta2 years ago

Regarding cover in TDM: Not sure if this is remotely feasible but it would be really cool if you could create a certain number of locations at which cover could be placed on a map -- 20, for example -- and then randomly generate cover at those locations each game.

Sal Peralta2 years ago

I would recommend 4-6 person games with at least as many relatively equadistant spawn points as there are players.

V4L3N71N32 years ago

Free-For-All...meehhh! Doesnt sound too appealing for me at least. Maybe light bots only, or medium bots only, or heavy bots only as a game option. Better yet...cut maps in half for custom quick pick-up type matches. Such as 2v2 to 4v4. I like the bunkers that were added in larger maps for TDM (I liked TDM because it allowed non-OP pilots or the "real" skilled non-pocket warrior pilots to get up front and personally with others). But I think the custom match option should allow us to invite pilots to a match by entering their gamer tag instead of only pilots on the clan or friends list. But I like the ideas brewing keep up the good work and slow it down on the thirsty money making scheme (I understand its a business and yaddayadda but it also wouldnt be what it is without the players who play it) ;)

DRAGONBORN _YT 2 years ago

I feel free for all will be terrible with more than 4 players. You will have those that have the strategy of run and hide, wait it out. If you go after them, you will have 10 others gunning at you. Make it no more than 4 players and I think it will be fun. Also try capture the flag. Say the flag is an orb of light and the bot that captures it has it's special ability removed, and bot speed is set at 40-50 . So say a Natashe grabs it, it gets faster, if a stalker grabs it, it's slower.

Andrea Pacifico2 years ago

Oh God, don't mix domination and beacon rush again! Tdm is terrible anyway

folken30002 years ago

All those covers are uglys,
the maps lose their aesthetics with them.
they look very fake.
can you guys increase the speed of the lancelot

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